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    1. Hello! We would like to hear more thoughts from our players, so I will start this topic, "Feedback", for you guys to write here all the good and the bad things, ofc, so we can know your taste, as OldSquad players. And this topic it's not like "the report topic" type. You can say if you don't like the drop from LostTower, or from OldBoxes, or if you like it. We want to know if we do a good thing, so we can keep doing it, and same for bad things. Also feedback regarding the characters is welcome, you know, because we are now using the dynamic character balance. Best regards, OS staff
    2. Hello, The current Inception edition has passed its deadline and due to the amount of players left active there is no point in keeping it online any longer. Inception didn't stop impressing us even on its fifth edition and we're proud of its development and its long-lasting activity. The 6th edition will start somewhere between September and October. As for now, Inception will be closed tomorrow (12.05.2022) during evening. Thanks to everyone that took part in this edition and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run! HoF has been updated:
    3. Hi all! This morning I have stumbled upon a game crash after trying to connect with my main character (DL). Even earlier this morning I was able to connect and play, but suddenly I was thrown out of the game and cannot connect with this specific character. I tried connecting with my other characters (DW, ELF) and everything works fine regarding connecting and the game does not crash. Any suggestions? Has this specific character been blocked .. or? Thanks in advance! Baldur
    4. Hi, Did the quest for ME on my first reset to find ring of Honor. After rr my points per level went down again from 4 - 3. I cannot speak with Questgiver no more. Please help. Thank you in advance.
    5. Hey guys, How to set up that the second skill starts to attack after I'm out of mana for the basic skill? Thanks!
    6. This interview is about No1LiveEr, one of the most active players on Phoenix, and a key HARDCORE warrior, you can find his name on Phoenix's website Rankings even after he did quit playing weeks ago. He is also a very respected player on server since you can find his name on last interviewed top players like Crucify or Chukundah. I was trying to obtain this interview since Phoenix mid life time and we finally synchronized, so, let's turn it up: Reporter: "Hello, No1LiveEr ! Welcome to the News Paper's Hall of Fame ! No1LiveEr:"Hello to you, Reporter and community! " Reporter : " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. ? " No1LiveEr:"My name is Roland, I'm 34 years old. I currently live in Germany, working in a logistics warehouse. Like hobbies: I like to travel, to play games on PC/PS4. I like contact sports like MMA / Box " Reporter:" Are you going to play on this new Inception data base?" No1LiveEr:"Naturally, I will play with great pleasure. I can't miss it. " Reporter: "How much time do you plan to spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? " No1LiveEr:"Somewhere between 6-7 hours a day " Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? " No1LiveEr:"I started about 16-17 years ago " Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?" No1LiveEr:"From some friends, they invited me to play on OldSquad. " Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" No1LiveEr:"The first nickname, I think it was .... Massacr3 (if I remember correctly), then No1LiveEr, Ezal0r. " Reporter: "Are you going buy VIP since day 1?" No1LiveEr:"100%, normal " Reporter: " Is it so important to have a VIP since day 1?" No1LiveEr : "Yes, I think it's important" Reporter:" Since you are going to buy VIP from day 1, are you going to hunt the top and aim to be a stage breaker?" No1LiveEr:"Unfortunately, I never used to play for top, but I wasn't far from it either. As for the stage break, it is never known, there are always top, pro, active players who aim at that! " Reporter: "Do you think that VIP affects the "play-to-win concept"? Is it possible to reach the top without donating? " No1LiveEr:"It does not necessarily affect it, it depends on each player on how much time he can afford to play. Along the way you can probably slowly reach the top without donating, but in principle if you want to stay in the top you have to make small sacrifices, including donations. " Reporter: " How did you manage to hunt so many goldens on Phoenix? Can you reveal us "the secret"? " No1LiveEr:"A very good question :)) I always enjoy hunting goldens, it is my greatest pleasure related to MU. The secret lies in: ON almost all invasions I have patience, sometimes I wait for the invasion for 30-40 minutes in the maps I hunt :)) I never miss invasions when I am online, no matter what event it is (except CS, ofc). " Reporter :"What characters have you played on OldSquad so far? No1LiveEr:" "Magic Gladiator (strMG) and MaSsacr3 (SM). " Reporter :"What characters do you think that are the best for PvP ? What about PVM?" No1LiveEr:"For me, there are only MG on PVP and on PVM, but I think every character is good in both PVP and PVM " Reporter :"So, do you think that all classes are balanced? No1LiveEr:" Not really, 70% I am satisfied with the settings and formulas of each character. But they can be even better." Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places?" No1LiveEr:"First of all, a new player must look for a top guild in which to integrate and adapt quickly to the style of play. The second very important thing would be a permanent party with which to reach the top. The rest comes during the game. The third very important thing is the forum. There is all the information related to the server, related to game play, events etc. etc. " Reporter: "Did you have any permanent party on OldSquad ? Do you have one ready for this new data base? Can you tell us a short story about how did you meet those players and their names ofc.?" No1LiveEr: "The first time I played I didn't have a permanent party, but I adapted to the style of play on the server... I have a permanent party for the new database. I would like not to reveal the players' names that I party with, now. We have been part of the same guild for some time and we get along very well." Reporter:" What is the importance of a permanent party ?" No1LiveEr: "It's the most important thing if you want to be in the top, once again it makes the difference between a good player and an average one, of course if you manage to find the right players to take part of it (it can be really tricky if you do not trust that players enough to share account and etc. but I would never join a permanent party without knowing very well the players inside it. " Reporter: "There are rumors on the server that inside Rampage and Hardcore guilds there have been many quarrels between guild members, are they true? Why Rampage disbanded?" No1LiveEr:"I can't answer you because I don't know what happened, at that time I didn't use to play that much " Reporter : "Since we reached the rumors section, there are some that say that Obraznic was a friend of yours and one of your permanent party members. What happened with him, why did he get banned?" No1LiveEr: "Yes, Obraznic is a friend of mine and he played with me. Why was he banned? As far as I know, he tried to sell for real money, what is against the rules on the server. " Reporter: " Your guild lost most of the battles on the past Inception data base, but took revenge on Phoenix, what happened? How did you guys manage to build such a strong guild?" No1LiveEr: "I think that on Inception we lost as a guild due to the fact that many players gave up one by one, including me. The difference was made on Phoenix for the simple fact that we managed to build a much more united guild than on the last Inception, and many of us had a lot of free time due to the pandemic. " Reporter: " Will Hardcore return, or maybe should I say continue, since you, guys, dominated Phoenix, in force, are you ready to dominate this database same as happened on Phoenix ?" No1LiveEr:" Hardcore will return without a doubt, but will we dominate this database as well? I can't know for sure what will happen, but what I can say is that we will not give up easily " Reporter: " On last Inception data base, Snook and Alex were a part of your team, then on Phoenix they started with Hardcore, then they left the camp and went to Squadron, what happened?" No1LiveEr:":)) In few words ... I don't think they are worthy of Hardcore" Reporter: "mafy or RedBuLL .. will one of them be the guild master of Hardcore this data base? " No1LiveEr:"Unfortunately, none of them. " Reporter: "I think you already read all the features about this new Inception data base, what would you change to this new server? What do you expect from this new Inception data base?" No1LiveEr: "Hmm a very difficult question ... I mostly like the idea itself and what has been implemented. What I would change would be the reward at each stage, I consider that they are too small. Regarding what expectations I have from the database .... I hope there will be more than 2-3 guilds participating in CS " Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? " No1LiveEr:" Of course, yes" Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? " No1LiveEr: "I'm not a superstitious guy. The castle is not cursed .... The castle will always belong to those who are very united and able to adapt and counteract as quickly as possible. " Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle, even yours (Rampage)? If it's not "The Curse", what could it be to create so much chaos inside a guild and destroy the most of them?" No1LiveEr:" I know very little about what happened in Rampage, but what I can say for sure is that not everyone can always be satisfied. And by chance itself we managed to create a new guild and at the same time to gather players who do not make waves and know very well their position in the guild and not only." Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?" No1LiveEr:"I don't think any change is needed. You, as a Reporter, do your job very well and I am always eager to see what other articles you do " Reporter: "Since a mate of yours was banned, what do you think about this rule related to the sale of items / accounts for real money? "The buyer receives free of charge what the seller offers if he reports to Staff." No1LiveEr: "I completely agree even if I was left without a friend (in game), but at the same time it is a rule that can be interpreted differently by everyone. Although the rule is big and loud, I am very sure that there are enough players on the server that manage to break the rule and to take advantage of it .... The temptation is great and there are many buyers :P " Reporter: "I have 4 challenges for you, do you accept them?" No1LiveEr:"Yes, I hope it doesn't take too long " Reporter :"Challenge no 1: I need the names of the 5 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 5 you dislike the most on OldSquad, with reasons ofc." No1LiveEr:":)) I like: -Makiavelli because he is a close friend and a loyal player and at the same time a team player -RuSuLeTzZz because he is a very ambitious player and does not give up no matter what happens and a good coordinator -mafy because he is an insightful player and attentive to whatever happens - Sparkle because he is a very good player from the old generation and at the same time a good CS player -RedBuLL because he is by far one of the best players on the Old Squad :)) I dislike: -CaddyLLac, KAIDO, Gh0sT, gre4ka, LordCiprix because they are players I never want to play with " Reporter: " Challenge no 2: Tell me what do you like most about our staff team, and what you don't like about them!" No1LiveEr:"Hmmm very hard ..... because I respect the dedication of the staff only, but there is always things that they can do better " Reporter: " Challenge no 3: Give us the names of the top 10 hardcore players that will join this new data base" No1LiveEr:"mafy, RuSuLeTzZz, RedBuLL, LeonidaS, mircy, pandemic, PoooC, Azir, HellDrakE, and, ofc, me :D. " Reporter:" Challenge no 4 : "Give us the name of the guild master of Hardcore?" No1LiveEr: "No1LiveEr " Reporter: "OMG, so, I just interviewed the guild master of HARDOCRE?" No1LiveEr: "Yes " Reporter: "WOW, this is what I call Breaking NEWS !! I wish you a lot of success in this new mission and may the curse you believe in, or not, stay away from your guild in this new database!" Reporter:" Thank you very much for time and patience, I wish you to enjoy this new data base and have tons of fun playing it !" No1LiveEr: "Thank you very much!" This was No1LiveEr's Interview, a top player, a really honest guy and I am happy to bring him inside the NewsPaper hall of fame!
