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  1. Hello, Based on the Test-Server as well as on the official information topic, we're waiting feedback about the 4th edition of Inception. Cheers!
  2. Luluu pizza

    for some reason, after adding harmony and guardian options to sword / mace, i cant use their skills anymore, they just show up as grey (unusable) skills in my spell bar, meaning i cant use the BK combo https://ibb.co/82g973W
  3. Hello, Test server for Inception is now officially open for public. Client can be downloaded from Downloads section of Inception (using the official client for Inception but logging into the Public Test Server). Note: Characters have been saved from the last test server from Inception, you can still test using them. We do recommend you to test only lower stats especially for PvP (in the 0-5rr range or 0-10rr range). Because until the later stages of the game characters MAY suffer changes due to the Dynamic Characters Balance. Feel free to leave your feedback related to early-game chars / PvM as well as any extra feedback you may have BASED on the test-server! Topic where you can bring your feedback: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3973-inception-2020-feedback-discussions/ Test server commands: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3328-inception-test-server-commands/ Cheers!
  4. Hello, OldSquaders! Hope y'all had a nice & safe summer. We're ready to bring you a new great journey into our MU world! We've been working on the past weeks to finish the next edition of Inception, an edition that is bringing a lot of new & fun things as well as a lot of balance features and tweaks to keep the competition level high, as we all seek to. Inception's 4th edition will be officially launched on Friday, 25 SEPTEMBER, at 19:00 Server Time (GMT+3). MOBS will spawn at 20:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-many-details-about-server The Test Server will be released for public starting from next week. As we're always striving for, we expect this Inception edition to be the best to be seen yet in our community. Some of the new things that this Inception edition will feature: Council Group Council will be the "voice of the players" for this Inception's edition. We will interact directly & actively with members of the Council for a better game for everyone. Note: We'll try to have at least 1 representative for each *bigger* guild as a member of our Council, as well as people that had / will have contributions in terms of feedback/suggestions/bug reports/etc. New Stage System Now after a stage is completed it will no longer affect others (the exp of that reset goes back to the same exp of the previous reset). Now apart from the Stage breakers (first 3 people to finish a stage) that will keep their own reward, there will be rewards for everyone that progressed through stage based on the level they had when the stage was completed. Now the EXP boosts for newbies will be added after each stage completion (and will benefit everyone who is not in top 100 at that moment). Important: The players that finish a stage won't be able to continue leveling until the stage is officially over for everyone. A stage will be officially over after 12 hours since the 3rd player finished it. Exception: If the 3rd player does finish the stage between 15:00 and 22:00 server time then the stage will be officially over only at 10:00 next day (due to sleep interval). This is meant to assure the next stage will be more fair in terms of competition. So, by progressing through the stage you'll win both rewards and a better position to compete for the next one. Dynamic Characters Balance Now after each stage, we'll be adjusting the characters that either OVERPERFORM or UNDERPERFORM in either PvP or PvM at that stage of the game. The adjustments will be based on the Council's feedback. Duel Gamble System Fight your enemies and/or friends for bets in jewels/credits. Winner get em' all. More info about it you can find on Official Topic -> PvP System -> Duel Gamble System. Imperial Guardian V2 along with weekly rankings for speed-run records of parties Enjoy a harder Imperial event alongside personal rewards, extra optional rewards as well as weekly rankings for speed-running competitions in teams of 5 different classes. More info later. OldSquad Soccer System & Soccer Nights Had a bad week? No problem, @Gion will guarantee you have a fun experience on our Soccer Nights to make it up (hosted usually in weekend). No friends/guild needed. Everyone will be part of a random-made team based on the registration pool. Extra Warehouses ingame Starting from this edition, players will be able to access multiple warehouses on the same account. Basically, you will have your *MAIN* warehouse as usually, and you'll gain access to extra (empty by default) warehouses where you can deposit your things: Non-VIP characters do have 2 extra warehouses. Dealer & Hunter VIP characters will have 3 extra warehouses. Professional VIP characters do have 4 extra warehouses. In order to access such extra warehouses you need to type the command /ware (0/1/2/3/4) where the number = warehouse number. Example: /ware 0 (will switch to your main warehouse, which is always set by default and after each relog). Example2: /ware 1 (will switch to your 2nd warehouse). Note: Characters that had VIP and it expired will no longer be able to access the extra warehouse(s), but items will not be lost, they can be accessed back after you renew your VIP. Note2: The Game Warehouse from Website does use ONLY the *MAIN* warehouse. Improvements to the Mother-Kid concept to make it more feasible towards (re)populating Inception Lower wait-time for transfers, faster peace Wormhole, additional transfer options for those that started Wormhole later but managed to make enough resets. Separated sub-server for gens maps (Server 2) to improve performance Extra things: All the improvements, fixes & new features that were added since Phoenix's start up to now have been adjusted accordingly and added to Inception as well. Now you can get DDI% (from harmony) only from item level + 11 (instead of + 9). Note: Maximum DDI% per item is now 5% instead of 7% (1% at +11, 3% at +12, 5% at +13). Credits reward for submitting a Guide and have it accepted. Credits reward for submitting a Suggestion and have it accepted & implemented. IMP now increases damage / wiz damage with +12% instead of +20%. Demon now increases damage / wiz damage with +18% instead of +30%. Now there's maximum 4 GM boxes that can be obtained by each loser of CS. Now if the GM of team with lowest points at CS has quitted, the 2nd lowest points team will receive the periodic Life Stones. + many other things that you can find by reading all of our info as well as playing the test & the official game. We're here for an EPIC edition, hope you're too! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  5. It's been two weeks since the last episode of the great war for the supremacy of Phoenix was written. Hardcore, after defeating Squadron in the last battle, managed to win the battle that followed, defeating OneSteppy (a new guild made by former Squadron members who started collecting all the active warriors on the server), so, the Hardcore ones won by a difference of about 2k points, although OneSteppy warriors did well on the battlefield and managed to consolidate their strategies, however it is a new guild with new players, it takes time to consolidate the roles of each player and to build a solid team that would put Hardcore in trouble. Time passed, the fights for the Big Bosses given in these two weeks were divided, in the mornings the ones from Hardcore managed to defeat most of these bosses (because they didn't have opponents), but in the evening the ones from OneSteppy dominated most of those fights. Sunday finally came and a new battle was preparing to be written with a lot of blood in the pages of Phoenix's history by these brave warriors. Hardcore, in the position of server leaders, although they suffered stinging defeats at Medusa or Selupan, and even if they seemed dejected all week, they begin to gather their active warriors and form parties, they bring inside the castle about 15 fighters and prepare the defensive. They do not seem to be interested in upgrading gates or statues (later, I found out the reason, in the last fights they were demolished before the first 15 minutes so their upgrade would have been useless because only after the first 15 minutes of the game holding the castle matters). On the other side, the ones from OneSteppy, having the boosted moral given by the small victories accumulated during the week, are preparing the attack, again, without using any strategy that would imply blocking a build, but still having an advantage of 2000 points, and very good morale, unleashes the attack. It's a balanced fight, it's like a clash of two tornadoes, both guilds give their best, the crown switches from mafy's head to BedeJutro's every 5 minutes. Both guilds are focusing only on the attack, and they don't seem to concentrate enough in defense, that's how the minutes go and everything is balanced, although the middle of the battle seems to be dominated by those in OneSteppy who manage to kill mafy many times, thus gaining precious points. Towards the end of the game, the people from Hardcore seem more lucid and start to gain ground .. but not enough to win. Related to Squadron, not all the active players moved to OneSteppy, some of them made a new guild called Raise and I saw last days some of them helping Hardcore on bosses, even though everything seemed ok inside the Squadron, it seems that different interests and quarrels made these players split into these two guilds. Although we saw RISE players last two weeks helping OneSteppy, last week those brave warriors won by their own forces . Surely time will tell us the answers to these questions that arise after these moves on the chessboard of Phoenix leaders : Will the RISE guild decide to attack the castle independently? Will they build a guild that is competitive? Will the OneSteppy guild receive support from their former comrades? Will Hardcore be able to return to supremacy? (if it wasn't the 2000 point penalty they would win but with a small difference of points) As I did on last article, I will end the article with the top 10 best killers of the week, led by Tokyo, the M.V.P of the last Castle Siege, and the achievements of the 2 guild masters mafy and BedeJutro the newest leader of the server. Rank Character Name Class Resets PK Points Death Points 1 Tokyo Dimension Master 5 97 2 2 Moonlight Fist Master 5 80 17 3 RuSuLeTzZz Dimension Master 5 64 8 4 Voymax Fist Master 5 47 2 5 SupremeMG Duel Master 4 46 18 6 DuK4N Fist Master 4 39 3 7 Diablo Blade Master 5 28 2 8 BlooDySUM Dimension Master 3 27 28 9 TszakTszak Dimension Master 4 26 19 10 Crucify Fist Master 5 25 21 11 mafy Lord Emperor 5 1 12 12 BedeJutro Lord Emperor 5 0 5
