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  1. Either remove EE's spells (normal server and CS server) or keep it as it's.
  2. Trâu

    Well bro, I have rarely insulted anybody. Why would you guess that was me?
  3. Trâu

    Everything has its price. Man up and clear pk!
  4. Trâu

    Either goes EDL or VitDL LOL.
  5. Trâu

    content deleted due topic author request.
  6. Trâu

    content deleted due topic author request.
  7. Trâu

    Oh no..
  8. Trâu

    I offer 2 condor feathers+300b300s for the RF cape Clean. I'm done with making W3 man, failed 2 feathers and 1 wings today.
  9. Trâu

    Fake screen shot, there is still a mob/player there.
  10. Trâu

    Different character peaks at different point in the game. Summoner is a fun hero but I dont think they are OP. Have fun.
  11. Trâu

    Offer 5k credits :v
  12. Trâu

    Have great time.
  13. Trâu


    How much is Adam pants?
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