    7. This interview is about Voyager, the invincible guild master of the best guild on Inception, it is a legendary guild and its name is Squadron. This guild led by Voyager dominated Inception since the start of mid-game period, until now, when end game period started. Reporter: " From the beginning you led the Squadron firmly and managed to take it to the peaks of success, Congratulations!!" Voyager : "Thanks, Squadron always had one core team members who manage everything related with the guild. " Reporter: " Can you tell us a short story about how you managed to bring Squadron guild back to Old Squad?" Voyager : " Well, it wasn't that hard, we all played together for the past few years, but we couldn't bring some of our key members and creators of the guild due to the lack of time (TwoCheeks, Mboopi, LastHope, Kenpachi and so on)." Reporter: "Please, allow me to enter into your personal life and ask you a few questions. What is your occupation? Do you a have family? How old are you? What encourages you to play this "forgotten" game that is kept alive only by old school "maniacs" like us ? " Voyager : "I am from Bulgaria, living in the capital Sofia and turned 29 few months ago. I am not married, got one happy doge :slight_smile: What encourages me.. well probably it is the nostalgia by playing it at so young age back in 2002-3. I must say that I was rolling this game since then with some little pauses." Reporter : "What are you doing for a living?" Voyager: " I am working in an engineering company in the sales department." Reporter: "How did you found OldSquad ?" Voyager : "When I said little pauses, I have found the server in one website for MMO private servers. I tried it and from the first time my expressions was huge - found many friends and players on my age playing this game and having a good experience. This was 3 years ago and the first edition for me was the NonRR. " Reporter: " What nicknames you had in past?"" Voyager : "In my past I had different names and all was related with NASA space shuttle's missions - Voyager, Endeavour, Curiosity and so on. In OldSquad I was using Voyager mostly. Had funny times with moldovians in past 30rr who couldn't pronounce Voyager and they were calling me 'Boyagar'. " Reporter: "Did you had VIP activated since Inception started?? " Voyager : "Yes, and I kept it activated in the first two months, depending on my team. " Reporter :" Do you think OldSquad servers are having a real play to win concept ? Or you think that only donors can get in top? " Voyager : " At the current state - no, back in few editions there were a higher chance you can obtain credits and more character options. I do not like the most of the changes in the past 2 editions (Inception and Phoenix). For sure there is a way to compete with the top players if you do not have VIP - but you have to play A LOT." Reporter :" You know Mu3rte..., he started with 1 month + delay and he got ranked no1 pretty fast, isn't this play 2 win?" Voyager: " Mu3rTe is one man army, we have played together once and I was amazed how much time this guy invest in the game. For sure he played a lot when he started, but keep in mind also the stages who allows the new players to level faster compared to the rest of the server who plays since day 1. He is also a very good and skilled player in my eyes." Reporter : "At the beginning of the server I had the impression that there would be only one guild on the whole server, although there were 600 characters on, the top 40 was just Squadron, what happened? What made that Squadron break into pieces and how did you manage to gather what was left to fight with Rampage and eventually to dominate the server for so long?? " Voyager : "Before the server launch we kinda had a full group of 25 players, including some of the people who went to RAMPAGE after. There were differences in the way we play and the way other people wanted to play, so we have decided to say goodbye to each other. It was really hard time for me in the next month to organize everything and continue growing so we can finish as winners in the Castle Siege and I couldn't do that without my team's help. For sure we all played hardcore in the first month, month and a half and we invested a lot of time and nerves to build this. " Reporter: "When you won the first Castle Siege, I know that, initially, there were some fights lost by Squadron to the limit, what did you change at that Castle Siege when you defeated Rampage? " Voyager : " Well, we were behind with players (we had less than them) and we fought hard to be able to compete with them in CS compared to their gear from the past 2 CS's they held. In two Castle Sieges we used a DL tank alone in a shadow guild so we can fight vs RAMPAGE + Assasins which was hard for us without using this tactic." Reporter: " Do you believe in superstitions ? Do you think that Castle is Cursed? Voyager : "I believe in many things but not in that. Many guilds failed due to the lack of organization. " Reporter: " Have you ever been almost overcome by the curse?" Voyager : "No, as I said our guild leadership and organization is different than others and we deal quick with the drama or in the end we get rid of those who plant the seeds of drama " Reporter: "So, you had no struggles between the members right after you won the first siege? " Voyager : "No, there was a good hype after this victory which helped and motivated many people who doesn't have our experience and they can give up after few loses. To be honest, I prefer to be on the losing side, this way you give everything from yourself. " Reporter:" Earlier you said that this server's play to win concept its not that real, are you saying that a player who wants to be a top guild master has to donate?" Voyager : " It is not the right way to compare a top guild master and a regular player who plays a lot without VIP and a player who invest money in the game. Being a GM in our guild means you got the support from other players in terms of in-game stuff. That's Squadron's policy and we do that for all the key players - we simply invest in them. I do not want to extend my words for the server's "play to win" meta cause there are ways to earn credits without paying a single dollar, but this applies for people who spends a lot of time here. " Reporter: "What happened to Chukundah? Why did he quit the game so early?" Voyager : "Haha, he got a new job and he wanted to play more league of legends which caused his laptop to burn. 😂 " Reporter: " What about Snajper, there was a lot of scandal about this player and his separation from Squadron, what really happened?" Voyager :"Well, the deal was that we invested in him somehow and he wanted to turn back on us." Reporter :" Some voices say that after he was helped, he became a traitor and that's why guild punished him, is that true? " Voyager: " How couldn't you love those voices :)), as I said we invested in him somehow." Reporter : " Can you give us some tips about Dark Lord stats build to be a strong Guild Master ? Can you reveal yours?" Voyager : "I am not the guy who should give any tips about Dark Lord, cause this was the first time in my life playing a DL. The thing which every player should do (if the server allows it) is to test every possible stat in the beta server which I did for the first 5,6 resets. After those test I knew what stats I should use till 10th RR. In the first 5 resets I was 60% dmg and when the server moved to its mid phase I sacrificed almost every STR into AGI and VIT, but not for long - as you can see in 27RR I have over 6k STR so I can still be able to help my team in stamps. My current build was 60% VIT, 30% AGI and 10% STR so you can be able to kill people and farm alone in the same time. I do not consider myself as a strong DL or a Guild Master - everything I have done was a result watching other good DL's in the face of ProtoType and BSB. " Reporter : "You are the only Guild Master that held Castle for months and still invincible! (0 deaths in CS rankings) /Respect!!!" Reporter: "Why did you and your friends quit Inception?? " Voyager : "Heh, well we all got bored somehow, some of us were playing only for the CS and in the end we decided to take a break from MU. " Reporter:" Did you had any enemies in game on this data base? " Voyager : "That's the thing server missed - enemies. Administration made many changes which turned the server into PVM state and we couldn't enjoy of the PVP. One thing amazed me even more - when mercenary was introduced, people started to whisper me "Can you come davias and let me kill you, I got an quest". Possibly there are one explanation - the administration banished all dedicated players in the face of DEADCATS and GROM who was ready for PVP mash ups during the nights. My answer is NO - I didn't had any enemies. As far as I heard I am being hated from certain people but do not know the reason " Reporter :" What do you need to have in order to handle the challenges of a guild master to become the server leader ?" Voyager : "Can you be more specific about this question 'to become the server leader' ? " Reporter :" You were the leader of inception, you still are the one! Leading the top guild to glory and owning Castle makes you top number one leader of server." Voyager :" You have to be passionate and calm in order to achieve something as a guild master. Of course you can not do that alone - the help from your crew is very important." Reporter: "Have you ever had a moment in wanting to quit being a Guild Master? Voyager : " Yes, there were some moments, a month after we have won vs RAMPAGE cause the pressure was really hard and it was focused on me and I really wanted to step down for a while." Reporter: " Do you read the newspaper? What do you suggest to improve on it? " Voyager : "Yes, I am reading all your articles. I could suggest more detailed information about whats happening in the server but in general the idea of the Newspaper is good " Reporter: " Do you have any message to send to friends, enemies or Admin Staff? " Voyager : "Well, I already sent a message of my friends which I played with, about the enemies - don't think they care about my words. Administration - I would like to see a server setup like the oldest OldSquad editions - no restrictions, no DS camps and everyone should fight for everything -> that's Mu Online." Reporter : "Do you want the Grom guild that cheated the hell out of all the expectations (hacking), that was stealing startups, stealing everything they could to get back on OldSquad? Would you like Admin to 'parole' them ?" Voyager: "I believe everyone deserve a second chance and OldSquad was build thanks to players like DEADCATS and GROM who left their trail. I would like to face them once again in the next NonRR which should be in a newer version." Reporter: "I would like to end the interview with a challenge. Do you accept?" Voyager :" Haha, if the challenge is without making me return playing in the server - yes, I accept." Reporter :" No, no, name 5 players from the beginning of Inception you respect (not Squadron) , some details would be nice, and 5 players you dislike, we also want details " Voyager :" Tough question. I can't say I dislike anyone, Mu is a game where you can start admiring people who PK you overnight and have fun PVP fights The guys which I respect a lot is: 1.Mu3rTe - played with and versus him in multiple editions and he proved to be a valuable player 2.RedBull - we have similar characters and he is a nice guy 3.AlmightySM - proved to be a skilled player in every edition I saw him 4.MaSSaCre - was nice to play versus players like him 5.CRIEEEE ofc - even with the multiple jokes we made of him - he still is a good guy who was one of the TOP MGs in each edition" Reporter :" And the flop list? The one with the players you dislike the most? " Voyager :" Well, don't have such a list, there wasn't enough worthy people to make me dislike them, if I could add a name from other editions in my top respect list - that would be Mamed, i had enormous fun playing versus this guy. " Reporter : " So, you don't have a disgrace list, but you can make a list with the players you respect more since you started to play OlsSquad?" Voyager : "Legion, Weew, BSB, Mamed, Soulka those are the players from which I learned a lot and had an enormous fun playing versus them. I do not have a flop list, I am really not that type of player who will dislike someone in mu online, I don't believe you can have such a list. " Reporter:" Thank you very much, "Boyager" !" Voyager:" It's Boyagar!!!" Reporter: "Thank you, Boyagar!!!!!!!!!! And I hope I will see you again in next editions, cause OldSquad is about pro players and you are one of those!" Voyager:" Thanks, was a funny interview I am far from one of those but thanks, I am playing only for the fun = )".
