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    Offensive towards staff

    Check post
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    Anti cheat

    I do belive you. Your profile picture inspires me trust
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    Anti cheat

    Nah for real now i never used cheats
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    Russian Roulette Event

    What is Russian Roulette Event? It's an Event made by staff and it's very similar to Russian Roulette in real life, as mechanics. There are 2 stages: Qualification and Main Event. Event time: The event will be held 1-2 times per week, between 17-24 o'clock. The exact hour for every week will be announced with a couple of hours before the event will start. Qualification: There will be a qualification stage where only 20 players will be registered for the Main Event. GM that holds the event will spawn Event Qualifiers in 4 maps: Noria, Lorencia, Elbeland and Devias.The number of Event Qualifiers spawned means the total number of the slots for the Event.There will be 5 Event Qualifiers on each map.The Event Qualifiers are spawned ONLY on SAFE-ZONES (towns). The only thing that you need to do in order to qualify for the Event is to find an Event Qualifier and click on it! After you'll click on it you will be automatically moved to the Event Zone and you'll have to wait until the Qualification is over.The Event Qualifier on which you have clicked on will also disappear. ATTENTION: If you'll try to register at the Event with more than 1 char / IP the Event Qualifier will reject your registration of the 2nd ! Character. Main Event: Players will be moved automatically to a unique position into the square from the Event Zone based on the qualification. Players will automatically get a 'chain' effect on their characters which will make them unable to move from their position until they are eliminated or the event is over. Players will be automatically skinned into a golden budge dragon so there will be more space and their names will be clearly visible. After the player is eliminated he will get his consolation reward and the chain effect + the golden budge skin will be gone. But they will get a transparency status so they can stay and watch without disturbing the event. When everything is set up, GM will explain the game to players that don't know it or he will redirect them to read this topic. How is the game? Very simple, GM will ask random players from the square one by one (in whatever order he wants) to choose a direction (LEFT/RIGHT). Then he will drop our special Event Box.The + of the item that is dropped will dictate how many players GM will count starting from the chosen direction (LEFT/RIGHT).The player where the count stops is the player that will be eliminated from the game. Example: GM asks Player1 to choose. Player1 is choosing RIGHT.GM will throw an Event Box on the ground.The Box dropped Stardust + 12.GM starts to count from 1 to 12 starting from the RIGHT(CLOCKWISE) side of where Player1 is. At the number 12 where the count stopped there was let.s say Player10. Player10 has been eliminated and the game continues. From time to time a Jewel of Life can be dropped.It will add + 1 Life to the player which his turn was when it dropped. Prizes: 1st Place: 50 OSP + OSGM Default Reward 2nd Place: 35 OSP + OSGM Default Reward 3rd Place: 20 OSP + OSGM Default Reward Consolations (all participants except first 3 places): 5 OSP + OSGM Default Reward
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    Russian Roulette Event

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    Sapphire at CS!!

    Well done.
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    Stay online !

    Hello to everyone ! As you know, our community is the host of a total of 3-5 events per week, with the starting time announced with like 5-6 hours before. But, we are promoting the "non-afk" type of play (yes, we know that the game is designed in such way that you could stay afk), so, once a week, from the total number of events, which are schedueled between 17-24 o'clock, one of them won.t be announced, and it can be outside this time slot ! It is less probably that the event to take place at night, but not impossible ! We are developing this type of event due to numerous points of view like : - there are players that can not play in the 18-24 time interval (morning players / late night players etc.) -the gameplay would be more dynamic (if you spend more time online => you.ll do more in-game events / pvp etc) -if it seems impossible for you to take the place of the first ranked OSGM player (or a higher rankerd player) just because he is coming at all the events, this is your chance to knock him off the top ! etc. Good luck in your OldSquad journey !
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    About Events

