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  1. Jori56

    AFter 7-8months I can now play again !
  2. Jori56

    Anyone here who can give an estimation of how many months it took to get the first Grand Reset for solo/dual/triple accounts? And with anyone using VIP? And always 24/7 online?
  3. Jori56

    2nd Week https://ibb.co/mD3B95 https://ibb.co/hQar95 https://ibb.co/eFvDNQ https://ibb.co/dvWL2Q https://ibb.co/d097hQ
  4. Jori56

    Welcome SIR!
  5. Jori56

    1st week! https://ibb.co/bxWWj5 https://ibb.co/jTLfcQ https://ibb.co/ees445 https://ibb.co/jJb8Wk https://ibb.co/cOF2rk https://ibb.co/h6j6HQ https://ibb.co/i0pTWk https://ibb.co/c6VP45 Thanks! -PAID
  6. Jori56

    It's my 4th reset going for 5th but I'm having a problem staying at party located at relics for example... I do have +15 grand soul set thanks to degre , 270 STR for item requirement, 3113 AGI , 1056 VIT , 1317 ene. And still end up dead because mobs on relics or karutan 2 or crywolf. Can anyone suggest their opening build stats ? Newbies like will benefit on this.
  7. Jori56

    Any suggestions for players who's using dual,triple accounts? what's the best character combination for a party?
  8. How can we rate players on this server? Do they have experiences on playing other MU private servers? Are they just a gamer that wants to try games? But what if there are players who don't have any idea on how to play this game? So let's support them by contributing our tips and tricks on this post! Doesn't matter how small or large our contribution would be as long as we want to help others! In this thread we can create help newbies by posting tips and tricks we know on this great server! Thank you guys GRACE AND PEACE
  9. Jori56

  10. Jori56

    Thanks sir! Let's not pollute the server haha