    8. Hi, I notice there are no available spots in swamp, relics and even raklion as they are filled by the alts of the top players. My pt (around 13 resets) would like to have a go to farm decent end game items and currencies but we have no way to do so. PKing them is not an option simply because we have half the resets of their main chars and they come back to wipe us in 2 seconds Any suggestions?
    9. Hello everyone! So, since the rewards from IT have been normalized and now you can get same rewards(but different chances) in all IT's and people wont cry anymore about only HC joining IT5, can we have back the old system where the players that clicked first join first? People abuse the current system and join with secondaries. I'm already fed up how many alt chars i've encountered in IT, and some people even enter with 2 or 3 chars in different IT's and they are griefing the other people who join with only their mains and want to have fair chances at winning. Thank you!
    10. Hello admin, Bug - Monsters despawn in Gaion event (Including the gates). This then makes the run bug out as the monster counter still says there are monsters to kill, but.. they disapeared. First run, we didn't notice that 1 monster despawned. Then when we couldn't find it... we thought it was a random bug. We then went back in for the second Gaion run, about 30 seconds into the last room all monsters despawned at the same time. In order for your bug-report to be accepted (showed on bug tracker) you need to provide the following details: Character name where it happened. Roidsbru Approximate server time when it happened. about 12:40 server time 12/6/2021 Proof of the bug (either screens or videos, videos always helps much better). Screen shots attached (Happened twice, in both Gaion runs with slightly different people) (I can only attach 1 screen shot per post, so I'll attach the second one in the next post). How to reproduce it (if you can reproduce it): Happened both times, give up trying again. Any other details (optional). The second time, the monsters seemed to despawn at almost the exact same time as rabbits despawned, coincidence? I know the rules here are that you do not give invites back for bugs in the game, so I don't expect it, also doesn't matter since I've missed out on day 1 secro's now, so I'll cry anyway ^^ Just would like this to not happen again! Anywho, love your work, have a good one!
    11. noisyboy

      PVP Quest

      Character Name:- FishyFish Suggestion Type:- Mercenary Quests PVP changes Server:- INCEPTION Content :- People have been switching right after seeing /pvpquest target and continue to pick easiest quest to do(kill) and maintain points or gain more. My suggestion is insert a time limit before you can use switch char/select server after you do /pvpquest so that the hunted person can /challenge and get a rightful duel. How it will bring Value:- A more balanced pvpquest, and stop farming pvpquest with farms.
    12. Hello, This evening I have been in IT5 and my team won it, and my reward have been 10 Chaoses. Based on forum, the reward should have been different: "Winners of IT 5 can win: 52% 10gemstones, 40% Old Box 4, 5% Feather of Condor, 3% Old Box 5." I don't have any picture, because I was thinking about this after one hour, reading the page... Also, one teammate got 10 JOLs and 2 people got 2 OB4. Nickname: CristiSUM What I can do about this ? I would preffer any other reward than this, from the IT5 rewards list.. My reward is an IT4 reward. Thank you, Cristian
    13. While Medusa had her own "army", into Cursed Dragon & Bloody Witch Queen, Selupan thought he's strong enough alone, but the past has proven him wrong. Learning from his own mistakes, he has built a new army of himself, and its time has come... World Bosses - They're here! Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 21:45, the new Selupan's Minions (Dark Giant, Dark Mammoth & Dark Iron Knight) will invade our world. The duration of the invasion is 21 minutes. The 1st time when the invasion is announced, an Anomaly will hit our server. The Anomaly is created by World Bosses. While Anomaly is up, every 15 seconds 2 random players (any player, no matter what he is doing) from sub-server 1 (non-gens) and 1 random player (any player, no matter what he is doing) from sub-server 2 (gens) will be affected by either Cold Aura (10 seconds of Ice that cannot be dispelled) or Disease (5 seconds of Stun). Entire server must team up in a race versus time to defeat all 3 World Bosses before the time runs out in order to clear the Anomaly. If all 3 bosses are defeated before they survive (before the time is up), the Anomaly will end when the invasion also ends, and ENTIRE SERVER gets +30% bonus zen gained (multiplicative) until the next World Bosses Invasion. If any of the world bosses do survive, then the Anomaly will continue to hunt our server for the next 24 hours, and the zen bonus gained is removed. When the World Bosses do spawn, an Old Guard is spawned near every online player from server (with few exceptions like events zone / duel arena, etc.). Apart from asking for your help, they will also offer you a free Teleport to one of the World Bosses zone, if you click them. They can teleport you only to a World Boss from your current sub-server (non-gens maps Guards can teleport you to non-gens bosses and gens maps Guards can teleport you to gens map boss). They stay only 15 seconds near you, then they can be found in safe-zones of Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland, Aida, Tarkan and in Icarus at warp. During every invasion, each character can use the Teleport for unlimited times on non-gens server (for Dark Mammoth & Dark Iron Knight) and for 2 times on gens server (for Dark Giant), by clicking either the initially spawned guard, or the ones from safe-zones / icarus warp. They can teleport you only to a location where a World Boss is alive, from your sub-server. Guards from Lorencia, Noria, Devias & Elbeland safe-zones will teleport you to a random World Boss location, where the boss is alive, from your sub-server. The guard from Aida will teleport you to Dark Mammoth's location. The guard from Tarkan will teleport you to Dark Giant's location. The guard from Icarus will teleport you to Dark Iron Knight's location. Summon (DL) is disabled in the World Bosses maps during the invasion. If you relog / disconnect in the bosses 16x16 range, you'll be moved on the safe-zone when you reconnect. You can have only 1 Account per IP in the World Bosses 6x6 range / 8x8 range / 10x10 range. If you have 2 then the 2nd one will be moved in Lorencia. How does it work? The first character on your IP that enters the boss range will be considered the valid one, any other characters on IP will be moved. World Bosses Dark Giant - Gens Map World Boss. He will spawn in Tarkan2 - 95x 205y. Basics: He has melee range, a medium HP pool, a very high damage, a very high ASR and a very low attack speed. Special mechanic: Guard's Blessings - The gens family with lower number of total people (based on TOP300 Characters with Gens) receive buffs as following: If the lower Gens Family percent is between 41% and 50% (Example: 50-59% Duprian - 50-41% Varnert): No buffs. If the lower Gens Family percent is between 33% and 40% (Example: 60-67% Duprian - 40-33% Varnert): 1. Immunity to damage for 3 seconds every 12 seconds. 2. Permanent Damage Buff with a value equal to an Energy Elf with 400 ENE (at CS). If the lower Gens Family percent is between 25% and 32% (Example: 68-75% Duprian - 32-25% Varnert): 1. Immunity to damage for 4 seconds every 12 seconds. 2. Permanent Damage Buff with a value equal to an Energy Elf with 600 ENE (at CS). If the lower Gens Family percent is between 0% and 24% (Example: 76-100% Duprian - 24-0% Varnert): 1. Immunity to damage for 5 seconds every 12 seconds. 2. Permanent Damage Buff with a value equal to an Energy Elf with 800 ENE (at CS). Note: This buffs are only gained in Tarkan and only while the Dark Giant is alive. Signature mechanic: Doomsday - Dark Giant can only be attacked when there are only players from one Gens Family alive in his 8x8 range, else he is immune to damage. Extra mechanic: Cold Aura - everyone in his 8x8 range is permanently iced (undispellabe). Common mechanic: Selupan's Wrath - Players that enter at least once in 8x8 range of the Dark Giant will be affected by Selupan's Wrath. Affected players can't use items (especially Potions) while the Dark Giant is alive. Affected players can get rid of the debuff only by: dying, relogging, moving to another sub-server or defeating the boss. Note: Selupan's Wrath is inactive when there are players alive from both Gens Famillies in his 8x8 range (during PvP time). Dark Giant has a maximum duration of 16 minutes, after he spawns. Special Reward: While Doomsday is inactive, the Gens Family that is alone in the boss range will earn 1 point per second. At the end of the fight, the winner family is the one with most points & the Special Reward is given to a random player from the winner Family. Note: Special Reward is given only to characters that spent at least 20% of the duration of the Boss in his 8x8 range. Example: If boss dies after 900 seconds (15 minutes), special reward is given only to characters that spent at least 180 seconds in the Boss 8x8 range. Participation Reward: All participants get participation reward, as long as they are online and on Tarkan (anywhere), when the Dark Giant is defeated. Note: Participation reward is given only to characters that spent at least 20% of the duration of the Boss in his 8x8 range. Example: If boss dies after 900 seconds (15 minutes), participation reward is given only to characters that spent at least 180 seconds in the Boss 8x8 range. Dark Mammoth - Non-PvP Map World Boss. He will spawn in Aida2 - 50x 120y. While he is alive, Aida is transformed into a FULL NON-PVP MAP (even for Mercenaries / PKers). Basics: He has high range, a very high HP pool, a medium damage, a very high ASR and a medium attack speed. He also has push-back + mini-stun chance on his attacks. Basics: AoE immunity - in the Dark Mammoth's 20x20 range, the full AoE skills are blocked: Evil Spirits, Gigantic Storm, Fire Burst, Lightning Shock, Rageful Blow, Dragon Lore. Special mechanic: Hard to Forget - In order for the Dark Mammoth to be summoned, there's a mini invasion of his own minions - 12 Giant Mammoths are spawned as following: 2 in Lorencia. 