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    1. Still, notice at least the date/time when you get the next "auto-close" and the account(s) where it happened and send me on PM. An archive with LiveGuard/Logs would also be nice, after it happens.
    2. Even if I missed the "not", it is still a not It is actually in the how to get started - a newbies guide, the only place where it matters to be, for people that never played this game before (which probably are close to 0 nowadays). No problem in players doing mistakes / not knowing things, this is how we learn.
    3. It may have been a real bug if it happened for multiple players, but so far there were 11 macro detections since liveguard is up and most (if not all) are triggered by your characters. Key: 1 - Press Count: 21 within 5 ms. Key: Q - Press Count: 21 within 5 ms. Key: 2 - Press Count: 21 within 5 ms. I spammed myself for 2-3 minutes all keys + clicks and not a single detection, but a human can't press that much in that little time. The only other logical explanation would be a very high ping from your side towards anti-hack server. Related to auto-close, as I said, notice date/time and send me the logs and I'll handle them to the developer. I doubt the client closes without people doing anything on the PC, just by staying AFK, like it was happening with the other anti-hack.
    4. It is basic MU knowledge that the +16 ADD is the maximum add goblin does accept (it is written even in our guide) on any MU server at least up to season 6. And no, we're removing/changing options.
    5. Not sure what bug are you talking about. Our previous anti-hack was an one time payment for license, years ago, live guard is paid on a monthly basis apart from the license. It is the only decent anti-hack for MU that is still updating in the market. Our previous anti-hack had no longer support since like 2-3 years ago. Most new cheats were working, a lot of random false positives with auto-close client without messages, incompatibilities with other anti-hacks (players couldn't play global MU or other servers with our server in the same time) and so on. The only reason why we still kept it is for the hwid bans and very basic protection. Banning 50-60 accounts per editions is no-fun, as well as having to check hack logs every few days to spot on hackers. It is currently the best software that we can use, and we'll use it no matter what cons it does have, it is on market since 2015 and the last update was few months ago. If you encounter problems with it you can notice date/hour when it happened and upload the logs and the developer will happily check out.
    6. Hello, The 2nd OSGM edition of Phoenix is over. Winners: 1st Place: Goddess - 93 OSP & 7 Participations - Golden Fenrir + 1x HoF Badge + Legends Group + Feather of Condor + Flame of Condor + 2x TOCA. 2nd Place: oWnage - 92 OSP & 8 Participations - Feather of Condor + Flame of Condor + 2x TOCA. 3rd Place: Slayer - 89 OSP & 9 Participations - Feather of Condor + 1x TOCA. Extras: Hinata - 65 OSP & 7 Participations - 1x TOCA. No1LiveEr - 60 OSP & 9 Participations - 1x TOCA. Calia - 58 OSP & 8 Participations - 1x TOCA. Forfajter - 56 OSP & 4 Participations - 1x TOCA. Darkpro - 55 OSP & 3 Participations - 1x TOCA. In order to take your reward you need to type /osgmreward!
    7. There won't be any info / progress about S17 shared on OldSquad, this community will remain only for S6. We're building a new, fresh community from 0 for the S17 project, and the info / progress about it will be shared only there. When we'll have the forum and web open for S17 we will do a one time announcement here.
    8. Release date: 23.05.2022 at 17:00 - Server restart & new client needed - no reconnect. Since the Soft period won't be reached anytime soon, we're applying a last Patch to Phoenix for those that still play it to have an easier time. Note: In order to continue playing the Phoenix you will have to download the new, full client. Note2: No reconnect will be possible, you need to download the new client and rejoin the game. Note3: Start the game via StartGame.exe (you can also start from main.exe, but recommended is to start via Launcher to have client updated all the time). Changelog: [UPDATED] Jewels drop rate from mid and high maps raised. [UPDATED] Zen Drop chance on mid and high maps raised. [UPDATED] Master EXP rate raised from 100% to 400%. [UPDATED] All monsters damage reduced. [UPDATED] Swamp exp raised with 15%. [UPDATED] Selupan HP & Damage reduced. [UPDATED] Elf Soldier buff maximum level is now 320 for both VIP & non-VIP. [ADDED] New client-side anti-hack: Live Guard.
