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  1. Gion

    Eventho we made an example out of the previous report, we need to stick to the rules from now on, so I will let this topic open for you to repost the first screen, as it is stated in the rules. Regarding the second screen, DIAVOLO was offering some info, so let's pass his punishment, taking into account his "good" behavior
  2. Gion

    Quote from Rules&Reporting instructions: We allow only screenshots of the full chat log => He is not eligible for a warn. Tho we do not promote this type of behaviour => RuSuLeTzZz muted for 6 hours. Locked.
  3. Gion

    Hello and welcome ! Enjoy!
  4. Gion

    Thanks for pointing it out, you were right, all the items will disappear. Edited !
  5. Gion

    Hello ! You have to login using the account from the site, not from here (forum). Register here ---> https://mu.oldsquad.ro then using that account log in to the game ( take into account that the login is key-sensitive -> watch your Caps Lock).
  6. Gion

    As I said, PM us on our Facebook page, don't open countless topics for nothing or I will be obliged to warn you up. Locked, again.
  7. Gion

    Yeah, just PM us on our facebook page (OldSquad Community) with the details and we'll fix it, for the future cases. Locked.
  8. Gion

    Soul Master: 4 resets - 360 points level 400: 5*220 +6*180 = = ~2550 on which we add+ 21 from fruits + quest 3. Am I missing something ?
  9. Golden Race in 5 minutes !

  10. Gion

    For the last week of OSGM there will be only 2 Race Events. One of them will be announced and one of them is starting in 5 minutes! C'ya !
  11. Gion

    5GSP0RT +1 warn, total of 5 => 1 day ban. @Hvman, thanks for letting me know, but our forum is also displaying the time when you made the post. Closed.
  12. Gion

    Unfortunately there were only 2 check-ins ... See you maybe next week
  13. Golden Race Event in 5 minutes !

  14. Gion

    Hello, OldSquaders ! The 8th edition of Soccer Night will be hosted on Sunday, 26.07.2020, at 20:00. This edition will have a hybrid bracket, meaning that we will accept any number of teams, not only 4 or 8 teams (which is the ideal number/s). This implies the fact some players will play more matches than others, but the random function used to create the teams will, also, let you know how many matches you have to play. Write you character name that you want to participate with in this topic, for registrations. Rewards for this edition Consolations: 5x Jewel of Harmony for each player for any played match that is not in Top 4. 4th place: 15x Jewel of Harmony for each player. 1st place: 2x TOCA & 20x Jewel of Harmony for each winner. 2nd place: 1x TOCA & 20x Jewel of Harmony for each player. 3rd place: 20x Jewel of Harmony for each player. Info about Soccer Night https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3851-soccer-night By registering for Soccer Night you agree with the conditions from Soccer Night's info !
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