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  1. Mitsakos

    Bump! Added W3 for SoulMaster+Return!
  2. Mitsakos

    As we discussed in game with Gion, some small things (cosmetical mostly) could be changed. Also people could write down their Ideas and vote for them. So we are here now suggesting silly things: 1)Race Manager could be renamed to Bob. I like BoB and we are a big family in MU lets be less formal, Race Manger sounds distant 2)Golden Budge Dragon skins could be changed to other creatures. I know for sure they have different attributes, not sure tho about their distance travel and animation while moving. So i would like to suggest, instead of everyone to be plain golden, you could re-paint the models, for example 1 green, 1 blue, 1pink, 1 golden, 1 red/orange, 1 white/silver and so on.
  3. Mitsakos

    Bump, store 's open!
  4. Mitsakos

    inspired from the artistic nature of some of our fellow community members, I -PROUDLY- present you my BK
  5. Mitsakos

    Password: ravendark Item: Scale Amor+1+add 4 Server:Phoenix IGN: Mitsakos Preference on seeds/spheres: 1x max hp seed +1x ref seed +2x sphere lvl4 //Reward delivered.
  6. Mitsakos

    Yeah they used to be Soulstrike 's Anyway, original post update, store is closed for now!
  7. Mitsakos

    bump. Added W3 for sum!
  8. Mitsakos

    Bump. Updated with current needs, W3 for BK.
  9. Mitsakos

    How it feels like when I log in my 2nd account:
  10. Mitsakos

    bump. Updated, now need only Rave items and W3 BK.
  11. Mitsakos

    bump. Updated with Kantana and Rave needs.
  12. Mitsakos

    Hello! IGN: Mtsakos TRADE/(SELL)> W3 RF +LUCK +RETURN OPP'S DMG 5%, VICIOUS+HYON ANC SETS (FULL), w3 SM +RETURN BUY> GOOD PVP BK SET DD+DDi EDIT: updated on 24/6/19 EDIT: updated on 1/7/19 EDIT: updated on 3/7/19 EDIT: updated on 5/7/19 EDIT: updated on 17/7/19 EDIT: updated on 23/07/19 EDIT: updated on 25/07/19 EDIT: updated on 3/8/19 EDIT: updated on 5/8/19 EDIT: updated on 8/8/19
  13. Mitsakos

    Hello! How much cost in total for the Scale set please? (in credits/jewels/zens) (PS: I don't know about pricing in the server yet so I don't want to offend you or make you think i'm trolling that's why i'm asking and offering straight away)
  14. Mitsakos

    --- small update with info about our Discord server, which is finally open to public! Come and say "Hi!" ---
  15. Mitsakos

    Hide'N'Seek event. (old but gold) The GM goes to a (usually) low level map such as Noria, Lorencia, Dungeon, Elbenland and etc (so almost all levels can participate) and hides himself somewhere. Then he tells the players that he is on "X" map and challenges them to come and find him. (Can also provide tips for his location to make it easier such as "I'm in Lorencia, come and find me. I see a nice house close to me" or something like that. Or he could be transformed as a skeleton with a ring and be near a spot with mobs, pretending to be a mob himself. You get what I mean in general i think The winner is the one who /trade him 1st. Then he teleports to another map and repeat the proccess for as many times as he wants. PS: Sorry if this has been proposed/posted before I'm new and didn't find anything similar.
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