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  1. iQon

    I Got your mail asking me for my opinion on Ice in CC. I think yes its a powerful tool but best thing is just to try and avoid ae`s until monsters are dead , our other skills are so random 9/10 times we fall while shooting If you look at cc Rankings only Supreme is actually doing well for Elves so i if ice was removed what does Ae have left ? But i can understand how the skill can be frustrating for mele characters inside . If admin could rework it and increase AE in some other way i wouldn't be against it but its hard to re-code skills
  2. Fucking rats all of them who steal . IP ban every one of them.
  3. iQon

    I agree with everything here and i would also like to add that Cursed should be reworked for sure and i will tell you why. First of all in your description for cursed it says that he was born with 3 heads so he is weak - how does that make sence ? Dragon with 3 heads should be a fast attacking strong boss that has high damage and i think he should be reworked as that. Second his drop should change i am one of people who farms him now and then and after spending 15min as a party killing him he usually drops either ob1 2 or 3 which is ridiculous how is a party supposed to split 1 ob1 ? I have never seen a box higher than 3 drop from him and i can get ob3`s even in blood castle so the boss or his rewards make 0 sense.As for IT the mounts dont bother me as much as Mana shield for whole party basically feels like you are noob hitting enemy and he is a God every IT i play vs SM. Would be nice if you could make each player to only buff themselves like in Lorencia Pvp circle. Thanks.
  4. This seems kind of weird because who steals only 120creds ? and wiz enhance price is 3s. You say you have 1k credits missing can u show us in history where the rest 780 credit went and how ? because i only see 120 cred scale helm sold to donna where is the rest ?I know admin replied that they stole something but is there concrete proof that they did ? Like IP logs or anything ? This doesn't make any sense.
  5. iQon

    2nd time today i see you mention my name in random posts why are u so obsessed ?I know for a fact that in the IT u are talking about your guild mate isnt noob and he doesn't have only non exe sphinx set he has been here as long as me Lets get real for a second one of the reasons i left Mameds guild is because the guild cheats in IT you know this as well as i do and i will not sit there wasting my time when one of u have zen set on and other has non exe sphinx in IT 5 throwing the win to other guild members in the opposing team and then i get warned by all 4 of u even though its you who is doing the Anti IT. For future keep my name out of your posts.
  6. iQon

    And i call tell you that you are wrong. Also stop dragging me into your shit please. Thanks. I couldn't care less what goes in in your guild its not my problem anymore.
  7. iQon

    Zen set in IT should be considered anti-it in my opinion people wait 12 hours to do this event.If you are in server for few weeks there is no excuse why you dont have minimum +9+l+dd set and 2nd wings on you doesn't even have to be top gear. But i see people with zen sets/non exe sets taking slots for people who actually try to win the Temple.
  8. iQon

    Few suggestions about economy. Hi is it possible to make OldBoxes and other hard to come by items as prizes for some higher events ? Ive been in this server for a month and haven't even seen an Old box because old players take every boss that drops them , there is no competition. since the server is Called Oldsquad i think it only makes sense that players who started later should have a chance to get them in some gm events. Its not only oldboxes there are players who take every GGD and make 50bok`s a day.The seeds and 380 weapons are hard to come by because they just stash everything and then massively overcharge everyone who wants to buy them.The chaos castles from 1-6 are filled with alts with insane sets who just shit on everyone.The imperial event on sunday is very hard to get into because once again people do it 20 times in a row with every alt they have. Second thing is why does this server say 2acc/hw when people just use virtual machines and old laptops to make 5-10 accounts how are people who actually only have 2 accounts supposed to compete with that? I get about 5 jewels a day from farming while they have 5 accounts in lost tower grinding for jewels 24/7 it affects the economy. I have seen people with 5 accounts in same name run lower blood castles and devil squares too. While i like the server the economy could be made better not just top 5% of players taking everything and stashing it somewhere it is hurting legit players. Thanks.
  9. Both my Chars are almost 400 now and i have saved about 200 in stats because i have no idea how much STR final items require where can i find information about that ? I dont want to waste jewels buying fruits later i would like to plan and build my characters accordingly. Thanks.
  10. iQon

    Thanks for quick reply. I was not killed i was still fighting when i woke up. I kill mobs fast Ae 350 in tarkan... I never had worse drop without VIP than i did yesterday if this is considered fine drop for VIP i would like to get a refund if possible ? I mean whats the point if its not doing anything for me besides the extra xp.
  11. Decided to farm tarkan for 8 hours to see how many jewels and box of heaven i can farm with the extra drop.As you can see in screenshot that is my inventory after 8 hours of farming.Is this some kind of a joke?Xp is bigger but drops are way worse. So whats the point of VIP if you only get increased drops on crap non exe items and your jewels and everything else is a lot worse ?Unless this is some sort of a bug i would like to get refund on the VIP i bought and spend it on something that is actually useful. Since i cant upload screenshot from mu because you forum for some reason doesn't allow it here is an imgur link to my inventory after a night of farming https://imgur.com/a/gdoOhg2. Thanks.
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