  6. Reporter

    This interview is about Voyager, the invincible guild master of the best guild on Inception, it is a legendary guild and its name is Squadron. This guild led by Voyager dominated Inception since the start of mid-game period, until now, when end game period started. Reporter: " From the beginning you led the Squadron firmly and managed to take it to the peaks of success, Congratulations!!" Voyager : "Thanks, Squadron always had one core team members who manage everything related with the guild. " Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you managed to bring Squadron guild back to Old Squad?" Voyager : " Well, it wasn't that hard, we all played together for the past few years, but we couldn't bring some of our key members and creators of the guild due to the lack of time (TwoCheeks, Mboopi, LastHope, Kenpachi and so on)." Reporter: "Please, allow me to enter into your personal life and ask you a few questions. What is your occupation? Do you a have family? How old are you? What encourages you to play this "forgotten" game that is kept alive only by old school "maniacs" like us ? " Voyager : "I am from Bulgaria, living in the capital Sofia and turned 29 few months ago. I am not married, got one happy doge :slight_smile: What encourages me.. well probably it is the nostalgia by playing it at so young age back in 2002-3. I must say that I was rolling this game since then with some little pauses." Reporter : "What are you doing for a living?" Voyager: " I am working in an engineering company in the sales department." Reporter: "How did you found OldSquad ?" Voyager : "When I said little pauses, I have found the server in one website for MMO private servers. I tried it and from the first time my expressions was huge - found many friends and players on my age playing this game and having a good experience. This was 3 years ago and the first edition for me was the NonRR. " Reporter: " What nicknames you had in past?"" Voyager : "In my past I had different names and all was related with NASA space shuttle's missions - Voyager, Endeavour, Curiosity and so on. In OldSquad I was using Voyager mostly. Had funny times with moldovians in past 30rr who couldn't pronounce Voyager and they were calling me 'Boyagar'. " Reporter: "Did you had VIP activated since Inception started?? " Voyager : "Yes, and I kept it activated in the first two months, depending on my team. " Reporter :" Do you think OldSquad servers are having a real play to win concept ? Or you think that only donors can get in top? " Voyager : " At the current state - no, back in few editions there were a higher chance you can obtain credits and more character options. I do not like the most of the changes in the past 2 editions (Inception and Phoenix). For sure there is a way to compete with the top players if you do not have VIP - but you have to play A LOT." Reporter :" You know Mu3rte..., he started with 1 month + delay and he got ranked no1 pretty fast, isn't this play 2 win?" Voyager: " Mu3rTe is one man army, we have played together once and I was amazed how much time this guy invest in the game. For sure he played a lot when he started, but keep in mind also the stages who allows the new players to level faster compared to the rest of the server who plays since day 1. He is also a very good and skilled player in my eyes." Reporter : "At the beginning of the server I had the impression that there would be only one guild on the whole server, although there were 600 characters on, the top 40 was just Squadron, what happened? What made that Squadron break into pieces and how did you manage to gather what was left to fight with Rampage and eventually to dominate the server for so long?? " Voyager : "Before the server launch we kinda had a full group of 25 players, including some of the people who went to RAMPAGE after. There were differences in the way we play and the way other people wanted to play, so we have decided to say goodbye to each other. It was really hard time for me in the next month to organize everything and continue growing so we can finish as winners in the Castle Siege and I couldn't do that without my team's help. For sure we all played hardcore in the first month, month and a half and we invested a lot of time and nerves to build this. " Reporter: "When you won the first Castle Siege, I know that, initially, there were some fights lost by Squadron to the limit, what did you change at that Castle Siege when you defeated Rampage? " Voyager : " Well, we were behind with players (we had less than them) and we fought hard to be able to compete with them in CS compared to their gear from the past 2 CS's they held. In two Castle Sieges we used a DL tank alone in a shadow guild so we can fight vs RAMPAGE + Assasins which was hard for us without using this tactic." Reporter: " Do you believe in superstitions ? Do you think that Castle is Cursed? Voyager : "I believe in many things but not in that. Many guilds failed due to the lack of organization. " Reporter: " Have you ever been almost overcome by the curse?" Voyager : "No, as I said our guild leadership and organization is different than others and we deal quick with the drama or in the end we get rid of those who plant the seeds of drama " Reporter: "So, you had no struggles between the members right after you won the first siege? " Voyager : "No, there was a good hype after this victory which helped and motivated many people who doesn't have our experience and they can give up after few loses. To be honest, I prefer to be on the losing side, this way you give everything from yourself. " Reporter:" Earlier you said that this server's play to win concept its not that real, are you saying that a player who wants to be a top guild master has to donate?" Voyager : " It is not the right way to compare a top guild master and a regular player who plays a lot without VIP and a player who invest money in the game. Being a GM in our guild means you got the support from other players in terms of in-game stuff. That's Squadron's policy and we do that for all the key players - we simply invest in them. I do not want to extend my words for the server's "play to win" meta cause there are ways to earn credits without paying a single dollar, but this applies for people who spends a lot of time here. " Reporter: "What happened to Chukundah? Why did he quit the game so early?" Voyager : "Haha, he got a new job and he wanted to play more league of legends which caused his laptop to burn. 😂 " Reporter: " What about Snajper, there was a lot of scandal about this player and his separation from Squadron, what really happened?" Voyager :"Well, the deal was that we invested in him somehow and he wanted to turn back on us." Reporter :" Some voices say that after he was helped, he became a traitor and that's why guild punished him, is that true? " Voyager: " How couldn't you love those voices :)), as I said we invested in him somehow." Reporter : " Can you give us some tips about Dark Lord stats build to be a strong Guild Master ? Can you reveal yours?" Voyager : "I am not the guy who should give any tips about Dark Lord, cause this was the first time in my life playing a DL. The thing which every player should do (if the server allows it) is to test every possible stat in the beta server which I did for the first 5,6 resets. After those test I knew what stats I should use till 10th RR. In the first 5 resets I was 60% dmg and when the server moved to its mid phase I sacrificed almost every STR into AGI and VIT, but not for long - as you can see in 27RR I have over 6k STR so I can still be able to help my team in stamps. My current build was 60% VIT, 30% AGI and 10% STR so you can be able to kill people and farm alone in the same time. I do not consider myself as a strong DL or a Guild Master - everything I have done was a result watching other good DL's in the face of ProtoType and BSB. " Reporter : "You are the only Guild Master that held Castle for months and still invincible! (0 deaths in CS rankings) /Respect!!!" Reporter: "Why did you and your friends quit Inception?? " Voyager : "Heh, well we all got bored somehow, some of us were playing only for the CS and in the end we decided to take a break from MU. " Reporter:" Did you had any enemies in game on this data base? " Voyager : "That's the thing server missed - enemies. Administration made many changes which turned the server into PVM state and we couldn't enjoy of the PVP. One thing amazed me even more - when mercenary was introduced, people started to whisper me "Can you come davias and let me kill you, I got an quest". Possibly there are one explanation - the administration banished all dedicated players in the face of DEADCATS and GROM who was ready for PVP mash ups during the nights. My answer is NO - I didn't had any enemies. As far as I heard I am being hated from certain people but do not know the reason " Reporter :" What do you need to have in order to handle the challenges of a guild master to become the server leader ?" Voyager : "Can you be more specific about this question 'to become the server leader' ? " Reporter :" You were the leader of inception, you still are the one! Leading the top guild to glory and owning Castle makes you top number one leader of server." Voyager :" You have to be passionate and calm in order to achieve something as a guild master. Of course you can not do that alone - the help from your crew is very important." Reporter: "Have you ever had a moment in wanting to quit being a Guild Master? Voyager : " Yes, there were some moments, a month after we have won vs RAMPAGE cause the pressure was really hard and it was focused on me and I really wanted to step down for a while." Reporter: " Do you read the newspaper? What do you suggest to improve on it? " Voyager : "Yes, I am reading all your articles. I could suggest more detailed information about whats happening in the server but in general the idea of the Newspaper is good " Reporter: " Do you have any message to send to friends, enemies or Admin Staff? " Voyager : "Well, I already sent a message of my friends which I played with, about the enemies - don't think they care about my words. Administration - I would like to see a server setup like the oldest OldSquad editions - no restrictions, no DS camps and everyone should fight for everything -> that's Mu Online." Reporter : "Do you