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  1. alegzander


    B>Storm Crow+L+dd+ref/hp Vulcano Boots/Pants+L+dd+ AA Sword+L+edr Ring+dd+ref/hp Pendant edr+2%(20/lvl) dmg (i can trade pendant+3ice+ edr 20/lvl+hp recovery Wizz) Pm In Game FKinGCunT
  2. alegzander


    Also @ADMIN the idea of droping 380 from box+5 its not a bad idea..but that should be with 1/2 opt and luck sometimes...to give advantage for the cs winners who can make Items with 3/4 opt
  3. alegzander


    @Shuryk your friends helped them to win cs now why you complain? your guild and your mates helped Rampage to win. Maybe if you and the people that helped them to win will make a guild and start to compete and instead of 2 guild we will have 3/4 maybe even more will be a better game
  4. alegzander


    @Chukundah yes its not hard..but it`s harder to win cs..so for cs you need to spend a lot of time/jwls etc.
  5. alegzander


    Well ..this time what @ADMIN said is right...Nobody did not complain about lord mix before the game started..everyone supported the idea of this kind of server..Now that people are playing in small groups and they can`t gather into a guild to be able to compete it is no one fault..My name game It`s FKinGCunT and I play against Rampage..If they have better players and more active good to them..I think admin should leave the game as it stands and for everyone else who wants to have the lord mix and the castle to play more active and win the castle...It is frustrating to see people with full set 380 but maybe they were playing very hard and spent loads of their jwls/zen items and even credits to be able to make the sets. Some people expect to have items/jwl and castle with 0 effort...its not like that..Be more active and you can enjoy the reward. Enjoy the game and don`t forget :It`s just a game; All games have winners and loser. Its up to you if your a winner or a loser. Peace .
  6. alegzander

  7. alegzander

    B>Thunder Storm Items+L+dd+ B>Muren Ring and Gloves B>Garuda Armour B>Storm Crow Items+L+dd+hp/ref Thanks..You find me here or on game FKinGCunT Enjoy the Game .
  8. salut..tot imi zice ca sunt blocat. https://imgur.com/a/awhRPGH

  9. alegzander

    sell scale set+11+L+dd+hp(ref)+ddi5% S>W3Sum+5%returnDMG+HpRec//Summoner W3+Luck=BK/ELF/Mg/SM S>Kundun Staff+L+20/lvl+15 +wizz dmg increase +31 S>Kriss+edr+speed S>Pendant+2%+20/lv wizzl +hp req S>Enis Boots/Muren Pants +L/Muren Ring /Semed Helm/ B>AA Sword+L+/ W3 Mg/B>Vulcanos Items//B>Thunder Items+L+dd+ref(Hp) Message in Game FKingCunt and we can have a chat
  10. alegzander

  11. alegzander

    yes @Trâu but ene dl no dmg also pvp...and pvm not great what to do with vit dl pvp? its good only if u are gm..or if u keep switch at cs..str dl dmg its next to 0...at pvp/pvm
  12. alegzander

    Hello guys I just want to say that in my view and many others the DL it`s one of the worst PVP Chars. I could be wrong or maybe I don`t have yet 10 reset or maybe my build its wrong. I never saw in any db the dl to be so weak (you can`t beat any chars if they have same items as you) My Build its Str -vit dl with set adamantine 2 opt +13+ddi7 Cape lvl 3+L+11 . I got 2k str 700 vit with 400 agi and i can`t touch rf/sm/smg/bk..I can only have a chance against ae +emg and with summoner its almost even. I don`t know if the dl dmg its nerfed or my build its wrong but clearly dl dont have any chance on pvp...its almost useless ..good only for castle as tank..also really bad on pvm..with broy`s+agnis set really low dmg. My ml its 80 and its full pvp. I know that many people will say that dl its a castle holder or a tank...but it think we should have a chance on pvp/pvm also....I`m open to suggestions and also..if anyone else have a better build strategy will be welcomed with a reply on this post. Me personally i think dl should have a little bit more dmg.. Have fun and a good day guys
  13. alegzander

    Message in Game FKingCunt and we can have a chat
  14. alegzander

    sell scale set+11+L+dd+hp(ref)+ddi5% S>W3Sum+5%returnDMG+HpRec=BK/ELF/Mg/SM S>Kundun Staff+L+20/lvl+15 +wizz dmg increase +31 S>Kriss+edr+speed S>Pendant+2%+20/lv wizzl +hp req
  15. alegzander

    just happen to be exactly...someone having fun with my account and credits/jwls zen
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