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    No Toca

    u can't make a normal screen shot ?
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    What you listening right now?

    @Knightmare, please avoid the double post.
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    Save your character! He will make a good vault for your mats :)) Also, with that many resets it could be useful for character market ;)) if you know, you know!
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    uhhhhh +1 for fun lol
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    Feedback from Players

    due to the fact that fenrir brings a large imbalance in pvp we will up horn and dino and make a little alternative for rest of ppls who cant do fenrir ?
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    then u lost aprox 800points so far.
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    its 3pts per level game were u get 4pts passed marlon quest ? Were do u miss points?
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    Class Ballance.

    im playing casually and i dont have guild but i love to test builds and stuff on the test srv and dl was like a god pvp wise about pvm he got the best mobility and insane def so he shouldnt be close to dmg with other classes that has to be close to boss or dying so fast and without escape mechanic.Dont get me wrong im playing here since the start of oldsquad s6 and i know how disgusting and horrible is to play with firescream,sometimes it hits like crazy sometimes its buggie and doesnt hit at all( about pvp yes it doesnt hit all chars but which class got such a skill that can multi targets at 100% every other deadly spell that comes to my mind is just doing some splash dmg to close range enemies) so you have to repotision but thats why we disguss here to find solution so everyone can be happy and got fair gameplay just be patient(like everyone has to be while i were dying vs dl2rr less than me with +0 rate set while i had everything +11 double opt) and give time to ppl to express their ideas and admin will decide.
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    What is your problem?
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    are we turning a blind eye to this?
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