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  1. Godsmack

    I understand your point, but OldSquad is always working on seasons, for example, maybe 2 months from now the new 30rr server will start and the currently nonRR server population will suffer a great loss until it closes, so we can't afford to lose 5~6 months trying to find that last item you need to complete your set also since its not possible to BUY pvm points, I don't know how it could be Pay 2 Win.
  2. Godsmack

    Hello everyone, So this is something that has been on my mind for awhile now, and I really think that it will bring very positive changes in the economy and the overall gameplay. Basically, if its possible, add a new currency that different from the normal credits will open the possibility to purchase some specific excellent itens of your choice and the only way to get that new currency is by trading your PVM points on Website, currently those PVM points are kinda useless, and there is a lot of people that are very active, gets a lot o pvm points for being in a party but get like 0 credits. I guess this is one way to minimize the RNG factor inside the game, of course you must add a few restrictions to avoid abusing and overgear, here is a few ideias: 1 - Maximum 2 options on the item, like it is in the game 2 - The more options the higher the price 3 - The more powerful the item is the higher it will cost 4 - You can only trade one item every 2 weeks or so, after that you need to wait until you account is off cooldown to purchase a new one 5 - You must have lvls to purchase higher itens, for example: if you are lvl 0~100 you can buy only itens from that drops from BOK+1, if you are 101~200 BOK+2 and so go on 6 - The ratio should be defined by the staff, for example: 1000 pvm points = 10 OldSquad coins. I hope you guys enjoy the ideia and give your feedback, it could be an amazing system if well implemented. Thank you 😃
  3. Hello everyone, I know that the new system is still on beta, so I guess It would be useful if we can report bugs as we find them here instead of creating multiple topics. So I'll start telling what happened to me in the last Goldens. I didn't know if it was pvp or no-pvp but either way its worth relate it since I wasn't supposed to happen. I found Karutan 2 GGD near warp, I as killing it and some guys from Fallen came to contest so I started pk with my VRF. I killed their EE first and got 2nd stage PK, notice that if was a NON-PVP invasion I shouldn't be able to kill it as if It was PVP one I shouldn't received any penalties. Bottom line: Their 5 man's party eventually manage to kill my VRF and since I was unable to warp back to Karutan 2 I end up losing it. A good thing to implement, if its possible, is the new info when you type /invasion, for example: If it is a NON-PVP White Wizard, when you type /invasion it will show you no only what invasion is on but also what type of invasion it is. Thank you
  4. Godsmack

    I guess if @ADMIN ban Anarchist, Mamed will cry his eyes out.
  5. Godsmack

    You are both right, you need some space to grow but as I said it doesn't matter if you are doing it without a shred of organization, it's just random players getting itens and nothing will ever change that way.
  6. Godsmack

    Tibia was the Mu Online adversary back in the day. Every MMO player between 25~35 either played Mu Online or Tibia when they started
  7. Godsmack

    Exactly, if people did all events like they do budges, for example, we would be in a different path.
  8. Godsmack

    That kind of mentality is the most annoying ever as most servers out there don't even dare to show their numbers. 330 players in a season 6 Mu Online private server. Here is a previa of how many players is currently online on Official Tibia for example. Stop making excuses to not achieve things.
  9. Hello everyone, Unfortunately this version of NoNReset, after GROM had 80% of their itens deleted and half of the guild members banished, came to a point where there is 5~6 very well geared and active players doing all events, controlling the castle and holding pretty much 90% of server economy. I'm making this topic so we can try to organize a new guild/ally to compete against INVICTUS on the server. I don't know if you guys are aware of but 90% of Squadron are either AFK players or had quit the game. I've being talking with my guild mates and trying to convince them to step out for a few weeks so a new guild can catch up and bring some fun pvp to the server, at this point is either this or get bored and quit like the others because everyone is so far behind that's almost like run a F1 race where we have 5 laps of advantage from the second place, so we need to hold the break for a little while and let other players try to organize something, that means you will be able to do more events, without our members interference. Basically, we will leave if anyone from that new guild come to contest the hunt, also LOT might get opened all time but here is the problem and I agree when they point it out. NO ONE IS WILLING TO STEP UP AND ORGANIZE DECENT AND ACTIVE GUILD ! There's absolutely ZERO reason to make this effort and try to help so a bunch of random people take advantage of us being out, get itens, go back to be AFK and NOT A SINGLE THING CHANGES also there is no point in just give out itens, that we busted ourselves to get, for free to lazy ass players, we would rather sell those on npc or toss on chaos machine. There's TONS of strong players on the server but they are spread between 5~6 guilds, as soon as I notice you guys are getting together and trying to form an active alliance, I'll be the first one to ask for everybody to give you space to grow strong. I guess this is our last shot to try to motivate players and make the game enjoyable. So get together, bring your friends, recruit active players, start a competitive guild and bring it on. You can list your Guild name here or get in touch with me in game but please only do so if you are really willing to see it through. Thank you.
  10. Godsmack

    Truth is, he always played that way and there is nothing we can do about as he learned to do it smoothly, unfortunately some players are just dishonest and there is 0 difference between play unfairly on IT and exploit a bug to dupe itens like GROM did. So Mamed is no better than those guys. This video is from last NonRR season, where there was 3 player from the opposite guild and mamed's elf in the same IT team. He was afk the whole time.
  11. Godsmack

    That onepiece guy once flooded me for three days trying to buy one Edr+Lvl/20 Sod for 1c 2b. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have the skill or knowledge to dupe anything
  12. Godsmack

    His guild didn't broke anything, they were all banned, all itens were removed. I've been telling this for weeks now, the server is not attractive for new players. They simple can't do anything cause all single event have pvp involved. Now imagine you and your friends found Cursed Dragon on Elb, you are all lvl 350, you have a decent party, and the boss its totally doable even though you don't have a decent gear, you are there fighting it for almost 20 minutes, just when it is about to die, some ML 50 appear, one shot every single one of you, kill the boss, stole the loot. You know what most of people will do ? Find another server to play, PERIOD. Same goes for Goldens, White Wizards, Etc. This server is potentially better than Global Muonline, but this little things discourage a lot of people to play.
  13. Hello @ADMIN Is there any parameter I should add on drop command to make 5 sockets Itens on test server ? For example: /drop 5 31 15 0 1 7 0 Should give me a +15+L+28 Imberial Staff but It always comes with 0 sockets, first I thought that the number of sockets would be random but after made like 5 staff and got 0 sockets in every single one, I guess I must be doing something wrong. Also /spawn command is not working Thank you for your time
  14. Godsmack

    @Shurykmind share why you are against ?
  15. Godsmack

    Yeah, one more reason to change that limitation. People will find a work around for it anyway.
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