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  1. CataSan

    Hi, Luckily, I got in contact with the ADMIN and he was kind enough to spare his time to help. Unfortunately, this problem is most probably linked with my ATI graphics card which, as ADMIN said, had many problems with this game. I will look for a driver to be up to date and hopefully will save the situation. If not, godspeed. The thread can be closed.
  2. CataSan

    Hi guys, I hope I'm not double-posting, but I've searched about a similar issue and didn't found anything like this. I've just recently joined the community, installed the game, but it could not let me pass the Server screen. (screenshots attached with the steps) Steps that I took to fix this and did not work: 1. Making both Main and Launcher game compatible with Win7 (which is what I'm using) AND both run as Admin 2. Turning on DEP for both Main and Launcher game 3. Installing everything within "FixGameCrash" folder which was suggested in a topic (and it was unnecessary since I had everything installed) If anyone has any suggestions or if anyone can help me with this, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
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