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Found 45 results

  1. Hello, Due to the current global outbreak, we've decided to increase Inception's EXP for its remaining life, so people can have a bit easier time playing it while they're at home. Normal EXP: Doubled. ML EXP: +50%. We're also working hard to bring you the new Phoenix edition as soon as possible. Happy gaming and stay safe!
  2. Chupanezu

    Hello again. OS I'm here with a suggestion if it is possible to get it into the game. About the "M" window level requirements command. (For Dark Lord) If there is any way to get it accurate, in order to not get teleported to Lore and getting a comment that "You need x level to enter that area." Cheers
  3. Spoowner

    Guys we do have one server in Inception, I wanna know what is your opinion on it. My opinion is that one server is kinda tight for all players, mainly when you're not that strong. I can tell you an example: When you're not that strong and you spot a Golden monsters in an invasion, you begin to hit it and it takes a bit long to kill.. When the mob is half life, another way stronger player cames, kill the mob and "steals" the reward from you. It would prevent the new player to grow as they could have. It's worth it to keep in mind that I am not complaining, but I do think that a server other than the current could bring some benefits. I'd like you to kindly share you thoughts about having one more server and how it could bring benefits or whatever. Thank you.
  4. 1234

    I use to play Mu Online since first Internet Caffe was opened nearby.Since then my gaming style totaly changed and I became attracted to this amazing game.First version on wich i played was,97d.Since i didn`t knew about other versions,it was all that i know about.Advancing trough Seasons version of this game,finding new mobs and styles of sets,made me change my mind into 99.9% of Mu Online servers,because of lack of Stadium and its mobs.I must say that people who remember Davias 3 full of Blood Castle mobs who came in a point spot are truly becoming enthusiatic about having spot like that coming from one point,and look like the ones from Blood Castle.Would make grand Mu Online great again.
  5. Pulse

    Hi, I want to ask if you can move events like CS, Nightmare, Arena tournament and Balgass to a time slot where players like me in GMT +8 can play without sacrificing our sleep? Its hard for players like me to try and participate in these events because we have work in the morning and we need to sleep. We have players in Vietnam, Philippines and Australia who wants to participate especially in CS. I want to enjoy the game fully and it's frustrating for me not to be able to participate in these events. Hope this is something you can look at. Thanks!
  6. Unigoat

    Hello there! I've started today on Inception server. I made a MG and learned Fire slash. With the first hit with it I noticed that Fire Slash animation and behavior is like Fire Slash Strenghtener. I have a long way till i get to the ML skill tree. So atm I got 1 extra hit with Fire Slash and the cooler animation without even touching ML skill tree.
  7. kalsiur

    Since patch im attacking air with fireslash in ds/bc or is it agl bug? But in spot there is no problem with that.
  8. When doing gaion during golden invasion and golden mobs leave, mobs from Gaion also disappear. So you cannot complete the event.
  9. rubenso85

