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      Name: Memo Date of Birth: 07 July 1994 Gender: Male Location: Turkey Languages: Azerbaijan, English and a bit of Spanish Time Zone: GMT 3 Hobbies: Magic, Rally, computers and Violin Physical appearance: I'm Blonde, green eyes, tall (185 cm aprox) about 93 kg Job: mechanical engineer I started playing MU when I`m still in primary school, I grew up playing in computer Shops during the golden age of gaming.. ah nostalgic. Golden age of gaming we say here in Turkey because every corner of the city / town there is a computer shop where there a lot of players playing, there are instances that with 50 to 100 units of that shop is full where you need to line up or be quick to find some players nearing their time so you can exchange on their spot. I am a extrovert person, I developed my extroverted trait because of my times playing in computer shops. I have met and played with a lot of friends sharing bountiful memories on boss hunts etc, up until now even I am working as a full time project manager / software engineer and building my career, In almost of my free time I always play games to sooth my stress of adulting. As you can see my main attitude that I am proud of is me being solid friendly person, I can`t live a day without a laughter or bonding with a friend through means of available communications. I value almost all of the person I encounter, I have a good memory of the person I encounter even with a simple hi!. Honestly I`m a bit snob during the times I`m focused on my coding but rest assured that I always reply back even its the end of the world! You can talk to me here or on discord 😀 Discort : Mergen#8709 fun games for everyone 😀
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