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    1. Gion

      I think that yes, indeed, abusing our market limit doesn't really make you a scammer, but you should avoid doing it if you don't like being called names. Locked.
    2. Russian Roulette Event in 5 minutes!

    3. Gion

      Food +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    4. Gion

      Sephix +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    5. The answer is obvious, the top players, and not only, but especially them are constantly going through verifications, because, as you can assume, you are not the only one complaining about those who read and actually test. If we'll encounter any cheater, he will be banned without any push from anyone, again, obviously. Locked.
    6. Gion

      I couldn't find the racist part of it, since you have nothing to do with the gypsies.. Locked.
    7. Gion


      ItsMe +1 warn => muted for 12 h. Locked.
    8. Gion

      Teams: Team 1: Bandzior -paid Tango -paid Kabarynka -paid Team 2: Mikasa -paid Hejka -paid wtfumeann -paid Team 3: Hiro X Lowpower X Summonner -paid Team 4: mafy -paid Fursec -paid Devorer X Team 5: Zero -paid Draco -paid Steph -paid Team 6: Silax2 -paid Sparkle -paid MrAyam -paid Team 7: wazza -paid Zenroy X Kirito -paid Live tournament ---> https://challonge.com/6koduhsm
    9. BlackJack Event in 5 minutes!

    10. Gion

      Please read reporting rules before actually reporting.
    11. Gion

      Rewards for 2nd edition updated
    12. Hello ! The 2nd edition of Soccer Night will be hosted on Saturday, 10.09.2021 at 17:00. Write you character name that you want to participate with in this topic, for registrations. Rewards for 2nd Edition Consolations: 3x Jewel of Chaos + 1x BoK+3 for teams eliminated in Round 1 (for each player), 5x Jewel of Chaos + 1x BoK+3 for 4th place (for each player). 1st place: 10x Jewel of Chaos & 5x BoK+2 for each winner + 5x BoK+3 2nd place: 8x Jewel of Chaos & 3x BoK+2 for each player + 3x BoK+3 3rd place: 6x Jewel of Chaos & 2x BoK+2 for each player + 2x BoK+3 Info about Soccer Night https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4012-soccer-night-info/ By registering for Soccer Night you agree with the conditions from Soccer Night's info !!!
    13. Gion

      Just as the rules state: " Obs3: If the one that reported a BL case had provoked the reported player (small insults, trash-talks about him, etc.) the reported one won't be punished. We don't encourage provoking and then crying on forum after you got what you deserved - let's act like grown ups. " This report looks like self snitching to me.. So if you want to proceed I am almost sure that you will be punished too, even more than the one that you reported.
    14. Gion

      HASPID + 3 warns, banned for 1 day. Locked.
    15. This is a common missconfig, except the fact that, like you said, all bosses died 1 hit which makes it fair even for lvl 1, right? Stay tuned for further information about this event and what happened.
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