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  1. OlivePITmg

    OliveBless - ELF(2 RR)
  2. OlivePITmg

    AS PROBABLY EVERYBODY WANTS A DECENT DAY AND A POLITE CHAT ON THE POST. I DON`T KNOW WHO Defuze WAS SWEARING TOO ,IT SHOULD`N BE THERE. My PM WAS FOR SOMEBODY ELSE PS Admin i know it`s not the place for this but can you please do something about feather drop on the phoenix server ? Thank you Good Day
  3. OlivePITmg

    It started with a simple trade and he clearly proved he has a bad attitude along with hi`s bad language i would`n mind you Renholder or anyone else to try to defend him if he would`n be guilty but in this chase he shown absolutely no manners whatsoever and you kinda look strange too since you try to defend that ... !? ?1 Mute me ? come on random guy get real ,i really don`t care what you want really i`m waiting an adming to sourt it out . Peace up Love Jessus.
  4. No i don`t have full chat prints thanks anyway !
  5. HI . I`VE JOINED A PARTY IN ICARUS THEN THIS GUY Basileus CAME AND FOR NO REASON HE PK ME JUST ADDRESS TO ME VERY UNPOLITE AND A BAD ATTITUDE GOT THE PRINTS TOO https://ibb.co/rmMkc5j https://ibb.co/6Z4zPzF And once i`m here can i get any support to find out if this guy Darquin can be banned for PK me willing i was killing a goblin ? Note. i have a picture with the goblin before and after he pk me https://ibb.co/v30w4vz https://ibb.co/HtVZ5Rj cheers many thanks
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