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  1. I tried now to join arena KotH, but it tells me I already won an event this week. I was last week, not this.
  2. Endorphin

    Not really true. You can get many credits selling stuffs on market. Congrats @ADMIN for doing a great job!
  3. Endorphin

    @ADMIN you're so cruel😂
  4. Endorphin

  5. Endorphin

  6. Endorphin

  7. Endorphin

    Excuse-moi! They used countless times a ghost guild to win against us(remember Sk0pt).
  8. DS2 ended in 1 minute after mobs spawned.
  9. Arunc de 10 minute la inele de lvl80. 50% sunt aripi de bk, 30% de sm. Pana acum n-au picat de rf si elf din cel putin 20 incercari. edit: au mai picat 3 summ, 2 de bk, 2 de sm, 2 de dl, 1 de rf. De elf nu pica. edit2: Portile spre dungeon1,2,3, spre losttower cer lvl-ul din M sau chiar mai mare, desi ar trebui sa ceara cu -10 lvl din cate stiu. Poate mai sunt si spre alte harti, dar nu le-am verificat.
  10. Endorphin

    Juri, rf doent have socket items.
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