    9. Hello, As initially communicated, starting from this autumn OldSquad will have a big restructure. Phoenix will no longer exist on OldSquad, at the end of the current edition, its section and hall of fame will be the only things left from it. The core from Phoenix will be moved to our new, separate S17 project that we have started preparing its base ground. Genesis - this will be our new, permanent main server. A 150~500x resets server focused mostly on end-game content, a server that will remain online without any editions or wipes for as long as OldSquad will remain online. Easy early-mid game, prolonged end-game, maybe grand resets and other different end-game activities that will be decided later on. Inception - major changes to how Inception will be operated. It will no longer be a standalone, long-term server. Since most of you quit before or after reaching end-game, Inception will no longer have an end-game. There will be no more wormhole, sockets, wings level 4 or quest system + extra resets. Inception will have only 25 resets under the same stage-system as before (and all the content up to 25 resets). Inception will now run under "Sprints". There will be 2 Sprints per year, each Sprint will last 4 months (120 days). At the end of the 4 months, characters will be moved to Genesis. Players can choose to either continue the end-game on Genesis (if they want to experiment sockets, w4, quest system, more pvp, etc.) or join the next Sprint from 0 on Inception. There will be the option of either moving 50% of remaining credits to Genesis or 10% of remaining credits to the new Sprint, based on where players do choose to continue. We'll also have a new HoF made for Inception Sprints where people with different, set goals will be shown (first CS winners, all CS winners, first w2 mixed, first w3 mixed, first +15 item, etc). The development of S6 will be cut moving forward. We'll continue to offer support and fixes (where needed), but our focus will no longer be on S6. There may be some improvements/quality of life from time to time, but that's it. Inception will be exactly as it was last edition, only moving the fixes / quality of life we did before and during Phoenix. Since we're no longer interested in its development, if there will be any good suggestions from players (especially before Inception Sprints release, but also during them) that are highly appreciated by more than few players, and that are related strictly to gameplay aspects (not credits/donations/premium functions) we MAY implement them, no questions/arguments asked from our side. Schedule for 2022-2023: 09 September 2022 - Inception Sprint #1 release - ends on 07 January 2023. 11 November 2022 - Genesis release. 07 January 2023 - Transfers start from Inception's Sprint #1 to Genesis. 13 January 2023 - End of the transfers. 27 January 2023 - Inception Sprint #2 release - ends on 28 May 2023. 28 May 2023 - Transfers start from Inception's Sprint #2 to Genesis. 04 June 2023 - End of the transfers. 04 June 2023 - September 2023 pause. September 2023 - Inception Sprint #3. OldSquad will remain active on this formula for as long as there will be players left interested in this project and the project will remain feasible business-wise. It may be the last year or it may continue for more years, all based on your interest.
    10. Well, there's nothing more to talk about, the time for "talks" is over. I already stated my opinions and plans, you are all of course free to have your own opinions, but there's not really something that would change my mind. All I did during every single edition of any project was constantly to brainstorm, focus and come up with new features, new ways to balance things out, prevent bad things from happening, improvements, quality of life, new fixes, and so on. There wasn't a single day from first 2-4 months of each project when I wasn't thinking at what we can do better, what we can improve, what can we add, to make the game more fun for our players. Could I have just stopped doing all of this since we already had a great product? Of course, most of people were already impressed with the level of the project, we didn't had to do much more. But we never stopped, we always wanted to get better and better, to work more and more. How many of you complained about Zen that is useless and you want it to be valuable? Some can be easily found on forum, the rest only us know, because we spoke with A LOT of you in private about your complaints. We delivered, we made Zen important in economy, and apparently it was "shit", well, you asked for it. How many of you complained that you have hundreds of jewels - some even thousands on Inception (talking mostly about bless, soul and life) and that they have no value? That all items are sold only for Credits (and insane prices) because the jewels are worthless? That people play with VPN and x accounts just to farm jewels and get rich over night which was BAD? That you have no motivation to go to events because rewards were CRAP? (of course are crap when you have hundreds of jewels). A hella' lot of you, and you know better. We delivered, we made jewels and events valuable, and it was again considered "shit". See? You never knew what you wanted. You always wanted something - we listened - we implemented - you didn't wanted it anymore and considered it bad. If breaks/stages were too long you asked them to be shorter. When they were shorter you asked them to be longer, cuz you "pass" content too fast. When higher maps were easier you asked for higher maps to be harder, when we made it harder you asked for them to be weaker because you need decent gear to stay. And of course, that's the reason I always trusted my own ideas more than what you wanted (my ideas and vision brought the oldsquad to this high level), despite listening and implementing everything good you suggested over years (browse forum and you'll find everything that was considered and implemented/changed that came from players and was considered good). You're right, I shouldn't blame the community, I should just blame me, that I took this project too serious and too personal and that I've put more soul than I should. That I allowed players to behave incorrectly from start, either between each-other or towards us. That I gave 2nd and even 3rd chances to players that shouldn't had them. That our rules weren't too harsh to make people think twice. That, as I said, focused too much on the product instead of focusing on building a healthy, toxic-free community where both staff and players can feel comfortable being part of. That was the secret that I didn't knew back then in 2016, how the way smaller communities with very bad products were so healthy, happy, and long-term. But yes, it was a great personal lesson, and for sure I'll use it in my future projects. I'm not looking to argue with anyone, it was my one and only reply, feel free to continue to throw shit, something that you (as community) know to do way better than to be constructive.
