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  1. Gion

    I don't see the full chat. And I should punish both of you for this kind of language. Closed.
  2. Gion

    Leaving is not antigame. Adding that it was 0-6 and last 4 minutes, looks like it was a ff. If the result is clear, the losing team does not have to watch the other team winning. Closed.
  3. Join our team, on the new and the unique position. Link ----> https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3024-news-reporter/

  4. Gion

    This is how it should look
  5. Gion

    I am not losing anything, there is just nothing here, and nothing there too. Closed. Please watch your language next time, ty.
  6. Gion

    I suggest you to try to redownload the client until ADMIN comes online, maybe it will work, who knows ? Make sure that you have deleted the actual version, if you are redownloading it.
  7. Gion

    @ADMIN will probably make a patch for you.
  8. Gion

    This is racist - ish, with the following note: you have asked him what he said back then, so now, he basically just answered. If the decision for him back then was to receive no warns, this time (when it seems a little provoked) won't work either. Plus, if he keeps only this type of addressing is ok, if you have more prints please bring them in. I will close this thread later, you can add proof until then.
  9. Gion

    Hellow. Can you provide more details, like operating system, etc ? You have to open PlayPhoenix, but maybe it needs an update. Please reply here if you are still experiencing issues
  10. Gion

    Hello ! We would like to introduce you our new concept : OldSquad Reporter What does the Reporter do ? The OldSquad Reporter is just like a normal reporter from our everyday life. He will report the news in a new section, "OldSquad Newspaper". The main objective for our Reporter is to gather news from our MU server and post them into the new section, but he can can create any type of content, that's why we need a creative person Job brief We are looking for a passionate reporter to participate in the creative cycle of a news story by investigating and writing rich and unbiased "scoops". Responsibilities · Collect, verify and analyze thoroughly newsworthy information · Assemble findings into a stable story · Publish or broadcast news stories · Receive assignments or investigate news leads/tips · Abide by journalism’s ethics and codes · Contact, interview and research sources Stay up-to-date with the latest current events in the “beat” by studying papers, attending events etc. Requirements : -Ability to gather, write and edit news -Broad knowledge of headlines -Integrity and morality * -Excellent communication, lobbying and active listening skills -The Reporter has to be impartial * Applications You can send the applications for this Job on our facebook page, OldSquad Community, so both me and ADMIN can see them. You can create this "application" however you want, we like creative people. Please do not forget to mention your basic info (like character name, etc.) Joining the team & Reward After your applications will be examined by us, the contacted person will receive the needed info, the Reporter account on forum, and the Reporter character in game (helper character, with /track and /hide commands), and he will enter the test period for 3 days. If everything is ok, the Reporter will receive Dealer or Hunter VIP (at his choice) on his account, active as long as he will be Reporter. If everything goes well again, after the first month, the VIP level will be upgraded to Professional. The reporter can be rewarded even with real money, depending on each case.
  11. Gion

    Nothing here, I don't even know to who said that. Closed
  12. Gion

    deviL +1 warn +1day mute
  13. Gion

    Idk if there is any hot key for that. I have never used any "shortcut" for selling items. I would be glad if someone will teach us how to do this, but I guess that it is not possible.
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