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  1. Punisher

    40k hp with swell at meduza , u cam 1 shot i died ,and not for 1 time , a lot of times...yes u gave live on the game not ont the desktop to see if u use a program for aplificate the dmg or no .. when that Clay its activate u don`t need to see it , u can give live to screen coz no one will see it .. its not a way to say u are no using any cheats, why not all rf hit like urs, all they have full vit , 400 ene and str rest with 4-6k agi ... why they can`t beat me and just u are 1 hit kill ??? don`t tell me u have an amazing build coz any build for rf its easy to make ,every1 know the dmg for rf is from vit and str , so when u put full vit and 23k str u must hit biggest dmg for rf , but no that rf with this build hit half like you wich u are full vit 400 ene, maybe 10k agi and 15 k str or less .. that what its impossible to hit so strong at low str coz in test srv don`t work low str just str higher gives dmg .. and ml its same for every1 , pss every1 got +15 , so from where come this differnece , u hit liek an rf with maybe 40 50 rr not 31 like u have , and u tank more like all rf from server .. give us a live when u duel with almighty and beat him at 9-1 like yesterday but stream all desktop to see if u use something or no and u can beat him so easy
  2. Punisher

    yes, my build its almost like almi, i have set +13 dd hp ddi , u can not give me 1 shot with 40k hp are u crazy ? i have rf full vit and str and he make hald dmg like u, but he died very fast coz lack of agi, if was all dmg from vit str was better than u coz u have agi and u rezist, but when u have bigg dmg and good defence u can not have both , u go or full dmg like its my rf, or hybrid where u tank a little and do some dmg , so u can`t tell me u have an x build and u give me 1 shot when u did a duel with almight he beat u when u didn`t get his sd .. after that u move and in 30 sec u give duel again and give him 9 -1 when u first can not get his sd with ur amazing dmg ... Endorhpin its second good rf and he in front of almighty its 0 , how its that u can beat him with 9-1 ???? all rf are 0 just ur in diferite situations is god in game as defence and dmg .. For whtat did u said about my parrents i want u to get ban if its possible to learn how to talk , its true about them almy was on voice when they both died so can confirm that .. what we talk in game about cheating etc its normal and thats why we are enemy so get used to that untill u press x on game.
  3. Punisher

    why i said? cozu u pm me something like " i use macro to your mother in bad or something " and then i said my mother is dead noob in order u can think what u said and u can apologize when u say something bad .. but u don`t have such an education so u continued to talk about my parrents coz u are a frustrated kid who don`t know to play fair and to talk with ppl around him . its game , i will provoke you every day coz this is all about in the game , so untill then u must be punished for this shit what u did today .. after that i don`t care if u make again its ur decission .
  4. Punisher

    i hop u get waht u deserve , when u will know how to play like normal people u will have peace with everyone . Every day i proveke you ? with what , that i sai kubaaa bubaaa ? and u say back to me mecwel ? its lik a salute for us this words , but nothing more , so we can see from prints that u bring the words to the parents not me !
  5. Punisher

    yes ,thats why u make fun of " i hear of ur mother still alive ?" when u knew is dead and after few rounds u said about my father that " is still alcoholic about ur mother death?" when i didn`t say a word that she is dead or no , u said that coz u knew is dead so try to learn how to injury the players and not say a thing about father mother etc when u have something with a specific player .. from ur moth its just bad words at every event about father , mother, face , brain, shit etc.. you morron.
  6. Punisher

    hello, its not fair that a player know about that my parrents are dead and he make fun of this , of my mother , father etc when they died last year wich is pretty recent :( I understand he is a kid and he do everything just to make us mad but when someone make fun of my mother and father wich are dead both its not ok to tolerate ppl like this scumbag. https://ibb.co/fDGNYDx https://ibb.co/hd9465Z https://ibb.co/Tq5NKfn https://ibb.co/VSX8HbC https://ibb.co/kS4HhkX https://ibb.co/g4NT677 https://ibb.co/PzS7N86 https://ibb.co/PhHYzSV https://ibb.co/FWVBRbb https://ibb.co/5x4QtSS https://ibb.co/mzRrB2p https://ibb.co/0sYTWtk https://ibb.co/hL7jkYp https://ibb.co/myrTR1y https://ibb.co/h8m9vQW https://ibb.co/BtfHRNn https://ibb.co/N6JN2rW https://ibb.co/Dw7Gk3c thanks!
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