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  1. Gion

    eSSeX +1 warn => 1 day mute Locked
  2. Gion

    Hello, this is a known bug of this wonderful client (on which, btw, we do not have source Code access), and it happens when you hit multiple targets. The devs are aware tho, we are waiting for the fixes(alongside other fixes)
  3. Gion


    R4iDeN + 1 warn for BL => 1 day mute Locked.
  4. Gion

    Moved into the right section. Please let us know if this still happens
  5. Gion

    TheBil + 1 warn , muted for 30 hours Closed
  6. Gion

    OneHitDie muted for 5 hours Closed
  7. Gion

    @Season + 3 warn points for BL @KostisPoutou +3 warn points for Insults Small things: @nd6ncghj +1 warn point @Green +1 warn point @Voyager +1 warn point
  8. Gion

    Guys you have a couple of hours to edit your insults/bad language. We received several reports, so the people are bothered. If I find any insult/BL when I'll be back, I will start sharing forum suspends. Let's be a normal community, at least. Note: my action is wrong, I should apply suspends on sight, but I always believe that we can change the people around
  9. Gion

    He was provoked, I think he wouldn't have said this if you didn't insult his mates. If you push people around, expect them to fire back. Closed
  10. Gion

    I think you are really wrong when you say that we don't do "something" to keep the players busy. What about the last patches? IT rework? Gens Rework? And all the small , but not-so-small features. And what about the next upcoming patches? Mercenary rework, etc. Do you know how hard is it to implement these things without source code access? Not even talking about testing them. You don't have to be upset or say things like you are done trying to improve the server. Just sayin`..
  11. Gion

    It should be fixed now, @MaximusDM
  12. Gion

    Enjoy your stay !
  13. Gion

    ZaZaX +mute 6 hours Nephalem +mute 1 hour uNNuLx +mute 1 hour Locked
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