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    1. This could have been addressed to someone else, the intention has to be clear. Locked.
    2. He might have been used a tank build so this is usually what a tank does in IT, waiting for the ball in one of the sides. This evidence is not enough for a punishment, as it is not 100% accurate in showing what the player did wrong. On the other side, GAIA was really not into playing the event as it should be played. GAIA - banned in IT for 2 weeks. Locked.
    3. Actually here you will find many players that are around for a long time, so these situations are rare and triggered. Also there is always a minimum of 12 hours of waiting time for a report (after the report is officially opened on forum) in order for the reported one to have time to defend himself. On the other side if the reported player is abusing even more then just share his next abuse in the already-opened report and his punishment will be increased (if it is the case). Cheers ❤️
    4. Gion

      Bug at CC

      Hello! It is a client bug, unfixable unfortunately. That is just how the game behaves
    5. Hello, this is a visual bug from the game client, unfixable unfortunately. Wearing certain items like a Fenrir or doing certain things can trigger this. That is how the developer made the game.
    6. Max DD and REF values are the same. You can see how sum ref works on test server, and that's kind of all. Locked.
    7. Actual insults have to be used, this is the internet. Locked.
    8. SupremE +1 warn, total of 2 => muted for 2160 minutes. Locked.
    9. Gion


      daddyChuki +1 warn, total of 2 => muted for 36 hours. Duke +1 warn, total of 2, no mute. This will stack with Duke's previous warn as well but no current punishment as it was Chukundah. Locked. LE: n3xt - muted for 4 hours. Being provoked does not grant you the right to insult back, even if it is small insults.
    10. The screenshot is not full, we cannot see the chat. Also this could've been random since I cannot identify Gruzo in your screenshot, dawi. Or it could be the other way, you might be on his spot and just catching a random conversation. More evidence is required, we cannot throw around warns for players. Locked.
    11. Dominic +1 warn, total of 4 => banned for 1 day. Locked.
    12. In order for a warn to be 'awarded' we need the actual target to report. But I know this is going for some time, so InNoVaToR - muted for 6 hours. Locked.
    13. After a thorough investigation, conducted together with ADMIN, we found no evidence that this ever worked. Indeed, multiple groups were involved but without any result (would have been great if you would have reported - not all of you, some did report since day 1 and I want to personally thank you for this!). There is another layer of 'security' now in order to make you feel safer (the buffs will be erased when moving away from Cry, it is up since you noticed it). Even if, let's say, this would have been real and the advantage would have really mattered, it is anyway almost impossible to convict someone only based on a banned player's testimony (in case of actual evidence - which is not the case here). Take this example ---> https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/5619-psycho-racism/ Tho the resolution is based on the ineffectiveness of the abuse, if it was effective then we would have imposed some punishments as well (probably not a permanent ban since the reporter is not a player here), but it is not. On the other side it is alright as we got to see that the players that really care about their ways are .. rare. Locked.
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