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    1. Hello, The current Inception edition has passed its deadline and due to the amount of players left active there is no point in keeping it online any longer. Even if it sounds like a stereotype, I once again believe that this edition was the best yet on our project (just like 3rd was the best until that point). Inception does never stop to impress us and does prove that MU can be played more than 1-2 months in an active manner. Well, the cold season does also help with that, as well as the newbies having an easier life to play and recover. A lot of patches were made during this edition, a lot of new features, fixes and improvements were made to bring its quality even higher than it was already. We're proud of Inception and we're eager to see its next iteration in action. The 5th edition will start somewhere between September and October. As for now, Inception will be closed today (01.06.2021) after the global maintenance from 16:00. Thanks to everyone that took part in this edition and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run! HoF has been updated:
    2. Add way to remove option(add option) on blacksmith which could be used on the wings with reasonable price(100-250 creds). Or when trying to put jewel of life above max option - it would reset it.
    3. Hello for 2 days when I enter the website is tell me that I have no character at stake on any of the 2 accounts, and for credits or thr zen deposit it shows me 0. I mention that I checked to be on Inception not on Phoenix.
    4. Quick question - does it add flat damage only, or does it also increase critical damage % chance, like it did on retail?
    5. Hello, i finish Marion Quest yesterday, but today i notice that im still gaining 3 points per lvl ? Ingame name: Wizzardly https://ibb.co/Dw9Q22S
    6. Sup Yesterday i did a pvpquest with my BK and my target was CEng, wich I killed Today I did a pvpquest again with my BK and my target was, once again, CEng (I killed him today too) This may be bugged since the PvP info about the server says this shouldn't be possible "Black List Feature Whenever you finish a quest with a Target (kill or repel), the target will be added to the blacklist. Blacklist targets can't appear as quest targets for up to 7 days since they were added to the blacklist."
    7. balthier92

      I just want to check if it is a bug or not. BK combo always show 3 hits, but it seems that only once counts - is it intended? Example below: I tested on M. Crust lvl 78, with approx. 103k hp (+/- 5k). My combo hits for 15-20k (depending on skill used and blue/green damage) and there are always 3 hits shown. If it hits 3x15-20k, it means that the monster should die in 2 to 3 combo hits (not counting the damage 1 and 2 combo skill does). I need 6 to 7 combo hits to kill this monster. That seems almost like only one hit of the 3 shown is counted. Please tell me if I am correct and if it is a bug, or intended thing.
    8. RushMePls

      Hello, Like a suggestion, i think if not all chars can use Fenrir like RF in my case, can we think about to do something, i mean i understung have 10% more dmg, but to don't stop from REF, like how i am stopped from all spels, bk have stun to stop him, RF have nothing, he got mini-stunes and who have fenrir nothing, he stay in 1 place and right click..... Or we can go again to ARF... MG - Its really OP, no1 can beat him. Sum - Too much attack speed i think. BK - i think is ok now DL - if stay near him is hard with his dmg, but is ok... RF - i think he got enought nerf, 1 vs 1 without tu run and hit cant beat nothing, if he runs (but if he can run coz like i mentions up, he got alot of ministuns). Its the personal vision what can be improve if is good. Thank for your all support.
    9. Señor Pastelito

      Hello! So I have this problem where my calendar (H) shows me the events time with 1 hour less than the actual event time (for example, insted of saying "3 hours until goldens invasion" it says 2 hours), and I read on the FAQ that I can ask for a patch to fix this in my game. It would be awesome if you can help me with this! Thank you!
    10. balthier92

      As in the topic - is this stat capped at 100%? I'm asking, as the second staff on my MG is not counted into dmg. Is wizardry capped, or is it about MG second weapon not being counted? Additional wizardry dmg+ from the second weapon counts.
    11. Hi all ! I'm trying to play from my laptop, but its just imposible ... i tried with 1080p or 1024p... half of the screen is cut, window mod or not, its the same, see the picture, someone can help me solve this problem ? Ty. https://ibb.co/mc37CfH
    12. CeptaVista