want the Grom guild that cheated the hell out of all the expectations (hacking), that was stealing startups, stealing everything they could to get back on OldSquad? Would you like Admin to 'parole' them ?" Voyager: "I believe everyone deserve a second chance and OldSquad was build thanks to players like DEADCATS and GROM who left their trail. I would like to face them once again in the next NonRR which should be in a newer version." Reporter: "I would like to end the interview with a challenge. Do you accept?" Voyager :" Haha, if the challenge is without making me return playing in the server - yes, I accept." Reporter :" No, no, name 5 players from the beginning of Inception you respect (not Squadron) , some details would be nice, and 5 players you dislike, we also want details " Voyager :" Tough question. I can't say I dislike anyone, Mu is a game where you can start admiring people who PK you overnight and have fun PVP fights The guys which I respect a lot is: 1.Mu3rTe - played with and versus him in multiple editions and he proved to be a valuable player 2.RedBull - we have similar characters and he is a nice guy 3.AlmightySM - proved to be a skilled player in every edition I saw him 4.MaSSaCre - was nice to play versus players like him 5.CRIEEEE ofc - even with the multiple jokes we made of him - he still is a good guy who was one of the TOP MGs in each edition" Reporter :" And the flop list? The one with the players you dislike the most? " Voyager :" Well, don't have such a list, there wasn't enough worthy people to make me dislike them, if I could add a name from other editions in my top respect list - that would be Mamed, i had enormous fun playing versus this guy. " Reporter : " So, you don't have a disgrace list, but you can make a list with the players you respect more since you started to play OlsSquad?" Voyager : "Legion, Weew, BSB, Mamed, Soulka those are the players from which I learned a lot and had an enormous fun playing versus them. I do not have a flop list, I am really not that type of player who will dislike someone in mu online, I don't believe you can have such a list. " Reporter:" Thank you very much, "Boyager" !" Voyager:" It's Boyagar!!!" Reporter: "Thank you, Boyagar!!!!!!!!!! And I hope I will see you again in next editions, cause OldSquad is about pro players and you are one of those!" Voyager:" Thanks, was a funny interview I am far from one of those but thanks, I am playing only for the fun = )".
  7. Yesterday was a sad day for me and probably for many other players in our community, the third edition of Inception (formerly known as max 30 rr) has come to an end, but I am delighted that this phenomenal game has once again managed to amaze me, to surprise me and to awaken me again all possible moods: happiness, sadness, disappointment, pride, etc. I went through all the mixing feelings again along the server and I am convinced that you have experienced these feelings too! Inception, a server born from the passion of ADMIN for this game, had a long life of 254 days, that means over 8 months that kept us all connected and reminded us of the old style game-play, just like every server launched by Admin does it, bounds friendships, restores past friendships making it possible for players who played together 10-15 years ago on servers with high difficulty to meet again and bring back emotions and memories full of nostalgia. It was an intense server with tight battles for supremacy, there are XVlll chapters from The Curse "Back to Origins " written in the NewsPaper section. The News Paper reached a record on number of views, there were intense fights in the written lines of the players who moved the fight from the game on the forum and in chapters VII and XlV I was afraid that Admin will have to call the firemen to prevent the flames on the forum from burning to the ground the whole editorial office! The Curse "Back to Origins " aroused the interest of the players whom I want to thank in this way for appreciation but also for criticism !! It was a sad day, since Inception got to its end, but I am convinced that when it will come back to life in September-October period will bring us again the fun and will have even more fun then on this edition. Lets make MU great AGAIN together, guys and, enjoy playing Phoenix #2 until then! As a great edition of Inception is over, I will end this article by letting Gion to share his views and experience about this server: Gion : "Hello, ladies and gentlemen ! First of all, it is an honor for me to have the word, especially the last word. It is an honor talking about Inception, it is an honor having you around and I think that I am very, very lucky to be a part of this and to be able to get to know you. Again, our community, powered by you, was "on top of the chain", breaking lots of records, from the number of online players, to the Castle Siege fights and to the OSGM Events. We had the opportunity to see top players, top strategies and not only. We saw new players rising and shining on the highest level, tho we saw empires crushing. "Curses", drama, hard work and even envy. We had a little bit of all. We learned a lot, and not only by technical means, but we learned a lot about each other and I hope and I also know that this will help us in the future, in terms of a higher quality community, as a whole. Special thanks to ADMIN and Reporter, they were the sparkle that lighted up everything ! Thank you very much and we are looking forward to meet again ! Best regards, OldSquad Team "
  8. Hello, The current Inception edition has passed its deadline and due to the amount of players left active there is no point in keeping it online any longer. I highly believe it was our best edition yet, if we look at how long it was fully active (more than 4-5 months). It had a total of 28 patches (big & small) during a period of 6 months, that improved its overall quality further on. We think that we've reached a good & stable formula for our Inception server, which we'll try to conserve as much as possible for the next edition(s) where we'll focus mostly on quality of life improvements/features and characters tweaks, without any BIG concept changes, as it worked really good with the last iteration. The 4th edition will start somewhere between September and October. As for now, Inception will be closed tomorrow (24.05.2020) after the global maintenance. Thanks to everyone that took part in this edition and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run! HoF has been updated:
  9. Spoowner

    Guys we do have one server in Inception, I wanna know what is your opinion on it. My opinion is that one server is kinda tight for all players, mainly when you're not that strong. I can tell you an example: When you're not that strong and you spot a Golden monsters in an invasion, you begin to hit it and it takes a bit long to kill.. When the mob is half life, another way stronger player cames, kill the mob and "steals" the reward from you. It would prevent the new player to grow as they could have. It's worth it to keep in mind that I am not complaining, but I do think that a server other than the current could bring some benefits. I'd like you to kindly share you thoughts about having one more server and how it could bring benefits or whatever. Thank you.
  10. It was expected by many of us, it was desired, and in the end it came !! Phoenix, a project created for the revival of Old Squad community, has been amazingly successful in its first edition and has achieved its goal by bringing Old Squad to a higher level of game play quality and lots of fun. Now, this project is going to be reborn in a new era, an era in which we live dark times, in which we are kept (almost by force) inside our homes, Phoenix was reborn last year to give a refresh to our community and this year it is meant to bring into the hearts of the members that are part of this wonderful community hope, love and especially the LIGHT which will, eventually, pierce the darkness that came upon us. Until then, since we all should stay in home, as isolated as possible, Phoenix will make this isolation much easier for everyone. The beginning of this long awaited server is very close and I have some tips that I hope will be useful for all of you: Put your hand on the phone or on the keyboard and call all your friends to play, my advice for you is to be at least 4 so you can develop a startup strategy, but if you do not have friends who want to join the adventure, do not worry, in time you will find lots of friends in our community who are looking for a permanent party member ! If you haven't been to shopping yet, I suggest you do so, buy plenty of coffee, teas, spare mouse and keyboard and everything else you need for a longer period of time because you only have a day left until the madness unfolds on us. Phoenix will keep you inside your house because this server will be an intense one with a lot of fun but difficult at the same time, a battle for supremacy is announced, one that has not been seen for a long time in muonline servers. Test server has already been released, all you have to do is to enter and test everything : spots (hint: analyze the best route from devias to karutan2) , test stats build, study all topics linked in the end of the article because they are the most important ones, topics that you should not miss! After reading all that information you should be up to date on how to build your favorite characters, and you can choose the one that suits your style. On Phoenix server every point does count, every buff / potion can make the difference against your enemy, you don't have to think twice before you start building if you test ahead, test everything that can help you on your way to the top! Link for the must "know" information : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/159-info-rules/ After reading the most important information, after you have succeeded in testing everything you could, and, of course, after your strategy is built, here are some interesting articles that will make you understand how the fight for Phoenix's supremacy was in its first edition, and many other interesting things in the interviews that I managed to get from Admin, Legion, or some of the most important players in the Old Squad community, (I say "some" because this community has a lot of very good players and I wanted and I will still want to interview as many as possible). https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3453-phoenix-curse-history-of-castle-lords-and-guilds/ https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/177-official-interviews/ Have fun reading and be ready to get into NewsPaper Spot Light!
