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  1. J3lcz

    Awesome, thank you for confirmation, this thread can be closed now!Cheers Artun
  2. J3lcz

    Hi and thank you for a quick response. But do you mean 3 accounts logged on at the same time?Could I create another account now and use 2 at the time? Thanks
  3. Hi there, Could someone please explain how does the 3 account limit work?Friend of mine has got 2 accounts and he has asked me to help him lvl them up whilst he was at work, which is fine. As I have got an account of my own and have used 2 of his, that means there were 3 accounts logged from my machine, now, I wanted to create another one of my own, is this going to get me banned or is it allowed? Is it 3 accounts to be used on the machine or 3 accounts to be logged on at once? please explain in a bit more detail as it is not very clear to me.Many Thanks Artun
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