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  1. Ciello

    Trying that, seems to be working. Thank you.
  2. Randomly, without me changing anything, my bot will now run off to the left away from my party. It usually comes back eventually, but not always and just keeps casting spells as though things are in range. It's not just a visual glitch as other party members have seen it on their end too and I have tried setting my hunt and loot ranges to almost nothing. I have also tried removing all added drops and zen, it still happens. Any suggestions?
  3. Ciello

    ^ Please give them the win. Again, incredibly sorry that we weren't able to help with testing.
  4. Ciello

    Unfortunately, my two backup players are at Blizzcon this weekend.
  5. Ciello

    My team has to forfeit our match, unfortunately our third got called into work and won't be back until tomorrow morning. I apologize for the inconvenience, have notified the opposing team.
  6. Ciello

    Team: Gryff Captain: (Ciello), (Ciello), (SUM) Player2: (Intercept), (Intercept), (SM) Player3: (boogerball), (bigboi), (RF)
  7. Ciello

    SUM : V2 MG : V2 BK : V2 ELF : V1 DL : V1 SM : V2 RF : V1
  8. Ciello

    Thanks for all of the events you did for us RedBuLL!
  9. Ciello

  10. Ciello

  11. Ciello

    Okay, I guess my issue is not upping the option. Had tried +13 ancient items and was still failing. Thanks guys.
  12. Ciello

    Okay, so I have tried to make Condor Feathers several times, but the highest I have ever gotten %wise is 30% and they fail every time. Is there some trick to this or just keep going until you eventually succeed?
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