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  1. alegzander


    Sell Summoner Wings +9+add//RedWinged Set+9+L+ref+hp+add/Raven Stick +9+L+add//Book +L+edr Pm In game FKingCunt or reply here
  2. alegzander

    Personal Opinion : Having one main Guild+2 others (alliances) Will make other small guilds weak...Everyone will want to join main guilds (Grom/Squadron) and all other people will lose interest. Best will be like 30 persons in a guild... I think we can make 3-4 decent guild.. maybe even more if the other people will try to gather some good people. And we could have a good sunday at cs and at the other events plus those guys from Olympus should try to join cs also...Thanks and this was an idea that should make cs more interesting and maybe more people will participate at cs...Have a good night and keep up with the good work.(LoveLetter)
  3. alegzander

    looks like everyone likes to chill out :))) not much activity here...
  4. alegzander

    a good idea+++
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