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    the only reason server lose alot of ppl was because of CS and at the 1st 2nd month was cause of spots/party and before all those updates needed , my suggestion was to remove allys and just stay as 1 guild 0 ally . and by this event this wont bring nothing new , maybe some player go , but when it ends , it just turns out the same , because no one want to come start in a server where there are already ppl strong as fk and will take very very long to catch it , so by that they quit at half or dnt even start , u will see the diference if server reset , cause everyone like to start fresh in a server that is opening whitout rankings yet and that what it brings more ppl , not this. And if it does start all over again whit all these updates, 1guild 0 ally for very competetive CS ppl will come and stay, because mu is just for guild war and CS alot of events per day, not 24/7 like bots and wait for 1day CS , also CS should be 2 days per week whit that suggestion i made, 1 guild 0 ally competition = fun = dedication = server crowded no competition = dead @ADMIN reconsider, and do a vote pole about this i wrote and u will see im right this is the best server ive ever seen in my gaming time of mu , so if u do the right things , u will get very positive results
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