  11. Reporter

    This interview is about mafy, a pro player who made the strongest Summoner on Inception, he owned his place in this NewsPaper Hall of Fame because he broke the last stages of the game at a very far away distance from the 2nd place (for example, when he entered in the last stage he had 5 resets in advance, compared to the 2nd place), he made the best Summoner on Inception and he is also ranked number 2 on general Reset Rankings, number 4 on general Hall of Fame Rankings (no 1 on Summoner Hall of Fame Rankings), and he also is present in top 5 on almost all other rankings that we have on website. Reporter: " Hello, mafy, you have built the best Summoner on this server, Congratulations!!" mafy : "Hello, Reporter, thank you for these appreciations and I'm honored to be in your NewsPaper Hall of Fame." Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you managed to climb in all those rankings and to get in top 5 on almost all ?" mafy : "I've managed to climb in all those rankings by having a good permanent party, by having a flexible schedule and having active party members, so we could always go to events. We've managed to go complete all entries to bc,ds,cc almost every day. I love a lot to do all events possible, and I always focused on all of them when I am online, including bosses, Castle Siege , etc. I find this the most attractive part of the game." Reporter : " There are rumors that in previous editions you played BK and that this edition is the first one where you play Summoner, is it true?" mafy : "Yeah, I used to play only bk for like 15 years ( with breaks, ofc). I've also had a try with AE on last 50rr edition here, I've just wanted to play casual on that db, but I had a good start with a really good party gathered in Lorencia at startup (with Lovise, WhiteBK, Mr.Cristian - turned to be a perma party). Lovise quit after a while, so I continued on his SM, but WhiteBK retired aswell, so I finished up on his bk. I can say I still played BK also that edition. Returning to the question, yes, this is my first time ever as Summoner. I also wanted to play casual this DB, but, again, a really good party in the beginning messed up my plans and turned it for me into a "hardcore" edition. " Reporter: "I have some personal questions for you, do you agree to give us some personal details about the man behind that player?" mafy : "Sure." Reporter: "What is your occupation? Do you a have family ? How old are you? What encourages you to play this "forgotten" game that is kept alive only by old school "maniacs", like us ? " mafy : " I finished the college and I got a diploma in automatics engineering. I'm 28 years old, I'm married and I have an one year old little boy. This is why I was so active this edition, he kept me close to home, I paused the long trips for a while, also going out every night and the drinks with friends were greatly reduced. For me the time spent with my family is the most important in the world .😃 So from one of the biggest afkers ( Psyke's competitor haha) and from the one who was carried by the team because of the lack of time, I turned into a hardcore player for a while (like old times :D), and was my time to carry others. What encourages me... I name it "MU VIRUS" once you start playing this game ( especially , the oldschool guys who started more than a decade ago) you can't stop playing it. Since more than like five years ago, on every database I say "ok, this is my last db ever. Time to stop playing this game", but really nice projects like Oldsquad servers and old players who ask me to play make me join again and again and over again. ^^ " Reporter : "What are you doing for a living?" mafy : "I'm managing my own fitness club, so nothing to do with automatics engineering that's just my back up plan, just in case, if I will ever need a full time job." Reporter: "How did you found OldSquad ?" mafy : " As I remember, RedBuLL told me about it, and I started here in first db among all old players who came from the most famous Romanian server at that time." Reporter: " What nicknames you had in past?"" mafy : "I've always played with nickname "mafy". Last 50rr edition I had my AE named Wicked." Reporter: "Did you had VIP activated since Inception started?? " mafy : "Yes, and I was able to farm enough credits to keep it activated all the time." Reporter :" Do you think OldSquad servers are having a real play to win concept ? Or you think that only donors can get in top? " mafy : "It depends. If you are a hardcore player, you can easily obtain everything you need without donating(Mu3rTe and me are some examples for Inception). But on the other side, if you are a casual player you can buy VIP and items from market, so you get in top and start being competitive in the easy way. But I consider it being more play2win than pay2win." Reporter :"Do you have a permanent party? Do you have this permanent party since Inception started?" mafy : "I always play with a permanent party. I think this is the key to be competitive. Can't do everything alone, teamwork always leads to great achievements. I've changed 3 permanent parties because many of them quit, my actual party is with Mu3rTe, AdriaNN and Sparkle. " Reporter: "What happened to your old permanent parties ?" mafy : " In the first perma party, we were only 3 active players: me, Ganacci and Fatman. Trompeta and WhiteBK, they were afk all the time, so after a while they said that they have to quit because of lack of time. After this, because of some misunderstandings in our party, Fatman deleted his char, so Ganacci quit aswell (he also didn't like some settings and considered this edition is too hard for his style). I was also close to quit, but I found Snook's party searching for members, so Fatman took Trompeta's char and we both joined them. After a while, Snook and his team was really busy so they hadn't enough time to play, so they were about to quit, and that incident with Snook made them all quit (TheKing, Snook and Alex). Mu3rte started to play, Makiavelli's party was also broken, so we started the last perma party - mafy, Mu3rTe, Makiavelli, Sparkle and AdriaNN. " Reporter : "At the beginning of the server you joined Squadron guild, what happened? Why did you left Squadron to join Rampage ? " mafy : "Yeah, I've played with Squadron guild before, I know them all, I still consider them all my friends, although some of them threw some bad words towards me . Initially, RedBuLL told us about this new edition and we were supposed to join a whole guild from another server, but many ppl changed their mind in the last few days before the start, so we stared only 1 party here. Why I left Squadron? ... I'm not a player who jumps from guild to guild just for winning or having benefits, I have principles and I'm against compromises. As I said to Squadron members nicely, (was a party decision, not only mine) my party left Squadron to join Rampage because, first of all, RedBuLL told us about this new edition and he invited us to play here. Secondly, RedBuLL is our friend for more than 10 years, it was obviously to follow him, considering these 2 reasons. " Reporter: "There are rumors that there were strong quarrels inside Rampage that made you leave the guild, are they true? " mafy : "There were not strong quarrels, but yes, there were some fights inside guild that I didn't like, so I preferred to play out of guild for a while. I didn't left to join other guild. I simply preferred to play quietly for a while and it was the most relaxing time I had on this edition . " Reporter : "Did those fights took place immediately after you won one of the battles for supremacy?" mafy : " Fights were since the beginning because of different visions and opinions. Winning didn't brought argues, they were already there, haha." Reporter: " Do you believe in superstitions ? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed?" mafy : "I don't believe in superstitions at all. I think the main reason why some guilds fail is the lack of organization and also because of the pride and the selfishness of some. " Reporter: " The population on the server has dropped in the last few months from 600+ characters on, to 300+ chars on, now it seems stable, what do you think is the cause of this population decline??" mafy : "You can't make a perfect server since the beginning... There are always things that need to be adjusted as the server advances, but many ppl can't understand this and at every problem there are some who quit. Every problem was solved sooner or later. Anyway, you can't please everyone. I also think that this is the range of a mu server life, 3-4 months, after this time they are slowly dying. " Reporter: "After the Castle Siege that took place two weeks ago, you had a period when the most important Hardcore players (including you) were offline , the remaining active players left guild and now Hardcore looks like a guild scattered all over the server. What happened? " mafy : "I went on a small vacation for 5 days, but I was also thinking yo quit when I saw that we are 5-7 ppl against whole server united. But I returned and reconsidered, so I went back online " Reporter: "At the Castle Siege from last week you fought against ATTACK guild, why?" mafy : "Yeah... it was our duty to return them that "favor". We were only 3 ppl trying to mess them, but they managed to win despite this, so I have to congratulate them for the organization and for bringing full squad there. It's the first time when I see them having identity, and it looks like a very good guild is born. Congrats! GG, WP " Reporter : " Can you give us some tips about Summoner stats build and ML skill tree for Summoner to be a top pvp character ? Can you reveal yours?" mafy : "My stats build was always a mystery (also when i played BK and not only on this server) and I like to keep it that way. That's why only a few close friends have access to my account and pc, only those I really trust! . I think there isn't a standard perfect build for a char. You must adapt your stats build with your style and also with your role in the team. It's also about experience, thinking and adapting to each situation. Two players can have same build and items, but there always will be one better than the other. You must find that little thing that can make you the winner. Things are even easier having the test server , that's another innovative way brought for us by Admin, where anyone can find the perfect build for him." Reporter : " Now I see you and Mu3rte online and active, will you try to fight for the castle again? " mafy : "Yes, this CS V2 sounds really good, we will try to bring as many players as we can on the battle field. I also hope that all debts were paid between guilds and I think everybody (including staff) will want to see a first FULL CLEAN fight and the best to win, without any anti-game. I saw some problems inside PlayBoys, but I hope they manage to make a good team for this CS so we can see a 3 guilds fair fight for the first time in 5 months. I also hope ADMIN will record this expected epic fight. " Reporter: "What do you think about this new Castle Siege V2 ? " mafy : "This new CS V2 sounds really good, the staff doesn't stop to impress me (all of us, I think) with their innovative and unique ideas, you guys really MAKE MU GREAT AGAIN! " Reporter:" Did you had any enemies in game on this data base? " mafy : " I can't call anyone from the server my enemy. I only have fun, I consider PK as a part of game, but many ppl take it personally. I can say that I had a time when I was hunting ATTACK, our guild was hunting them actually, because some of them are players with 2 faces. They were messaging us to stop killing them, but they were killing our ppl, or killing us in the night, or saying to a 10 y/o kid that will rape and kill her and her family, or something like that. They also had a time when they were only the anti-game guild on the server, first they talked to Squadron to help them against us, next week they message us that they will do everything against Squadron because they hate Squadron. But I think bad things went away when their toxic ex-leader was banned. As I know, his behavior was the only reason that started fights between our guilds. There is a Romanian proverb that says that "any green forest has its dry trees", in conclusion they also have nice ppl there, and as I said, it's just a game, I don't have a personal problem with any of them. I had only one uncontrolled rage at one CS, when I threw some bad words to Fane. I would like to apologize for that in this way. I hope he will read this. " Reporter: "Have you ever had a moment in wanting to quit playing Summoner ?" mafy : "In the beginning, summoner was really weak and useless, but no way to quit playing it, despite that, this determined me to do everything to make it shine Actually, there was a moment when Rusuletz quit , we needed 1 bk, so I was thinking to come back to my first love , but I gave up and continued the journey with my character as it is, Summoner. " Reporter: " Do you read the NewsPaper? What do you suggest to improve on it?" mafy : "There's always a pleasure to read your articles, you are doing a really great job! (even if sometimes you judge us in your articles and sometimes it seems like you are picking sides ). I suggest more interviews, they seem to be really fun. I also want to see there a topic where we can throw some questions for you, you select some of them and make your own interview. " Reporter: " Haha, Reporter's interview! That is funny, people will say I invented questions for myself ^^(I am joking, ofc). I will consider this idea, but, please let's get back to you, it is kind of late and I still have few questions. " mafy: "Yea, sure, let's move on. " Reporter " You said in one of the answers that you gave me earlier, some players in your camp or even from your permanent party, were banned by Admin with the reasons that they "tried to sell items for real money". What is your opinion about this rule? Do you think it's unfair? " mafy : "This rule stopped the "black market". I think is a fair and a really good idea. A player should never sell his char, especially a player who was helped by a guild or a permanent party. I consider that it is fair to donate the character to the ones left in game. " Reporter : "Do you think cheaters deserve to be forgiven? Here I refer to cases such as GROM or DEADCATS, guilds that had major impact on server." mafy : "I think everybody deserve a second chance. I would really love to see GROM and DEADCATS back. I think they had their punishment, bugs are solved, so I'm voting for a second chance for them, but still keep an eye on them." Reporter: " Do you have any messages to send to friends, enemies or Admin Staff? " mafy : "Yes, I have some messages for all of them : Message for friends: Sorry for calling you noobs when you are doing something wrong Message for enemies: I want to apologize to some players, cause I might be arrogant sometimes, but when someone mess with me he gets in exchange the same payment and I might sometimes to overdo it. Message for Staff: Keep up the good working and maybe you can try to answer faster when we ask something " Reporter: "I would like to end the interview with two challenges. Do you accept them?" mafy : "Just shoot ! " Reporter : "First one : Imagine that starting from today OldSquad is your server, what changes would you make to improve this server? What would you do to attract more players? What would you improve on it? " mafy : "At first sight everything looks just perfect in my opinion. Maybe I would make a small group with top active players on server and ask them about the game play every week. I wouldn't wait until ppl start complaining and shake things on the server. I will also tell you what I would love to see here. If I'd own the server, I'd do the next thing: I would try to make an EPIC MEGA ULTRA LEGENDARY edition by bringing here GROM, DEADCATS, SQUADRON and old Linkmania rival guilds - Regal and SCREAM. I would like to see a legendary database that can bring back a lot of oldschool players and combining with the players we already have in this community, and with the stable server like this one can be a combination that can last months and will still be fun!" Reporter :" Second challenge :Name 3 guilds from the beginning of your "Old Squad Journey" you admired , some details would be nice. " mafy : "1. Regal - our old Romanian legendary guild, I was one of their member back then , they were only one edition here, first one as I remember, they were so well organised and so active that GROM at that time didn't counted at any event. I remember there were 800+ online and 2 sub-servers, and we always managed to kill Selupan, medusa and all other bosses on both servers all the time I hope somehow they can be brought here again for one more EPIC edition. 2. Squadron - They are always very organised, they used to plan everything in detail, nothing is just "random" for them, those are the main reasons they get the most powerful guilds in all editions . 3. GROM - Despite that since I ever know them they tried to use all advantages they can get, including bugs, they remain a force, they always manage to gather top active players and they are competitive every time they show up." Reporter: "Thank you very much, mafy, it was a pleasure !" mafy : "Thank you also for the 1000$ that I got to accept this interview.🤣" I will end this interview saying that mafy is not only a top player, he is also a decent person that has a lot of humor!🤣🤣🤣
  12. Hello, Due to the current global outbreak, we've decided to increase Inception's EXP for its remaining life, so people can have a bit easier time playing it while they're at home. Normal EXP: Doubled. ML EXP: +50%. We're also working hard to bring you the new Phoenix edition as soon as possible. Happy gaming and stay safe!
