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  1. Rothgar

    Pass: PantsFaith Item Vine Helm Luck+2+8 Phoenix Name : Ralph //Reward delivered
  2. Rothgar

    i hope this time its good reward not a bok. OSGM give Feather/Wings Lv3 Luck +Opt/ and now W4.
  3. Rothgar

  4. Rothgar

    Try this idk if its work
  5. Rothgar

    antivirus i think
  6. Rothgar

    waiting @ADMIN
  7. Rothgar

    I tink that its not normal on SupremeElf can use Ice Arrow in IT and other Elf cannot use that skill, its bugged char? he/she ice me during all IT, i have more screenshot.
  8. Rothgar

    Pass: Bolt Item : Scale Armor+1+4 server : phoenix Name Hanamichi //Reward delivered.
  9. Rothgar

    add Gaion Boots Luck 10ST
  10. Rothgar

    In order to use this section for Buying/Selling stuff from game you need to respect the rules: You can only have 1 topic in this section for everything (BUY/SELL/TRADE/etc.). You can write anything you want in that topic and also update it whenever you want (including title). Only 1 'UP' is allowed in 24 hours for your topic (by yourself). It is recommended to write the prices for the items that you are selling (and you can add 'can be negotiated' or 'fixed price'). It is recommended to write the minimum offer for the items that you are buying. You MUST leave your In-game nickname on your post. People can come with offers on your topic or even ask you if you still have the items/if you're still looking for items. Enjoy trading!
  11. Rothgar

  12. Rothgar

    add Pendant EDR+Lv20 dmg, Pendant EDR+2%dmg
  13. Rothgar

    add Divine Crossbow EDR+Lv 20
  14. Rothgar

    add Wings bk lv 3 clean
  15. Rothgar

    Wings Sum lv 3 luck+ Bk lv 3 clean for sm luck ignore
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