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    The Council, a project in which experienced or not so experienced players can help the administrative team take the best decisions in the game, where they can ask for explanations and understand the direction our community is heading. Over time I have seen all sorts of players with or without experience who complain about various things, they usually expect that if you enter the forum and open a simple topic, everything is solved, without thinking about the consequences. For example: an Elf player would like to have the top pvp Elf, top PVM, top everything, of course, it's easy to go in and ask but the impact of an upgrade of a class in the game can ruin the whole balance of the server. This new project is about us, about the players, about our community, a project that will help us to evolve progressively, I had a little talk with Gion, and I asked him to give us some more details about this project, so you can understand better what it is about. I've selected the most on-point discussions: Reporter:" Hello, Gion ! " Gion: " Hello, my dear friend ! " Reporter: "Can you tell us where the idea for the council came from? Who thought of this project and what is its purpose? " Gion: " Sure ! ADMIN had this idea, we wanted to implement it since the beginning of Inception, but we had a lot to work on the server side, so we delayed it until now. " Reporter:" What are your expectations from future Council members? Gion: " Since we delayed the project until now, it is understood by default that we want some quality, meaning that we cannot let 90% of the players' opinions in the hands of the .. let's say people who are not ready. Reporter:" The opinions of these council members will have a decisive impact on the game ?" Gion : " Of course. It is well known that this game is better in teams, no matter if a team has 2-5-25 members. Assuming that a team is usually sharing the way of thinking, because that's why they're a team, right ? So, assuming that the team has the same mentality, our aim is to have a representative in as many teams as possible, from the newcomers' parties up to the highest guilds. Just like a sampler does. Our aim is the Democracy. We want everyone to matter, and taking this into account, that's why I said that the Council is 90% of the players' opinion, any player can still open polls / suggestions / etc. by himself" Reporter: "After a player joins this Council, will he be able to continue to talk freely on the forum or in game?" Gion :" Yessir ! Anyone can speak freely " Reporter:" Will these players, once they enter this Council have any advantage in the game?" Gion: " There are no immediate physical rewards, as there are no responsabilities, but I am sure that the overall quality of the personal gameplay, as well as the public gameplay will be highly increased soon " Reporter:" Those who register, in order to be elected, must know how to speak English very well? " Gion: " It is recommended to know English in order to be able to let us, the others, know what's on your mind." Reporter:" In the announcement made regarding the recruitments of council members you mentioned that those members should be "Players that had contributed during these years", can you be a little more explicit?" Gion: " You don't have to meet all the requirements in order to be "elected" as a Council member. As you can see, the newcomers will be a part of it too. That's the "academic" answer, the true reason was already mentioned by me above, and it is that we want quality, even the newcomers have to show that they are ready and that they are really willing to do this. Obviously, the ones that "have already contributed during these years" are well-known by us. And we appreciate it. Looking forward to see more people doing it ! Cheers !" Reporter:" But when you say "contributed" you do not mean that he need to be a donor or something, right? " Gion: " 🤦‍♂️No, sir. It has nothing to do with the donations. We are talking about the ones who contributed with suggestions, ideas, also understanding when a suggestion/idea cannot be implemented not because it is wrong, but because we promote what the majority wants, just like it is in Democracy. " Reporter:"The announcement for the recruitment of these council members was made around 5-6 days ago, what is the status of the number of players registered for the selection? " Gion: " There are some players who expressed their will to do this and we are very glad. Thank you !" Reporter: "Who will select these members and when will this selection take place?" Gion: " The selection is made by ADMIN and me, as I said, based on the previous experiences (personal or public), no matter how small these experiences were. As you can see, we have already stared to add Members. " Thank you very much, Gion ! I am convinced that this new project will have 100% success rate ! Old Squad Council, a new futuristic project that is made for our community benefits! You have nothing to lose guys, to apply for a council member position just send a message with your CV via Facebook messenger ! More details here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3883-oldsquad-council/
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    lvling and rr'ing

    Hello @zivkoz here are all the info :
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    Ups and Downs

