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  1. My critics of Voyager's guide is that there are a few suboptimal points. First, if your base dmg is less than 1500, lvl/20 is much better than 2% dmg inc. Here are two screenshots in part of a guide on item choice I'm making: https://imgur.com/a/7ZP1zc5 . As you can see, there is a huge difference in damage when you are level 600 (400+200ML). IMHO, best options for low stats server are always edr+lvl/20 or edr+speed. The second point is that you wasted 10 points in SD regen increase. If you are not equipped Volcano armor+380 option, your SD is only regenerated in safezones. I'd rather put that 10 points in HP regens. I would also put 15 points in def increase and 5 point in AG regens if I cant use fireslash continuously.
  2. Trâu

    I agree that AA items should be buff a little bit since BoK5 taking quite a while to kill right now.
  3. Trâu

    What bug is that, my sweet princess?
  4. Trâu

    Moving CS to Sunday is fine. If it is possible, it would be nice for CS to happen a bit earlier than in non-rr and 50-rr.
  5. Trâu

    These votes were never fair. Only players, who are active on forum, will vote. That inherently creates a sampling bias problem. For important vote like this, I would suggest there is a global message in game to remind all players.
  6. Trâu

    We have joined DS6 10+ times, never seen an ancient.
  7. You can delete as many characters infront or after a word in an item's name. For example, to pick up Dragon Armor luck option you can write: Dra Ar Lu Op into the helper. Good luck.
  8. Best Server!

  9. Trâu

    So basically, both of guilds are trying to exploit the double spots, aren't you? Correct video link: https://vimeo.com/327312639
  10. Trâu

    Same thing to @Rejected We now just hunt bok5 and 4 because GGD, Medusa, higher Bosses are all taken by Mu3tre. No point to contest because we simply cant. @Godsmack "I've being talking with my guild mates and trying to convince them to step out for a few weeks so a new guild can catch up and bring some fun pvp to the server," It will not happen. Early today, Maika was crying in the chat because my friend "took" his medusa. At the end of the day, if someone wants to leave, let them leave.
  11. Trâu

    Nice suggestion. Can you please sell me the pendant + edr + speed :D?
  12. Trâu

    Go to crywolf, spawn a lot of medusa and selupan. Kill and profit. Thank me later.
  13. Trâu

    I have an additional suggestion to only show players who are online in the last 7 days on the leaderboard. Many games have the same leaderboard criteria.
  14. Please reply here or mail me in game: Geralt. Please do not PM as I will be AFK 20hours a day. Trade: - Enis pants +10st & Enis boots +5st + 7 & 100c = Gaion Pants (need) - Wings3 for SM = Wings3 for MG or RF (need) Sell: - Enis boots +5st = best offer - Enis pants +5st = best offer - Muren ring +5st = offer, buyout = 30b30s10c10l - Muren ring +5st+1%hprec = offer, buyout = 30b30s10c10l - Broys boots +5st +7 = offer, buyout = 25b25s5c5l - Broys pants+10st +7 = offer, buyout = 25b25s5c5l - Semeden Armor + 5st +L = offer, buyout = 30b30s5c5l - Agnis Helm +5st = offer, buyout = 25b25s5c5l - Hyon Helm +5st = offer, buyout =15b15s5c5l - Aruan Helm + 5st = offer, buyout =25b25s5c5l - SM wings+12+L+ign - Morning star + edr +speed (+L) = offer Buy: - Pendant + edr + speed - RBS +L+5soc: x2 - Kris +L+edr+(lvl/20 or 2% or speed): x2 - Leather pants + L+ dd+dsr - Leather boots+ L+ dd+dsr
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