  13. Chupanezu

    Hello again. OS I'm here with a suggestion if it is possible to get it into the game. About the "M" window level requirements command. (For Dark Lord) If there is any way to get it accurate, in order to not get teleported to Lore and getting a comment that "You need x level to enter that area." Cheers
  14. It's been three weeks since I've not been written anything about Castle Siege and the fight for Inception supremacy. There have been weeks in which I was busy, so I was not able to follow this fight for domination in my usual manner, but by starting the investigations I found out the following events: ATTACK continued the supremacy on the server, they managed to win every fight and eventually they found themselves without an opponent who at least register and try to fight for the Castle. The Castle Siege that took place 2 weeks ago, passing without any fight for ATTACK, apart from the war with boredom. But after this "Castle Siege" without any "siege", players that were still active in the PlayBoys guild decided to break the "unofficial" alliance with those in ATTACK and they had to rebuild the guild under the name of FAMILY. After that, they started to negotiate an alliance with those remaining active in Hardcore & Legends. At the end of the week I saw a new guild born out of these 3 forces, for some players was not a surprise, especially since, if we take into account the rumors from the server, there were some kind of friendships between some members of Hardcore and PlayBoys since the early beginning of these guilds. I have not yet been able to find out exactly what caused this semi-alliance between PlayBoys and ATTACK to fall, but I know that some rumors were confirmed with the initiation of this new guild, a guild that under the leadership of AdriaNN registers at Castle Siege and promises a lot of action in the great battles for the all great bosses and for Inception's domination. This new guild is called OldStyle and it seems that there was gathered all the remaining strength on the server with the only purpose to face the great, the invincible, the unstoppable warriors from ATTACK, a force that under the lead of Fane dominates this end-game part of the server, with warriors that dominates all main events. And they keep fighting hard because they want to take their guild name right near the legendary guild names that reign and did reign in the History of OldSquad. The fight is about to start, I wait to see what build is blocked, but even being a single guild attacking, I'm surprised again, OldStyle didn't block any build (when I asked into left and right to search for a reason I was told that they registered too late and being a new guild they didn't have time for this). Anyway I'm still excited to see this new brutal fight that has been already announced... ATTACK, under Fane's leadership begins with a significant points disadvantage, and they must face a guild that brings on the battlefield from Land of Trials at least 20 active players. The odds are against them, except that they have a guild core made by warriors who play together for several months. The beginning of the fight is heavy for the OldStyle people, they seem to hardly organizes the parties, which is proven by the time, there where about 25-30 minutes since the first assault starts. On the other side, those in ATTACK move as if they were a single perfectly coordinated party, they replied as a force that easily crushed everything in its path, each player seems to know what he has to do and easily recovers the big difference of points they had as a disadvantage at the beginning of this war. OldStyle's warriors don't give up and they manage to increase their odds registering successfully and managing to keep the crown on AdriaNN's head for several minutes. But they were hit by a painful defeat caused by an organized attack of the enemies and they began to be disoriented. Those in ATTACK continue their strategy, they have powerful elves shooting Ice Arrows towards everyone approaching the switches, and taking the strategy close to perfection, they use the most important damage dealers grouped on the right switch to stop any attempt by those in OldStyle to hold that switch. And them OldStyle warriors even manage to hold it for a few seconds, they cannot register because a skilled summoner player (her<summoner> name is Helsing) did the most important job at that time, keeping AdriaNN in sleep and also "sending to bed" all the OldStyle players who approach. So, even if OldStyle warriors held switches, AdriaNN was delayed a lot from registering each time by this skillful Helsing who was throwing sleeping pills at AdriaNN and at all OldStyle warriors nearby . The most important last 30 minutes make their appearance and ATTACK already have a consistent advantage, but although the OldStyle defeated players won't give up and fight until the last drop of blood and until the last second of the fight marks the end of this Castle Siege. At the end, Fane consolidates his position as a leader of the server and those in ATTACK once again prove to everyone that they want to get this guild into the Hall of Fame of all guilds that successfully manage to break the Curse and dominate the server on a long run (even if, same as NONE, they dominate the server only on the mid to end life of server ). I assume saying that ATTACK deserves its position as Server masters, as well as OldStyle deserves its position too, as they didn't plan their moves at all, first major flaw was not to ban any build, not to build any strategy, etc. We'll see what the next fight brings us !
  15. Hello OS. I'm coming with a pretty standard question, but in witch I found it difficult to search on web. Related to mostly all of the information in here. How are all the formulas calculated, for example, how is the Dmg(rate), Attack rate... and so. What does it mean the "(5934)" in Dmg(rate): means? How does Attack rate and Attack speed work? What are they doing? What is going to happen if you get to "improve" one of them? I have found some information around web but after put them to work, they didn't quite get me the answers I was looking for Ps: I have a Dark Lord Character.
  16. Hello everyone, A few days have passed since Inception "Back to Origins" started, and, as you can see, we already have 500 + online players , but taking a single look at the rankings, Squadron guild dominates this server start, a start that seems to be pretty hard, because Icarus is a map that only players with reset will be able to fill, and the wings level 2 will not appear on the server too soon ... That means even more fun for the top players who are trying hard to reach the top ranks. As for the guilds, as I said, the legendary guild Squadron, led by Voyager, has the fastest "ranking climbers" and the most active players on server, until now, this guild has taught us over time that it can reborn from its own dust like a Phoenix and that at any time it can fight with the top guilds. In past databases, Squadron was the only guild to rise and face GROM (another legendary guild that dominated the server in the past). Now with GR0M banned from the server, will be there a guild to rise and face Squadron? Will we see enough brave fighters to stand in their way? As far as I see, maybe LegendS or Templars, but if they will not start recruiting the guildless players from our top I don't see any chance for them , because, honestly, those guilds look good, but they need more power if they want to kick Squadron or even scratch them at the next castle sieges. Squadron seems united, I think they developed a good strategy on this start because I see in this guild top 10 players on our ranking, in top 20 they have 3 permanent parties and many names that already are legends in OldSquad history, one of them being ProtoType, a great leader who led a guild that measured its forces with the titans of the server. This guild name was DEADCATS, and despite the name, it was very "alive" and very powerful. Talking about top guilds, I was wondering what happened to NONE? (this guild was the best on Phoenix server and if I remember right, they said on forum that they will restart on this new data base), also some time ago there were rumors that another guild will come to light, MrChristians, Levis and Papi`s guild (used to be named Alliance on Max50 and defeated GROM with DEADCATS`s power boost after those guilds merged ) but what happened? Only false rumors it seems... I am waiting with interest to see what happens next, and I will let you know in next articles with the hope you will all enjoy The Newspaper.
  17. Reporter

    Yo, Old Squaders, As I mentioned before, I do not have much time to write articles, as life waits for no-one, but after reading the latest posts on forum I felt compelled to say a few words. Scrolling through the forum I see all kinds of "tough boys behind the safety of a computer screen", come on ..... There are still 300 characters online and all I have the "pleasure" to read in the forum are posts about Bad Language and shit. Brothers, what the hell? I am convinced that the majority of the players active on our server are well past their teens. We should all strive to have fun whether that means PK at bosses, PK on pvp maps etc.- it doesn't really matter. But, please, act your age! End-game is the best part of MU and insulting someone who doesn't share your views is completely missing the point. Remember, the one thing that brought us all here, is the most important shared interest: the love for quality MU, which makes us all brothers (sure, some more dumb than others, but such is life). A fair duel is carried out in silence (we can all see the prompts with who won or lost a certain duel and we do notice. Insulting the other person after winning the duel only makes you look like a complete and utter moron). Dueling is not your cup of tea? -get in the game and hunt him down until he X-es out of the game, make peace, or if you aren't that strong yet, until you realize you might need to apologize and move on (until later when you have gathered some gear, or they go afk). Remember to be courteous; Yes, this is just a game, but your real personality will spill into this game and whether you agree or not, who you are here, shows your real self out in the real world. For the strongest of you, remember you were once 2 rr looking for Twisting Slash and someone was kind enough to sell it to you for 500 credits (lol). Show your skill in the ways mentioned above, not by trash-talking everyone (it genuinely makes you look dumb). In the end, it is not about fearing a mute or a ban from one of the moderators, but remembering there is a real person with real issues (and sure, why not), real feelings behind a nickname. End-game PVP is utter fun, and if you happen to have too much time on your hands, LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR !! (but please, do not insult the others). Death is insult-enough. Maybe some of you have been really active and find yourselves a tad bored. Leave your char in Swamp (the safest map in the world ) and go outside for an hour to at least check the Zombie Apocalypse hasn't started yet and you are missing out on the fun. But please! Stop it with the insults. I mentioned earlier most of us are seasoned players, but remember there are a few younger brothers and sisters trying to enjoy this game just like we do. Do not ruin it for them. I doubt you would be ok with someone threatening and talking to your younger siblings the way you talk to some people here. Let's not start the duel of insults and bickering- real men don't trash-talk others, they mop the floor with them in The Valley of Loren. At this moment our server needs all active players to get involved, create guilds, forge new alliances and fight for supremacy! Get off your lazy ass (or get on your lazy ass, whatever it is) and let's make weekends great again (M.W.G.A.) and fight to dethrone each GM who dares to overthink his greatness. I would like to see the rest of server trying to steal the Throne from End Game Masters - does nobody else think they have been stinking up the castle for a bit too long?! Finally, please try to take this article as constructive criticism and not to be offended. If I think back past editions such as Project Phoenix, I can tell you that I remember it was more peaceful on forum and foul language was not common tongue; people were more active on the battlefield with top players such as DIEEEEEEE(I never know how many "E"s to add at the end) , TAKASHI69 , killua, weew , etc. participating in events I helped create for the enjoyment of both seasoned players and newbies (still asking for Twisting Slash) alike. -What did you do for those who migrated from Wormhole? From what I saw, you let them be absorbed by the only remaining powerhouse on the server, ATTACK, which didn't necessarily need to recruit fresh blood, but they did it because there was no one else to do it (no hate, just an observation point). So I say, stay scattered and you will remain mediocre until the end of time. Divided you shall fall, like chickens, on a daily basis, bok! (in case you missed it, that is the noise a chicken makes) P.S.> Please find below a few examples from Phoenix News Paper of Charity from OldSquad Old Players on how you can measure your strength like a pro, not by bullying other players: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3280-fight-between-titans-bet-duels/ https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3215-mini-events-made-by-oldsquads-old-players/ TO BE CONTINUED... (waiting on you)
  18. Pulse

    Hi, I want to ask if you can move events like CS, Nightmare, Arena tournament and Balgass to a time slot where players like me in GMT +8 can play without sacrificing our sleep? Its hard for players like me to try and participate in these events because we have work in the morning and we need to sleep. We have players in Vietnam, Philippines and Australia who wants to participate especially in CS. I want to enjoy the game fully and it's frustrating for me not to be able to participate in these events. Hope this is something you can look at. Thanks!
