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    1. Lol u asked about the feedback well i gave you that , that's my opinion what is not okey from myslef, another one can have another mind about that subject . About the DL ofc thats op, but when u get the ddi , dl going be not that strong , Just look at sm+full ddi u not gonna kill him , or what about BK if we are talking about op champion , 1shot everything . a lot life a lot deff a lot dmg lul nerf it
    2. If u are going to fight for k4-k5 boxes with the rest of server and reward what u get from the Box is leather helm+mana , a bit your feeling is ... what the fuck , better way is going to focus at lower box casue it's easier to kill and u have a chance to kill it faster than some1 else comes ,and the reward is same ,but u are lossing around 90% less time than kill those boxes In my opinion the jewel drop is too low , like on beggining was okey cause ppl have no item to put up ,but atm if bless have prize around 120credits each ,and before on another editions for 120crd u could buy sometimes even 6-7jewels , thats big diffrence to make set in the machine ,also to create wings lvl 2 / level 3. The ballanced class also in my opinion is not okey , SM like always too op(too tanky bitch , on it its impossible to kill this champ even in 2-3 ppl when some1 gonna make agi SM , Elf suck low deff dying like dragon for lorencia , In my opinion SM need nerf to deffens too hard to kill , Elf need deffens buff Interference to zen untill edition is the joke if u are doing some staff like the putting the economy in server , what on the mind u had to chance something like that imo zen shouldnt be taken when u are putting live server , those changing should be before the edition not untill it , cause ppl getting angry when when on one day they can drop 4kk zen in a day , but on 2nd one they even cant reapir their equipment and make the repots , thats no okey , also u need zen to make boxes prize also is high but drop the zen is a joke now.
    3. Ohh and by mistake u wrote 10 time in post my 2nd name corret , and when u wrote that wrong like lapinski i wrote you the correct is lapinska and u repair your mistake , dont be a idiot bigger than u are u deserve for panishment for sharing the information out of gamę , or maybe your life is exacly the gamę , well with that u should go to doctor.
    4. What kind of lesson , are u serious ? , Or u are doing joke from us , u Think if u doing shits on post like greetings from Isreal , u think we not gonna anwer , Men go to fuck yourself , thats all from me to this case , BYE ❤️ , and remember u are also not untouched
    5. U should change the topic subject to : sadly how im trying to warn rest of the server
    6. Ill say you cause its too hard to use tranlator GOOGLE well : ''Slepa gienia kup se trabke do pierdzenia'' ''blinding gienia , buy a trumpet for do farting '' And where the fuck is there something about you and your pt ? WATAFAK stop bying idiot ...
    7. The point is that , u think when u are writing in your national language in another words u think are we stupid , and we didnt know u are bullying us ??? , That's why i used my language vs you . To be honest i nothing write wrong to you in that's screen , i wrote to you i cant uderstand jew language , cause everywhere u are using thats drg-jwjppjrgspjijppopogsapamkKP[ words ,well i just start to using my national lanauge also , well just end that clown fiest cause u are doing idiot from yourself Kisses greetings from Poland
    8. The most funniest fact is that , your party trying to chatch every shit to give my party some reports on forum , and half of the server when is reading thats shits got lauch , thx without u and your boyz day is not same , @Mael thx u made my day again <3,
    9. Imo that's not deserve for ban that's true 🤣🤣
    10. Relax go to next room and Ask your mum
    11. It only confirmed one thing, that you are a shit anyway to bullying someone else's wife and it is not punished, in one word it is called inequality from ADMIN Team side
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