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  1. Gion

    Hello ! Everything should be ok. If you still have doubts you can check whatever you want on the test server. Here is the command list:
  2. Gion

    ZaZaX +1 warn, total of 2 => 2 days mute Locked.
  3. Gion

    Provoked. Closed
  4. Gion

    Mu3rTe + 1 warn => 1 day mute. Locked
  5. Gion

    Amnesia muted. WhiteRaven muted until the Castle Siege ends , no warn. Locked.
  6. Gion

    First of all, you are right about the non-English posts, @White1993. I will mute ZaZaX, Mu3rTe and Amnesia for 5 hours, no warns. Amnesia is still due with the mute, he is not online atm. Regarding the racism, I need some more time to figure it out.
  7. Gion

    PIRVAN +1 warn, total of 2 => 2 days mute Locked
  8. Gion

    The only thing I see here is just a "duel" of bad words, which is advantaging none of you. I see provoking and responding, so, please, try to keep it more low key. If you fire a shot, expect to be shot back Locked
  9. Gion

    mafy +1 warn => 1 day mute Closed
  10. Gion

    Since this is an usual way used by people to call each other, and he didn't mean anything by saying that, I don't see it as a racism. No one was offended there, I mean for real, so no punishment will be applied. Again, no punishment is applied because the circumstances are in this manner: he was talking to you, after you repeatedly killed him, making him eligible-ish even to curse, and no one was really offended by his words, which in other situations can hurt, indeed, if said to the wrong people at a wrong moment. But I don't see these ways of calling as racism, but only an inappropriate behavior, which leads to a person being hurt can be marked as racism. Locked
  11. Gion

    Woody +1 warn => 1 day mute Locked
  12. Gion

    You have PM Locked
  13. Gion

    By what means are you calling it a bug? When we type the formula "combo=(str+agi+Ene)/x" don't expect the exact same damage when you add str with the one when you add agi or Ene. And I'm not saying that the Str is the best for damage, I'm saying that this is MU from Webzen, and unless you can give us source Code access, please, just play Thank you for understanding!
  14. Gion

    Hello ! We are not changing the formulas during gameplay (with few exceptions when there are major problems ). You can test the formulas on test server, that's why it is there. We are supposed to not even share the formulas, but I think ADMIN just wanted to help you, guys, a little bit by sharing this particular one, so you can understand why ABK is the best (in most cases) pvp char.
  15. Gion

    Thank you for letting us know. We will look into it
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