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    1. Chukundah 100% right. Game it`s already boring all people got sets made and w3/Capes.
    2. Hello guys. I have some few suggestions about game and events, don`t take it personal. 1:I think will be better in the beggining of the server guilds to be able to have more members and to lower it after server its going in time as people quit and we are less guys. 2:Stages should be reversed, harder in the beggining and easier later as people gonna quit by 25 rr and will be boring. People who miss the start can catch up in early game . 3:Maybe we could add some bosses that will give few lvl`s exp, as most of the time people are getting bored on the spot, this way people gonna try to be more active.(random time will help also),Or you can get some exp buffs from the boss that can be activated straight away for the party who was killing the boss. 4:Fenrir its the most op item in the game, i think its a game breaker if we are able to have it early. Maybe if we can have it after last stage will be more equal pvp and pvm. 5:Summon from DL to have CD after you switch server as you can abuse very easy on events having the dl on Switch.(when boss active),Maybe eBK and Erf. 6:Selupan to have lower time on spawn (maybe 10 min to join) and maybe max 1h time to kill it, if gate close. 7:The ob`s drops are pretty silly as from example, the ob3 drops feather/crest also wings but by the time that we can farm or drop ob3 the value of them its almost non existent. Ob5 drops edr/crit seeds =0 value, jwls also 0 value in later stage. maybe a rework will be better. Some of the ideas could be wrong for some people and good for others,but if we dont have a chat we cant improve the game. Feel free to reply with your ideas and maybe admin in future will add some new things. Good Luck and take care.
    3. Hello Guys. As much as people dont like pk, or waking up in safe...i think mu without pk it`s boring,doesnt matter what side you are. In my personal opinion i think warping from site should not be allowed at all or at list for people who PK. If u really want to have fun and pk..probably will be ok also to take a walk map to map..till your destination. One of the best thing in mu use to be able to move from map to map without warping, many events also. Anyway have fun and good luck.
    4. Hello . On this case Phantomel it`s 100% correct. Seems really hard to make more 2-3 bars if u got probably perfect party(with erf) and top pvm chars like emg. Our party finds ds4 really hard also..and probably spend like 300 pots HP. Probably ds5 will be imposible . Also as I noticed on site.. That not many people got decent gear ..that makes ds even harder. Phantomel its one of the lucky guys with decent gear w2..i dont even want to imagine how is for other people..
    5. Another thing that came to my mind..It`s about wings lvl 1. Rf and DL can`t wear any wings lvl 1, on non reset server this will be a big disadvantage, as probably till 250...u will still have small capes and the rest of chars gonna have wings lvl1+9/11 . I can`t remember for sure if dl/rf were able to wear other wings lvl 1, if thats the case ignore my post . Thanks.
    6. finally i will have someone to chat during nights :))))
    7. Hello, I just want to say that I don`t know the real reason why the E-Mg can`t use anylonger the Blast. Emg it`s not a real dog on pvp or pvm..Are many othe chars better than emg..Or you don`t want to have any people to play emg. For me seems like a bad idea to have summoner with Comet fall and not on Emg, also if this is the case seems like emg goona be like a support to help with mobs. I don`t think that flame gonna be any good on pvp or pvm-hunt. Personally i don`t think it`s a good idea.
    8. Hello guy! In my personal opinion Chars are pretty ok with few things on some of them: AE It`s Overall not bad the minus on ae is that by adding 4k ene u can`t do anything else than support.. You are really bad pvp and on pvm average or i could say even bad. 4k ene means over 2 resets behind other chars. RF it`s as should be with one advice- You can`t be best pvp and best pvm in the same time with vit build as vRF clearly is. Also a littly bit neft on dmg pvp will be welcomed. Sm overall should stay how its is. Sum overall also should stay as it is. DL from what I saw it`s decent pvm and average pvp so DL players will say its weak pvpss. sMG its overall alright, no Idea how is the eMG. BK probably a little bit overpowered . Don`t judge. It`s my personal opinion . Also about invasion and drop . We could maybe make something on drop. From 20 boxes that i dropped i had around 15 no luck with one opt most of them zen or mana. Now that the socket items will come maybe the drop could be be more kind from goldens also. Server also good because of the work of Admin and his team and because of the community. Thanks. Have FUn !
    9. Hello guys! I have few words to say about all this drama as not many people or from my party or from Snook party said. 1St. thing : As admin said > It`s my fault that Snook/Chucunda and Venom stoled my items as I should never leave my account detailes on low, greedy people with no sense and no life . I will say fair enough . Good point. 2nd. I never shared my Acount or tv with none of them this DB. They just went berseck from Manyak after spying his computer and chat history. That shows us what kind of people are this guys. 3rd. As much as i like zutto and as much as i consider him a good guy and a good player, all this drama it`s because of him in the 1st place and of course voyager who don`t care about mu...and also about us. 4th. If snook , venom and chucunda wanted revenge ...also fair enough ..depends what kind of person you are. Why they stole all from our party...if this presumably was just revenge on zutto...where it`s my fault, trippy`s fault or hardwell fault or even manyak `s fault. None of us didn`t had anything to do with this. This act of greediness its beyond my understanding. (they even stole everything from my alt). 5th. This so called friends Snook and Venom had last db all my items/jwls/credits and accounts after i left game. This is their reward from them to me. Also maybe they forgot that also last DB i was taking care of their party many nights as all of them wanted to sleep..and my schedule allow me to play all night. I could say much more about this guys...but it`s no Point. I just hope that rest of u guys take care and choose more wisely than me your virtual friends. And be kind even with them...as karma will hit anyone sooner or later. It` s no point to trash them. Just be aware of their way to be. Also I want to say that the things that they took from me were pretty consistent . You can see Snook set (mine) Venom Wings (mine) +another pair+dl cape, Pendant+edr+2% and one edr, decent rings also..over 350 (maybe 50+ch) Muren Set+L+11, 2k credits i think and much more. I only said this because they took from all party...imagine what they took from zutto/manyak/hardwell ...was a lot of hard work from our party. Took also Cape lv3. So once more pls be more SMARTER than us. Have fun Enjoy and Sorry for this long messaGE . I just hope that will be usefull for new players and other players to try to avoid people Like Snook Venom and Chucunda. With Love Alegzander (FKinGCunT).
    10. haha that was so old..i think Ken tv me few years ago and changed my profile lol..or i can`t remember who was... :)) @Tokyo
    11. looks like we not gonna have any CS as Server It`s very laggy and You can`t even connect/switch .
    12. @Speedyzor next db we can play together...and I don`t think I was or I am no1... many good mg`s but different builds and strategy`s . I was playing for guild ..And my build was for the guild benefits . I don`t think we can say about any char that was no1 . We all try our best , sometimes we are right and for sure many times we are wrong.(game/build wise). Good Luck aLL . P.S.:my Nick name is for a laugh . (F.King.Cunt. ) . Peace.
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