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  1. Rothgar

    Pass: PantsFaith Item Vine Helm Luck+2+8 Phoenix Name : Ralph //Reward delivered
  2. Rothgar

    i hope this time its good reward not a bok. OSGM give Feather/Wings Lv3 Luck +Opt/ and now W4.
  3. Rothgar

    Try this idk if its work
  4. Rothgar

    antivirus i think
  5. Rothgar

    waiting @ADMIN
  6. Rothgar

    I tink that its not normal on SupremeElf can use Ice Arrow in IT and other Elf cannot use that skill, its bugged char? he/she ice me during all IT, i have more screenshot.
  7. Rothgar

    Pass: Bolt Item : Scale Armor+1+4 server : phoenix Name Hanamichi //Reward delivered.
  8. Rothgar

  9. Rothgar

    You can't see what you buy? and from who you buy?
  10. Rothgar

    Its not like 30sec but 1-2 min around
  11. Rothgar

    can you kindly link to where this thing is written?
  12. Rothgar

    Since they started doing Medusa, Cursed, GGD, Queen, CW Event, Kundun, I noticed that sometimes two writings appear that the mob was killed twice, I happened to see a double writing on a ggd a karutan 2 , where I was present, with a drop of 10 boxes, (not 5) I asked if they were really 10 and no one answered me, I thought it was a visual bug, today again I witnessed a double drop, I think it's really a bug , Admin can you tell me if it's actually a bug? Or is it done on purpose and one must be lucky? I have never read such things in forums .. if it is not normal for it to happen, I wonder why whoever does these events several times and has received double drops has not said anything, wanted to take advantage of it? If it is a bug these people who have "Abused" are punished? Ps I used google translator is not very good my english. Below I put two screenshots to make you understand what I mean by which the writing appears twice
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