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  1. Hello, We are starting some big & nice things to motivate you guys on being active on this community and also to bring you a competition and lots of fun! 4-5 days per week (from monday to sunday) will bring you 1 different event that will be hosted by @Gion.The time range when the events will be held will be between 17:00 and 24:00 Server Time. He will announce you the exact hour when the event will be held usually with 2 - 6 hours before it will be live. One of the events from each week will be UNANNOUNCED and can happen at ANY HOUR. First of all, we want to tell you that you DON'T need to play regularly on our server in order to be able to be the WINNER of this competition. As you see, the events will be announced with some time before the start, so you can actually play only the events and get our (spoiler alert) GOLDEN FENRIR. We have introduced a brand NEW rewarding system (OldSquad Points). For additional info, please read further. List of the weekly events: Russian Roulette Golden Race Black Jack Game of War Each of this events will bring you the normal rewards of the event + OS Points depending on your performance (Place/Score,etc.) What are OS Points? OS Points are our new competitive points for which we made a new interesting system and competition. Each month there will be big rewards for first players with the most OS Points and also a default reward for a minimum amount of points. (1st place of the competition will get a GOLDEN FENRIR) How can you obtain OS Points? You will be able to obtain OS Points by: - Winning / Participating (at) weekly events from server (Black Jack, Russian Roulette, Game of War, Golden Race) - the 4 events listed upside. - Posting hand-made guides on forum (if the guide is accepted you gain a nice amount of OS Points). - Inactive feature for now - Winning some forum events. - Inactive feature for now Competition System The "OldSquad Golden Months" competition is our biggest monthly competition that involves any kind of player from this community that is active. Resets/Level DOESN'T matter, so anyone can participate even if he started the game yesterday. Your main objective is to gather as many OS Points as you can, participating at as many tasks as possible that gives you points and working your ass out for our big prizes. Points will be given as following: - For weekly events : 1st place - 40 OS Points, 2nd place - 30 OS Points, 3rd place - 25 OS Points, 4th place - 15 OSP, 5th place - 10 OSP, all the other places / participants from main events will get 5 OS Points. - Any good & accepted Hand-Made Guide (to be adapted to our community / settings / gameplay, etc.) will earn you 5-15 OS Points, depending on the quality. - Inactive feature for now - Forum events can bring you from 1 to 5 OSP depending on event. - Inactive feature for now The 1st place (winner of the competition) will also enter the "Legends" group. We are still developing this system and only time can improve it as much as possible by adding new things or removing others. So we'll see how it goes, we hope that it will be a nice thing to motivate you. ***You can check the OSGM Rankings on the website, click Rankings, then hit OldSquad Golden Months (you have to select your server, too). At the end of the month, if 2 players are having the same amount of OSP, the number of participations will do the shootout. Legends Group Legends is our new Forum group where the "legends" of OldSquad will be listed.To be a legend means: - Being an oldie member of this community with some achievements (like 1st full char on different editions, impressive performances during an edition, etc.) - but only if the player is still active on this community he have the slot on legends (players that did some achievements for 1-2 months and then left doesn't have any right for this group). or - Being a retired member of staff that helped this community with visible things not only with the name. or - Proving loyalty to this community and also remarkable performances on game or remarkable contributions to this community (apart from staff). or - Winning 1st place of the new "Golden Months" competition. What "advantages" has this group? Firstly, it's the fame (that even if it seems underrated is still something that people like to have on the online zone). Secondly, the members of this group are more trusted from us on their reports and also have a bigger word to say on major changes or ideas as they have enough experience here to know what's better or what's not good. And the last thing, members of this group will always have a "priority" on the vote polls (like if there is a situation of 50%-50% on a vote poll but one of the choices have more "legends" votes, that option will win). Good luck!
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