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  1. PadmaN

    I don't have any. It's only natural for server this old to drop people, especially during summer when everyone goes on vacation. People love to play competitively but they can't if it takes ~1 month to get from 0 to 20rr even with all the EXP boosts that are available currently. (And then probably 1 month more from 20rr to 30rr with no VIP) There's almost nothing you can do to bring people to almost 5 month old server.
  2. PadmaN

    And soon after they start playing they will realize it's just everyone having 3-5 accounts so you have to divide the number of online players on the website by ~4 to get the real number and then they'll quit. If someone really wants to play with 4 accounts the can already do so using VPNs...
  3. PadmaN

    IMO quest item should only be able to drop for a person that received experience from killed monster, meaning he was nearby it when it was killed.
  4. PadmaN

    I was in 5 man party, 2 people in Aida farming Horn and 3 people in Tarkan farming Flame. When Horn dropped in Aida then none of the 2 people there could pick it up until the item disappeared - (bot didn't pick it). I was just looking on the screen wondering why the bot wouldn't pick it up but system message was "You can't pick this item right now". I think the quest item is not supposed to drop for people that are not even in the right zone?
  5. PadmaN

    It's lost forever.
  6. PadmaN

    To me it seems like you just don't understand the stage system at all and you are complaining that people with permanent parties that do events together every day and have VIP can level faster. When you are on 10rr stuck in the slow stage with no VIP then guys in the top with 40% Silver VIP will be reaching 15rr just because of the VIP, this is not hard to figure out. You also say that when you were 8rr then top1 was 10rr. This is also simple - back then there was only 25% Bronze VIP available so obviously top1 will be 25% ahead of you so he will be stuck in 10rr stage.
  7. PadmaN

    ADMIN said he's considering to remove the lower mini stages already. IMO at this point stage 5 and 10 should probably be removed to allow people to catch up.
  8. PadmaN

    Hopefully this will get implemented soon. Just got caught off guard during mini stage (10rr) and it will take a while before I hit 150 so I'm able to vote again.
  9. PadmaN

    That is completely another issue you're touching that is irrelevant here. We're talking about removing the upcoming mini stage (15rr) that is supposed to slow down the top players which would allow them to leap even further ahead in their reset lead. Remember that the first players that reach the mini stage have their exp reduced to 40% of their base value, but only until someone completes the stage. After someone gets to 16rr lvl1 then the exp on all resets <16rr will be boosted, including the mini stages. That is what helps slower players. Back during 5rr mini stage as soon as someone reached 6rr lvl1, the exp on that mini stage was boosted from 40% to 65%. So when the top players were doing that mini stage, it took them like 7 days to complete. Whoever started that mini stage after those 7 days would only take 4 days to complete it, catching up 3 days to the top player.
  10. PadmaN

    The purpose of mini stages besides rewards is also to slow down the top players so slower players and new players can catch up a bit. Therefore it should stay as it is. We've known about it for 2 months.
  11. PadmaN

    And in 10 resets more it will be killed in 5 seconds again. What about lower reset players? They will have no chance. Go kill Blood Queen if you want to spend time on it.
  12. PadmaN

    That's awesome. Looking forward to the DS changes
  13. PadmaN

    Yeah it would be nice if there was 1 spot in each corner so we don't have to KS each other.
  14. PadmaN

    1. Introduce a chat command that the person holding the Archangel weapon can use to finish the BC like "/bcend" or similar. And only when there's <1min left. or 2. Place one more NPC where you can hand-in the quest in the throne room.
  15. Hello, It seems like the lvl required to vote to receive credits was boosted from 150 to 300. Proof: As someone with several RR's it's really annoying that after reset I have to get to lvl 300+ now to be able to vote again. Is it possible to make so people with 1RR+ can vote from lvl 1 ?
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