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    1. Hey everyone, I've been playing the server for the past week or so and it has been a blast so far. Usually, people are very kind and welcoming. Today (as of now) I encountered the first asshole on the server. Someone just came by our spot (we are 5 man) and started ks'ing. FCKCPS, you are a complete douche. You ruined the exp bonus event for 5 other people. The fact that this isn't considered a disruptive behavior per se by the server rules, is extremely asinine. I feel sorry for him that he has to be disruptive towards other players just so he'll feel a little bit better with himself. He must be lonely outside of the online life and its no wonder why. This behavior should not be allowed. Period. FCKCPS - Go F yourself, virgin. Bah-bye,
    2. Yo, thanks for the answer. The staff was given to me by a kind person which I bought the excellent items from. I do try to get items with dsr (based on his advice). I'm scanning the market for good items but can't find yet, maybe with patience people would post. I got into another problem and that the buff no longer works if you are above level 250. Meh... I'll try to figure something out. Thanks everyone for the kind responses.
    3. I'm not keen with using a social media at all not because of my name but because I tend to get very addicted. So, I can't go there. I don't mind joining a Discord server though. I want to thank you again for your time!
    4. Hey, thanks for the reply. Even though it gives a lot of basic information, I still don't understand how I can progress on this server without getting any help. It seems impossible to get gold. I can't text you on the Facebook page since I do not have a Facebook account (I do not use social media, at all). Regards,
    5. Hello everyone, I started playing this server a few days ago. Last time I played MU was around a decade ago (even more). I'm having a very hard time leveling up as monsters are basically kicking my ass. I don't need help with boosts or whatever, I just want to know how to get gold and if there are places to get better items? I had help from some random dude (which I didn't save his name, sorry for that) so big shoutout to you, my random magic gladiator, who gave me gold, jewels and some items. Please, if anyone can provide guidance on how to farm gold (this is basically the most important thing for me right now) and items, that would be great! Regards,
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