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  1. Do the DEP thing from the .txt file and check again. Something is clearly wrong on your side.
  2. Works fine for me: Except of probably first 1-2 WW's, there will be parties that will farm them, have no doubt in it. For those first ones, they leave in 15~20m after spawn. There's no problem with ring level 40 / 80, unless you did something wrong. Dungeon / Elbeland are maps for events, there is no plan to increase the spots there, we have more than enough spots in devias 1-4 + the spots that are currently in dungeon1/2 & Elbeland2-3.
  3. New mention: For early-game balance reasons, the Rare Items that can be dropped from Old Boxes (especially 1&2, the early ones) will not be unlocked until 2nd Stage (10rr).
  4. I want to point out a new thing that was added into info: In order for a better quality of life on 0 resets, the following builds will receive a Greater Defence buff after the Elf Soldier buff does expire (between level 2xx & 350 based on VIP) and whenever it is missing: EMG (MG with 500+ ENE): +50 DEF from Greater Defence. ERF (RF with 350+ ENE): +50 DEF from Greater Defence. ARF & VRF: +25 DEF from Greater Defence.
  5. Would love to, but it is not technically possible, sadly.
  6. Please keep english on this topic. Level 80 rings does have their chances based on the usual number from each class at the beginning: DK = DW > ELF > DL = RF = SUM. Dungeon, Atlans & Lost Tower does have their *move by feet* level changed to the M level. Rest of medium/higher maps does keep their -10 levels difference on feet vs move. I'll check if there were some gates in Lost Tower that got actually a higher level on feet, by mistake.
  7. ADMIN

    1st suggestion was accepted and implemented. 2nd suggestion - it's intentional, and even if we would wanted to show like that, there is not enough space anyway. 30 credits have been added to GalivanRF. Thanks.
  8. ADMIN

    You can't use weapon skills while riding a pet. In your case, fenrir.
  9. ADMIN

    Official client for Inception has been added. You can use it for both official server & the Test-Server.
  10. Hello, Test server for Inception is now officially open for public. Client can be downloaded from Downloads section of Inception (using the official client for Inception but logging into the Public Test Server). Note: Characters have been saved from the last test server from Inception, you can still test using them. We do recommend you to test only lower stats especially for PvP (in the 0-5rr range or 0-10rr range). Because until the later stages of the game characters MAY suffer changes due to the Dynamic Characters Balance. Feel free to leave your feedback related to early-game chars / PvM as well as any extra feedback you may have BASED on the test-server! Topic where you can bring your feedback: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3973-inception-2020-feedback-discussions/ Test server commands: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3328-inception-test-server-commands/ Cheers!
  11. Hello, Based on the Test-Server as well as on the official information topic, we're waiting feedback about the 4th edition of Inception. Cheers!
  12. ADMIN

    We want to point out that there is a new Mute System that we've developed, and the BL rule has been updated containing info related to it: Now you get 12h mute on 1 warn instead of 24. Now you get 36h mute on 2nd warn or when getting 2 warns on same report. Now the mute you take on a character will automatically be binded to the account & ip where the character that got the mute is. This means that when you get mute on a character you will automatically get mute on all the characters online on that IP. More than that, whenever you try to login a new *unmuted* character from the same account/ip it will automatically get Muted for the rest of the mute period. You can no longer start a Mercenary Quest while you're muted.
  13. Updated for Inception - 2020.
  14. ADMIN