      Hello there everyone ! Im here to ask your opinion , about main mu content bosses . What do u say about , to increase main boses like selupan , nightmare spawn times ? And add max entry possibilty 1 time per IP I fell like situation now is a little abused , im not here to cry but just to talk about this. Like there is no secret that top players and 2 top guilds are on endgame phase were they acctualy dont need nothing and mostly farming for alts or wings 4lvl. As im not top player i wait for the moment when we could have our shot for some bosses , we mainly go as 5-10 man group to try kill medusa / queen / nightmare ect.. But we just got rampaged by players Sockets sets +15 fo sockets sword/sticks fo ect.. black fenrrirs and stuff like that. At this point we end up on this sesion with out any sockets wep farmed wont even say anything about wings 4 I know many tops will say u can farm ... u can get descent set .. to participate later.. No way it doesnt work like that .. U cant compare +13 dd/hp set +ddi vs 1 VRF with 2x pss holding gate.. They just 1 - 2 shot every one whos comming. Once i allready tryed to say that comunity is too big to have 1 main boss every 24 hours with exact timer. At the end there is no new competetive players who acttualy could play Castle siege and stuff like that .. There is 800 to 300 online with around 100 acctually holding every single event on this server. 2# Do we really need best mob spots in lostmap 6 / 7 right next to kundum spwan .. like its not nessecary lostmap 6 is allready abused by VPN wich is allowed as i understood. But when kundum spawn in this maps.. its half Hp boss inta cuz of 24/7/365 VPN alts farming last spots. 2.1# As option its possible to some how rework fenrrir part drops ? Its so abused again by VPN .. Main players dont lose the time to farm up xp /ml /events stuff . ( Ofcourse you can alweys pk , in the end u will end up against TOP guild Mains wich are going to fuck up your game experience untill u quit ) Anyway Top players should understand .. If u want to show how BIG is your D .. Then let others players to catch up with something atleast so u could have more fun killing EVEN geared players.
    13. kalsiur

      Hi. Where is that "balance" when every energy class (point click or not even=> they just can AoE) do more dmg even then combo ? 😆 I dont know exactly dps but I think its like x10-20 then perfect combo SM/Sum/eMG. 😆 Change my mind. :]
    14. Gion

      Hello! We would like to hear more thoughts from our players, so I will start this topic, "Feedback", for you guys to write here all the good and the bad things, ofc, so we can know your taste, as OldSquad players. And this topic it's not like "the report topic" type. You can say if you don't like the drop from LostTower, or from OldBoxes, or if you like it. We want to know if we do a good thing, so we can keep doing it, and same for bad things. Also feedback regarding the characters is welcome, you know, because we are now using the dynamic character balance. Best regards, OS staff
    15. Getcower

