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  1. Dyleria

    it sucks but it is part of the game, i hated it too then i started doing it eventually, but mainly to my enemy guild members one day you'll get strong and probably fight for bosses too, i don't think you get over the guilty feeling but you learn to accept that it's part of the game eventually.
  2. Dyleria

    Hiya, It's pretty awesome to have these events in our time zone now, with this thread particularly related to the extra Illusion Temple 6.Many of us have been making great use of it all and enjoying a good nights active play after work DS/BC mats are dropping nicely, and our chaos situation is better with the ability to farm it actively in gaions - so thanks for this! In contrast it feels like IT mats are super rare (speaking on behalf of IT6 materials anyway). Not only are the mats rare but the combination is only with 60% chance which kinda hits the material shortage further We have times when we can't make enough tickets to start the event - and it's perhaps one of the most fun daily events of the game so a shame to miss it. Similar drop rate on these to bc/ds mats would be appreciated Cheers!
  3. Dyleria

    Thanks for the post @Miuku - the new suggested time is 1700 server time Saturday on Admins official thread linked below. Much better than current for a few of us Please go to thread bleow and cast your votes!
  4. Dyleria

    Sweet, voted for my obvious choice Since I keep world clock/translator here is quick translation for the NZ/Aus and few other of non EU players zones FYI. If you are not sure if worth for you to vote - please review below and see the value in time for yourself. For us NZ/Aus, it's now for us on Sunday instead of Monday, and plus side is rest of day can be spent with family or rest instead of being wrecked for work.. some days on Fri/Sat we are up playing so late anyway haha so its good CS Serv time Saturday1700 translated to some other regions NZ - 0400am (Sunday morning) Aus - QLD 0100 (Sunday morning) Aus - NSW 0200am (Sunday morning) Aus VIC 0200am (Sunday morning) PH - 2300pm (Saturday evening) VN HCM - 2200pm (Saturday evening) Brazil Rio de Janeiro 1300pm (Saturday afternoon)
  5. Dyleria

    i assume the count value is stored in DB, would be cool for ingame commands like below to return this stored number /count kills /count bc /count cc /count ds
  6. Dyleria

    OMG thanks, we could not have asked for better than this and glad to hear it's still fair for other regions Now there's a good international server
  7. both ways they will have the chance to win top prize in cc, but atleast with 3 x entry limit, everyone has equal chance to compete in weekly rankings for weekly rewards. Perhaps in the case of CC (not BC/DS), adding in to DB (which currently logs each players entries) things like IP and HWID as well as counting their entries gives closer to desired effect? On entry request, check DB if player has entered 3 times, if that ip has entered 3 times or if that HWID/MACaddress (pc/network card) was used to enter to CC 3 times. Ofcourse if someone is playing 18 hours a day, like we know handful people are, they can easily circumvent this with just 2 connections and 2 PC so it won't help in end other than extra work for devs. the problem is, those guys have multiple connection/multiple IPs/multiple PCs/multiple high lvl chars, so they will be back much more times with no hindrance from such a thing in any case, but yes this mechanism can make it harder for them as they will have to keep track of what char to log where.
  8. Dyleria

    how many times has he entered ? see if it happens again on next DS after 00:00 server time (that's when the entry counter clears), i wonder if you just entered the max (3x per day), or if there is bug as have heard couple other guild members mentioning they had same error.
  9. Dyleria

    Thanks for reopening it Generally we are very happy with your schedule regarding IT, the new proposed time (0900 server time) allows us to participate now and then and hopefully isn't too impacting on EU players. Regarding 2nd mesuda from 0500 spawn (and removed at 0600) server times, the NZ/AUS guys would still be at work, but if this is best we can get then we will certainly take it as still as chance now and then that we leave office early somehow to attend In ideal situation that medusa would spawn after IT but anyway if this is too much interference to EU players, your proposed we will take with open arms too. As you have approved on other topic we are soon getting dark mobs with small chance to drop PVP weps, and we will have IT now so we can still find things to make W3 and eventually W4 with as well as gear up our pvp chars. This is great - soon we can all fight for/earn our own things rather than have to wait for top guys to be done gearing up and sell to us for crazy prices (if they ever do decide to sell) Thanks!
  10. Dyleria

