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  1. PadmaN

    I was inside that DS. I was looking on the remaining number of Quals (5+) and the remaining time in DS (1-2 mins) and thinking - "that's fine, enough time and Quals left to find one after DS, no problem". And then Quals were removed, RIP. You wouldn't see my char "PadmaN" anyway as I only join on alts these days. Sadly, all my alts were inside DS too
  2. PadmaN

    Suspicious situation happened yesterday : Quals started at the exact time DS started(when the mobs in DS appeared) and then 1 min before DS was about to end, when there were still 5+ Quals to be found, you removed the Quals from the map. Was it intentional to remove Quals 1 min before DS finished? Sure seems like it.
  3. PadmaN

    It's lost forever.