    11. You should all start playing different servers for at least 1 year and then maybe you will finally appreciate our work. But I admit, it was our fault that we gave you too much from start (great gameplay, great features, great support, great stability, great fairness and seriosity) and you got used to it thinking you deserve it and even more than it, trashing every single detail that wasn't perfect for you. The love and hype I had when I've built this project was blind, I never expected that I was building a toxic community. A community that know to respect and talk nicely only when it is in need of info / support OR when everything is "perfect". A community where people are "sweet-talking" with us in the front side while cursing, insulting and disrespecting us in the back side. A community that even with hundreds of real players and guild-limits can't have more than 2-3 guilds, and even those guilds are disbanding on their first real lose or even on their first win. A community that can't take a lose or accept that others are just better and either insult each other, create dramas, accuse of hack, exploit, luck or simply create excuses. A community that literally begged us for unbans of ips/hwids promising that they've changed just to repeat their shits. A community that had multiple opportunities to bring feedback but it was either totally ignored, used for personal benefits or used as a way to complain without adding any value. I can keep going, but it is enough. We had the potential (technical & dedication) to have a great, long term place, but we started wrong, we never thought that the playerbase would be our downfall, we were focused too much on the product. Would have expected a different outcome with mature people aging 25-30+, but it wasn't the case. I started this project when I was 20, spent many of important youth years working with pure passion on this project 18/24 and had BLIND hopes of reaching something...unrecheable. That passion quickly went lower and lower as the years passed and the "community" was being built, and I started to realize what environment I am actually working in. The reason Gion was co-opted was exactly because I was sick of handling people anymore, and decided to focus purely on technical aspects if I wanted to continue the project, passing most of the human-interactions to Gion. Yes, I used to be a GREAT guy towards everyone here (because I am the same in real life), and it only backfired to me and I was fooled again and again (same as in real life). What's left here? A pure business without a soul. Our projects are free to play for everyone, but as WE WANT them to be. Take it or leave it. As long as there will still be some players left and especially enough money to be a feasible business we will still be here. When it will be over, it will be over, no hard feelings, we have nothing more to prove and no time to waste anymore at this age (especially since we limit ourselves to such an old game when we can do way bigger, 2022 things). What's for sure right now is that this Phoenix was the last non-reset type of server on OldSquad, as it was stated before its launch, as a last-shot on non-reset. In terms of Inception, there will also be radical changes on how it will be operated starting from this year. We'll slowly build our own S17 behind the scenes, with a fresh community built from 0, this time made it right. Some of you are clearly welcome there, some of you probably not. Topic is closed now since there won't be any other Phoenix. #WeMadeMUGreatAgain.
    12. You're trying to enter CC with a level 50 character. CC1 starts from level 100 (it is written on invitation as well).
    13. Hello, The current Inception edition has passed its deadline and due to the amount of players left active there is no point in keeping it online any longer. Inception didn't stop impressing us even on its fifth edition and we're proud of its development and its long-lasting activity. The 6th edition will start somewhere between September and October. As for now, Inception will be closed tomorrow (12.05.2022) during evening. Thanks to everyone that took part in this edition and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run! HoF has been updated:
    14. Release date: 11.05.2022 at 13:35 - Updates are up, monsters have been refreshed. Note: Make sure to update the client via Launcher. Changelog: [UPDATED] Bonus System now gives double master exp (weekend) and 50% master exp (week), just like the normal exp bonus. [UPDATED] Gladiator's Pride now gives 20% bonus Master Exp (instead of 14%), just like the normal exp bonus. [UPDATED] Mercenary Seal ML Level 1 now gives 8% master exp instead of 6%. [UPDATED] Mercenary Seal ML Level 2 now gives 15% master exp instead of 12%. [UPDATED] Mercenary Squad - Requirement for Level 2 Seal (normal) & Level 1 Seal (ML) is now 1500 Points, 10 Quests & 4 Repels OR 1500 Points & 25 Quests. [UPDATED] Mercenary Squad - Requirement for Level 3 Seal (normal) & Level 2 Seal (ML) is now 3000 Points, 25 Quests & 10 Repels OR 3000 Points & 55 Quests. [UPDATED] Chance for reset stat fruits from Rabbits raised from 6% to 8%. [FIXED] Doppelganger extra consumable not being correctly added. [UPDATED] Doppelganger Event now has a 100% chance to drop