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    1. BetleyKOX

      Relax go to next room and Ask your mum
    2. BetleyKOX

      It only confirmed one thing, that you are a shit anyway to bullying someone else's wife and it is not punished, in one word it is called inequality from ADMIN Team side
    3. BetleyKOX

    4. BetleyKOX

      Relax the screenshots are enough , To make u vacation for 24 hours
    5. BetleyKOX

      You will start to look at the words you use because you report on the forum for the word gipsy which means anything else in Polish and you provoke everyone to be a council: P , I feel sorry for the people you know because you are with that person
    6. BetleyKOX

      Well is the past that mean u should get panishement , are u afraid of ban casue u have 2 warn oh little boy ?
    7. BetleyKOX

      Hello everyone , lets speak about Chukundah player the most activ council member , with the bigger ege also private culture . Our friends from destroy the nosgoth guild even before he's bullying everyone ,saying really bad words to others and provocate everywhere https://imgur.com/a/IrVpits Haspid ss : https://imgur.com/a/z2VozEH https://imgur.com/a/XGJZnzr BabyBoy; https://imgur.com/a/qHKTShD https://imgur.com/a/bPRzP4c https://imgur.com/a/ekxqLR8 All the time he is getting only warns for the common sense of a human , his words come to the pedophile , I got panishment for write word '''gipsys'' well the better way is bullying others player familly wishing them died , or writing to private messange u are donkey , retards from poland , cancers. All his messange to my character can u find in your server log , thats not hard to check it , Greetings from Poland boyz
    8. BetleyKOX

      Player 1 : WyTyFy (capitan) Player 2 : HASPID Player 3 : MAKKAPAKKA
    9. BetleyKOX

    10. I think American Boyz should change target at this war to 2nd one , maybe we will see less messange from cunts whose's making provocate everywhere 😜 TRUMP IS MY GOD ❤️
    11. BetleyKOX

      ''Cry is free''' ''I can be , i can fly '' Mamed im missing u my god ❤️
    12. BetleyKOX

      Greetings he is trying to say something wrong to me BIBLETHUMP :(((((((((((((((((((( https://imgur.com/a/0YlAolw
    13. BetleyKOX

      Just do it after we make 10 another wings ;/
    14. BetleyKOX

      Wytyfy 1 try 1 succes what is going on here , WyTyFy
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