2 in Noria. 2 in Elbeland (1-3). 2 in Devias (1-4). 2 in Lost Tower (1-7). 2 in Dungeon (1-3). The Dark Mammoth will be summoned only when all 12 Giant Mammoths are killed. Signature mechanic: Carnage - Every 60 seconds, Dark Mammoth does spawn his minions again (12), in his 10x10 range this time, and he gets immunity to damage until all his minions are killed. Note: If the previous minions aren't killed before the next Carnage, they will automatically despawn and the new ones will be summoned. Note2: Minions have push-back chance on their attacks. Extra mechanic: Enrage - Every 22 seconds he gets a big amount of extra damage for 5 seconds. Common mechanic: Selupan's Wrath - Players that enter at least once in 10x10 range of the Dark Mammoth will be affected by Selupan's Wrath. Affected players can't use items (especially Potions) while the Dark Mammoth is alive. Affected players can get rid of the debuff only by: dying, relogging, moving to another sub-server or defeating the boss. Note: Selupan's Wrath is permanently active. Dark Mammoth has a maximum duration of 20 minutes, starting from the moment his minions do spawn. Note: The duration starts the moment his minions are spawned, so the faster you kill the minions, the faster he is summoned, the more time you have for the actual boss. Special Reward: Delivered to 1 random player from one of the participants that killed at least 1 of the boss minions before he spawned (mini invasion), as long as they are online and in Aida (anywhere), when the Dark Mammoth is defeated. Note: While killing more than 1 minion doesn't directly raise your chances to get the Special Reward, it does indirectly raise them by having less eligible characters for the reward. Note2: Special Reward can be gained only if the selected character spent at least 60% of the duration of the Boss (after he spawned) in his 10x10 range. Example: If boss dies after 900 seconds (15 minutes), special reward is given only to characters that spent at least 540 seconds in the Boss 10x10 range. Participation Reward: All participants get participation reward, as long as they are online and in Aida (anywhere), when the Dark Mammoth is defeated. Note: Participation reward is given only to characters that spent at least 60% of the duration of the Boss (after he spawned) in his 10x10 range. Example: If boss dies after 900 seconds (15 minutes), participation reward is given only to characters that spent at least 540 seconds in the Boss 12x12 range. Dark Iron Knight - PvP Map World Boss. He will spawn in Icarus - 40x 225y. While he is alive, Icarus is transformed into a FULL PVP MAP (free PK, anyone can be attacked). Basics: He has medium range, a high HP pool, a low damage, a high ASR and a high attack speed. He also has a stun chance on his attacks. Special mechanic: Disease - Every 22 seconds, he puts Disease on 2 random players from his 6x6 range. The players that get it will be stunned for 10 seconds. Note: Disease is being placed only on players that are outside of his 3x3 range but still in his 6x6 range (basically, players in melee range can't get it directly). Note2: If there aren't at least 5 eligible range targets at the moment of the Disease, then anyone can get the Disease (including those in melee range). Signature mechanic: Iron Shield - Every 60 seconds, Dark Iron Knight gets Iron Shield, reducing 60% of the damage taken. For every PvP kill during Iron Shield (and in the boss 6x6 range), the Iron Shield reduction is decreased by 6%, up to 0%. If it gets to 0%, then the Iron Shield is purged. Note: While Iron Shield is inactive / purged, PvP is disabled in his 6x6 range (and only in his 6x6 range, rest of map is still FULL PVP). Extra mechanic: Anyone from the 2x2 range of the players that got the Disease (but still in the 6x6 range of the boss) will also get the Disease and will be stunned as well, for 10 seconds. Common mechanic: Selupan's Wrath - Players that enter at least once in 6x6 range of the Dark Iron Knight will be affected by Selupan's Wrath. Affected players can't use items (especially Potions) while the Dark Iron Knight is alive. Affected players can get rid of the debuff only by: dying, relogging, moving to another sub-server or defeating the boss. Note: Selupan's Wrath is inactive while Iron Shield is up and not purged (during PvP time). Dark Iron Knight has a maximum duration of 18 minutes. Special Reward: Delivered to 1 random player from one of the participants that killed at least 3 players in the boss 6x6 range (during Iron Shield), as long as they are online and on Icarus (anywhere) or Devias (anywhere) when the Dark Iron Knight is defeated. Note: While killing more than 3 players doesn't directly raise your chances to get the Special Reward, it may indirectly raise them by maybe having less eligible characters for the reward. Note2: Special Reward can be gained only if the selected character spent at least 50% of the duration of the Boss in his 6x6 range. Example: If boss dies after 900 seconds (15 minutes), special reward is given only to characters that spent at least 540 seconds in the Boss 6x6 range. Participation Reward: All participants get participation reward, as long as they are online and on Icarus (anywhere) or Devias (anywhere), when the Dark Iron Knight is defeated. Note: Participation reward is given only to characters that spent at least 60% of the duration of the Boss in his 6x6 range. Example: If boss dies after 900 seconds (15 minutes), participation reward is given only to characters that spent at least 540 seconds in the Boss 6x6 range. Dark Iron Knight (PvP Map) & Dark Mammoth (Non-PvP Map) bosses do also share the Soul Link mechanic: Soul Link: Dark Mammoth's soul is linked to Dark Iron Knight's soul. When Dark Iron Knight dies, Dark Mammoth is getting permanent Iron Shield, absorbing 35% of the damage (that can't be reduced) for the rest of its duration. When Dark Mammoth dies, Dark Iron Knight is getting permanent Enrage, increasing its damage by 150% for the rest of its duration. Rewards Special Reward: 50% chance for 20b/20s/20life/20creation/10gems. 35% chance for Mid Old Box. 15% chance for Late Old Box. Participation Reward: 15kk Zen. 40 Credits. + 75% chance for 5b/5s/5life. 25% chance for Early Old Box. Final notes Last 10 days were a real marathon, and after countless of hours I'm here, ready to deliver you a mini-project that I had a lot of fun working on and I really hope you'll enjoy it and every single detail that was carefully thought and put together Even if the invasion was intensively tested in terms of mechanics, some bugs may happen, as well as tweaks to the current values, both based on your incoming feedback. Keep in mind that the bosses are designed for server level fight, not for parties/guilds. So yea, expect insane values! P.S. Special Reward wasn't active on today's invasion (as it was just a surprise-invasion), only the participation reward was, but it will be active starting from Saturday.
    14. Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). :StaLorD Suggestion type (server/website/forum) :Server Event. Hi, i was thinking of an event held by Gion , based on Death Roll, maybe once or twice a week , but with the rewards being from a pool donation by the participants. So in theory and if possible, all 20 NPC to be spawned as normal,but you can only qualify if you present lets say 5b 5s ,or 100 credits or whatever we decide the prize to be. This items would be extracted from each player and go into a pool somewhere (not sure how or if it can be done ) . We could alternate to only allow jwls , or credits or even ancient items ? Death Roll would be the most suitable as it is a complete random event so really no Teaming up is possible ,each to their own. A winner takes all would make people want to join as the prize could be significant for newbies and oldies alike .
