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    1. u made the provocation , u called me bastard over here ;)) , And i didnt bullying no1 love u ❤️
    2. IMO we are get fucked a bit , beacuse in the inception we can't no do the progress like ppl on the Genesis ok we known it from the since , but how the dog is that working , we are playing 73 day overhere , we are 17 reset to the genesise they are doubled well thats 34 , Ppl in the 10 day are 46 =))))))) WHERE they did normaly 23 reset , they jumped our stage , they are doing medusas , they are doing selupan , they got almost sets socket done , how thats work in the Inception ,400 online 20 char in w3 wings ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD , When the fussion going to be end , the inception char going be like Subs xDDDDD for those char from genesis , not fair a bit :)))))) In my opinion Genesis started 30 day too early , there is too much exp , They are progressing like on the 99999 exp server , @Admin U should to unluck the bosses NOW... Give to do the socket for us , open the full gameplay , if u dont u going to destroy the inception , next one will be not 600online there will be 200 , beacuse pointless to play the server where u can only to do w3 and exe set , where ppl are almost done with sockets Weapons ;)))) GL Enjoy the gameplay still , beacuse all from us just know that gonna stay like is , beacuse no1 can destroy the admin vision like in the pheonix when 1 bk was killing alone around 13 char in the boss , BECAUSE THE BK IS ONLY PVP CHAR !!!!! Kisses greetings from rain Poland
    3. Same like here https://imgur.com/a/grzz3Gu ;/
    4. Overhere part what u didnt upload
    5. Screen edited , show what u wrote to me higher
    6. Because the 1st one im not gality , also u dont know the rules ,and u want to ban me for free , kisses i stopped bullying u a past time ago beacuse with u can't win no1 , casue u hadding behind your religion , kisses ❤️
    7. I did not write anything bad, and go to extremes because someone wrote that some gentleman smells nice, it is also a big exaggeration, in my opinion too much puffed up post, on my part I did not write anything bad, nor did I mean that the Author the post thinks differently and takes screens from more than 48 hours back, it does not comply with the regulations, When the regulations clearly say that the screen should be up to date from the last 24 or 48 hours, so thank you and goodbye: P , How to say in easlier language I am not guilty
    8. Lol u asked about the feedback well i gave you that , that's my opinion what is not okey from myslef, another one can have another mind about that subject . About the DL ofc thats op, but when u get the ddi , dl going be not that strong , Just look at sm+full ddi u not gonna kill him , or what about BK if we are talking about op champion , 1shot everything . a lot life a lot deff a lot dmg lul nerf it
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