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    1. BetleyKOX

      XDDDDDDDDDDD Typical guild of cry babe's
    2. BetleyKOX

    3. BetleyKOX

      Cry is free , same situation on Inception no1 changed it , if there rf will get the buff to attack rate it's clown fiesta
    4. BetleyKOX

    5. I think even u nerf the blast , Mg will be good in early game , after it all the time ppl are changing the mg to into something new
    6. If the flame is enough for emg , its for sum and sm should be too 😜
    7. In my opinion u shouldn't delete the blast from enemg cuz it's only the one skill which is doing something on pvp/pvm , Better way is nerf the skill not delete him totally from gameplay 😜
    8. BetleyKOX

    9. BetleyKOX

      HAHAHAH i said one time opinion about your RF , he is noob , when i was played here trust me wanheda had problem to kill me , same almighty even when he had 2-3rr more than i had, U should start use macro how i did it 😜
    10. BetleyKOX

      YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING XDDDDDDDDDDD Recently, it has not disappeared from the post that I am a "fucking cheater" and that the admin copies my character because it is not possible that I am killing Almighty without any problem and "our rfs can not even beat him sd" It's good for you that I am not the type of person who clicks printscreen and runs to post a topic on the forum, because I have respect for myself and I do not look like an informant like you;p
    11. BetleyKOX

      Ehhh i think i shouldn't speak anythere , beacuse every1 is doing screen to me , i said my opinion about u same like u said about me im cheating and i dont know what is your problem here ?XDDDDDDDDDDDD
    12. BetleyKOX

      Nop it's not like almighty and it is not possible u have 40k hp , beacuse almighty have 31 even covv have 29 in full socket , it's not my bad u even cant build your sm good , and reason about my cheating is not true i made the stream when i show u my dmg is normal , but if u crying about im too OP look on the sm , this champ is 1 bottom , he only stay in 1 cord ctrl+blast +qqqq it's all 😜 . and i will say 2nd time SORRY about your PARENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    13. BetleyKOX

      Now i dont care about , if i get ban it's my bad , but your crying about my ''cheating'' is creazy . It is not my bad u are weak like noob and im oneshoting u all the time , for the example why i can't kill the Almighty , beacuse he know how to build the sm so as not to dead , but about your Parents , I can only say sorry for that words , maybe i should bulling the dead person if u saying like that , maybe is true they are dead or not for make more atencion around your person , doenst metter , its all
    14. BetleyKOX

      But why u said me about your parents? I think u shouldnt say me beacuse we are in the GAME not in real life , that is possible the the drowning man grabs the razor , If u want peace dont write to me in game and stop provoking me, we will both avoid such situations; p
    15. BetleyKOX

      Hello, but it's not my problem that you provoke me practically every day with private messages or in public and you should not be surprised that I treat you like shit and I have no respect for you through my words, you can infer that, and I see that your tactic is to provoke me, and also calling me names, then you go to the Administration on the forum from crying because you lack arguments in our dispute, I do not greet you warmly, and you Gion for understanding because this is not the first post for me from guildi PARADOX, It is also worth adding that I am not interested in the death of you
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