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  1. Selphie

    thanks a lot!
  2. Selphie

    password bootsqueen item Gladius+1+skill+opt4 server phoenix name char : Selphie // Reward Delivered
  3. Selphie

    You dont have to divide them, you can give everything to one of these characters, for us it’s the same, we play together, so its not a problem, because we always share everything
  4. Selphie

    @ADMIN can you answer me pls?
  5. Selphie

    I was doing the gaion event when "Gold Invasion Left" appeared, the moob from Gaion event dissapear too i waste my invition, can i have my inv back? or maybe my reward + First Secromicon Fragment?? here the screenshot
  6. Selphie

    and that do only when im in IT, not in ds not in bc
  7. Selphie

    I have 2 Client with 2 char different, 1 on IT and got RECONNECTING, and 1 still on in game, tell why.
  8. Selphie

    Because is guild chat... take this is original screenshot
  9. Selphie

    Hi, i got 3 time DC at IT and anytime i got 3 warn, we can do something or i just take this those warn for DC ? See screenshot pls
  10. So why you try take food if you know the system we removed the buff? But you also taked the buff and try to win. no one say report and ban?? Are you kidding? All people say “ Report “
  11. https://ibb.co/LvnwT6H see this screenshot Roywal you take Food too for RoyalRumble
  12. Selphie

    Done, thanks
  13. Selphie

    For Golden Fenrir how i can take?
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