    Updated for Inception - 2020.
  15. Updated for Inception - 2020.
  16. ADMIN

    Updated for Inception - 2020.
  17. Hello, OldSquaders! Hope y'all had a nice & safe summer. We're ready to bring you a new great journey into our MU world! We've been working on the past weeks to finish the next edition of Inception, an edition that is bringing a lot of new & fun things as well as a lot of balance features and tweaks to keep the competition level high, as we all seek to. Inception's 4th edition will be officially launched on Friday, 25 SEPTEMBER, at 19:00 Server Time (GMT+3). MOBS will spawn at 20:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-many-details-about-server The Test Server will be released for public starting from next week. As we're always striving for, we expect this Inception edition to be the best to be seen yet in our community. Some of the new things that this Inception edition will feature: Council Group Council will be the "voice of the players" for this Inception's edition. We will interact directly & actively with members of the Council for a better game for everyone. Note: We'll try to have at least 1 representative for each *bigger* guild as a member of our Council, as well as people that had / will have contributions in terms of feedback/suggestions/bug reports/etc. New Stage System Now after a stage is completed it will no longer affect others (the exp of that reset goes back to the same exp of the previous reset). Now apart from the Stage breakers (first 3 people to finish a stage) that will keep their own reward, there will be rewards for everyone that progressed through stage based on the level they had when the stage was completed. Now the EXP boosts for newbies will be added after each stage completion (and will benefit everyone who is not in top 100 at that moment). Important: The players that finish a stage won't be able to continue leveling until the stage is officially over for everyone. A stage will be officially over after 12 hours since the 3rd player finished it. Exception: If the 3rd player does finish the stage between 15:00 and 22:00 server time then the stage will be officially over only at 10:00 next day (due to sleep interval). This is meant to assure the next stage will be more fair in terms of competition. So, by progressing through the stage you'll win both rewards and a better position to compete for the next one. Dynamic Characters Balance Now after each stage, we'll be adjusting the characters that either OVERPERFORM or UNDERPERFORM in either PvP or PvM at that stage of the game. The adjustments will be based on the Council's feedback. Duel Gamble System Fight your enemies and/or friends for bets in jewels/credits. Winner get em' all. More info about it you can find on Official Topic -> PvP System -> Duel Gamble System. Imperial Guardian V2 along with weekly rankings for speed-run records of parties Enjoy a harder Imperial event alongside personal rewards, extra optional rewards as well as weekly rankings for speed-running competitions in teams of 5 different classes. More info later. OldSquad Soccer System & Soccer Nights Had a bad week? No problem, @Gion will guarantee you have a fun experience on our Soccer Nights to make it up (hosted usually in weekend). No friends/guild needed. Everyone will be part of a random-made team based on the registration pool. Extra Warehouses ingame Starting from this edition, players will be able to access multiple warehouses on the same account. Basically, you will have your *MAIN* warehouse as usually, and you'll gain access to extra (empty by default) warehouses where you can deposit your things: Non-VIP characters do have 2 extra warehouses. Dealer & Hunter VIP characters will have 3 extra warehouses. Professional VIP characters do have 4 extra warehouses. In order to access such extra warehouses you need to type the command /ware (0/1/2/3/4) where the number = warehouse number. Example: /ware 0 (will switch to your main warehouse, which is always set by default and after each relog). Example2: /ware 1 (will switch to your 2nd warehouse). Note: Characters that had VIP and it expired will no longer be able to access the extra warehouse(s), but items will not be lost, they can be accessed back after you renew your VIP. Note2: The Game Warehouse from Website does use ONLY the *MAIN* warehouse. Improvements to the Mother-Kid concept to make it more feasible towards (re)populating Inception Lower wait-time for transfers, faster peace Wormhole, additional transfer options for those that started Wormhole later but managed to make enough resets. Separated sub-server for gens maps (Server 2) to improve performance Extra things: All the improvements, fixes & new features that were added since Phoenix's start up to now have been adjusted accordingly and added to Inception as well. Now you can get DDI% (from harmony) only from item level + 11 (instead of + 9). Note: Maximum DDI% per item is now 5% instead of 7% (1% at +11, 3% at +12, 5% at +13). Credits reward for submitting a Guide and have it accepted. Credits reward for submitting a Suggestion and have it accepted & implemented. IMP now increases damage / wiz damage with +12% instead of +20%. Demon now increases damage / wiz damage with +18% instead of +30%. Now there's maximum 4 GM boxes that can be obtained by each loser of CS. Now if the GM of team with lowest points at CS has quitted, the 2nd lowest points team will receive the periodic Life Stones. + many other things that you can find by reading all of our info as well as playing the test & the official game. We're here for an EPIC edition, hope you're too! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  18. ADMIN

    1. It doesn't matter on current Phoenix, there won't be any weekly rewards as there are not enough (5 man) parties to compete for them. 2. There will be an improvement with that for Inception, where there will be daily ranks where you can gain points based on your record position from that day. At the end of the week the final top (that will also be rewarded) will be based on the total points accumulated on each day during the week. 3. A bit of luck is always part of competitions, that's the reason for them.
  19. ADMIN

    You need to use /qwarp command when you have a target in higher map than you can enter (it is even telling you when you start the quest that you can use /qwarp).
  20. ADMIN

    New mini-patch released as a correction patch for this one. Changelog: [FIXED] CS not correctly ending in some circumstances. [FIXED] Imperial Statues not dropping the reward. [FIXED] Imperial bosses not giving the jewels to each individual participant, only the tocas. [FIXED] /gamble working on Server 2 (gens maps) and CS server, getting broken after being started from there. Now you can only gamble on Server 1 (non-gens maps). [UPDATED] Gaion requirement for the top is now 3 different players instead of 5 (due to the low amount of people).
  21. ADMIN

    Client V2.1 has been uploaded and it is MANDATORY in order to continue playing!
  22. ADMIN