a reset stat fruit as extra reward. Current reward: 2x random items from normal scrolls and potions + 1x Reset Stat Fruit + 40% chance for 1x Elixir + 25% chance for 1x Extra Consumable + 10% chance for 1x Elite Scroll. Note: This extra reset fruit can come with any amount of stat points as the rabbits. The one you get from Extra Consumable drop will only come with max stats (80). [UPDATED] Double-drop no longer deleting the drop when it triggers, you can continue to enjoy double-drops for now. We collected some data and we'll continue to collect without deleting your drops. If our theory is tested up (need a bit more data) we may have 1 more shot at trying to fix this bug, else it will remain as an unintended feature. [UPDATED] Now if a World Boss despawn (due to time up), the players that are affected by Selupan's Wrath will have it deleted without them doing anything. [UPDATED] Slightly nerfed Dark Mammoth HP. [UPDATED] Added HP percent left when World Boss despawns (so you can track your progress). While you are very close to kill all 3 world bosses, you still miss-play the invasion. You always kill the PvP boss before the Mammoth even spawns (so Mammoth stays with 35% Iron Shield for its entire duration). The way to correctly play it is to spawn the Mammoth as fast as possible so those that aren't enganged with PvP boss from start should focus on Mammoth so it gets as much HP down as possible before Soul Link is triggered. Good luck!
    15. Added a piece of info that was missing from Quest System: You need minimum 0 ML to start quests 1-3. You need minimum 15 ML to start quests 4-6. You need minimum 50 ML to start quests 7-9. You need minimum 90 ML to start quests 10-12. You need minimum 130 ML to start quests 13-15. You need minimum 160 ML to start the quests refresh (a mechanic that will be detailed later on). Also we are aware that our double-drop protection is preventing both drops from happening on kills. We've added new logs for it to try to find the reason of double-drops. Until we gather a bit more data we will leave the protection as it is (preventing any drop from happening when it is triggered), since it is our only shot at trying to fix this old bug, we don't want to easily give up. If you are affected by it please screenshot when it happens and contact us - we will manually deliver your single-drop reward. You're now allowed to join Imperial Event during Invasions.
    16. Patch is now up! Let us know if you find anything wrong after it!
    17. Release date: 05.05.2022 at 15:00 - Monsters will be refreshed, no server restart unless something goes wrong. The Hard period is officially over. We're now transitioning to the 2nd period - Mid period. The competition will continue on the Master Level & Quests while the 1-400 gameplay will get easier and will open new doors for newbies to catch-up and enjoy our gameplay. Congrats to everyone that have been part of the journey so far and we hope that you had fun and that you'll continue to have fun moving forward. Changelog: [UPDATED] Base EXP rate for normal level (1-400) raised 6x times (we're now on Dynamic 18-48x). [UPDATED] Now Ring level 80 will drop the small wings for the class that drops it. [UPDATED] Raised Heart of Love drop rate. [UPDATED] Raised Starting skills (ES,TS,etc.) drop rate. [UPDATED] Slightly raised the drop rate of Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul & Jewel of Chaos from monsters over level 95. [UPDATED] Slightly raised the chance for Zen to "drop" in mid and high maps. Note: We're still waiting for World Bosses bonus to be won in order to see how economy goes with the buff, before taking further steps. [UPDATED] Raised the DMG & DEF buffs from Elf Soldier. [UPDATED] Released Wings Protector. [UPDATED] Released Medusa. [UPDATED] Released Selupan. [UPDATED] Released Sockets in drop Raklion. [UPDATED] Released Sphere Level 4 in drop Vulcanus. [UPDATED] Maximum of players in Guild is now 30. [UPDATED] Maximum of players at CS per alliance is now 35. [UPDATED] Removed the level limit for Change Race. [UPDATED] Hybrid Events (AT, OSGM, CS NetWorth, BiA, Soccer) now have a 85% chance for Mid Old Box and 15% chance for Late Old Box, as the Old Box drop. [UPDATED] Released Quest System. Full info: It can be activated once a character gets level 400. How does it work? You need to contact David in Lorencia (128x 116y). He will then start giving you quests and rewards. First quest cost is 10kk zen. Each quest from same tier raise the zen cost for next quest with 2kk zen. Each new tier raise the previous zen cost with 5kk zen. Example: Starting Quest 2 = 12kk Zen. Example2: Starting Quest 5 = 21kk Zen. There are 5 stages of 3 quests each. Totally of 15 quests. You need minimum 0 ML to start quests 1-3. You need minimum 15 ML to start quests 4-6. You need minimum 50 ML to start quests 7-9. You need minimum 90 ML to start quests 10-12. You need minimum 130 ML to start quests 13-15. You need minimum 160 ML to start the quests refresh (a mechanic that will be detailed later on). First quests' type from each stage is evaluated as Easy. Second quests' type from each stage is evaluated as Medium. Third quests' type from each stage is evaluated as Hard. Each easy quest will give you 1x TOCA & 10 extra Stat Points. Each