    Hello, this is not the first time I have had it after entering the BC pops up a window and you can not do anything
  10. Hello, OldSquad Soccer League is our new Event based on the custom soccer system we've just released. RESETS/GEAR doesn't matter! Please read the info about our Soccer System here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3422-soccer-system-new-fun-game/ As long as there are enough teams participating, OSSL will go on with any number of seasons. A season does last 2 weeks and it is split in 2 parts: Part 1 - Groups Round-Robin, first 2/4 teams (based on total teams) from each group will progress. Part 2 - Double Elimination tournament with the best teams. Part 1 will be played during first week, Part 2 will be played during 2nd week. During groups, each team will play vs the other teams, 2 games with all of them, gaining points as following: 2-0 = 3 points 1-1 = 1 point 0-2 = 0 points At the end of the groups stage, the teams with most points will advance further to the play-off. On play-off, there will be a winner bracket and a loser bracket. Bracket will be arranged like this: First place from group X play vs last place from group Y, etc. You will play only 1 game on each bracket, if you win the game you advance further, while the loser will go to loser bracket for a 2nd chance, along with the losers from winner bracket. Loser bracket will have also only 1 game, who lose gets eliminated from play-off. Semifinals (winner bracket) will be BO3 (Best of three) while Finals will be BO5 (Best of Five), and the winner bracket finalist will play vs the loser bracket finalist. The winner bracket finalist will start with 1 win (need to win only 2 games to get first place). I will also try to stream the semifinals/finals. You can play the games anytime during the weeks (you have to agree with your opponents the day/hour and to post it officially). At the end of the season, the teams (number decided based on participants number) with the least points will be eliminated from OSSL for next season, making place for new teams to join. Also, each team does have 3x wildcards per season, that can be used anytime (groups or play-off) to let them play with 1 or 2 non-registered players, instead of losing the game for not playing it. The non-registered players will get their own reward for the game(s). More info will be added after registrations. Season 1 rewards: Each played game from groups will get you 3b & 2s for each player that played that game. Each played game from play-off will get you 3b, 2s & events invitations (10x BC round 1, 10x DS round 2, 10x IT round 3) for each player that played that game. You will gather your rewards based on total games played, and at the end of each season you will get them. Except for first 3 places that have different rewards and they don't get the "consolations". Reward for 1st place: 1x Golden Fenrir (the team votes the player that gets it) & 2x DD + 2x EDR seeds in sphere Level 4 for the two other players. Reward for 2nd place: 1x Feather of Condor (the team votes the player that gets it) & 2x DD + 2x EDR seeds (not in sphere) for the two other players. Reward for 3rd place: 1x Wings level 2 + 13 + lk + ign (the team votes the player that gets it) & 1x Flame of Condor + 1x DD + 1x EDR seeds (not in sphere) for the two other players. Registration does start from today and will last until Monday at 23:00. Monday night groups will be up and Tuesday will be the first day of the groups stage. You can register your team here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3463-ossl-season-1-registrations/
  11. Pulse

    I saw the new patch and had an idea for the Gens battle. I saw this in the other servers. Instead of hunting AFK players during raids why don't we go to Atlans and have a FREE FOR ALL PVP. I know most of the players wants to test it out against each other. There's one raid which guarantee the time 20:45-21:00 I think. Go to Atlans, call out your enemies, rivals and friends. Let's make this server fun and Kill each other during RAID. Go like if you agree.
  12. Here you'll set your official dates for the games. Also, please upload the screenshots with your games, in order for them to be validated (for the win/lose). Scores & Contacts: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3440-soccer-tournament-hours-games/
  13. TOMMYskillfiger

    Is it possible to make doppleganger event abit easier we tried to do it as 3 ppl 14rr and we were not even close to complete it.Its abit hard to find 5 seperate ppl to do it and reward isnt that much for 5 seperate ppl as you can get even 3 buffs/pots.
  14. trololo

    Do you want to change the siege time to a more comfortable ?
  15. Voyager

    Hey guys! Since most of you played here from few years, probably realized in certain moment PVParena became useless and waste of time and people do not bother to even enter there. I will get straight to the point - why @ADMIN doesn't make some changes on PVParena as well as he did on multiple other events? My suggestion is to rework it and if the game files allows it to be in two stages: First stage will be the same as it is now, after there are only 6-8 players left they continue to battle each other for the 1st place. In all PVParenas everyone who have high gear/rr/ml or whatsoever focus the easiest to be killed targets and avoid fighting with players with similar gear/stats to them which kinda can't show who is the best PVP char in the specific PVParena. With the two stages, the remaining 6-8 players will be with equal stats/gear and will pronounce the winner. If this can happen probably the whole system must be reworked and decrease the amount of deaths needed to eliminate a certain player (this will decrease the play time of first stage and the event wont take ~30 min for all stages). Prizes must be reworked as well. HOF badges must be in seasons (like gens, HOF badges must be resetting monthly and there should be a monthly reward to the top classes who have the badge).
  16. 3Musketeers Captain & Contact: Iwant2Fap Points: 13 KARIS Captain & Contact: weew Points: 4 GANJA MAFIA Captain & Contact: PornStar Points: 0 FIFA Captain & Contact: mafy Points: 0 Fatality Captain & Contact: Pershing Points: 0 Kapiszony Captain & Contact: kapiszon Points: 0 Salceson Captain & Contact: Zyzz Points: 0 Shaolin Soccer Captain & Contact: Vladislav Points: 0 Banana Captain & Contact: PUDGE Points: 0
  17. Hello, In order to register for OSSL you need a team of 3 different players & characters and you can have 1 official "back-up" player/character. Note: Please don't register to OSSL if you know that you won't be able to play your games, you are harming others experience. In order to register you need to reply here completing the following fields: Example of registration: Note: Back-up player is optional, but it is recommended. Note2: Classes must be different in a team. Note3: Players (2,3&back-up) can be changed anytime until the league will start, after that they are locked, and you can only use your wildcards to play with different players.
  18. Here you can look for scrims (unofficial soccer games) if you want to practice. It can be used for both registered teams or any random team that want to play some soccer practice. We recommend posting like: Team X looking for scrim on X at Y hour. Example: OldSquad looking for scrim on Saturday at around 19:00.
  19. Hello, If you want to participate at OSSL but you don't have a team, you can register here as a FREE Agent and either create a team with other FREE Agents or wait for the end of registration period when we will create random teams with the FREE Agents. Please don't register as FREE Agent if you know you won't be able to play the games, you are harming others experience. Just leave your character nickname and class here, to register as FREE Agent. If you find a team and get registered your post will be deleted from here, to avoid confusions.
  20. Hello, The Stage 2 is close to its end, so the new patch is incoming. We'll take this opportunity to also make a full maintenance on our systems. We expect it to happen at around 17:00 tomorrow (Saturday), it will take 5-30 minutes and, while reconnect can work, it is not guaranteed so make sure to be online (or leave the characters in /offattack). We have both good and bad news. The good news is that the incoming patch is pretty big, covering both stage content and new content/features that will add another layer of gameplay and economy to our server. The bad news is that we are working on many things simultaneously and couldn't finish all of them yet, so the patch will be split in 2 parts, first part will be released tomorrow with stage content, fixes and updates while the 2nd part will be released in few days, along with new features/gameplay changes. Also the mercenary rework didn't started yet but it will come as well hopefully in 7-10 days. The 10rr exp will be unlocked before the actual patch from tomorrow (exactly when stage is over). Expect to see nice things in the next period. Thanks for being part of our journey! Kind regards, OldSquad Team #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  21. PUDGE