      Lost My Credits. One Day Ago have lot of credits. But today IM Login And have Very Low Credits. I dont Big Deal Buying for Credits. Please Help I Have screen Shot and add this topic dont delete please answer me please
    16. Hi Admin / Gion, Its me again, My Bow Got Stucked on Chaos Machine when i Mix it.. I clicked Mix but item still on the Chaos Machine they just Shined and Spark and remains in there.. Problem is its bugged / stacked.. now i do have proof for it.. Please retrieve my Bow i need it for my Main Char.. This Happens During System Down.. It happened twice "System Down"... On the attached picture, ive pm my friend saying "nabug pa pre [in Filipino]" meaning "item got bugged".. then i also chatted "sobrang lag [in Filipino]" meaning " too much lag"... Please see attached link for your reference... Hope you can help me this very evening... i need my bow back... https://ibb.co/svdyDfv Thanks And God bless, Shutter
    17. #This topic was edited with the final Info as it was released for the beta period: So ladies and gentleman, we're releasing one of the most complex, interesting & unique PvP events in the entire MU Community: Arena Tournament V2! General Info Arena Tournament features 7 different rounds, each round taking place 1 time per week, at 20:30 19:45 Server Time. There are 3 different Event Types: LMS - Last Man Standing, KotH - King of the Hill & LL - Last Laugh. Both LMS & KotH have 3 different Specials, more info above. In order to register to Arena Tournament you must write /joinarena when the event is popping (and before it gets closed). After event is closed, it will start in 1 minute. You can't attack other players before the event does start. Maximum 60 slots (LMS) / 40 slots (KotH) / 34 slots (LL). Duration is 15 minutes for LMS/KotH. No maximum duration for LL. You can't join while being in a party. You need at least level 200 to join the Arena Tournament. Ice Arrow & Teleport are disabled. If you join a party anytime during the event both chars will be disqualified from the tournament and moved out. You can't join the event with antidotes / sd pots. Any consumables buff (bless/soul pots, doppel scrolls, halloween, etc.) are deleted every second during tournament. You get a full clear off existing buffs when you enter the tournament. You can't move items (for example from store) during tournament. You are Muted during tournament. You can't drop items during tournament. You can't move to other maps during tournament. You get PK Stage 2 during tournament (to use only right click to attack, without CTRL). At the end of tournament you get back to your previous pk level / pk kills / pk timer. Info about LMS (Last Man Standing) Schedule for Last Man Standing is the following: Monday - LMS Special 1. Wednesday - LMS Special 2. Friday - LMS Special 3. Objective is to kill others while surviving. Every character does have 5 lives when they join. Dying will remove 1 life and will notice you the lives left. When lives are over, you'll be removed from the event & moved out. A character can only remove 1 life from another character when there are more than 20 characters alive, and maximum 2 lives from another character when there are < 20 characters alive. After that, he no longer can attack that character BUT the other character can attack him (for at least 1/2 lives). Winners are the last 5 characters that remains alive. If the event time is over and there are more than 5 characters left alive, there will be a TOP5 made by Lives taken and then by lives that you had left. So if 2 characters have the same amount of lives taken at 5th and 6th position, the one with more personal lives left will take the 5th place, and so on. Reward for winning a LMS Event is the access to Sunday's round (where the real rewards are given, for everyone). If you win any of the LMS rounds you can't join other tournaments until Sunday. Specials: Special 1: Free For All, normal fight with characters exactly as they are. Special 2: Free For All, normal fight with ALL CHARACTERS receiving reset stats & points for 20 RESETS - more chances for lower players. Special 3: Class-Only fight, players can only fight with characters with the same class like them, during the Event, with characters exactly as they are. Note: During the Special 3, the limit of 2 lives taken is valid only if there are > 4 players left from the same class. If there are < 5 players left from the same class you can take any amount of lives from characters. Note2: Also on Special 3 there is only 1 winner from each class (last one standing), so total of 7 winners. Info about KotH (King of the Hill) Schedule for King of the Hill is the following: Tuesday - KotH Special 3. Thursday - KotH Special 2. Saturday - KotH Special 1. Objective is to farm as many Points as possible. Every character starts with 0 Points. Every time a character dies he will lose 4 points (unless the points are 0 anyway). Killing another character will give you 10 points. The 2nd time you kill the same character you will earn 9 points, 3rd time 8 points, and so on until you'll get only 2 points for killing the same character (and the value will stay at 2 points, no longer decreasing). After 15 minutes, the TOP5 characters with the most points are considered the winners. If there are more people with same points like the 5th player, the winner will be picked randomly. Reward for winning a KotH Event is the access to Sunday's round (where the real rewards are given, for everyone). Specials: Special 1: Free For All, normal fight with characters exactly as they are. Special 2: Free For All, normal fight with ALL CHARACTERS receiving reset stats & points for 20 RESETS - more chances for lower players. Special 3: Class-Only fight, players can only fight with characters with the same class like them, during the Event, with characters exactly as they are. Note: Also on Special 3 there is only 1 winner from each class (the one with highest points at the end), so total of 7 winners. Info about LL (Last Laugh) Last Laugh is the final Tournament, where the prizes from the week are also given. Last Laugh is held on Sunday. Only winners of KotH & LMS from that week can join the Last Laugh. So maximum players on Last Laugh is 34. If you have lower resets than the highest reset player from the LL, you will receive extra stat points to add for the tournament based on the difference of resets between you and highest reset player and also based on your class. The points are added when the Arena is closed, so you have 1 minute to use them. There is no set duration for the LL but there are 3 rounds: Round1: LMS Round During this round you need to eliminate players while surviving. The round is over when there are x amount of players left in the Tournament, as following: If there are more than 30 participants, Round1 is over when there are 20 players left. If there are more than 26 participants, Round1 is over when there are 18 players left. If there are more than 22 participants, Round1 is over when there are 16 players left. If there are more than 18 participants, Round1 is over when there are 14 players left. If there are more than 14 participants, Round1 is over when there are 12 players left. If there are more than 11 participants, Round1 is over when there are 10 players left. If there are more than 8 participants, Round1 is over when there are 8 players left. All LMS rules are applied. Round2: KotH Round During this round you need to farm as many Points as possible in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, TOP8 characters with most Points will be qualified for last round (3), rest of players will be eliminated. Round3: Last Laugh - Final Round A virtual bracket will be generated for the 8 players left, it will be based on the Points gathered during round 2 as following: TOP1 points will play vs TOP8 points. TOP3 points will play vs TOP6 points. TOP4 points will play vs TOP5 points. TOP2 points will play vs TOP7 points. Then each character will be moved to a different Arena cage where the matches are being played. In cages you are playing 1v1 with your opponent. Both chars start "chained" and game is starting in 5 seconds. The first character to kill the other for 2 times will advance in the bracket (Best of 3). You do receive a clear of all buffs/effects after a kill and you start from different corners again. SD is not restored during the match. After winning a match you advance in bracket and either wait or face your next opponent from Winner bracket. After winning/losing a game you will be redirected to a new cage. After each finished game, if your SD is not full, you will receive a Complex Potion that you can use in first 5 seconds of the next game, to restore your SD to full. You need to be fast! Players that lose in the Winner bracket are being sent into Loser bracket where they face other losers. Games on Loser bracket are the same as on Winner bracket (Best of 3). If you lose a game on Loser bracket you are eliminated from Tournament, if you win you advance in Loser bracket up until Grand Finals. Grand Finals are BO5 (Best of 5). Arena Tournament V2 will be released on Sunday night, and there will be 1 week of BETA period. During BETA there will be no rewards for winning, instead, you will get 2x Jewel of Chaos for each REPORTED, CONFIRMED & FIXABLE BUG you encounter during the week. So try your best to bug the Event! Note: We do expect some problems during BETA, so take it with a grain of salt. Also we're waiting any suggestions / feedback related to it as you play & test it.
    18. After I reached 10k agi my Evil Spirits stopped working, looks like a classic speed bug. Char name is Chimay. Is this a known bug? At which amount of Agi will it start working again (if you know)? Edit: Blast is also not working
    19. igry

      Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). Violent Suggestion type (server/website/forum). Server & Website Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough). I bought an item that I thought it's other item. So I gave 500 credits 15 Bless, 15 Souls, 10 Chaoses so here is the idea. After we buy some item, there should have some minutes of cool down, before everybody gets their items, so we should have an option to return the item. How the suggestion can bring value. This will prevent from mistakenly buying anything from the market like I did. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision): So here is how. When you click the item - the things you give for the item ,should go in a Special inventory of the Seller, which wont be accessable by any player(s). For example I want to buy Muren Armor for 500 credits, 15 jewels of bless, 15 of Souls, 10 chaoses. I click on BUY - my items are taken away from my inventory and transferred in that Special Inventory of the Seller. From then - they must stay in there 5 minutes in order to be added in the Regular Inventory of the Seller. After 5 mins the Seller gets the credits and jewels. IN THE MID TIME: the BUYER can cancel the deal at any time and gets back their given items right away. For example if I click on Cancel Buy - I get my jewels and credits back right away. There should be some temp section which you can access these temporally details of your Buy/Sell items. If you need more details about it - I can try give more details. So here is basically I click on Buy> BOM! I send 500cr/15b/15s/10c Seller - User X - gets the items in their Temporally Inventory(or warehouse if you wish). (Subsection: Sell - there they can see things that they might get) Buyer - me - can cancel the buy at any time. I check my temp inventory I see - Muren armor. WHOA I WANTED GAION ARMOR!! I MISSCLICKED!! - >> I hit Cancel Yey - I almost gave my items away to the wind!! Thank goodness they put this awesome system!! IMPORTANT DETAIL!!! It should be switchable - Enabled and Disabled (ON/OFF, however you like it). Depends on the user. How: it should be MY choice as a player if I want this cooldown mode. So I want it: I hit ON! By default it should be OFF. But maybe a pop up window on first login in site should ask the user if they want it Enabled. So? What do you all think about it? It can really prevent buys by mistake like mine. I am wide opened for questions if there is something that is not clear.
    20. Juri