medium quest will give you 60% chance Early Old Box, 40% chance Mid Old Box & 20 extra Stat Points. Each hard quest will give you an unlock to a new ML limit as well as 2% DMG, DEF & HP, after /qreset & 30 extra Stat Points. Exceptions: The 13th quest will give you a Late Old Box. The 14th quest will give you a 380 weapon that you can use for W4 mix. The last quest (15th) will also give you a free rebuild of points & ML, that you can use anytime. If you can't finish a quest, you have the possibility to /skipquest, which will completely skip the current quest without giving you the reward. Note: Tier 1 Quests can be skipped in 3 days, Tier 2 Quests in 4 days, Tier 3 Quests in 5 days. Note2: By skipping a quest you lose the rewards from the quest (stat points included). Note3: Exception is the 3rd quest from each set, where you will be able to raise the ML limit & 2% Bonuses if you skip, but the stat points will still be lost. Note4: 15th Quest is not skippable. This is made in order to encourage players to keep trying the quests (to finish / progress faster) but still giving them options to continue playing even if they can't finish a specific quest. David will guide you with info, progress and everything you need to advance in Quest System. Note: You can only progress in a quest after you start it, old kills/gatherings, etc. are not counted. Quest System Objectives (UPDATED): Quest 1: Kill 50x Bloody Monsters. Note: They can be found in Aida3, Raklion2 & Vulcanus with an individual respawn of 15 minutes after they are killed. Note2: Aida3 & Raklion2 have 3 monsters each, Vulcanus does have 5 monsters. Note3: Progress is awarded to the character that made the last-hit, not to the one with most damage. Quest 2: Kill 2x Golden Budge Dragons & 1x White Wizard. Note: Progress is awarded to the character that made the last-hit, not to the one with most damage. Quest 3: Win 2x Illusion Temple Events. Note: You need to pick-up the IT reward from the end in order to progress in quest. Quest4: Kill 20x 'little' rabbits. Quest5: Finish 5x Doppelganger Events. Note: You need to click the reward from the end in order to progress in quest. Quest6: Hunt down 2x Death Kings. Note: Quest progress is shared, you don't need to be the one that last-hitted Death King, just be in range when it dies. Quest7: Kill Goldens: 18x BoK+2, 12x BoK+3, 6x BoK+4. Note: Progress is awarded to the character that made the last-hit, not to the one with most damage. Quest8: Hunt down 2x Nightmares. Note: Quest progress is shared, you don't need to be the one that last-hitted Nightmare, just be in range when it dies. Quest9: Acquire 3x Early Old Box. Give David one. Note: When starting the Quest, all your current Early Old Boxes are deleted (so make sure to drop them before starting the Quest to not lose them). Note2: 1 of the 3 Old Boxes acquired during Quest will be given to David (deleted). Quest10: Kill 6x Derkons. Note: Progress is awarded to the character that made the last-hit, not to the one with most damage. Quest11: Finish 4x Imperial Events in less than 250 seconds. Note: You need to kill all monsters from the Imperial Event in order to get the score (time). Note2: You don't have to be in full party to make the Quest, just to score under 250 seconds. Quest12: Win 3x Chaos Castle Events. Note: Winning by "points" does not count, you need to be the last man standing. Quest13: Kill 30x BoK+5 Goldens. Note: Progress is awarded to the character that made the last-hit, not to the one with most damage. Quest14: Hunt down 5x Kunduns, 4x Witches, 3x Cursed Dragons. Note: Quest progress is shared, you don't need to be the one that last-hitted the bosses. Quest15: Wear Wings Level 4 & have the Fruits Bonus active [UPDATED] The Derkon from Atlans will now show the player with most damage. [ADDED] Double-Drop protection of bosses and mini-bosses. We're trying to address a very old bug that was always treated as a feature: bosses/mini-bosses sometimes doubling their drop. While our addition will not prevent double kill messages and double credits/pvm points added, it MAY prevent the actual reward/drop from being doubled. This is the only possible solution that we have to finally fix it, but we need confirmation from you if the double-drops are still happening or not. The following monsters have the protection added: Budges WWs Derkons GGDs Death King Cursed Dragon Nightmare Kundun Bloody Witch Queen Medusa Selupan Wings Protector Please let us know if the fix actually worked or not! [UPDATED] As you may have noticed, we now show the ML Exp and rank by it as well, if characters have passed q3 and are level 400. [UPDATED] World Bosses HP nerfed. [UPDATED] Dark Mammoth - Hard 2 Forget mechanic: There are now only 8 Giant Mammoths spawned: Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland. [UPDATED] Dark Mammoth - Carnage mechanic: There are now only 8 Giant Mammoths per Carnage. We liked that you really tried for this 1st fight, and that many of you came to the fight(s). We're doing this nerfs in order to raise the chances that all 3 of them die on the same invasion, even at this stage of the game (of course, having more people and/or more gear/levels/points/bonuses will help a lot). + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.
