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  1. Diaval

    Good luck on your real life and hoping to see you back.
  2. Diaval

    Welcome to Oldsquad community!
  3. Dear forum user, Before you make a "Hello Thread" please note these guidelines below and apply them in the thread: *Real name *Age *Picture (not obligatory/required) *Hobbies *Study/work *How did you find our server *What is your in-game character. The format above is not necessary to be the same, you can tweak it any way possible. We just need a proper introduction where we will know more about your wonderful persona. Spam threadssuch as only "Hi/Hello it's me/Hello I am new/" will be treated as such and removed from the section by our Global Moderators/Moderators, also threads without prefixes will be trashed! We always want to kmow more about every player, so it will be good if everyone shared a bit more about themselves. Thank you and happy gaming, Oldsquad Staff team, Diaval,
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