  19. https://streamable.com/yux9z
  20. Last week was completely dominated by the ATTACK guild aided by those heroes that made this new guild 32l4ever , together these warriors defeated those in Hardcore by dominating all the battles at the big bosses especially at the most wanted one, The Nightmare, this boss became famous again with the coming of the End Game period that brought to our top players quests for resets. In this week, the masters on the server (despite the Hardcore's domination at last Castle Siege ) were the members of those two guilds, two guilds united by the friendship that continued to be bound between their members a friendship that seems productive for both camps, these great guilds that bloom as time goes by. Time does its miracle, and it brings us the much long awaited and desired Sunday and all guilds are preparing for the great event that comes with this day that's supposed to be the "day for rest". 32l4ever won the sign registering fight and banned Vitality Dark Lord build, this move being logical given the fact that they rebuilt the guild under the leadership of WhiteRaven, a Soul Master. This move being made with the purpose to weaken both guilds that are taking part in this Castle Siege, ATTACK under the leadership of Fane and Hardcore, the guild that holds the great trophy and supremacy under the leadership of AdriaNN, those both guild's great leaders being Dark Lords. The fight begins, Hardcore in the dominant guild position starts with a disadvantage of 800 points given the fact that they own the castle for a week, ATTACK and 32l4ever quickly did their parties and strategies, then they attack strongly, despite expectations, these two guilds no longer team up and fight on their own. It is a cranky fight, a fight in which everything seems to be on the side of the Hardcore despite the points they had in deficit, and those events that happened during this week, a week in which Hardcore ones were humiliated on all the important events , but in this fight they seem stronger than the other two guilds. On the third side the ones from 32l4ever, having the advantage of the early strategy, they fail to accumulate the desired points because WhiteRaven dies while recording, same as Fane, these are reasons that explain the fact that this strategy made by 32l4ever (blocking VDL build) seems to be on the Hardcore's favor and it was not a good strategy for them or the others in ATTACK. Overall tho, they were good only in the first hour. The last part of this epic war came and the fight is between ATTACK and Hardcore despite that the 32l4ever ones do not give up and fight with all the power they have to make points. Hardcore has a consistent advantage, but ATTACK are close, it is an intense fight and everything is about the both guild's skills to come back after each defeat. The Hardcore ones, having the advantage, seem to lose focus in the last 15-20 minutes, trying to regroup after a strong blow received from the ATTACK, but they regroup slowly and let the ATTACK approach threateningly, eventually they manage to gather and return in the fight as they still had the advantage. But this advantage became so thin as in the last minutes ATTACK takes the lead, them Hardcores manage to register again just in time to win, they retake the lead, they can win if they can hold it just few more minutes and everything seems lost to the ATTACK guild. But ATTACK threw a last assault, an assault that has not been seen on this server, they manage to hold the switches and when the last minute of the game came, Fane died while registering!!!!!!! But towards Hardcore's surprise, he returns almost instantly to the throne room, most probably he used a Life Stone or he was summoned, and he successfully registered in the last minute and wins. AN EPIC WIN!!!!!! A victory that I was not given to see since I play this game, even though I have had seen many tight fights in the past. The people in ATTACK surprised me this time by winning when everything seemed compromised for them! Now it is the time for those in Hardcore to think about the wasted seconds, the lost minutes, precious minutes that could bring them the victory !!! In this way I want to congratulate all the players who took part in this EPIC Castle Siege because the end was the most intense I have ever watched, so far!!! GOOD JOB ALL !! Despite all the voices that are heard on both sides, I can say with my heart that I saw the cleanest Castle Siege disputed between three guilds on this edition of the server !!
  21. Chupanezu

    Hello. I've seen it on Market, there are rings and pendants +1/+2/+3. Is there any difference for the standard "+0" Rings/Pendants? And if so, how can you upgrade the Rings and Pendants? If there is such a way. Or is this just a luck from dropping it already with +1/+2/+3?
  22. The second page of Castle Siege v2 was written by the most powerful heroes of Inception, heroes who do not give up and who fight until the last second to defend the prestige, the pride of the guild and fight continuously for riches brought by LordMix and Land of Trial. The first move on the chessboard was made by ATTACK, they won the first battle, they managed to organize and be more united than the Hardcore ones, gathering and registering more signs than them. This small victory brought with it the chance to make the first move in the great war that was to come. Knowing that the power of the enemies in Hardcore and PlayBoys consists on a way fewer players than them, ATTACK leaders decided to block a buffer: the Energy Rage Fighter, they aimed to weaken Hardcore's and PlayBoys' overall vitality. The war begins and ATTACK starts the assaults fast, having the advantage of organization. They have gained precious time, while Hardcore, shocked, seem to reorganize their parties with difficulty, they look disoriented and seem to be completely absent in the first 30 minutes of the fight. Hardcore managed to recover from the crush created by the first blow received as an "box uppercut" in the first seconds of the match. They seem dizzy but they started to gather on the bridge and prepare for the first assault after more than 20 minutes, precious time in which simply this guild that has experienced players seems almost knocked out even from the first moments of the match, they looked like a boxer caught in the corner waiting for the gong before he can even make his first punch. On the other side, there are fierce battles between PlayBoys and ATTACK which are looking like two rival guilds who fight intensely. ATTACK manage to remove the important pieces of the PlayBoys and hang on to the Crown, PlayBoys tried to reply, but they do not seem to be have enough power to stand up against them. Hardcore takes advantage of the quiet moments created by this harsh battle between PlayBoys and ATTACK, they recover eventually and they stepped into the fight like a tornado that demolishes everything in its path without caring about the disaster left behind, they arrive in the Throne Room and register the seal fast. Here comes the moment when The Curse comes up and bring the chaos which focuses only on the PlayBoys and ATTACK, these two top guilds failing to rise to expectations, even if they try hard doing their best... everything seems hopeless, Hardcore clearly dominates the war, the last 45 minutes comes and those two forces that seem to have no breath came together, they unite as they did in past and start a real fight vs Hardcore, again. There is almost an hour of Hardcore domination and seems that whenever they lose the crown they multiply, they are stronger and faster (it is no wonder that accumulating so much humility and hatred in the past battles made them, this time, to try more than ever to conquer the highest trophy that they can get). But they started to be flanked on both sides, they begin to lose ground, they step back, the points begin to balance and ATTACK, with the help received from PlayBoys, are struggling intensely but still they begin to recover a lot of points which they had in disadvantage. We are nearing the end of the war and the ATTACK "featuring" PlayBoys are on the wave, they recovered points quickly and they took the lead. Only 5-6 minutes left of this war and the Crown is already shining on Fane's head, but Hardcore launches a final attack, throws everything they have, they assault with the last resources they have left, blindly in this fight and manage to conquer the crown just before the last minutes of the fight. ATTACK cannot come back fast enough because the time is not running in their favor and they have to kneel for the first time in front of those in Hardcore. They lost this war at an incredible difference , less than 200 points were separating them from the glorious victory, if they made the damn ally with the PayBoys just 2 damn minutes faster... or maybe if they would've been just 2 seconds more focused they would not have to endure the humility of being defeated. It is time for the Hardcore to grab the supremacy on server and this time to win even against the two guilds who allied at the end of the war. But still they won and now they look more arrogant than ever ! This Castle Siege seems to be the last one for PlayBoys, a guild that dominated the server for a short time and seems to have dropped its last words on this battlefield, PlayBoys are history now, but the brave warriors left alive gave birth to a new power, it is called 32l4ever and I am convinced that they will have a lot to say in the next battles for the supremacy of the continent and there are voices saying that they have rebuild the guild under WhiteRaven to develop a new strategy. I say that it is unlikely that ATTACK will block Agi SM, but some voices say that this is possible to be seen in the next war (or maybe they will gather more sign of lord than ATTACK). We expect them guilds to show us an innovative strategy next Sunday, a strategy that will revolutionize the game. All that remains for us is to be optimistic and wait wit patience for the future to reveal the secrets that are hidden in these great GUILDS.
