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  1. I am sorry, but we need to stick to the rules. Closed
  2. We allow ONLY screenshots with the FULL chat displayed. Do you have any? Regarding PK at golden, it is free PK everywhere
  3. Gion

    fizzz +1 warn => 1 day mute Closed
  4. Gion

    Moved into the right section
  5. Gion

    ElVampiro +1 warn => 1 day mute Closed
  6. Read rules before posting. Closed.
  7. Gion

    You got the answer, ty guys Closed.
  8. Gion

    polozabesT +1 warn => 1 day mute
  9. Gion

    He was provoked. Read rules before posting. Closed
  10. Gion

    Read rules before posting.
  11. Gion

    We asked the devs to find a solution, but they said that it is not (fully) on their side, plus the machine on which the server is hosted is not at 100% usage, but it is even around 50-60%. Buuut the server was not closed in a while(it is up since early testing period), and it might have some old loops -any machine needs a restart from time to time-, so we will have a maintenance in one of the following days, fact that is allowing us to do a system restart. Hopefully we will see less lags after it.
  12. Gion

    He was not talking to you. And if you are posting for Chukundah: Point 2, Obs3, server rules: If the one that reported a BL case had provoked the reported player (small insults, trash-talks about him, etc.) the reported one won't be punished. We don't encourage provoking and then crying on forum after you got what you deserved - let's act like grown ups. Closed
  13. OSGM Competition starting from 1st of October. C'ya there! 


  14. Gion

    Whore +1 warn => 1 day mute, starting when I get home
  15. Gion

    Maybe just 1, and if you have 1 MU in /offattack. If you try and it works, please let us know
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