    Regarding this Database on Phoenix, i'd like to bring to the table what i've seen and what my thoughts are: 1.I think there is a slim problem that you might want to take into consideration regarding PVP pace/ early/mid/late game. I think the ups and downs of the characters come too abbruptly. 2. I think you missthought the fast pace ability of some "really into it" players to gear up characters. They really gear themselves pretty fast, and in terms of items they are pretty much End-Game or close to being End-Game but regarding the LVL/RR/MLVL ratio, RANK1 is barely past 50% (6rr 100mlvl) and 98% of the server isn't even at 50% in terms of lvl/rr/mlvl ratio. I think we really skipped the entire mid-game aspect because taking so long to lvlup/mlvl and goldens/bosses being doable at 2-3-5 rrs with some minimum mlvl and decent items made this gap where most of us have very good items, but nothing really worth doing besides pushing RRs and MLVLs. (Maybe if the Goldens were really hard to do? Even +3/+4 to be good with this kind of really low xp? Then people wouldn't be stuck to only lvling, or just make xp Higher) 3. I feel like some characters have been a little bit too underpowered and took quite a long time for them to be buffed like AE(which i still think it's trash, nowhere near Rank1 PVM that she should be given the fact that she's absolutelly outrageous in pvp) or SM. At least SM's manashield with the lacks of EE was necessary for a party, but the AE was really just a downside, so a faster response could've helped there. 4. I think you should also reconsider the "don't make changes during an edition" mentality, it's fine if u test it, and think that they need a bit of a buff/nerf (like ARF last edition nerf, like AE buff this edition). I think the server overall is pretty interesting and well made so congratulations. It is just that i feel we achieved a PEAK in this moment, that is not worth doing anything just rr to easier MLVL cause in NonRR server usually MLVL has a huge impact in both PVM or PVP. I don't know if u ever plan on releasing a new NON RR version, but i hope these things will help you in your future endeavours. Good luck! P.S. I Also think that in this moment is also a problem that most people are under 50% in terms of exp (under 5rr 100 mlvl) and pretty amazingly geared, cause it's destabilizing the PVP, hard to kill people 1v1, sometimes impossible if you are not using scrolls+demon. P.S.2. From my experience with nonRR server we used to use Demons in pvp, but here, they die in 3 hits so that is out of the question. EDIT: I think naming it NON-RR when you are kinda forced to RR (having 0rr 25mlvl would of gotten you competitive for maybe 1month) it's also not really a god idea. Name it 10RR xD
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    OldSquad Council

    Hello, OldSquaders ! We are glad to introduce you to a brand new group on forum, the Council group ! This group is created in order for the players to communicate with the staff easier. Our aim is to make the Council to represent the players, facilitating the feedback, the suggestions, the bug reports, basically everything. Having lots of online players can create confusion between the staff and the players, due to the repetitive reports, or repetitive requests for some changes (which are not that healthy for the community as a whole, but are still requested by some of the players that didn't know that the case was already presented and/or discussed). In this way we will try to sync the big decisions according to our players. Some "requirements" / details: Council group - Special forum group & discord place where chosen players can communicate easier with the staff and represent the players from the community. - Legends does have priority but not a guaranteed spot. - Only accepting people that we enjoyed speaking with or we like their character. - We need at least 1 person from each big guild from server. - 1-2 newbies (playing 1st time on our community). - Players that had contribution during these years. - Maximum of 12-15 players, for now. - No rewards but also no responsibilities, only participating when they what on discussions or bringing an opinion to others suggestions/reports/etc. - People totally inactive from the group will be removed & replaced. - People who want to join the council must send us details via Messenger to our Facebook page, OldSquad Community, and we'll select from them as well as inviting ourselves the good guys, if they don't 'apply. We hope that you will enjoy this ! Best regards, OldSquad Team
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    MB need to change something ?

    Tell it to everyone Elf, SM and other ppls who left the game at the beginning to middle project when they see what usless charters u make for they. I was hoping for this answer, there are people who learn something over time, and there is you...
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