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    1. Gion

      Davion +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    2. Gion

      teLOVEsc +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    3. Ofc we did, text me with the latest gossip, I am so 2020 in this matter
    4. No, they are not able to wear anything else but their class' small cape. It's all good tho, DL/MG/RF are basically unlocked at 150, so it is already an 'advantage' having them available from level 1 with VIP.
    5. We are still testing features/scripts, some of them might not work at this moment, tho it will not affect your testing, please be aware of what it is written in info(regarding the features/scripts of the client).
    6. https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2790-test-server-commands/
    7. We reloaded the files from the main server into the test server recently in order to make sure that everything is matching, so yes.
    8. It was like this before, we chose though to equalize the moving levels due to the fact that the characters are available from the beginning, they will not be added later.
    9. The fenrir materials will drop only in Kalima6. The offattack will be available for both accounts, by that statement from info ADMIN wanted to emphasize the fact that you cannot bypass the 2xAcc per IP limit with offattack. Also, you can disconnect your offattack account by logging in 1 time to it ( this will disconnect the account ). After that you can retype the credentials and you'll be in. EE - same, only for CS. Aaand ofc, Bob is still Bob, but we have Bob under maintenance since .. some time Cheers!
    10. Gion

      End of the month ~ beginning of April
    11. Gion

      Even though we didn't mention this exact type of behavior in the server rules, Panday101 is violating the main reason, the main objective of this game - to have fun. No one said that you cannot act tough, but do not do it personal and do not take the things into the physical real life. What's there left to be said? Panday101 +1 day ban+3 warns => total of 2 days ban. Locked.
    12. Hello! You receive 4 points per level only after level 220 if you did the quest.
    13. Gion

      Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do(at the moment) in order to avoid this 'pussy-play'. We will have a look at it in the future, but nothing is promised. Also there is no reason for us to fulfill your 'demand'. Locked.
    14. Gion

      Kind of, the client is not 100% accurate due to multiple reasons, this is why we are providing some formulas and we are strongly encourage each player to actually test a build on test server.
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