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    1. RocketPop

      You make memes about Cs but remember that we win 50% of cses here (i dont talk about 30 rr server where we have 90% of cses).
    2. +1 Make Kalima7 pvp map

    3. RocketPop

      StarLord as i know no one pk your pt - but all want to kill ur char coz u think that u are a dodger and can use alt char to ks or pk us its a game , if someone stay on pvp - battle map its normally that someone can kill him .If you want to play without intractions go to single player We remeber very good our grand resets and pk on devias - and ks everywhere - we need to stay about 1 week in cw for exping and you think that we dont want to make revenge?^^ If you wanna leave or not - its not a big variation for us coz we havent got enemies to cs , cant pk , ks coz everyone crying the o
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