    18. First to make level 400: ME: Hydro (first to make level 400 from server) BK: DarknesSBk SM: Mael SUM: Alien DL: OneWar MG: Hellsing RF: xREDx Break1 triggers: Tadeusz, DarknesSBk, Pershing, Sosu, Ripo, eRoby & Alien Break2 triggers: Tadeusz, Sosu, Pershing, Ripo, DarknesSBK, Miukutin & xREDx Break3 triggers: Mael, Hydro, Alien, OneWar, Hellsing, DarknesSBK & EzRage First to make level 400 & 200 ML: ME: BK: SM: SUM: DL: MG: RF:
    19. The following changes are up starting from now: [Probably-FIXED] CS Gigas not doing anything after its kill, in some cases. Note: While we couldn't reproduce the bug, we did changed the code and we believe it shouldn't happen anymore, but we've added new logs and we'll continue to monitor it in case it happens again. [UPDATED] CS Gigas will now spawn at 125x 125y on Valley (maximum right side after 1st set of Gates). Note: We want Gigas to be fought for, not easily taken down by Attackers that just got spawned before Bridge. This position is a middle ground between Attackers & Defenders so they can both arrive in time and fight for it. [FIXED] World Bosses Special Reward being given to an eligible player in terms of win-condition but without being eligible in terms of minimum time on boss, in some cases. [UPDATED] World Bosses now auto-purge themselves from Stun, Ice & Ice Arrow every second. [UPDATED] The Anomaly curse is now dynamic based on the number of players online: There is a minimum of 1 player on each Sub-Server (gens & non-gens) cursed. For every 60 players online in a sub-server the amount of cursed players is raised with 1. Example: 300 online on Sub-Server => 5 cursed players. Example2: 61 ~ 119 online on Sub-Server => 2 cursed players. [UPDATED] Now if the Dark Iron Knight dies before the Dark Mammoth does spawn, Mammoth will spawn with Soul-Link mechanic active (permanent 35% Iron Shield). Note: A Monsters refresh has also been made for some World Bosses stats tweaks. Note2: Keep in mind that if you manage to kill all 3 World Bosses you'll receive 30% Zen gained bonus (multiplicative) until the next invasion. It is a big boost for the zen economy, so do your best.
    20. I didn't ask for feedback so that you guys can just express your personal frustrations (be it about your own character or other characters) or to ask why we did/do things or not. We talk about Early-Mid game experience overall, not personal things. We talk about what was good and what was less good and can be improved in future. You are expected to MOTIVATE your opinions and optionally providing suggestions to overcome it. We expect a constructive feedback to help us become better and to offer you a better overall experience. Whatever is not considered a real feedback (pure complaining, asking questions, off-topic) is just ignored, I didn't open this topic for that, so unless you can bring value to this topic you can just ignore it.
    21. Oh yea, finally a feedback worth replying, outside of "joke" and "why you did that, I dont like it", you should all learn how to give a feedback if you plan to do it. Budges thing & k1/k2 - I totally agree that it is bad that those hunting the budges do also easily take the lower goldens on their path, I always thought on how can I change that, but I don't have any idea yet since budges should be in lower maps (farmed from early game) and the low maps are limited in numbers and they all have goldens of their own. I'm open for ideas that I don't see myself. Newbies experience - It is true it didn't worked as planned. My idea was to give all players a true "Hard" experience until Mid period, that's what they signed for, that's the reason why we didn't made newbies boosts after each break on this edition compared to before, and just a big one on Mid period. But the bad part about it is that our gameplay is also made for full parties, so new players are really struggling alone on low levels especially after few weeks when most players are in mid-high maps and they have a hard time finding a party. It was always the same problem on Phoenix, because there are no "reset" players out there to help newbies out with parties, compared to Inception. I highly believe that the exp isn't the most important problem for newbies reticence, but the solo gameplay that is very hard for them, no matter the exp (and ofc., higher exp means faster catch-up, which I agree, and which we may turn back to as it was in past, in future). The only solution I can see right now that I was planning to do along with Mid period switch (and should have been done after 2nd Break) is to raise the buff values (DMG&DEF) from Soldier, so that new solo players can have an easier time progressing in lower and mid maps). I'm open to new ideas as well.