      Character name - Juri Suggestion type - server Suggestion content - make dopplengar easier to do, currently it's impossible, we tried with party like sm, elf, rf, bk, sum and after around 50 seconds it was over, 3 mobs made it to end, it's much much harder than Imperial which feels kind of weird, maybe it was supposed to be like this, but then 15RR is not enough to make it, more like 20 RR How the suggestion can bring value - That people will start making it and finish it more easy How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision) - reduce hp of monsters by a bit, around 30-40% could be possibly enough, it would need testing on test server i guess to make it possible to finish, and yet not too easy.
    21. Hi. I had the following issue: when closing the laptop lid and trying to connect remotely to my laptop via AnyDesk the game was frozen. I have found out that it's because a process turns off the GPU when closing the lid. I have an Ndvidia dedicated card, so this post might not apply to all laptops/GPUs. Bellow is a solution of how i made it work. Basically with a laptop what often happens is when your lid is closed and the monitor is off, your computer stops registering the display driver completely so no picture is being sent through Anydesk for you to see. The only way I've found to resolve this so that it works the way I want it to is to intentionally break the ACPI Lid driver. Here are the steps: Open Device Manager (search it in the Start menu). In "System devices" find "ACPI lid". Open "ACPI lid" properties, and go to the "Driver" tab. Select "Update driver". Choose "Browse my computer for driver software" and "Let me pick.." Uncheck "Show compatible hardware". In "Manufacturer" select "(Standard system devices)", or in Windows 8, choose Microsoft as the manufacturer - different place, but the hack still works (at least in the 64bit Release Preview) For model, select "Volume manager". (or any model that would not break when the ACPI lid stops it) Restart the system and it works! Hope this helps! Cheers
    22. pontianak

      Hello guys, im new in this server. Anyone can assist me how the market credit works? My plan to buy a decent gear for bk.. Thanks.
    23. KingLoth

      Hello everyone, I like your servers, unfortunately i can get into game. If i press launcher it gives me quote : Game executable - file not found . I followed all the instruction, but it did not help. Could anyone help me ? Windows10 64bit Thx
    24. Hey guys, Need help with this: just bought a exc Lilium helm, made it +9 and I can`t mount it, although all my stats are in order. I tried logging off, but it didn`t help... It happened on my char - Trojana, as we speak. It is a constant issue, so a timeframe is irrelevant.
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