    Due to an unexpected broken authentication to the anti-hack server after the maintenance, we had to change the anti-hack version to a version that does currently work to authenticate with. Due to that, a new client will be uploaded in the next minutes and it is MANDATORY in order to continue playing. Server is already up, and we're waiting feedback about the updates. If you find anything wrong after this updates let us know! EDIT: Client is up: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2919-phoenix-downloads/
  23. Release date: 19.08.2020 - At around 14:00 - The patch will be up after maintenance (that will last 5-30 minutes, during this period server will be offline). Changelog: [FIXED] CS reward not giving the boxes if the team didn't reach the GM VIP reward (6000 points). [FIXED] CS not internally changing the new Guild winner at the end of CS without manual intervention, causing Erohim to sometimes not drop his reward to the new winner guild. [FIXED] Queen set items asking for more STR than it shows. [FIXED] Illusion Temple System giving the warns to players that joined IT but left before the event started (teams were made). [UPDATED] Change name function will now automatically restore Mercenary points, PvM points, Quest progress, etc. [UPDATED] Socket Weapons have been slightly buffed in their damage/wizz power so the difference between them and the last exc tier items to be a bit higher. [UPDATED] 380 Weapons have been highly buffed in their damage/wizz power to be better than the last exc tier weapons. Note: 380 Weapons are now on the same level with fully socketed Socket weapons. Current Tiers: SUM: Exc. Lilium Stick < Exc. Raven Stick < Unsocketed Merlin Stick < Storm Blitz Stick = Fully Socketed Merlin Stick. SM: Exc. Platina Staff < Exc. Chromatic Staff < Unsocketed Inberial Staff < Grand Viper Staff = Fully Socketed Inberial Staff. DL: Exc. Great Lord Scepter < Exc. Striker Scepter < Unsocketed Absolute Scepter < Soleil Scepter = Fully Socketed Absolute Scepter. AE: Exc. Viper Bow < Exc. Air Lyn Bow < Unsocketed Dark Stinger < Sylph Wind Bow = Fully Socketed Dark Stinger. RF: Phoenix Soul Star > All (buffed). EMG: Any 1h staff < Unsocketed Deadly Staff < Explosion Blade = Fully Socketed Deadly Staff. BK: Exc. Knight's Blade < Unsocketed Flameberge = Unsocketed Sword Breaker < Bone Blade = Fully Socketed Flameberge = Fully Socketed Sword Breaker. SMG: Rune Bastard Sword & Explosion Blade buffed. [FIXED] Cyclone range being 3 instead of the default 2. Note: This MAY also fix visual-bugs related to cyclone as well as sometimes character getting back by himself after using it. [FIXED] Fire Slash & Chain Drive range being 3 instead of 2. Note: This MAY also fix fire slash sometimes not doing damage despite character being in range. [FIXED] Several bugs related to /rebuild at CS. [FIXED] /qwarp not letting people enter through swamp gates. [UPDATED] Introducing Imperial Event V2: Now Imperial Event requires the player that wants to enter it to be in party. Difficulty highly increased. Drop rate of invitation pieces buffed. Traps can now stun & knockback. There are now 2 wizards per trap room that will also ice you. There is no longer a "shared" reward. Instead, at the end of the event, each player from the party will get his own individual reward (so the focus should be on participating with 4-5 players for a faster clear, as everyone will receive the same reward no matter if finished by 2 players or 5). New personal reward: Normal bosses: 3 jewels + 20% chance for 1x TocA & 80% chance for 4th jewel. Sunday last boss: 3 jewels + 1 TocA Now Imperial has a new special weekly rankings & extra rewards under a competitive system: This rankings that ca be found on website are based on "how fast" your party clears the event. The fastest timers will be higher in the top. In order to be "qualified" for such rankings your party have to consist of 5 players and UNIQUE classes (if you'll have 2x same class in party your finish-time won't be considered for weekly top/records. Note: The weekly rewards will be set and will start from this Monday (during then, it's test period). Now the statues that can be found during the event will be there as optional objectives for those that don't want to race for best timers, and have enough time to kill them as well (they have a high HP pool though). Each of the statues will drop extra reward on the ground (that can be picked by any player from party). Statues reward: 2 Jewels / Statue. [ADDED] Duel Gamble System You can write "/gamble credits/bless amount CharName" to target-gamble a player. 1st argument is either "credits" or "bless" depending on what you want to bet. 2nd argument is the amount of credits/bless you want to gamble. 3rd argument = name of the character you're gambling with. Example: /gamble credits 300 Gion -> Will start a gamble with Gion for 300 credits. Note: You must have the credits / bless in your Website! (for bless you need to have them in Jewel Wallet). After a gamble is asked, the starter will have the values extracted from his account. After 10 minutes, if the player is not in the colosseum (basically, the opponent didn't accepted the gamble) he will have the credits/bless returned. If the opponent doesn't have the bet you're asking you won't be able to start the gamble. You can also manually /reject a current gamble (only if you're the one asked) if you want to start another one with someone else. After the gamble is asked, the opponent must write /accept in the 10 minutes window. If he writes that, both characters will be moved to colosseum without the possibility to move away. If any of them does disconnect during colosseum, that one will be counted as loser. The gamble is over when first player does kill the other for 3 times (basically, best of 5). Note: After killing an opponent your SD remains the same - it doesn't reset like on duel. The winner gets his bet back as well as the opponent's bet. + Other small fixes/adjustments.
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