    Due to some "issues" that happened these days, I want to explain some things about the events. First of all, the presence is NOT mandatory, you can acquire the golden fenrir in whichever other way you want(or not), so please stop telling me that you will no longer come, the event will be exact the same with or without these people. Secondly, I haven.t played here or on other sever as a regular player since 2016, so please stop "informing" the others that I do favours for certain players. I only know the players that are coming to my events. 3rd point: Players can qualify at the events at any moment, since their result or other participants result won.t be influenced if they arrive later in the event, so we can start before all the players are qualified. (Excepting Russian Roulette). Here you will say: This is not fair, X was in DS experiencing while I was in the event arena, just waiting and losing exp. Let me tell you that this is fair: Player X was in DS experiencing and being late to the quals, risking that he will lose the qualification, while you can arrive the first, having your slot reserved, and assuring you a good starting position (the order of qualification DOES matter, if you haven.t noticed), so the faster you come-> you have bigger advantage. If you want to risk your slot, I invite you to come late at the event. 4th: the drop is random, as you can see, you can not drop any stardust from your inventory. So it is literally impossible for me to "scam" this system, and it is against my will anyway, since me and ADMIN are very close friends in real life, so I treat this server like it was mine. 5th: I am responsible for a good developement of the events, so I reserve my right to select the players that are coming to my events. The ones who are banned from the events can reclaim their right to come only when I consider (maybe they have apologized or smth like this). These being said, I wish you good luck at the drops, and everybody is welcome to the events, excepting the following persons : 404 not found. Empty list Ty for understanding. If it is something still unclear, I will let this topic open for you to ask me anything. I will edit this post if I consider that I forgot to write something.
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    Fist Fight Event

    What is Fist Fight Event ? It's an Event made by staff where you will fight for the title of OldSquad Champion ! There are 2 stages : Qualification and Main Event. Event time : The event will be held on every TUESDAY, between 17-24 o'clock, by @Gion The exact hour for every week will be announced with a couple of hours before the event will start. Qualification : The event is based only on 8 or 16 players. GM that holds the event will hide in SAFE-ZONES (TOWNS) of random cities (most of them are the low-levels one) and players must find & trade him. The number of qualified players per map will be set by the GM. ATTENTION : GM will never decline your trade, but if he is already in a trade with other player and your request is refused that means you must spam him with trade to get the place (doesn't matter if you arrived 1st but the 5th guy that arrived trades GM first -> he is qualified in your place). If you are already qualified you can't participate on any other map from the qualification stage, you must just wait for the Main Event. Main Event : GM will move all the qualified players into a map (at his choice) where they won't be disturbed and the players who lose can.t get back. When everything is settled up, GM will explain the game for players that doesn't know it or he will redirect them to read this topic. How is the game ? The qualified players (8 or 16 players, better 16) for this event will have to create a Dark Knight and level him up to level 7 and add the points (it will take like 1 minute). After this, we will organize the tournament for the players and they will have to fight 1 vs 1, only with fists. You must completely EMPTY your inventory, store and extended inventory. Right before the fight you will have to take 3 screenshots: one with your store, and one with your extended inventory, to demonstrate that your character is COMPLETELY EMPTY, and another one with your level (no more and no less than 7) -there are some rings that you will find by default in your inventary, which CAN be worn. Only Elf Soldier buff allowed ! Any attempt of fraud will be punished with PERMANENT BAN ON THE MAIN CHARACTER. PS: we have logs, so we can bust you even by your IP (so, coming at the find and trade with your secondary character won.t help). We suggest you to be as fair as it's possible. NOTE: Please choose the name of your DK such that we can know who you are without asking ! Rewards : There will be 3 places that will earn nice rewards + a small prize for all the qualified players. The 1ST place is the one who will won the tournament => gets the biggest reward (usually: 50 OS Points + Normal rewards) , and the title of OLDSQUAD CHAMPION on our forum, AND he is automatically qualified for the next Fist Fight event, where he can defend his title. If he doesn.t show up to the next Fist fight event => he will lose his title. 2nd place is the winners last opponent. Reward: 35 OS Points + Normal rewards And the 3rd place is the winner from losing players from semi-final. Reward: 20 OS Points + Normal rewards The others will be rewarded with 5 OS Points and 1 bok +4 Rewards CAN BE modified by the GM at any time. This is the site where we will post the tournament: http://www.challonge.com Note: sometimes random mobs can occur into the fight, changing the faith of the match (very rare) ATTENTION : Participating with more than 1 character on the same IP / HardwareID at the event will get all of your accounts banned for 3 days. Don't play with fire ! LATER EDIT: From now on, any player can challenge the actual champion here, and if the champion accepts the challenge, the title will be disputed ! The 2 players and me will fix a date and the hour for the match. The request for the match must be posted here. The champion can decline any challenges, not replying to a request also means decline. The topic is available in Romanian language too: OldSquad Champions: Lucky: 06.27.2017 - 07.11.2017 Ciello: 07.11.2017 - 08.15.2017 Deelis: 08.15.2017 - 08.22.2017 TAGABUK1D: 08.22.2017 - 08.29.2017 Arioch: 08.29.2017 - 09.05.2017 knatx: 09.05.2017 - 10.03.2017 BmCold 10.03.2017 - until end of db
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    Grand Lotto Event

