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    1. I dont think that was the main cause, phoenix started in the spring, compared with inception who started in autumn. In autumn, winter, you stay much more at home.
    2. It would be the best to have both Phoenix and Inception and everybody will be happy.
    3. "-Mommy, ADMIN is so bad with us. He have a life and dont want to come faster to ban Furai. Can you do something? Can you? Pls mommy, I want now"
    4. BM's and Assistent from alliance guild can use the stun/assist ?
    5. Why you dont start from 15 players? You could raise the number after 2-3 Cs if will not work... What about this?
    6. My suggestion is CS v3 in 15 players, golems should be win by the best dps, not last hit, because that can be pure luck. GM should not stay anymore on that coordonate for gaining +1 point because he is not usefull at all leading his guild to win. Why? Because he dont see the action. About the handicap I would like to see you giving the chance to that guild that win 4 cs in a row to start 5th Cs again with 1th handicap. Many task for such low members at cs will be fun and I think we can see 4th guild beeing there.
    7. I would like to play cs v2 system in 15 players / guild or ally. Thats means we will make more guilds to participate and hopefully will be more fun. With this number even best guild will have problems trying to win the crown against 3 other alliances. Playing v3 system in 40 ppl will be a mess or will be a easy job for the guild that recruit the best players. We need to teach a gm to stay on the specific coordonates to gain 1 more point/sec and you want to play a so difficult cs?!😅 I agree with many things writed above me, but we see you're implicated and we like that.
    8. I wonder how u knew the time when that print was made, coz there wasnt a screenshot from game. Notes: Report without enough proof information such screenshot or a video will be closed. We allow only screenshots of the full chat log (like F4 to the max). You need to use a TAG based on the subject of your report (BL, Hack, Sell for Money, etc.). If what you are reporting is in another language than English, you must provide a full translation. There is a deadline of 12 hours to report a player (mandatory for BL). Also the screens have to be made in game in order for everyone to be able to see the character name of the reporter and the time.
    9. Its obvious he wanted to banned you in any circumstances. Also I really wonder how he knew when the print was made :)
    10. Will you touch the characters after stages/resets like it was on Inception, due de council feedbacks?
    11. On last phoenix we replaced Christian( the 2nd dl from pt) with Mu3rTe's brother and we made gold party with him. edit: Even if u can go faster on higher maps, u cant survive. This will work for lower maps.
    12. He is speaking about Inception, but we had sm in that party
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