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  1. Gion as vrea sa stiu de ce am luat doar eu muted si nu a luat si Woody ???? vreau sa stiu cum lam jignit eu de mi-am luat muted?????

    1. Gion
    2. MystHH


      sincer dupa cum vad asa ceva nu e correct nu lam jignit de familie sau alte chestii intelegi dar nu e problema inteleg sunt prieteni cu voi si de asta.

      asa este in viata cand unii au relatii.


    3. Gion


      Nu are nimeni relații, insulti pe cineva, te aștepți la consecințe. Ai grija la ce afirmații faci

  2. Gion


    MystHH +1 warn => 1 day mute Locked.
  3. Gion

    The screenshot is unclear, at least for me, I have tried to view it on phone, on PC, I have even downloaded it on both devices.
  4. @ADMIN Máy chủ có ngừng hoạt động không? Tôi đang gặp lỗi "Lỗi socket 11001, không tìm thấy máy chủ", tôi phải làm sao?

  5. Gion

    Ok, bye
  6. Gion

    Player Reaindobre, these are the rules, sorry.
  7. Gion

    ReiDoDibre +1 warn => 1 day mute. We are not encouraging firing back, especially not on global, so Tedz0r muted for 2 hours. Locked.
  8. Gion

    You need more solid evidence if you want to assign a Main character to a different IP ALT character. If you have it, the punishment will be moved from Peste to mafy, but until then, Peste +1 warn => 1 day mute. Locked.
  9. Gion

    Princess +1 warn => 1 day mute. Locked.
  10. Gion

    I have answered your PM
  11. Gion

    fizzz + 1 warn, total of 4 => 1 day ban. Locked.
  12. Gion

    PatenT +1 warn => 1 day mute. Locked.
  13. Gion

    willow +1 warn => 1 day mute. Locked.
  14. Gion

    Hello, please PM me with your account name
  15. Gion

    Tedz0r muted for 12 hours, no warn Locked
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