    22. Hello, The first OSGM edition of Phoenix is over. Winners: 1st Place: No1LiveEr - 98 OSP & 9 Participations - Golden Fenrir + 1x HoF Badge + Legends Group + 2x TOCA + 20x Jewel of Harmony. 2nd Place: Hinata - 91 OSP & 8 Participations - 2x TOCA + 20x Jewel of Harmony. 3rd Place: Hydro - 72 OSP & 8 Participations - 1x TOCA + 15x Jewel of Harmony. Extras: EzMuse - 70 OSP & 6 Participations - 5x Jewel of Harmony. JohnnyB - 66 OSP & 9 Participations - 5x Jewel of Harmony. In order to take your reward you need to type /osgmreward! The next edition has started and will last until 31.05.2022. IMPORTANT! None of the events will be announced prior to their start, the qualifiers will just spawn on cities when the Event does start. Most events will start between 16:00 and 00:59 Server Time. 1 event per week will take part at any hour (outside of this interval). IMPORTANT! Things like "please wait us to finish X event before doing the OSGM event" or "why you do the random time event at night / morning / mid-day" are no longer tolerated and you'll be muted for 1-3 days and even banned. We don't care that the individual x or y can't go to event because of W/E reasons. Prizes for this new edition: 1st place: Golden Fenrir + 1x HoF Badge + Legends Group + Feather of Condor + Flame of Condor + 2x TOCA. Note: Golden Fenrir can't be traded and can only be used by the character that won the OSGM. Furthermore, it can't die and does have a set duration of 1 month, starting from the day when it is received. Note2: Golden Fenrir can't be used at Castle Siege. 2nd place: Feather of Condor + Flame of Condor + 2x TOCA. 3rd place: Feather of Condor + 1x TOCA. Anyone who will reach 50+ OSP but not in Top3 will win 1x TOCA. Weekly Events Rewards for this edition: Consolation at events: 2x Jewel of Bless + 5x OSP 5th place at events: 3x Jewel of Bless + 1x BoK+4 + 8x OSP 4th place at events: 3x Jewel of Bless + 2x BoK+4 + 11x OSP 3rd place at events: 4x Jewel of Bless + 2x BoK+5 + 15x OSP 2nd place at events: 5x Jewel of Bless + 2x BoK+5 + 20x OSP 1st place at events: 5x Jewel of Bless + 3x BoK+5 + 25x OSP Bonus reward: All participants have a 7% chance to get 1x Mid Old Box when they receive their reward. Note: Rewards for weekly events can be increased/modified anytime, so follow this topic from time to time to be updated with any rewards changes that may appear. All info about OSGM:
    23. The Patch is now up! Let us know if you find anything wrong after the update.
    24. Release date: 01.05.2022 at 19:15 - A small server restart will be made. Congrats to Mael, Hydro, Alien, OneWar, Hellsing, DarknesSBK & EzRage for triggering the Break 3! Note: Everyone that progressed the Break (having level 386+) can type /breakreward in order to take the reward, after patch is up! News: We're waiting your feedback here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4908-phoenix-early-mid-game-feedback/ Changelog: [UPDATED] EXP for level 385+ is now back to normal. [UPDATED] Released Quest Level 3 (NPC can be found in Lorencia). [UPDATED] Released GGDs. [UPDATED] Released Bloody Witch Queen. [UPDATED] Released World Bosses. Full info about them: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4587-theyre-here-world-bosses-call-to-arms/ Rewards: Special Reward: 50% chance for 20b/20s/20life/20creation/10gems, 35% chance for Mid Old Box, 15% chance for Late Old Box. Participation Reward: 15kk Zen + 40 Credits + 75% chance for 5b/5s/5life, 25% chance for Early Old Box. [UPDATED] Raised the drop rate of Sign of Dimensions (Doppelganger mat) & Suspicious Scrap of Paper (Imperial mat). [UPDATED] Raised Goldens Invasion time from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. [UPDATED] Slightly raised HP of Death King and Balgass. [UPDATED] Summoner Books with 2% exc. option will now give 2% Wiz damage (as they show on client) instead of 2% Curse damage (book skill damage). [UPDATED] Arena Tournamnet ban for disconnect during Team-KotH rounds is now 3 days instead of 5 days. [UPDATED] On Arena Tournament - Sunday round there will now always be 10 players qualified based on weekly performance, instead of 5-10. [ADDED] AFK-check during Arena Tournament Team-KotH rounds. If the AFK check is triggered, the player will be disconnected (and banned for 3 days from AT, as in the disconnect case). Note: As long as you normally play the