    i know my comment is not 100% related to topic, but 90% related. At which point will NonRR server reach some major milestone like "end game maturity", which triggers actioning of such suggestions (and more)? What i'm talking about is that early game many things make sense with drop rates having low chance for top stuff, but late game it makes much smaller impact and is beneficial to reward those who play it actively.
  11. Ok it's always good to hear everyones perspective and everyones unique problems. The way i see it, 1 thread for this is probably not enough because it is touching on many things. From what i see you mention CC, BC, chaos drops and even BKvsRf. Each player might read this and just pick up on one or other, would be good if you split it so each person can concisely put feedback towards each section so value of any point could be determined better. CC - unlimited entry for people who didn't win I don't agree with CC making it limitless. if you are talking about IP limits, then that is possibly different story (though probably still won't work, as we know people with too many IPs/PCs/Chars) but my perspective on just char limits as written is below. I like your thinking but i can see it is too easily abused like this. People mentioning Mamed a lot, he is one example of handful such players in every game, you forget that these guys have many high level and high geared chars and they also have many IPs, more than any of rest of us. So what will these kind of suggestions do? It will in the end favor them more with certain tactics and it will work against us normal players. If unlimited, even if someone not winning they will go in with clearing chars 24/7 (and intentionally lose against their other chars) and farm #1,2 ,3 position in weekly CC to farm credits. No chance ever again for rest of us to win credit from this event. It's not a 1v1 duel as you know, you don't have to be OP or stronger than other to win this event, just need to be tactical and smarter than the other guy. Those OP RF are very easy to identify, they are bigger size than other chars in CC so once you identify them, you can do any creative thing to make them fall. It's not impossible for anyone to enter and win and I'm sure you remember my example while i was EMG low ML. The change to make it unlimited would just make it more annoying for us because it won't stop those dominant people and it will actually allow them to keep using certain tactics more effectively like bring alts such as erf /esm to clear mobs and slightly move around some tank char alive until end while finish our sd with other crap chars. Yes it will allow rest people who lose to enter more than 3 cc per day, but damn 3 cc a day is already covering 9 hours of gameplay even if it counters one group of dominant players it eventually leads to another group of dominant players and thus cycle continues. That is counter intuitive to original reason 3 limit per char was put in, with support for casual players to still have competitive chances. BC - Unlimited entry for people who didn't win This is competitive event and he who is dominating got that competitive team to dominate this event, it's not by luck it's by their own work to build such a team. That team is slowly shrinking (we can see it, since most time only 3-5 char controlled by 1 guy) while other teams on server are growing with active chars. Most of time those events are entered with 1-2 people, if we go in with 3-5 active players and right teams, we could beat them (has been done before, they not invincible). Soon enough we will have similar power house, until then their winning is quite fair and square. Ofcourse nice if drop rate changed so people can still go in to XP. Chaos drop rates Chaos - yeah would be nice for all to have more chaos, squeeze the crap out of those events because they turned it from boring afk game to something enjoyable and worthwhile doing along with bosses. I agree with current approach of slightly increasing drop rates fine tuning/seeing how it affects economy rather than large scale changes. Again i'll suggest that potentially we could have higher success rate in CM only for event invites rather than to increase chaos drop rate, as others have mentioned these are valuable for seeds/fruits (high end economy) hence wouldn't want to make them worthless by spiking chaos rates as it's a very viable way for newbies to make some income from old players. BK vs RF? Just added this section as you mentioned it above, agreed RF is kinda OP but Webzen kinda designed it like this to begin with ;\ Sucks but i think from start we all knew RF was dominant and we chose to play what we liked. Anyway continue to put your points towards this particular topic so those who have power to judge can read it and make changes if they feel its worthy.
  12. Dyleria

    awesome thanks for the agreements guys super greatful for this, sorry if below sounds fussy but just trying to work that schedule to make sure whatever comes of this discussion is practical for everyone. tagging you guys to comment here since you cover both time zones of most aussies, while i'm happy to speak on behalf of the NZ players, you guys please comment on behalf of Aus : @elderino @RANGA @Applesauce @EnkEgg 2nd IT will be 12hr apart from 1st it (so 0900 server time) 8pm NZ time, 6pm Sydney time, 5pm Brisbane time Medusa will be 1hr after the 2nd IT? so 1000 server time? well this is not what the original post says, but if it's shifted by only 2hr from the 0300, then neither nz or aus can attend so it doesn't help us. if medusa 2nd one is shifted from 0300 to 0500 server time, that means in NZ time that is 4pm. in sydney that is 2pm, in brisbane that is 1pm. all of us still at work at that time. if 2nd medusa is 1hr before 2nd IT (0800 server time) : 7pm NZ, 5pm Sydney, 4pm Brisbane if 2nd mesusa is after 2nd iT (1000 server time) : 9pm NZ, 7pm Sydney, 6pm Brisbane [probably this is best for all]
  13. Dyleria

    thanks, a much welcomed suggestion. those timings would be quite nice. at the moment in xmas holidays i've enjoyed so many of events, especially since joining active guild. i'm not even sure how i will go back to playing game without these lol. what will be left is DS+CC x1, cursedx1 (if lucky to find it first) and thats it. well, we're not in the servers time zone but would be amazing to be able to earn our own things like everyone else, since seems the guys right now do not sell any pvp stuff / wings or even feathers outside of guild, the chance for progression is low for rest of us and we are otherwise at mercy of paying horrible prices for lowest tier things.
  14. Dyleria

    doing something like "select server" from your char in game should trigger the sync. if you exit game from "x" button, i don't think it will do that. just to clarify above anyway. cheers!
  15. Dyleria

    awesome work guys, thanks for putting in all the hard work, taking all our feedback and keeping positive despite so much criticism Has really been the first server that me and my friends joined where we feel rewarded for investing our time here. Merry Christmas all, stay safe and enjoy some good times with friends and family
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