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  1. Gion

    Idk, maybe the in-game way of communication doesn't let you express yourself the best, so maybe that's why the forum was created. I don't recall hearing this info before, not even once.
  2. Gion

    @ADMIN will hand you the reward
  3. Gion

    What do you mean by not properly working?
  4. Gion

    My opinion r n is that the ice arrow is a signature skill for AE, like Exilia said. If you'd ask me, this stun is a part of the game, as Webzen designed it, and I am used to it, even in CC. Tougher enemies make you stronger. Plus, again, this is my opinion, you should start playing AE instead of changing it.
  5. Gion

    ???? Please reply with the link for that report
  6. Gion

    Thank you for the report, we will look into it
  7. Gion

    Hello, you will receive your reward.
  8. Gion

    Keep in mind that when you see something wrong with the game, you should press the printscreen key from keyboard (you can find the screenshots inside the MU folder). Especially when it's something involving you directly. And some situations require more than one screenshot.
  9. Gion

    Hello, any proof?
  10. Gion

    LowBrain +1warn - 24h mute Closed.
  11. Gion

    PK/KS is permitted. Please read the rules - > Closed
  12. Gion

    Ty for your suggestion, but we are looking forward to add more "complex" events. We are already using this hide and seek to qualify the players to other events.
  13. WhiteCrow took the GOLDEN FENRIR in May. 

    Get yours in June ----> 


  14. Venom

    Hi Gion i was on CC and I kill all players/moobs but some1 which did not count.. I wait for the last sec but don t get reweard why? I won.


    1. Venom
    2. Gion


      Hello, I will ask @ADMIN to give you the reward

    3. Venom


      ok i will be wait thx

  15. Gion

    I see that he apologizes and told you that the message was not for you. We encourage a good language tho, Vampiro muted for 3 hours
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