    15. Hello, We've reworked most of the Arena Tournament once again, keeping only the Last-Laugh round *almost* intact. The idea of rework was to highly reduce the possibility of Anti-Game (teaming, selective killing, etc.). While it's impossible to totally remove the possibility of Anti-Game, outside of 1v1 events, we highly believe that this current iteration is more fair for everyone (and who knows, maybe even more fun). In order to make sure everything works fine (especially on high number of participants) & in order to gather more feedback & suggestions from you, we're organizing a Public Test Event for the new Arena Tournament. It will take place on this Saturday, at around 19:00 Server Time, on our Public Test Server. Anyone is welcomed, you can build your characters as you want in our Test Server for this Event, but please try to avoid creating "immortal" characters, for the sake of the tests. Just make sure to have your character online and ready to join the AT at that hour, on Test Server. Note: Before & during the Test, the maximum clients you can have open is 5 (but official server still have 2 acc/ip limit, server-side). This means you can leave your official characters online on main server, during the test, so you don't really lose anything. We're also putting up rewards for this Test event: Every event bug found & reported (that can be fixed, ofc., and that's Event-related) grants you 1x JoH and 1x Chaos (in official server). Every suggestion/improvement that is accepted and implemented (Event-related) grants you 1x JoH and 1x Chaos (in official server). Note: Only the 1st player to report / suggest the same thing is rewarded. This topic remains open for discussions / feedback / reports / suggestions. Note: Info can be changed / adjusted until the official release. If everything goes well, we plan to release it for official server on Monday. Later Edit: If you want to come on Saturday please confirm in this topic, so we can have an idea of how many more players do we need (ideally, we want to hit the 60 players limit on the test). Arena Tournament V3 - official info: Arena Tournament V3 - Most complex PvP Event General Info Arena Tournament features 7 different rounds, each round taking place 1 time per week, at 19:45 Server Time. There are 2 different Event Types: Team-KotH - Kings of the Hill & LL - Last Laugh. Team-KotH have 2 different Specials, more info below. In order to register to Arena Tournament you must type /joinarena when the event is popping (and before it gets closed). After the event is closed, it will start in 1 minute. You can't attack other players before the event does start. Maximum 60 players (Team-KotH) / 36 players (LL). Minimum 20 players (Team-KotH) / 12 players (LL) in order for the event to start. Maximum duration is 20 minutes for Team-KotH. No maximum duration for LL. Teleport (SM) & Ice Arrow (AE) can be used only during the Team-KotH rounds. After every death, you are immune to magic damage for 5 seconds (after you respawn). You can't join while being in a party. If you join a party anytime during the event both chars will be stunned while they are in party and for 15 seconds after they leave it. You can't join the event with antidotes / sd pots. Any consumables buff (bless/soul pots, doppel scrolls, halloween, etc.) are deleted every second during the tournament. You get a full clear off existing buffs when you enter the tournament. You can't have other buffs outside of your own class buffs during the tournament. You can't move items (for example from store) during the tournament. You can't trade items during the tournament. You are Muted during the tournament. You can't drop items during the tournament. You can't move to other maps during the tournament. You get PK Stage 2 during the tournament (to use only right click to attack, without CTRL). At the end of the tournament you get back to your previous pk level / pk kills / pk timer. Info about Team-KotH (Kings of the Hill) The schedule for Kings of the Hill is the following: Monday - Team-KotH Special 1. Tuesday - Team-KotH Special 1. Wednesday - Team-KotH Special 2. Thursday - Team-KotH Special 1. Friday - Team-KotH Special 1. Saturday - Team-KotH Special 2. Instead of having different rounds of LMS & KotH, as well as 3 different specials on both of them, we now have only 1 game-mode (Team-KotH with LMS round for deciding winners) and 2 specials. How does this new game-mode works? Well, on every round, we randomly split the registered players from the Event in teams (each team having its own visual skin). Based on total players of an event, we start with 4 randomly made teams (5v5v5v5,6v6v6v6, etc. up to 15v15v15v15). In case there are uneven numbers, we can have like 5v6v6v5, and so on. Every 4 minutes, one team is eliminated, and the rest of players are split again in new teams. Example: Round 1 is starting with 4 teams. After 4 minutes, the team with least Points is eliminated. Remaining players are randomly split again in 3 new teams, and so on, until 1 team remains alive. After each team elimination, teams points are reset to 0. Players keep their own personal points, though. You're earning 10 points for your team whenever you kill a player from another team. The 2nd time you kill the same character (in the same teams-round) you will earn 8 points, 3rd time 6 points, and so on until you'll get only 2 points for killing the same character (and the value will stay at 2 points, no longer decreasing). Your team is losing 3 points for each of your deaths. You can't attack players from your own team. After 3 rounds of Team-KotH, all players from the team left alive does enter the LMS round (last round): In this round, everyone plays for himself (FFA). The winners of the Arena Tournament are the last to remain alive. Everyone starts with 4 lives. Killing a player does remove 1 life from him. For every 3 lives taken you gain an extra life. If you reach 0 lives, you are eliminated. You can also take only x lives from the same player as following: If there are >= 12 players remaining in the LMS round, you can only take 1 life from the same player. If there are 9-11 players remaining in the LMS round, you can only take 2 lives from the same player. If there are 6-8 players remaining in the LMS round, you can only take 3 lives from the same player. If there are <= 5 players remaining in the LMS round, there is no restriction. Amount of winners per Event are also based on the total number of registered players on Arena Tournament: Starting players >= 20 <= 28 => 3 winners. Starting players > 28 <= 36 => 4 winners. Starting players > 36 <= 44 => 5 winners. Starting players > 44 => 6 winners. If the event isn't over before its maximum duration, then the remaining players will be selected as winners based on their total points contribution during Team-KotH stage. Note: Winners can't join other tournaments from the week, outside of the Last Laugh (that is available only for weekly winners). Note2: Due to the new nature of Team-KotH, disconnecting during the event / leaving the event after it already started will ban you from Arena Tournament for 5 days. This is only for disconnecting during Team-KotH rounds (Last Laugh / LMS rounds are excluded). Specials: 1 - Normal -> Everyone plays with the characters as they are. Note: In order to join any of the Arena Tournament - Special 1 events (Normal), your character must have at least 50% Resets (rounded down) of the TOP1 character. Example: If TOP1 character has 15 resets, only characters over 7 resets can join Arena Tournament. 2 - Free STATS -> Everyone receive the same level and the same amount of stats, based on a randomly picked reset stats (for everyone) and their class. Note: The randomly picked reset stats can be between 2 resets and 20 resets (like on IT). Note2: Everyone is set to level 200. Note3: Special 2 is free for all (doesn't matter your character reset). Info about LL (Last Laugh) Last Laugh is the final Tournament, where the prizes from the current week are also given. Last Laugh is held on Sunday. Only winners of Team-KotH from that week can join the Last Laugh. If you have lower reset than the highest reset player from the LL, you will receive extra stat points to add for the tournament based on the difference of resets between you and highest reset player, and also based on your class. The points are added when the Arena is closed, so you have 1 minute to use them. Everyone is set to level 200 during LL. There is no settled duration for the LL but there are 3 rounds: Round1: LMS Round During this round you need to eliminate players while surviving. The round is over when there are X amount of players left in the Tournament, as following: If there are more than 30 participants, Round1 is over when there are 20 players left. If there are more than 26 participants, Round1 is over when there are 18 players left. If there are more than 22 participants, Round1 is over when there are 16 players left. If there are more than 18 participants, Round1 is over when there are 14 players left. If there are more than 14 participants, Round1 is over when there are 12 players left. If there are more than 12 participants, Round1 is over when there are 10 players left. Everyone starts with 6 lives. Killing a player does remove 1 life from him. For every 4 lives taken you gain an extra life. If you reach 0 lives, you are eliminated. You can also take only x lives from the same player as following: If there are >= 24 players remaining in the LMS round, you can only take 1 life from the same player. If there are < 24 players remaining in the LMS round, you can only take 2 lives from the same player. Round2: KotH Round During this round you need to farm as many Points as possible within 10 minutes. You're earning 10 points whenever you kill a player. The 2nd time you kill the same character you will earn 9 points, 3rd time 8 points, and so on until you'll get only 2 points for killing the same character (and the value will stay at 2 points, no longer decreasing). You're losing 2 + 8% of your current points for each of your deaths. Example: If you have 120 points, if you die you lose 2 + 10 (8% of 120, rounded) = 12 points. After 10 minutes, TOP8 characters with most Points will be qualified for the last round (3), the rest of players being eliminated. Round3: Last Laugh - Final Round A virtual bracket will be generated for the 8 players left, it will be based on the Points gathered during round 2 as following: TOP1 points will play vs TOP8 points. TOP3 points will play vs TOP6 points. TOP4 points will play vs TOP5 points. TOP2 points will play vs TOP7 points. Then each character will be moved to a different Arena cage where the matches are being played. In cages you are playing 1v1 with your opponent. Both chars start as "chained" and the game is starting in 5 seconds. The first character to kill the other for 2 times will advance in the bracket (Best of 3). You do receive a clear of all buffs/effects after a kill and you start from different corners again. SD is not restored during the match. After winning a match you advance in bracket and either wait or face your next opponent from Winner bracket. After winning/losing a game you will be redirected to a new cage. After each finished game, if your SD is not full, you will receive a Complex Potion that you can use ONLY before the start of the next game, to restore your SD to full. You need to be fast! Players that lose in the Winner bracket are being sent into Loser bracket where they face other bracket losers. Games on Loser bracket are the same as on Winner bracket (Best out of 3). If you lose a game on Loser bracket you are eliminated from the Tournament, if you win you advance in the Loser bracket up until Grand Finals. Grand Finals are BO5 (Best out of 5). Rewards System There are 3 types of rewards that Arena Tournament is offering: Participation reward Everyone that does participate at an Arena Tournament event (except of Last Laugh round) will receive a Gladiator's Pride buff. Note: Leaving the event or disconnecting during the event before it is over or before you are eliminated won't grant you the buff! Gladiator's Pride will increase the NORMAL bonus EXPERIENCE granted by the Mercenary Squad Seal with +20%. Gladiator's Pride will increase the MASTER bonus EXPERIENCE granted by the Mercenary Squad Seal with +14%. Example: Your current Mercenary Seal does grant you +5% NORMAL EXP, if you get Gladiator's Pride, the buff is raised from +5% to +25%. Example2: Your current Mercenary Seal does grant you +6% MASTER EXP, if you get Gladiator's Pride, the buff is raised from +6% to +20%. The duration for the Gladiator's Pride is based on your event performance and it does work in all places where the Mercenary Seal does work as well: Duration: 2 hours if you are eliminated after 1st Team-KotH round. Duration: 2.5 hours if you are eliminated after 2nd Team-KotH round. Duration: 3 hours if you are eliminated after 3rd Team-KotH round. Duration: 4 hours if you are eliminated during 4th Team-KotH round (LMS round). Note: Because winners from each day aren't able to participate to the rest of the Arenas from that week, being part of the winners of an Arena will grant you access to Gladiator's Pride buff every day starting from the day you've won the Arena up until the Saturday's Arena (included). This means that if you will be ONLINE on normal maps (Server 1) every day at the start of the Arena Tournament you will get 4 hours of Gladiator's Pride as if you were a participant in the last Team-KotH round. Note2: Not being online and on normal maps (Server 1) when Arena Tournament does start won't grant you the buff! Weekly win reward The winners (and only the winners) from each Arena Tournament round will win access to the Sunday's round (Last Laugh). The Last Laugh does also have a separate guaranteed reward for the participants (as long as you just join the Event and you stay until it is over / you are eliminated). Current Last Laugh guaranteed reward is: 5x Jewel of Harmony. Note: Leaving the event or disconnecting during the event before it is over or before you are eliminated won't grant you the guaranteed reward! Last Laugh performance reward Based on your performance at Last Laugh, the following rewards will be given: +1 Jewel of Chaos for every 2 players that are eliminated from the Tournament before you. Example: If there are 30 participants at Last Laugh, the 30th place will win extra 0x Jewel of Chaos, 26th place will win extra 2x Jewel of Chaos, 12th place will win extra 9x Jewel of Chaos, etc. Note: Leaving the event or disconnecting during the event before it is over or before you are eliminated won't grant you the performance reward! TOP3 extra rewards: Winner of Last Laugh: 1x Golden Fenrir with 5 days duration, 1x HoF + Legends Group (forum) + 3x Piece of Horn. Note: The Legends Group is active only for the duration of the edition, not permanent. Note2: Winning 3x Arenas during the edition will grant you permanent Legends Group. 2nd place of Last Laugh: 1x HoF + 2x Piece of Horn. 3rd place of Last Laugh: 1x HoF + 1x Piece of Horn. Final example of Last Laugh winner full reward (with an example of 30 participants): 5x Jewel of Harmony (guaranteed reward) + 14x Jewel of Chaos (performance reward) + 1x HoF (TOP3 reward) + 5 days Golden Fenrir + Legends Group (forum) & 3x Piece of Horn (TOP1 reward). If you get disqualified or if you get disconnected from LL round you'll win half of the consolation prize (+1 if it is not an even number). Example: If the current consolation reward is 5x JoH, if you get disqualified / disconnected from LL you'll still get 3x JoH. Note: This is not applied to performance reward, you'll lose it entirely. Note2: In the disconnect case, you'll receive your *half* reward in Jewel Wallet instead of character inventory (as it is disconnected) - it will also send you a notification on web.
    16. It is 3 in the morning here but when I saw that I thought that I have a nightmare or something I don't know from where you get your statistics, but currently the summoner is the most squishy on pvp and not the best pvm killer. I play with elf and an emg with which we have equal sets for the corresponding state/resets. For the record I have a slightly better weapon (with more raise dmg %). Here are some of my statistics: PVE SUM vs Elf -> Goldens there is no way I can out dmg him in any possible way (for example I was with demon, soul potion, pumpkin buff, wizardy ring in BC for the statue quest and the elf did more dmg than me) SUM vs EMG -> If I start doing dmg on the mob 10-15 seconds before the mg I take the golden same for the BC( we were kind of equal in that matter). SUM on Spot -> With the incoming changes the summoner will be the same trash on spot as BK and RF. PVP: Summoner is only competitive against other summoners. I don't wanna talk about how from the beginning I'm getting erased from the earth by STR MGs, ENE MGS, BK, Elfs and SM, (basically every character focused on dmg) Like I don't have 4 parts DD, HP, 3.2k defense and shit tons of stuff equipped on me . In my conclusion: If summoner was not the weakest char by now, after the changes it will be the most useless one to play.
    17. Hello fellow OldSquaders! I have decided to make a guide about Yellow options you can put on excellent weapons and armor and share my knowledge with you. What do these options do and how do they help you in PvP? As you all might or might not know, the most important thing in PvP is considered to be the SD. What is SD, how do we increase it and how does it work in PvP? -SD is represented by the yellow bar that is near our HP pool. It can be increased directly by our stats(The more resets and stats you have, the more your SD increases). -In PvP by default, when you receive damage, 90% of it goes into your SD, and 10% goes into HP. When you run out of SD, all the damage goes directly into HP. Keep in mind that if you don't have a sturdy HP pool you might die even if you have SD left, so try to get a good amount of HP so you don't die before your SD pool depletes. Also there are some hidden mechanics of the game hidden behind SD, but I will speak about them later. Now let's see how yellow options can help your character in PvP I will start with SD Ratio Increase(One of the two yellow options viable on high reset/high stat servers). How does it work and where/why should you use it. -Keep in mind that currently, on OldSquad, you can have up to a maximum of +3 SD Ratio increase on set pieces and shield instead of +5 as it was by default. SD Ratio increase is the counterpart of SD Reduction rate on weapon(Basically they counter each other) Earlier I've said that 90% of the damage goes into your SD pool and 10% into your HP. What this option do is, it increases the SD Absorbtion beyond 90% of the default one. So basically, If I equip one set piece that has SD Ratio increase, I will receive 93% of the damage into my SD pool and only 7% into HP. Now, if I manage to get SD Ratio increase on 4 pieces, it means that all the damage I will take will go into SD, leaving my HP unharmed. Why is this such a huge thing? Remember when I said about the hidden game mechanic behind SD? Basically, when your characters suffer HP damage, your character have a chance of getting a stutter, being unable to attack/use skills for a brief time. For BK for example(but not only), that stutter can make a huge mess as it can be the difference between a succesfully done combo and a failed one. A failed combo means that you lose a huge amount of damage which can be decisive in a duel. So, the main reason of using SD Ratio increase is the fact that if we manage to get 100% SD Absorbtion, it prevents our hp pool from taking damage, which translates into being able to dish massive amounts of damage in a short time by having uninterrupted attacks because we get rid of that stutter. However, compared to Damage Decrement Increase it does NOT reduce the damage you take. This option is especially good if you have lots of SD potions on your hand so you can replenish your SD pool(Basically use SD pots instead of HP pots) There are other ways to prevent the animation stutter effect as well. Horn of Uniria, Horn of Dinorant, Horn of Fenrir and Dark horse will prevent you from get stuttered in PvP as well, however, the Dark Horse is available only for DL, the Fenrir is pretty hard to get and the other 2 get destroyed very fast in PvP. Also keep in mind that BK can NOT use cyclone and VRF can NOT use Chain Drive(Main PvP skills), so SD Ratio increase is the only viable way for them to get rid of the stutter effect. However, this option can be countered very easily with SD reduction rate and SD Bypass options, and because the option is currently nerfed down(You need 4 items to reach 100% instead of 2), I would say that it is not a viable option, or it can be very situational at most(For BK's for example, that are not able to equip a pet, and only when they fight enemies that dont have SD Decrease ratio on weapon, so basicly just in duels). Next, I will speak about SD Reduction rate % and how does it work in PvP As I said before, SD Reduction Rate is the opposite of SD Ratio increase - so, the damage absorbed by the opponent's shield in PvP translates into HP damage according to the value of SD Reduction Rate that you have. For example, if you have SD Reduction Rate 10%, your opponent will take 80% damage into SD and 20% damage into HP. Considering that you can get 13% Maximum ammount of SD Reduction rate on Staff, the maximum SD Reduction Rate you can get is 26% - Which