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Looking to have fun on a Professional Environment?
Then you are in the best place!
Join our MU Online Servers and feel the difference.


- Progressive Gameplay.
- Dynamic Low EXP.
- Boosted EXP for Newbies!


- Highly configured details in a Smart & Professional way.
- 15/24 Support on Forum & Facebook.
- Satisfaction Guaranteed!


- Dedicated Project without monthly restarts.
- 95% UP-TIME with announced Maintenances.
- Weekly Updates & Improvements.


- No WebShop / CashShop / VipServer.
- Credits can be farmed easily INGAME.
- 100% Balanced Services.
Important Info
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  • Full Info about Inception: HERE
  • Full Info about Phoenix: HERE
  • OSGM Competition: HERE
  • Big Guide for Newbies: HERE
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Grand Opening Wormhole #2 - Important Info

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Hello OldSquaders & New comers,

Less than 6 hours remained for the grand opening of our Wormhole #2.

You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc.
The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+2 (after 1 hour). 

Important Info:

  • !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Wormhole' Server when you are logging on site, else you will be logged on Inception and you will be able to use the Inception services/options instead of Wormhole!!!
  • In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent).
  • Energy Elves are removed from gameplay - they are useless on Server 21!
  • You can make DL, MG, RF from level 1 since server starts if you get VIP.
  • Goldens from invasions will be released progressively, so they won't kill you on spots at start.
    • Only BoK1/Budges at start.
  • You can join Public Test Server anytime to check out mobs and characters (which are same like on Inception & Wormhole).
  • You can warp from SITE if you are PK - but it costs much more!
  • 1st Castle Siege will be from first week (27 December - Sunday) but there will be no Rewards at 1st CS.
    • You will play only to get used to our custom CS System and for fun + the advantage of being the Defenders on the 2nd CS.
  • Keep in mind that Wormhole is running on a Mother-Kid system, where Inception is the mother and the Wormhole server is the kid, more info on Gameplay info. 
  • This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned!
  • Up to 70-80% of content is adjusted/custom so you REALLY need to read all of our info in order to have a good time.

Also, we want to share you some of the important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here:


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Server is now online. Mobs will spawn in 48 minutes!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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