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    1. Character - Logans Suggestion type - Server, Inception Suggestion content: Additional spots should be added in Dungeon1 -2, because, let`s be real here, every spot is taken almost all of the time in every map due to the high player count, D2 especially, has only 3 spots at the beginning. This makes hardcore grind even harder, making players loose interest in the server. I think that D1-2 are one of those core maps to make that level break for LT, and, also, after 3rd spot in D2 it`s just a marathon🥵 run to D3 with absolutely nothing in the way. From this viewpoint you could even
    2. Semtex

      Since i can`t upload 2 images at the same time even thou they doesn`t exceed size limit, here is the 2nd screenshot...
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