translates into 64% SD/36% HP damage done. This option is especially powerful on high attack speed characters and very effective against characters that have a low HP buff, therefore being prone to dying before their SD runs out. However, I will advise you to NOT use this option against high hp pool characters such as VRF or BK, since them having huge HP pools translates into them surviving even longer in PvP. Why do I say this? BK and VRF are probably the only characters that can survive a good amount of time even if they run out of SD. So basically how you want to play against them is drain their SD to 0 very fast and burst them down directly into HP pool. This option does exactly the opposite therefore it makes them survive longer(Less damage into their SD - They sustain their HP pool with HP pots anyway - They live longer). Last, but not least, probably the crowned king of yellow options in PvP(at least on high stats server), SD Bypass, or SD Ignore Rate SD Bypass grants each attack a chance to completely Ignore the opponent's SD and deal full damage to their health.So, if your weapon has SD Bypass 10% - You will have 10% chance for each hit to translate directly into HP, which deals huge damage. In short, this yellow option is RNG dependant, but considering that on high stats servers you have very fast attack speed, it means that this will proc a lot. **SD Bypass DOES work with reflect option - So if you have a set item with Reflect option equiped, that reflect also has a chance to benefit from the Bypass you have on weapon. This yellow option is viable and good on all classes, but especially benefit the classes with high burst damage on one hit(Such as BK combo, DL Horse, SM Nova) because they actually have chances of one shotting people. This option is much better when PvP-ing against high HP targets, but as I described the matter earlier for SD Reduction, this one can be problematic against BK and VRF as well - If you're not lucky enough to hit bypass after bypass, they will sustain their HP pool and their SD will drop even lower(The bypass hits do no damage to SD pool), so they will live even longer than if you would have SD Decr. The safest choice - especially if you are a 1 weapon class as DL is, is by far SD Bypass, while MG/Summ can also chose to use 2 SD Reduction weapons because they have huge burst and can kill others before their SD drains even without bypass. For set pieces, there are more situations: -For CS, you will chose Damage decrement increase every time - Since 99% of CS you will have 0 SD anyway and the SD Ratio increase option will do nothing for you. -For BK's especially, in 1v1's, go SD Ratio increase if the opponent has no Bypass or Reduction, that will translate into smooth, uninterrupted combos which almost every time means you will win. Mainly, in most of the cases, DDI is the best choice by far for all classes, but SD ratio increase can situationally be very very good Thank you for reading, and I hope you got the chance to learn something Best regards, Phantomel
    18. Hello, We felt like the Death King was a bit too "easy" and it didn't promote "early fights", as he was supposed to, so we've reworked it from scratch and we've designed a new way of "boss fight", compared to what we used to know. Here are the changes: Death King: It now has maximum Attack Rate. It now has a higher base attack speed. It now has an attack range of 6 of 5. It now has an Ice effect on every attack. Death King is now spawning in Lost Tower 1 (always same location, on the bridge from Lost Tower 1 -> Devias 4). PvM points are now awarded for all characters from his range at the moment he is killed. It now also has the following mechanics: 1. Enrage: Every 20 seconds 25 seconds, Death King becomes Enraged. During Enrage, he gains a high damage boost as well as move speed boost. Enrage duration is 5 seconds. Example: Basically, out of every 20 seconds 25 seconds, 5 seconds are in Enrage status. The following messages are sent in global to players from Lost Tower, while Death King is alive: Messages with 3 / 2 / 1 seconds before Enrage. Message when Enrage is over. 2. Death's Embrace Every 25 seconds 30 seconds, Death King becomes Immune. While he has Immune status, he can no longer be attacked (all attacks are "miss"). In order to purge his Immune status, at least 3 players must be killed (by PK, not by the King) in his 10x10 range (from the moment the Immune is up). After Immune status is purged, it will be triggered again in 25 seconds 30 seconds after the last purge. Death's Embrace duration is 60 seconds. This means that if there is no purge (by PKs) in 60 seconds after the Death's Embrace started, it is automatically purged (and the timer is reset). The following messages are sent in global to players from Lost Tower, while Death King is alive: Messages after 10 & 30 seconds since Death's Embrace started and while Death's Embrace is active, with the number of players left to be killed in King's range in order to purge it. Message when Death's Embrace is purged (auto purged or by PKs). 3. Bone Shield Every 18 seconds, Death King becomes Protected. While he has Protected status, 85% of the damage towards him is absorbed. Protected status lasts for 6 seconds. Notes: Enrage does not depend on the other 2 mechanics, it can happen during any of them. While Death's Embrace is "active", the cooldown for Bone Shield is paused, which means they can never happen same time. While Bone Shield is "active", the cooldown for Death's Embrace is paused, which means they can never happen same time. Example: If King spawned at 22:40:00, at 22:40:18 he gets his first Bone Shield. While it is active, the timer for Death's Embrace (that would be 18 seconds) will be paused. After Bone Shield is gone, the timer for Bone Shield is reset to 0 and the Death's Embrace timer is (re)starting from where it was paused (18 seconds), so 12 seconds after Bone Shield is gone, Death's Embrace will be up, and the timer for Bone Shield will be paused until Death's Embrace is purged, and so on. The changes are now live. Some of his values/mechanics may be tweaked based on feedback. Let us know what do you think about such approach and if anything may be wrong with Death King's mechanics.
    19. Hello OldSquaders & New comers, Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of our 5th edition of Inception! The server will be launched officially today (Friday) at 19:00 GMT+3 (follow counter from website).You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc.The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3 (after 1 hour). You still have time to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Keep in mind to find a Permanent Stable Party if you plan to play seriously. Let's show to the MU Online community once again what real quality truly means! So, share the news to your friends, families, mu contacts, strangers, pets and gather on the start to conquer once again the OldSquad World! Important Info: !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Inception' Server when you are logging on site, else you will be logged on Phoenix and you will be able to use the Phoenix services/options instead of Inception !!! In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent, check SPAM/PROMOTIONS as well). Don't forget that ENERGY ELVES are OUT OF GAME! Their buffs are useless on normal maps. Note: You can still play EE at CS where buffs works, but there you can adjust points with /rebuild command, only for the CS. Note2: Also don't make TANK builds (VBK/VDL) as they can be used "for free" at CS via /rebuild, only for the CS. You can make DL, MG, RF from level 200 or since server starts if you get VIP. Note: Only Dealer/Hunter available until Stage 2 - 10rr - when PRO will be available as well. You have access to OFF-Attack for up to 5 hours. Note: VIP is boosting its duration/it adds auto-pick based on VIP type. Goldens from invasions will be released progressively, so they won't kill you on spots at start. Note: Only BoK1/Budges at start. Test server is still online and will remain online even after Inception start, so you can test anything anytime you want. You can warp from SITE if you are PK - but it costs much more & does have a cooldown! 1st Castle Siege will be from first week (19 September - Sunday) but there will be no rewards. Note: You will play only to get used to our custom CS System and for fun + the advantage of being the Defenders on the 2nd CS (CS rewards are progressive, read about them on Info topic -> CS System). Keep in mind that Inception is running on a Mother-Kid system, where Inception is the mother and our Wormhole server is the kid, more info on Gameplay info. Note: The first season of Wormhole as a kid will start in around 70~75 days, so first transfers on Inception will be after around 4 months. There's also the Dynamic Characters Balance feature - which means after each stage/mini-stage we'll be adjusting any over-performing or under-performing characters at that current stage of game. This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned! On first reset the EXP is linear (same % from level 11-350 at any level). But after 1st reset the exp is dynamic (lower % on lower levels, higher % on higher levels). This is made in order to balance the time spent on high levels vs the time spent on lower levels. So, if on 0rr exp is 100% for level 11-350, on 1+ resets you have like 30% on 0-50 levels, 80% 200-300, 120% 300-350, etc. Please don't forget that Inception is a truly HARD & PROGRESSIVE Server! Which means exp is low, drops are low, content is progressive and everything is achieved by PLAYING, especially active play. Also up to 60-70% of content is adjusted/custom so you REALLY need to read all of our info in order to have a good time. Make sure to invest jewels in early exc items from mobs / non exc items with high defence in order to progress! Also, we want to share you some of the important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here: Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-many-details-about-server/ Info about CREDITS: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1192-inception-info-about-credits/ Characters Info, Builds & Buffs Formulas: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2260-inception-characters-builds-info-buffs-formulas/ Server Rules: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1193-inception-server-rules/ If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time! OldSquad Team #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    20. Is anyone able to provide a sample build for 1-5 rr for RF? I tried to test, but I do not deal with previous editions enough and I am dealing with choosing the right build for drop / items. What does eMG look like compared to RF in PvM?
