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  1. Green

    ??? you confuse me again , so 8% dmg raise is useless to you ?
  2. Green

    200x4 , mister
  3. Green

    % raise for Dark Side from agi is capped so it will not scale at some point, and there will be no reason to put more agi points just for def , the def buff is reasonable
  4. Green

    Oh yeah, i forgot, why you didnt report kundun bug and had all early kunduns in game ? m ?
  5. Green

    sMG with good build could 1v1 anyone in game with SAME RESETS, except Zutto + sMG had best PVM dmg, pure facts not trashtalk, you confuse me, mister.
  6. Green

    At this point aRFs are OP without a doubt, BUT what about early game sMG in PVP AND in PVM ? I didnt see CRYYYYYYYY making threads about MG too powerful, please nerf it, cause he was playing it and was a happy kebab. I was basically trash for first 1,5 month, having best gear at that time. Fair price to pay to become strong mid-late game. Dont you think ?
  7. Green

    He thinks when he is owning everyone its normal, but when he gets owned its unfair. Changed to RF from sMG and still couldnt pick the best build 🤡
  8. Green

    Why you CRYYYYYYYYY if its better ?
  9. Green

    You are testing that with full build
  10. Green

    Like a kid - trying to lead discussion into another topic just to avoid him being wrong and beaten
  11. Green

    So you think 7 reset BK had Phoenix Soul set and PSS ? OK
  12. Green

    How is that related to be unskilled player in game ?
  13. Green

    A guy with brass set getting mad when he gets killed by better geared and better built character. Funnneeey
  14. Green

    But you had RFs in team as well , why they didnt kill us ? Maybe trash builds like yours ? Ever wondered ?
  15. Green

    Then ask admin to test me for cheats. Not gonna teach noobs how to play RF and explain everything. Peace
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