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  1. The Test Server for Phoenix is up !



  2. Gion

    KaniMafia +1 warn, total of 2 => 2 days mute. Locked.
  3. Gion

    MystHH + 1 warn, total of 5 => ??? I don't even know what to do, you are the first one reaching 5 warns. 1 day ban for now, but I will propose a ban of 3 or 7 days for the 5th warn. Closed.
  4. First time ever when I'm happy that it's the server and not only me 🤣🤣🤣 #BlackJack

  5. Gion

    Hey there ! Phoenix Project, our second edition of custom NonReset, will be here sooner than you expect. We will release the full info in a couple of days. Cheers !
  6. Gion

    Nothing here, please read Server rules. Also, please read Reporting rules before posting a report. Locked.
  7. Gion

    Mu3rTe + 1 warn, total of 3 => 1 day ban. n1qu - muted for 30 minutes for Non-English post (looks like harmless off-topic to me). Peste + 1 warn for Non-English post + aiding BL, total of 2 => 2 days mute. Locked.
  8. Gion

    I have just noticed that there are 15 lines in the 2nd and 3rd screenshot, which makes it a full chat log. The 1st screenshot made me forget to count the next screenshots' lines. It was my fault, I am sorry ! These being said, the report is valid. NOSS / Sollo +1 warn, muted for 1.3 days. Locked.
  9. Gion

    Please read rules before reporting. Locked.
  10. Gion

    @Yoshyy, you are right. Locked
  11. Gion

    I think that there are no insults, but let me do my "dance", and mute everyone for Non-English posts ^^ Error404 muted for 6 hours Painkiller muted for 3 hours Wanheda muted for 3 more hours Woody muted for 3 hours Suner muted for 3 hours HaHa muted for 3 hours Peste muted for 3 hours Locked.
  12. Gion


    KaniMafia +1 warn for BL and Non-English Spam on global chat, muted for 1.5 days. Wanheda muted for 3 hours for Non-English post, no warn. MystHH muted for 3 hours for Non-English post, no warn. ciorap muted for 3 hours for Non-English post, no warn. IonutSp muted for 3 hours for Non-English post, no warn. Locked.
  13. The global EXP was doubled ! ML EXP also increased with 50% !

    Catch up your enemies fast, take your revenge !


  14. Gion

    Just spam, in danixblade's prints he was provoked, so nothing to do here. Locked.
  15. Gion

    MystHH + 1 warn, total of 4 => ban 1 day on both characters, MystHH and Atenea. I had multiple reports from multiple players for you, sir. Locked.
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