    This event is very simple, involving big rewards. The event progress: You have to bet the minimum ammount of 10 jwls of the same kind (it can be bless/soul/life/chaos/harmony etc) on a number bewtween 8 and 44. The number will be randomly drawed by dropping 4 of our special boxes, containing items from +2 to +10. The sum of the levels of the items will be our lucky winner number. This box can drop also a jewel of life which means 11 points. Any item has an equal chance to be dropped, including the Jewel of Life. The winners will get their number of jwls multiplied by 35. So, if you will bet 10 Bless and you will win => Your reward is 350 Bless. If you bet 100 bless => Your reward will be 3500 bless. If you bet 20 Soul and 10 Life => Your reward Will be 700 Soul and 350 Life You can do how many bets you want, on any of the numbers. You MUST give me an ammount of jewels that is from 10th's multiples. It is a kind of roulette. The bets will be colected in-game by me, anytime when I am online. I will post here some hours when I will be online too, so anybody can easily find me. EVENT TIME: The draw of our lucky number will be held usually on Sundays, and your bets can be placed anytime ! Good luck ! !!! NOTE: if a bet was made by a character, the win will be handed to the same character, so do NOT delete / sell / etc. your character !!! Note: please mix the jewels ! The topic is available in Romanian language too: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1746-grand-lotto-event/
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    Fist Fight Event

    FF today at 6 PM THE LIVE TOURNAMENT: http://challonge.com/w2nvsxm1 Arioch def. 1PunchMan(TAGABUK1D) for the title of OS Champion GG
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    Fist Fight Event

    Special edition of Fist Fight for today ! The rewards were a bit changed, just for today ! 1st place wins: 2x Ring of Ice DD REF HPREC3% + 50 OSP+ticket10bc 2nd place: 1 Broken Horn + 35 OSP+ticket10bc 3rd place: 1 Talisman +20 OSP+ticket10bc Others: 2bok+5 osp +Ticket10Bc Starting time: probably around 22 sv time THE LIVE TOURNAMENT ======>>>>> http://challonge.com/y3tzpd58 Ripper def. Ciello tonight, BUT Deelis is The New Old Squad Champion ! Congrats !
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    LF Wings Making Expert

    Good question, Pinned & Locked
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    LF Wings Making Expert

    Some hint: try to up your level of ancient items to +10 +11 +12
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    Fist Fight Event

    The event will take place at around 8PM sv time ! Ciello is rocking the Fist Fights ! She won again ! THE LIVE TOURNAMENT: http://challonge.com/7zso0zh3 LoisikEE = Defecta for today, because Loisik was disqualified due coming late