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    1. Gion

      Break the Account

      On Friday, 24th of March, 20:00 Server time, the first edition of Break the Account will start and an account name and the length of its password (alongside some hints) will be posted in this topic (as a reply). The first one to "crack" the password gets to win whatever he finds on that account. If the password takes too much time to be cracked, then more hints will be added here. This event is targeting mostly the players from Genesis since the rewards will be on a character from Genesis Server, but those from Inception who want to try are welcome as well! Rewards for the first edition: 1x Full Set of OldBoxes (each OldBox from 1 to 5). 1x Broken Horn. Note: The set of OldBoxes will be held by a character chosen randomly between all the characters, so the Rare Item drop is mostly zen if you are not lucky enough to find on that account the same character as you are (so make sure to make a party with your character if you want to pick a Rare Item on it, else the Rare will be automatically zen since the Rare Items cannot be traded). Important Note: If you are the one who enters the account then you have to post the password in this topic within 15 minutes. The counter starts when you access the account for the first time so make sure to have your forum account ready to post. Tips for trying as many passwords as possible in the shortest period of time: - You have to do this in-game and not on web because of the low number of permitted wrong-tries on web. - Make sure that the account that you try the password for does exist in order to avoid losing time with useless tries (when entering a random/wrong password you will be told that the password is wrong if the account exists, else you will be informed that the account does not exist). - After some time spent in the Select Server Menu a disconnect might occur so you can set the account name in the Launcher settings before the event start for avoiding typing it multiple times. - After 3 wrong tries the server will disconnect you but this disconnect can be avoided too by going back to the Select Server menu (press ESC) after 2 wrong tries. So you type the password wrong 2 times => you go back by pressing ESC => now you can try for 2 more times without disconnect. - Make sure to be quick in moving the items from the event account to your account because the password might be cracked by other player at any moment! The character name can be easily seen on web after logging in, in various sections such as Warp Character or Wallet, etc and using /dcfriend function you can find the account empty even if you were the first to find out the password.
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    2. The remaining tweaks were added and are already up. Changelog: [UPDATED] Flame Strike for MG has now the same range and slightly better damage than Fire Slash. For the debuff you will still have to use Fire Slash. [UPDATED] Some more small PvP Tweaks.
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