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  1. Astrid

    Trompeta and Darkyo PK people from the top just so that they can boost Makiavelli
  2. Astrid

    1. 600 players / 2 = 300 players. Let's be honest. Most players have 2 Mu sessions opened. I don't think that counter shows unique players > it doesn't fell like 600+ either. I see the same people almost all the time. 2. There are no competitive guilds because this is MU. Most of the players here are 80% time AFK and don't give a rats ass about other players. 3. No guild for CS. It makes sense. When Rampage ( now HARDCORE ) had castle they used lord mix to get sets for there administration/alt chars. Nothing was given to the other players. Not even ancient sets. Guess what, now they have 2 parts with partially good equipment and that's it. Definitely not enough to win CS. 4. MU online = land of drama. The only guild that stuck together was SQUADRON, the rest where just emo/depressed/PMS players. After 3 months of MU and few hundred euros invested in a server that was promising i realized that it's slowly going down. Good luck to all, i'm out!
  3. Astrid

    The image speaks for itself.
  4. Astrid

    Hello! I tried to make a new account, but activation e-mail is not coming. Tried with 2 different emails ( yahoo and gmail ) and still after few hours no confirmation received). Can you please advice? Thanks!
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