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    Strifedf10 got a reaction from Mitsakos in [IMMORTAL] Guild - Inception & Phoenix Servers   
    Ta les oraia re malaka !!! and now i will translate it... "well said malaka"
  2. Hype
    Strifedf10 reacted to ADMIN in [IMMORTAL] Guild - Inception & Phoenix Servers   
    Nice description
    Looks promising, looking forward to see your guild evolution on our server(s).
    Good luck with it!
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    Strifedf10 reacted to Mitsakos in [IMMORTAL] Guild - Inception & Phoenix Servers   
    (I suggest you listen to  this while reading the text below)
    Who we are and what we do?
    Small Nostalgia-Introduction:
    IMMORTAL Guild was 1st founded on the old E-Global server back in 2004. The GM back then was a young soul master and a good friend of mine in real life, named Abbath. Abbath made the guild with the rest of us, it all started as a closed to public guild, just for friends in real life. As the months passed we made a lot of friends (and a lot of enemies) and we've met with some really cool guys. It was back then when we met with Plasma  and some others and since then we play together on  various MU servers and not only (  ). For us MU is a LOT MORE THAN A SIMPLE GAME. It's a philosophy. We enjoy ourselves partying, “stucking” mouses while we farm mobs, and chatting, smoking and drinking beers.
    Well actually we used to do this way back then. Nowadays MU has autofarming build-in program but anyway  Also from time to time we arrange REAL LIFE GUILD MEETINGS -which trust me don't wanna lose!!! We support each other and having a really good time.-
    Our goals in game:
    We are stationed on Phoenix server. We are a (yet) small guild with high hopes and great expectations (lol)!!!! We are focused both on PvE and PvP. Well, I know it sounds funny if you think it's MU and not an  mmo with imba pve raids such Wow; nor with uber PvPs as WARHAMMER but what I mean is that we are a guild, a small companion of friends who does everything in game. We are after Golden mobs  on Invasions (usually organised) – and in the future if we move on a later version after Kunduns, Bosses on Lost Map, Kantru Tower and etc- and we'are also going wars. In general we are here to have fun and do a bit of everything please us!!!!
    In our IMMORTAL army you will find old and experienced players who will help you in any questions you may have and guide you through the game. 
    This is a call 2 arms mostly to Greek people (if any). In the majority we are a Greek Guild, only a very few special people who are not Greek have joined our ranks till now. Well, I don't care if you are Greek, or if you are from Spain, USA, Pluto or another planet of the solar system. As long as you don't care / don't bother with us writing Greek in guild chat  is 100% OK by me. (just don't QQ or get angry if you can't understand us)
    We like people with humor but we hate people with large e-balls. Haters and whiners are NOT welcome here.
    Also, we believe the game is better played with friends so we are always search and are open to any Alliances.
    Personally, as the GM, I want to keep the guild relatively small but there are always open spots if you are interested to join us.
    But if you are interested in joining us keep in mind the following things:
    1) We don't like item hunters and cry-pussies for pixeled shiny things. If you join us and the 1st thing you say after “hi” is “i want items, I want wings, I want jewels, I want blah blah” and etc and you start breaking our balls you'll get a kick immediatelly.
    2) You must be active. A guild kick will come if you are unactive for more than 1 week. (this wont happen only under specific circumstances – better let me know it if you are going off for some time before you leave!-
    3) You must have a forum account.
    4) FIGHTS BETWEEN GUILD MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR ANY REASON. If I see it happening, I will /trace you, /target you /spank your arse and plant cucumbers inside.
    5) In the majority we are old enough – All of our core members are over 30 years old, so we use strong and abusive language sometimes in guild chat. So, this guild is not for you if you feel offended easily. Ofc this doesn't mean you can come across insulting and swearing everyone for no reason – you will end up kicked with my dark phoenix boot in your arse!
    6) Top priority is the guild and it's members. For example, if you are having a party with a toon, a friend of yours who is not in the guild, and that guy starts a fight with a guildie you have to support your guild mate. In the opposite case a kick will come.
    7) WHATEVER HAPPENS AND IS SAID IN THE GUILD, STAYS IN THE GUILD. We are like a big  happy family after all XD
    Via in game mail/pm: Mitsakos, Iridium, Tempest, Xouzouris, Winry, Harley
    Via these forums: Sent me a personal message or leave your reply below and I will contact you asap
    Via our Discord
    EDIT 11/6/2019:
    Our very own Discord server is finally open to public! Everybody is welcome to come and drop a "Hello" or relax in our DELUXE IMMORTAL LOUNGE MUSIC CAFE with the best Musics (from Death and Black Metal (mostly) to silly POP, TRAP and Trance stuff) WE PLAY EVERYTHING! lol  
    EDIT 14/09/2019
    IMMORTAL are on Inception Server. This is a call to arm to all our previous members but also on new players who wanna join a laid back guild, doing both PvE and PvP aspects to the fullest.
    On Inception you can contact us on: Atheist (that's me), Clayman, Tempest, Harley, Winry and Abbath.
    Or via discord, or forums as usual.
    Thank you all for your time reading this!!!
    Kind Regards
    Mitsakos, Guild Master of IMMORTAL

  4. Hype
    Strifedf10 got a reaction from Mitsakos in Greetings :)   
    Hahaha welcome Mitsakos!
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