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  1. Spoowner

    I killed this guy as a normal pvp and he insulted me. his name: ANTICHIRST
  2. Isns't that breaking the rules ? I mean... Would the admins alow anyone to have 4 chars online ? (please say no)
  3. This is guy is not with 2 nor 3.. He's with 4 accounts at the same time, he is agaist the rules of two accounts per IP.
  4. Spoowner

    Yes, I always have this problem with DL.
  5. Spoowner

    I see your point, but I am actually not only seeking for the end-game scenario, I do like to feel all the resets comming and the good sensation of each reset. But thank you for your opinion. I'd like to hear other people's opinions as well.
  6. Spoowner

    I agree with you (sure you have plenty of experience), but what if the server had a reset limit, like max 5 resets (just random example). Would that still bad ? Becase noob players have these kind of problems that I gave as example.
  7. Spoowner

    Guys we do have one server in Inception, I wanna know what is your opinion on it. My opinion is that one server is kinda tight for all players, mainly when you're not that strong. I can tell you an example: When you're not that strong and you spot a Golden monsters in an invasion, you begin to hit it and it takes a bit long to kill.. When the mob is half life, another way stronger player cames, kill the mob and "steals" the reward from you. It would prevent the new player to grow as they could have. It's worth it to keep in mind that I am not complaining, but I do think that a server other than the current could bring some benefits. I'd like you to kindly share you thoughts about having one more server and how it could bring benefits or whatever. Thank you.
  8. Spoowner

    Just to give a complement, I had a problem in the game that I was unable to connect "Your account is already connected", so I was looking for some automatic DC from the website..
  9. Hi dear admins, I need some support on my account, I spent by accident 400 credits by activating the "hide inventory and location" premium option.. It happened just now, can someone please help me out? I did not know that it would spend 400 credits, I was looking for another thing and activated that by accident.. I kindly ask to refund my credits and remove that option from my account Thank you and sorry for the problem. My character name: Piroka
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