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  1. Trâu

    There are 10 mg among the top 20 CS killers and 6 mg among top 10. Very balance indeed.
  2. Either remove EE's spells (normal server and CS server) or keep it as it's.
  3. It's mostly that people opt for mid game play. Whatever they said but I observed that when they started losing, they decided to quit.
  4. Trâu

    They all say Trâu is a pussy because he cant play CS. I personally think it's true. Trau is a noob!
  5. Trâu

    Very sad to hear you go.
  6. Trâu

    Well the point is I'm still here. I understand that there are players who left due to RNG, happens every season.
  7. I would suggest the target is on different gens. This will prevent people being from same guild and all.
  8. Trâu

    At its peak, Phoenix had around 550 online characters. Till this day, after 4 months, we still have ~37x -40x online characters, this shows how stable this server is. Regarding why people are stopping, I believe there are a couple of reasons: It's the nature circle of MU, you get bored after awhile. No character progression due to RNG factors and bad economy. This happens very frequently. I knew a few players who left because of chaos globin. At one point, I considered stop playing because I failed 3rd wings 6 times in a row in 2 days. I offered like 3 condor feathers+2flame+jwl/credits, nobody wants to sell me. This server is very very bad in term of economy. Particularly, people here tend to hold on their valuable items and ask for ridiculous price. The classes they played are weak. Some of us are very competitive, some tried very hard but their character was weak no matter what, so they left. Life stuff especially if you are a lone player. My team has 4 players but we mostly have had only 2 players active. I went on 3 week vacations, another took 2 weeks, and another took 2 weeks. It's summer. New server is open in around 1-2 months. I will stick around Phoenix though, reset server is not my taste anymore. Nevertheless, this is the most stable season that OldSquad has. In previous seasons, the online counter usually reduces by half after 2 months. Of course, there are a lot of room for improvement, such as making the game pace faster and improving economy. Now it is 4th month but no player with full socket set, only one player has 4th wings, a lot of people who played since the beginning still do not have 3rd wings, etc. At the end of the day, stick around and have fun man. You always have Trau in this server.
  9. Trâu

    You win some you lose some!
  10. Trâu

    As my mom used to say, losers are losers.
  11. I suggest next season, OSGM rewards (fenrir and good 3rd wings) to be bounded similar to W4. This will encourage players to attend events with their main char.
  12. To have SD regen outside of safezones, you must wear 380 armor with pink opt. ML and helm only increase the recovery speed.
  13. Trâu

    Reporter: " What nicknames you had in past?"" > Legion or maybe Just2die I'm not sure who.
  14. Trâu

    The problem is damage for all other class except SM.
  15. Trâu

    Agree to some extends. I mean Aqvila has almost 7k hp, he is a tank, but I have no idea why SM should be so tanky.
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