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      Patch - 08.04.2021

      Release date: 08.04.2021 19:45 - Patch will be up when the Break 1 is officially over. Congrats to Spike, Makiavelli and Endorphin for finishing the Break 1 and unlocking the normal exp for the rest of players, as well as winning 1x BoK+4 Weapon + LK + 1 OPT & 1 week of VIP. People that progressed through Break 1 can use /breakreward to get their reward based on the progress, after the Patch is up! Changelog: [UPDATED] Exp from level 285 is now unlocked. [UPDATED] Break 1 exp (260-285) is back to normal (100% instead of 15%). [UPDATED] 1st Newbies EXP boo
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