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  1. Mitsakos

    MG/RF and DL can warp in the same level as "main" classes (BK/ELF/SM/SUM) and not earlier in this version.
  2. Mitsakos

    About Immortal: I don't play anymore (actually since the 1st week of the server) but sometimes I log in website and register them for CS, just in case somebody wants to go and for the trolling ofc
  3. Mitsakos

    (Νot in game anymore but) If i recall right ADMIN lowered the cost of each RR on patch Patch - 16.09.2019. by a lot n total Maybe you could increase it back?
  4. Mitsakos

    Same old story, different server I guess. Just have fun yourself and with your friends \m/
  5. Mitsakos

    SM: Mana Shield: Max Rate: 30%. Formula: 2(%) + (AGI/700)(%) + (ENE/3500)(%). Duration: 60(seconds) + (ENE/80)(seconds). According to this formula you should have about 2+ 0,57 mana shield damage reduction. A.k.a. less than 3%. You can/SHOULD read more about characters here
  6. Mitsakos

    Best reference for all the Elf players out there
  7. Mitsakos

    Great news anyway! Will do some extend testing form home later where I have 2 pcs to see how this thing interacts with multiple IPs from the single same local netowrk also.
  8. Mitsakos

    Come join us and you will see them yourself. Anyway, aside from boob jokes, we truly have female players in our ranks also, but better be respectful to them Also, INFO UPDATED about INCEPTION server.
  9. Mitsakos

    I dunno if it's possible, but just a suggestion i thought @ADMIN, is to be able to disconnect your account from website maybe? Somehow?
  10. Mitsakos

    Update and temprorary solution: Tell a friend of yours who is in game to dc your characters manually, with /dcfriend command. It worked for me. But we got a problem it seems
  11. Goodmorning. I'm having a problem. When I try to connect to Inception server I get instant DC the moment I click on the server. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GQh6HCSn9KN7eUitnOjk2tgXaPElwAdO/view?usp=sharing I suspect it has something to do with having both accounts on /offattack. But in Phoenix if you had accounts with /offattack the 1st time you were about to put your username and password, it was saying "account already logged in" and actually you were dcing this account, if you tried a 2nd time entering everything would be fine. Also, if you tried to bypass the limit of available IPs in the beginning the small anti-hack window had a yellow color, notifing you, which in our case here doesn't happen, as you can clearly see here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uLzqFY_pt76NAjT7Lvo6LN8VW8t66UiP/view?usp=sharing So actually, I'm locked outside of my accounts if that's the case. Else, I dunno Some help please EDIT: Just adding that both my accounts have VIP enabled. (Dunno if that helps in investigation more but anyway)
  12. Mitsakos

    I've seen the most distant players who never chat for any reason, to be all blahblah when it comes chatting with boobs. And we got boobs. So i'm confident our female slaves will make their seduction job.
  13. Mitsakos

    Btw guys, just curious, why lowered the total guild members a guild can have? What's the concept and thinking behind this?
  14. Mitsakos

    LISTEN TO THIS WHILE READING BELOW!!! As history proved, we arrived a bit late In Phoenix Server. BUT WE WILL BE THERE FROM DAY ZERO in Inception server. So this is a call to arms to all our former guild members, friends and allies but also to new people who wanna join a laid back guild, taking part in all aspects of the game (both PvE and PvP) and above all have fun. We are even doing Weddings T_T . Beers and Boobs included \m/. Literally. Look for us, we will be there. More details and info will come n the next days. PS: IMMORTAL Guild and our Alliance, Tyrants Guild will remain also in Phoenix server till the very end, so if you wanna go play there for any reason you are more than welcome to join us
  15. Mitsakos

    SUM can be a real GOD on PvP if played very well (with all debuffs, sleep, etc.). +1
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