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  1. iQon

    Great i love gambling im in.
  2. Ok thanks i will try it.
  3. Both my Chars are almost 400 now and i have saved about 200 in stats because i have no idea how much STR final items require where can i find information about that ? I dont want to waste jewels buying fruits later i would like to plan and build my characters accordingly. Thanks.
  4. iQon

    Thanks for quick reply. I was not killed i was still fighting when i woke up. I kill mobs fast Ae 350 in tarkan... I never had worse drop without VIP than i did yesterday if this is considered fine drop for VIP i would like to get a refund if possible ? I mean whats the point if its not doing anything for me besides the extra xp.
  5. Decided to farm tarkan for 8 hours to see how many jewels and box of heaven i can farm with the extra drop.As you can see in screenshot that is my inventory after 8 hours of farming.Is this some kind of a joke?Xp is bigger but drops are way worse. So whats the point of VIP if you only get increased drops on crap non exe items and your jewels and everything else is a lot worse ?Unless this is some sort of a bug i would like to get refund on the VIP i bought and spend it on something that is actually useful. Since i cant upload screenshot from mu because you forum for some reason doesn't allow it here is an imgur link to my inventory after a night of farming https://imgur.com/a/gdoOhg2. Thanks.