    21. Hello OldSquaders & Guests, It's something else that marks the beginning of autumn, outside of the weather, the (re) start of school / studies and so on and that's our INCEPTION! We are eager and proud in the same time to officially announce the 5th edition of our signature server - Inception, the server where everything started, the server that is so loved by many of you that are waiting every single year to experience it once again, to conquer our world and to fight once again for supremacy. Edition after edition, patch after patch, we've all been witness to the beautiful evolution of this server, to the high level it reached in terms of gameplay and the unique things it offers to be considered one of the best international *resets* server. Never aiming for anything less but greatness, this edition is coming stronger than ever, with even more changes towards a balanced gameplay and a high level competition as you're all used to. Inception # 5 - Back to Origins - Starting officially on Friday, 10 September 2021 at 19:00 GMT+3 (mobs spawning at 20:00 GMT+3). Public Test Server will be opened for public with 5 ~ 8 days before the start. So, spread the word, gather your teams, and prepare for a new journey! The crown is waiting for its kings! Some of the new things / changes that this edition will have: Now there will be a ML limit on each Stage as following: When ML is released after 10rr Stage, maximum ML is 30. After 15rr Stage is done, maximum ML is raised to 70. After 20rr Stage is done, maximum ML is raised to 110. After 25rr Stage is done, maximum ML is raised to 200+30 (really slow extra 30 ML). Instead of raising with +25%/+20% based on each ML interval, the ML experience will instead raise with +15/+10%. Jewel of Creation will no longer be dropped from monsters (only events / part of rewards from the existing alternatives). Instead, Jewel of Creation will be released on drop from monsters only when Sockets are also released. The same will apply for Spheres (they will only be released to drop from monsters - Vulcanus - only when Sockets are released). Guild System is reworked: All characters classes can now have the same amount of Members in Guild (no longer DL advantage). Maximum number of players in guild will now change with Stages as following: Maximum number of players in guild at start: 20 Maximum number of players in guild after Stage1.1 (5rr): 22 Maximum number of players in guild after Stage 2 (10rr): 25 Maximum number of players in guild after Stage 2.1 (15rr): 27 Maximum number of players in guild after Stage 3 (20rr): 30 Maximum number of players in guild after Stage 3.1 (25rr): 35 Introducing World Bosses Invasions: While Medusa had her own "army", into Cursed Dragon & Bloody Witch Queen, Selupan thought he's strong enough alone, but the past has proven him wrong. Learning from his own mistakes, he has built a new army of himself, that will attack our world 2 times per day, 1 set time (evening) and 1 random time (any period outside of evening). He has 4 minions: Dark Mammoth, Dark Giant, Dark Coolutin & Dark Iron Knight. They will all invade in the same time, each of them on a different map (yet to be decided). They are harder to beat and they offer World Drop (anyone can pick their drop) as well as credits for everyone in their range when they die. Dark Iron Knight - Very high damage, lower HP / DEF, can have special abilities, spawns in a normal map (free PK near them). Dark Mammoth - Low damage, very high HP / DEF, can have special abilities, spawns in a normal map (free PK near them). Dark Giant - Medium damage & HP / DEF, can have special abilities, spawns in a Gens map. Dark Coolutin - Medium damage & HP / DEF, can have special abilities, in his 25x25 space, the zone is NON-PVP (no matter mercenaries or not). World Bosses will be released after Stage 2.1 (15rr). More info about them later on. Minimum 2 Fridays/Saturdays per month there will be a special event organized by Gion: Soccer Night (free for all, random teams with registered participants). Guild War (2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5 between teams/guilds). Except of Kundun, first bosses will only be released after the BoK+5 Goldens are also released (compared to last edition when they were released before BoK+5) - which means after Stage 1.1 (5rr). Gens Raids will only be released when Mercenary Squad is released as well (5rr Stage). The EXP bonus on Gens Maps will be only 5% instead of 12% until Gens Raids are released. Now there's a cooldown on the Warp Character from website, you can only warp once every 30 minutes. Exception: You can warp any time to Lorencia, without a cooldown (but it will reset your cooldown for rest of maps). Stage Rewards improved: Now except of the items won on Stage 2 & 3 (10rr & 20rr), the winners will also get the stage progress reward. 2 options items from BoKs will be more rare than they were, while luck will be seen more often instead. Instead of having a higher chance for luck but a lower one for 2 options on higher BoKs, there's now a higher chance for luck and lower chance for 2 options on lower BoKs, and vice-versa for higher BoKs. All BoKs now have a 2% chance of dropping items with 3 options. First part of Quest 3 has been reworked: Instead of being based on luck (some people farming it too much while others finish it really fast) the items dropped for quest will be gathered only from a "special" invasion, where mobs will drop the quest item with 100% chance. More info later on. Handicap from CS has been increased. We feel like it was too low as it was, not having too much impact on making the win harder multiple times in a row, as it should have. New Handicap: 1st win: On next CS the team starts with -1500 points. 2nd win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -3500 points. 3rd win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -6000 points. 4th win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -6000 points and 2/3 of VIT limit for GM (if limit is 15000 the GM will have a limit of 10000 VIT). 5th win (consecutive) and onwards: On next CS the team starts with -9000 points and 2/3 of VIT limit for GM. Maximum number points that can be reduced (by doing the upgrades) is now 25% of total Handicap points (instead of 40%). All maps (except of starting maps) will have -10 levels restriction when going "by walk" (something that didn't worked correctly until now). We've added 2 new (custom) gates in game, to the maps that lacked them from WebZen: You can now travel "by walk" from Kanturu Relics to Vulcanus (with -10 levels restriction) as well as from Vulcanus to Kanturu Relics (same gate). You can now travel "by walk" from Vulcanus to Swamp of Peace (same restriction, level 380 and 10+ resets) as well as from Swamp of Peace to Vulcanus (same gate). In order to discourage "same class stacking" in early game while also keeping the advantage of DL/RF/MG classes for "non-vip" players the following change is added: Until first "non-vip" player reaches level 200, DL/MG/RF will be able to go in maps at the same levels like rest of classes. After first "non-vip" player reaches level 200, the restriction will be lifted back. This is only for 0rr, where restriction is normally disabled. For 1rr+ restriction to maps is always up. Devias: Minimum level 15. Elbeland: Minimum level 20. Rest of 0rr maps: The "by walk" level of normal classes (-10 levels compared to the Move list of normal classes). Party EXP updated: Solo: 100% EXP 2 Players: 102% EXP. 3 Players: 104% EXP. 4 Players: 107% EXP. 5 Players: 110% EXP. 4 Players Gold (different races): 114%. 5 Players Gold (different races): 117%. The following exp rates will be applied no matter the races that are in party: Solo = 100%. 2 Players = 102%. 3 Players = 105%. 4 Players = 108%. 5 Players = 112%. Now, when there are ONLY 4 people in party, but all of them different races (Perfect Party): Everyone gets a "seal" with +5% EXP from the 4 man base exp (108%). If there are 5 people in party, and all of them different races (Perfect Party): Everyone gets a "seal" with +7% EXP from the 5 man base exp (112%). In order to apply the seal, a player from party must be in the 10x10 range of PM. If PM hasn't at least 1 other player from party in his 10x10 range, he won't get the seal alone. So: Leaving from the spot means losing your seal, but others on spot near PM does not lose it. If PM leaves spot and he's alone, nobody have a seal anymore, including the PM. Reduced the number of Giants from Lorencia to avoid "hot-spots" early game. More early game spots have been added: 6 spots in Devias (Devias4 -> down). 7 spots in Dungeon (3x Dungeon1, 4x Dungeon2). 4 spots in Elbeland (2x Elbeland2, 2x Elbeland3). Along with this specific changes, there are few more things that were updated during Phoenix and will be seen on Inception as well, apart from the fixes and improvements, as well as some unwritten changes (adjustments/improvements/small tweaks). The official info topic has been updated with the 5# edition information. Note: Keep in mind that the information isn't 100% final and it may suffer changes until the launch day, as we will receive your feedback. Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/ And if you're curious about Arena Tournament - we hate that we still couldn't stop the "guild stacking" on the previous implementation, which destroys the fun that this event should offer. We have some new ideas for it (like randomly assigned players from Arena that will give extra points if killed during x seconds, which may help in forcing guild-mates to kill each-others as well) or going even further as virtually registering your character's guild when going at CS as your Main guild (no matter if you stay guildless or on different guild during the next week) and creating restrictions / bonuses based on Main guild and so on. But again, we're afraid that we'll spend again a lot of time on it and the result will be the same. Unless people start playing such Event for fun and quit tryharding, or unless you have real ideas that can prevent this things, we'll most probably hold on Arena Tournament. There's another option of transforming it into a guild/team based event, with teams and same tournament style, or, an option to transform it in fully 1v1 double elimination event. Also we're building the new Council group for this edition, if you want to be part of it feel free to contact either me or Gion. More info: https://discord.com/channels/364735762907922442/367652192821444608/874984233922330643 Cheers! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    22. Hello, This is the official topic for feedback & discussions about the 5th edition of Inception. We're waiting your input here.
    23. Hello, The Test Server for Inception is now available for Public. You can download the official client here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1176-inception-downloads/ You can find the Test Server commands here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3328-inception-test-server-commands/ Cheers!
    24. Hello, The current Inception edition has passed its deadline and due to the amount of players left active there is no point in keeping it online any longer. Even if it sounds like a stereotype, I once again believe that this edition was the best yet on our project (just like 3rd was the best until that point). Inception does never stop to impress us and does prove that MU can be played more than 1-2 months in an active manner. Well, the cold season does also help with that, as well as the newbies having an easier life to play and recover. A lot of patches were made during this edition, a lot of new features, fixes and improvements were made to bring its quality even higher than it was already. We're proud of Inception and we're eager to see its next iteration in action. The 5th edition will start somewhere between September and October. As for now, Inception will be closed today (01.06.2021) after the global maintenance from 16:00. Thanks to everyone that took part in this edition and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run! HoF has been updated:
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