Event, you can't trigger the AFK check. [UPDATED] You'll now receive a website notification if you qualify for Arena Tournament - Last Laugh based on weekly performance. [UPDATED] You'll now receive a website notification if you are eligible for Gens Rewards with your gens rank, at the end of each Gens Season. [UPDATED] You'll now receive a website notification if you are eligible for Break Rewards, after each Break. [FIXED] Characters moving to gens server being reconnected to DS/BC when they come back on server 1 and if the event is still up, if they moved from DS/BC as participants. [UPDATED] Slightly reduced the monsters damage from high maps (karutan2, relics, raklion, vulcanus, swamp). [UPDATED] Doppelganger difficulty reduced. [UPDATED] Doppelganger duration raised from 6 minutes to 7 minutes. [UPDATED] Imperial Event difficulty slightly reduced. [UPDATED] Now during Gens Raids, if you attack a Character, both you and the target will have the warping disabled for 10 seconds. [UPDATED] Minimum Raid Kills in order to be eligible for gens rewards is now 15 instead of 25. [UPDATED] Now Mercenary Kills/Quests, Gens Raid Kills and CS kills with players of different levels are now counting (half of) the Master Level as well (Level+MasterLevel/2) on their formulas with LevelDifference. Example: Previously the level difference between a character with level 400 and 50 ML and a character with level 350 and 0 ML was 400-350 = 50 levels, when giving more / losing more points. Now the difference is 400+(50/2)-350+(0/2) = 75 levels. [UPDATED] Gens Raid formulas: Old Lost Points formula: 5 + TargetLevel*0.2 New Lost Points formula: 12 + TargetLevel*0.1 Old Points Gained formula: 40 +- LevelDifference * 0.3 New Points Gained formula: 60 +- LevelDifference * 0.7 Minimum amount of Points Gained is now 10 instead of 1. [UPDATED] Mercenary lost points formula: Old Lost Points formula: 5% of Merc Points, minimum 35 points lost. New Lost Points formula: 4% of Merc Points, minimum 20 points lost. [UPDATED] CS Kills LevelDifference formula: Old LevelDifference formula: +- 15% * Level Difference. New LevelDifference formula: +- 25% * Level Difference. [UPDATED] You can no longer start a quest on Mercenary Squad if you are currently a quest target for someone else. [UPDATED] You can no longer get a target for quest on Mercenary Squad that has already a quest active. [UPDATED] OSGM Old Box chance is now 7% instead of 5%. [UPDATED] OSGM weekly rewards updated: Consolation at events: 2x Jewel of Bless + 5x OSP 5th place at events: 3x Jewel of Bless + 1x BoK+4 + 8x OSP 4th place at events: 3x Jewel of Bless + 2x BoK+4 + 11x OSP 3rd place at events: 4x Jewel of Bless + 2x BoK+5 + 15x OSP 2nd place at events: 5x Jewel of Bless + 2x BoK+5 + 20x OSP 1st place at events: 5x Jewel of Bless + 3x BoK+5 + 25x OSP [UPDATED] Minimum Net Worth at CS for gaining a bonus of 2 days VIP is now 3000 instead of 4000 (it is up on this CS as well). [UPDATED] Class numbers and Gens Total Members are now based on TOP 300 Characters instead of TOP 500 Characters. [ADDED] Statues & Gigas statistics for guilds on CS, both weekly and total (it is up on this CS as well). [UPDATED] We've updated our code so that we can again do fixes/improvements on our scripts without the need of monsters refresh. You may notice when we do script refreshes that mobs will be teleported back to their positions and prevented from moving for few seconds, that's intended and part of the solution. Note: If you notice anything wrong with mobs / positions, etc. after the update please let us know. Note2: If the solution will work, the only moments of mobs refreshes (selupan respawn, kick from imperial/doppel, etc.) will be on big patches and/or server restarts (unless it is a direct change/update to monsters or game events). + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.
    25. Hello, Since this Phoenix had a lot of new things and changes compared to our previous projects, we want to hear your feedback about your experience with all the new things/changes as well as the overall experience from Early-Mid game. Looking for goods and bads so we can tweak our next editions based on your feedback. Any constructive feedback will be rewarded with 200 credits, don't forget to leave your character name on the reply for the reward.
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