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    Special Edition of BlackJack Event

    We want to present you our Special Edition of BlackJack. How is the game? We will play BlackJack as it was designed in casino. You can qualify for this event via forum. The date and the hour for this event will be announced with like a week in advance. What makes this Event to be special is the fact that we will play just like it.s done in casino. We'll give our players the opportunity to play BJ with jewels. The participants have to stack their jwls for event, and hand them to me before the event starts. You can give the jewels to me anytime you want, or just before the event start. (It's like buying chips from casino). This is the depositing stage. Your deposit can be as big as you want, but the minimum entrance allowed is 25 jewels (bless, soul or chaos) Rules for the actual BlackJack game ---> https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/how-to-play-blackjack.htm *Note that we are playing with multiple decks. I will explain how our game works : The maximum number of players that can play simultaneously at the table is 7. After we lock the number of players for the round, the game starts: Each player has to choose the bet for the current round. Then, I will drop 2 cards(boxes) for each player, and only 1 card(box) for me(the house) - this is the actual dealers face up card. After all players have finished their turn (including decisions), I will drop the 2nd box for me(the Dealer), which was the faced down card, then I will hit / stand. (Dealer has to draw at 16 or less and stand at 17 or more). *Bet requirements: -Accepted currency: Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Chaos -Minimum bet: 5 jwls of 1 kind per round -Maximum bet: a total of 150 jwls of any kind (it could be either let's say 150 Bless, either 50 B+50 S+50 C) per round -Your bet has to be a multiple of 5(and kind of jwl has to be multiple of 5. Example: 5b+5s is a legal bet, while 8b+2s is not) *Due to our type of play, we can NOT accept Early Surrender and Late surrender. BlackJack pays 3-2, not 6-5 (better for you). We do accept Insurance Bet and Splitting Cards, and Dealer can hit Soft 17. We allow you to double up if your score is 10 or 11, or any other number (some casinos won't let you double the 10 and the 11, but we do) Better explaining of Insurance Bet: If the dropped card for the dealer is an Ace(Jewel of Life), and you add the Insurance Bet, which is half of the original bet, and the Dealer has BlackJack, you win the Insurance Bet 2-1. You can double up your splitted cards, as long as you have enough jewels deposited. *Note that you are playing against the Dealer, not against other players ! The max number of qualified players for this event is 15. The first 7 players will go to the table, and we'll add another player from the queue when a player from the table leaves. Careful, if you are playing at the table, and you are out of jewels, if you want to make another deposit you will have to wait in queue, so make sure your first deposit will be enough for your play, if you don't want to wait in line. You can leave the event whenever you want, no matter if you win or lose, and you can come back later to the queue, as long as the Event is still on. We'll play BlackJack as long as there are 3 or more players at the table. The jewels will be handed to players after the event is done (unused jewels from deposits and the jewels earned during gameplay). *HOT Feature: The specs can enter in the queue for BlackJack if the time lets us to do this. The qualification for players and specs will be revealed later. Values for cards: 1=10=11=12=13 all equal to 10 Jewel of Life = Ace = 1 or 11 Video guide for BlackJack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idB-7FUaC-g with the notes that Insurance bets will be given after the hand, as I can't hide one of my cards if I drop it, Insurance Bet is ONLY half of the original bet, not more, not less, Double is ONLY the double of the original bet, not more, not less, and forget about the signs, we'll use normal chat. VERY IMPORTANT: Please read all the rules, we can NOT explain the rules during gameplay. Thank you and enjoy !
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    Special Editions

    We want to go to the next level with events, so OS staff is glad to present you our New Special Editions Events. The starting time and the gameplay/rules for these events will be announced with like a week in advance. Here, spectators will be allowed as well. -But first we need to write a script that allows us to bring spectators at the events. Tickets for participants and spectators will be available, most probably, via forum. Stay tuned for more info.
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    *Moved into the right section. *I want to point out that this is not the first time when Krass has this type of behaviour. Our staff will discuss about the charges, and we will be back with the decision. Note: If the respondent admits that he was wrong and he will apologize, we might "double think" the punishment time, but he has to do it before our decision will be posted. Thank you
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    OSGM #2 Winners + OSGM #3

    Hello, The second OSGM edition of NonReset is over. Winners: - 1st Place: DajBuzi - 180 OSP - Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 1 Seed at choice (not in sphere). - 2nd Place: BlackRose - 125 OSP - Feather of Condor + Flame of Condor. - 3rd Place: PanPrezes - 115 OSP - 30x Jewel of Chaos + 30x Jewel of Soul + 30x Jewel of Bless. Rewards for having 70+ OSP: - NoisyBoy - 95 OSP - 20x Jewel of Bless and 10x Jewel of Chaos. - NorthStar - 95 OSP - 20x Jewel of Bless and 10x Jewel of Chaos. - Reckless - 85 OSP - 20x Jewel of Bless and 10x Jewel of Chaos. - StrongBK - 80 OSP - 20x Jewel of Bless and 10x Jewel of Chaos. - Catarina - 70 OSP - 20x Jewel of Bless and 10x Jewel of Chaos. All rewards have been delivered into the vault of the winners (waiting the seed choice from first place on PM). The third edition is starting from 01.02.2019 until 28.02.2019. Prizes for this new edition: - 1st Place: Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 2 Seed at choice (in sphere level 5). - 2nd Place: Feather of Condor + 1 Seed at choice (not in sphere) - 3rd Place: Feather of Condor + 20x Jewel of Chaos. Anyone who will reach 85+ OSP but not in Top3 will win 20x Jewel of Bless and 20x Jewel of Chaos. Weekly Events Rewards for this edition: - 1st Place: 50 OSP + 9x Jewel of Chaos + 6x BoK+4 + 6x BoK+5. - 2nd Place: 35 OSP + 8x Jewel of Chaos + 5x BoK+4 + 5x BoK+5. - 3rd Place: 25 OSP + 7x Jewel of Chaos + 4x BoK+4 + 4x BoK+5. - 4th Place: 15 OSP + 6x Jewel of Chaos + 3x BoK+4 + 3x BoK+5. - 5th Place: 10 OSP + 5x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+4 + 2x BoK+5. - Consolations: 5 OSP + 4x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+4 + 1x BoK+5 All info about OSGM: Enjoy!