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    1. There are some isolated cases that behave like that.. we're still trying to figure it out
    2. Please read the reporting rules before actually reporting. Locked.
    3. Hello! Looks like the anticheat does not like that software and if you said that you read on google that it is some malware then yes, it should be safe to uninstall it.
    4. Then some process the LiveGuard doesn't like has to start after X time.. you need to find out what that process is that
    5. Marlboro +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    6. Unfortunately yes, leaving the zone equals to elimination
    7. As I said above, some of the tweaks that are considered a fit for that period were already added. So not all of them can be used, at least not during certain periods taking into account that we aim for a long run. Ofc that we have in plan to adapt the gameplay to the progress of the players, but there are other things to think about when we are talking about changes, like Inception.
    8. Also make sure your antivirus is not deleting the files of the game. Just add the game to the exceptions
    9. So warn for both or just drop the case?
    10. Well, since your "ob4" was never an OB4 and it was a poh, this visual never affected anything.
    11. Hellow, there might be some visuals (as always), so in the end it was poh.
    12. Gion

      Break the Account

      Yessir, this is due to the fact that the account is indeed already connected. The second edition will arrive soon! Stay tuned!
    13. Gion

      Break the Account

      You can try on your account as well, if you are logged in then you will be told that the account is already connected, no matter the password.
    14. Gion

      Break the Account

      The winner is AlexMG. The random extraction: https://imgur.com/a/bDjVnaz Rushmepls, I don't understand your reply, probably you wanted the others to stop? I will do some research on this and if this is true this was your last Break the Account Event, unfortunately.
    15. Gion

      Break the Account

      The account name is: breaktheac The length of the password is 10 and it is consisted out of 2 words + one digit at the end of the password. There are no spaces/signs between the words of the password and there are no capital letters. Example: if the 2 words were "table" and "mu" and the digit "0" then the form of the password will be "tablemu0" so logging the account name breaktheac and the password tablemu0 will give you access to the account. Now the hints for the actual password are: 1. The first word is an item used by a character. 2. The second word is a map from our game. 3. Don't forget to add the digit (0-9) at the end of each try! The character that you will find on the account was randomly extracted using /dice. The screenshots of the dice roll will be attached after the winner is announced.
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