  23. The battle for server supremacy after "Squadron era" has started since the beginning of the week. The power on the server is divided between three major guilds: Hardcore, ATTACK and the new PlayBoys guild, the latter was created from the active players who remained on the server from the great Squadron guild. Fierce fighting ensued between Hardcore and the other two guilds (ATTACK and PlayBoys), all three guilds dreamed to grab the crown dropped by Voyager. The fights that took place at night turned into prolonged fights, Hardcore provoking both opposing guilds to PVP and PK, making safe areas populated 24 hours a day by warriors from all three guilds, becoming the prey of the anger and revenge. As in any war, everyone had to lose and no one to win, the battles were fierce and no one from these three guilds could not acquire experience. Time runs fast and the weekend is approaching, the Lord's sign records begin and on Saturday night the first surprise is triggered: ATTACK guild is removed from the game this time successfully by Hardcore. The warrior's eyes of these 3 guilds are glittering in the dark, looking to see the great crown they wish to place on the head of their leader, and, of course, to sit on the great throne and together to rule the MU world. Sunday was quiet as usual before the breakup of hell. There were secret strategies on the chessboard that were due to be revealed during the war. In order to take part in this war for supremacy, those in the ATTACK who no longer had the chance to reach the top of the chain, allied themselves with PlayBoys and thus helped this guild to crush Hardcore ones who started the fight well, but they lost important points, being forced to step backwards. Playboys and ATTACK hit hard from start to the end, being helped by some warriors introduced into Squadron guild. They fought bravely and, with the two top guilds force on their side, crushed and trampled on everything that was moving through their path. At the end of this battle, these warriors were raising Sk0pt to the highest possible rank, the master of Inception, and the ruler of the continent. Some rumors say that pride and arrogance has cost the Hardcore warriors the crown, these voices say that you cannot start a war with two equally strong guilds at the same time only if you are crazy, and they seem to be right. They also say that Hardcore had too few warriors with experience and it was another factor that led to their defeat. Over the grave of the Squadron era, a new era begins to flourish, the PlayBoy ERA, a new guild who was learning and taking advantage of the experience gained in that legendary guild, they knew how to play this fight in their favor and to speculate and gain an unexpected help (at least at the beginning of the week), a help from ATTACK, a guild that was pushed back by Hardcore, they had only two choices, to stand back and watch from distance or to get in fight and smash the enemy. After this Castle Siege, Hardcore died, the most important players gave up the game for unknown reasons, so rumors are heard that ATTACK and PlayBoys will break the alliance and continue the fight for supremacy. To be continued...
  24. The battle for supremacy has reached peaks last week, especially since we had the opportunity to see the first Castle Siege version 2 (of course was released in beta). The ATTACK guild should have been defenders, but for equality, fairness and because it is a new system, to have all three guilds the same chance to win, ATTACK guild was registered directly by the Admin at Castle Siege as attackers. However, including ATTACK, we had 3 guilds signed up for this big event (the other two guilds were PlayBoys and Hardcore, a guild that after the decline that took place two weeks ago seems to be recovered, they managed to bring back in guild some important players who left two weeks ago). Following a new rule, the guild that registers most sign of lords among the registered guilds, with the condition to register more than 300 signs, can block a build at their choice. Hardcore won this first competition and blocked Vitality Blade Knight build. This was the first move on the chess table, a move with which Hardcore created confusion in the opposing camps, ATTACK and PlayBoys managing to reorganize but not without wasting precious time, however Sk0pt manages to register the first and PlayBoys takes over The Castle. While Hardcore were fighting with Playboys for the crown, those in ATTACK seemed lost and confused, they were fighting chaotically, organized apathetic assaults. After the first 30-45 minutes, seeing that they collect the fewest points, at a considerable distance from the other two guilds and seeing that there is absolutely no chance for them to win, ATTACK decided to make "anti-game" in the favor of PlayBoys. They also wanted to take revenge on Hardcore, despite the fact that mafy wanted to bury the past, a hateful past between those two guilds, a past where wars with all kinds of "dirty moves" on Castle Siege and outside of it ranging from insults to hunting nights and populating safe zones on all levels. During the interview, mafy declared besides that he would like peace, that he would like to have a clean fight, but his wishes remained desires and again they had to bear the cost of arrogance and anti-game made in the past vs ATTACK. Even with ATTACK anti-game or, maybe because of it, fight was balanced between PlayBoys & ATTACK vs Hardcore, until the last 30 minutes when Hardcore seemed overwhelmed, they lost their clarity and some say that it happened because AdriaNN disconnected, a disconnect which caused the reset of his stats and he started to die, Admin helped him up with fixing his build pretty fast but all guild started to look seriously confused, so Hardcore fought well and they failed to reach the PlayBoys afterwards, but managed to rank second, gaining over 10k+ points, and gaining 6 or 7 Lord Boxes but losing to the difference of 4-5k points vs PlayBoys. After this epic fight I started to investigate what happened to ATTACK, a guild that was favorite to take the Crown but obtained probably 1 Lord Box, and I heard rumors that there were some internal fights before this Castle Siege. Also those voices said that they had some players who could not take part in the fight for personal reasons, thus torn by internal quarrels and without the team unity combined with the absence of important players, they chose to play for PlayBoys.
  25. A new epic battle took place on this battlefield, called Valley of Loren, at the end of which rises the majestic castle. This castle that hides in it a terrifying curse, a curse that can crush strong guilds when it turns its attention to them, fills the hearts of warriors with venom, and makes the purest minds sick slipping inside them greed and vanity, but also this great Castle, hides inside it a throne that every leader on the server dreams of, and those leaders who have it are living in the fear of losing it , because this throne together with the crown brings riches to which all the great warriors crave. This Sunday, Sk0pt was the leader who had to defend the crown and the pride of his people. They managed to bring and form 3 strong parties for the defense of the castle, although few but with hope inside hearts and a strong believe in their chances. They fought bravely to the end. On the other side, ATTACK guild, more ambitious than ever, brought about five parties with warriors that stormed the castle gates from the first minutes. In the first half of hour there was a tug of war, a fight in which both guilds strengthen their organization and strategies. The fight gets hot as the time goes by, but an unexpected event takes place: a Hardcore party comes and starts to mess the things up, these warriors have come to mess up the ATTACK guild's plans, some voices say that without having a deal with the PlayBoys, a guild that seems to start shaking and taking small steps behind, giving precious points to those in the ATTACK. After the appearance of this Hardcore party the score begins to be balanced again, and the fight continues to be intense. ATTACK, being stronger, and because they brought more players than PlayBoys, they do not seem to be very morally affected and continued the assaults, whenever they lose the crown they are faster and stronger. The fight is near to the end, we are in the last 30 minutes and PlayBoys are at the helm, Fane and Sk0pt hardly register, although the Hardcore ones manage to prevent the ATTACK from taking switches, they manage to register in the last 10-15 minutes, the PlayBoys move slowly back to registration and if they could manage to put the hand on the crown one more time they would keep the supremacy... But... they fail and ATTACK gloriously win this fight by crowning Fane and ascending the big throne, ending the short domination of the PlayBoys and bringing a new era to Inception, ATTACK era. Regarding Hardcore, I can only say that from the big guild that was once, they managed to bring only one party, and only for the purpose of making antigames, the former warriors of this guild being scattered throughout the server, left the guild in ruins and seems that the curse has reached its purpose, by leading the guild near the grave.
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