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    1. balthier92

      Thanks for previous answers. I've got 2 more: 1. What happens when the world is reset? Do we keep any credits/jewels for the next round/edition, or hall of fame is all that's left? 2. Is there any other way to complete 3rd job quest other than afk farm/roam between 2 other spots with these single quest monsters with delayed spawns? Some kind of event/warp area where there are more of them?
    2. Quick question - does it add flat damage only, or does it also increase critical damage % chance, like it did on retail?
    3. balthier92

      Thanks for the clarification, all sorted now.
    4. balthier92

      That does not really answer my question. You are providing me with a formula - does it mean the displayed damage is wrong and the true damage is hidden? My question was if triple hit damage shown on combo is a bug, or not, as it clearly does not do as much, as it shows, in comparison to monster real hp.
    5. balthier92

      I just want to check if it is a bug or not. BK combo always show 3 hits, but it seems that only once counts - is it intended? Example below: I tested on M. Crust lvl 78, with approx. 103k hp (+/- 5k). My combo hits for 15-20k (depending on skill used and blue/green damage) and there are always 3 hits shown. If it hits 3x15-20k, it means that the monster should die in 2 to 3 combo hits (not counting the damage 1 and 2 combo skill does). I need 6 to 7 combo hits to kill this monster. That seems almost like only one hit of the 3 shown is counted. Please tell me if I am correct and if i
    6. balthier92

      I have another question - while I fight monsters, I noticed that when I start hitting them, I take much more damage. I can stand and tank them whole day, without taking damage, but the moment I start doing damage, I gradually lost health. I tested with single target (flame) and multi (Gigantic Storm) and it seems aoe does even more damage to me. Does it mean every monster from higher maps (I'm in Kanturu2 currently) does have damage reflect, or is it defence being calculated differently while not standing still?
    7. balthier92

      Thanks. So what is MG advantage here, if second hand wizardry is not calculated into damage? 180 ene points more every level?
    8. balthier92

      As in the topic - is this stat capped at 100%? I'm asking, as the second staff on my MG is not counted into dmg. Is wizardry capped, or is it about MG second weapon not being counted? Additional wizardry dmg+ from the second weapon counts.
    9. balthier92

      Sorry for these noobs questions, but I came back to mu after long break; many things have changed and I can't find my answers in google/on page. 1. Can I turn off monster hp bars? If yes, how? 2. Why do I get only +3 stat on my elf, instead of the usual 5?
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