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  1. mikefgy02

    Pls fix this. it's been 2 days now and still we can't win in the quiz event. Always getting 2 answer per day.
  2. mikefgy02

  3. mikefgy02

  4. mikefgy02

  5. mikefgy02

  6. mikefgy02

  7. mikefgy02

  8. mikefgy02

  9. mikefgy02

  10. mikefgy02

    And Here we go again, this krass is talking shit again in chat. Can u at least ban his IP for a week so we can see who's selling and buying in /post. This guy krass annoys many player for his behaviour.
  11. mikefgy02

    Thanks for the quick action admin/s. We PH player don't like his behaviour.
  12. mikefgy02

    Disrespectful act about PH for a week now this is my first screenshot
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