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  1. SiegeTheWizard

    any news from @ADMIN?
  2. SiegeTheWizard

    "You don't need Energy Elf as alt and not even in parties at all. Their buffs are nerfed hard so nobody needs to depends on secondary chars like EE's. You will be able to enjoy full experience of our server with only 1 character (of course, you will need strong guilds to progress)." I know EE got nerfed, since it's only two connections per IP. Can we reconsider her buffs to actually make her viable at this stage, for sure most people have picked their mains and alts already. I believe it's fair if you choose EE as your secondary to benefit your main party/guild/hunts, or you can have two great dps character. There should be some benefit for picking the support class in your limited connections (1/2). Maybe just some tweaks in her formula, not asking for the original 30rr formula. I'm also interested in seeing other players opinions, its all good input.
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