    I am in bc 5 which requires a certain level , but this guy its way smaller lvl than me like200 and I see him in bc 5 beside me ? He can accept party , the party recognize him as he is really beside me https://ibb.co/tY9pWGJ
  22. Colossus

    I would like to present my point of view here ,regarding the Rage Fighter character at this moment in game . At the moment ,as I've observed ,yesterday the damage done by mobs was rised and it was not announced .Because of this ,I would like to suggest ADMIN to check again the "Funcionality" of Rage fighter in game .I understand very well that RF gets stronger and stronger with each RR ,but ,at the moment a RF with 5500 agi has just 1150 def rate(PVM) which is very low for this much points .At 8000 agi ,i won't be able to stay at condra or relics ,and I will be limited by the Stage 1 (max 8000 points per stat) and this is not balancing the game ... At the moment a RF can't : PVP ,HUNT ,stay on spots that other chars at same rr can stay ,can't deal damage . Also ,before all talk ,i wanna tell that even the argument : RF WILL BE BEST IN END GAME is not valid .Go and test it on test server ,mail me in game and i show u that he has nothing more than other classes . What i suggest is to rise (a bit ) the def and dmg done by RF .I am not interested in rising the PVP dmg ...just PVM and PVM def ,so a RF can level-up like others do . This i my opinion ,if i am wrong i accept it ,but you need to demonstrate this .
  23. Hi there! We have some new small changes to improve a bit the killabillity at CS while making sure the concept still remains the same (tanks barely killable and still team-effort for kills). Changes: - SD pots recover rate on SV20 from 5% to 4%. - Potions delay on SV20 from 1.2s to 1.5s. - CS overall damage increased with 6%. We made a Poll if you want the changes to go live on this CS as well or they will go live on the next CS. In order for the update to go live on this CS, the option must have at least 70%+ votes for yes. Poll will be closed on Saturday at 23:59. What I also want to let you know from now is that we will work on a V2 CS System (after we finish our current new systems) that will imply changes like: Handicap for consecutive CS winners, rewards for all loser CS participants (Guilds) based on number of points they made during CS, etc. This will be made based on your current feedback in order to both motivate other guilds to participate at CS and also boost the morale of losers at consecutive CS's, giving them small advantages vs the consecutive winners, so CS won't stay too long on the same alliance, balancing the power a little. I can't give an ETA about it, but at least 2-3 weeks from now. Cheers!
  24. hi ,the min.level from the warp command window when you press '''m''' it's not accurate to the actual warp level. I cannot warp in those maps at the level showing.
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