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  1. Godsmack

    I guess if @ADMIN ban Anarchist, Mamed will cry his eyes out.
  2. Godsmack

    Truth is, he always played that way and there is nothing we can do about as he learned to do it smoothly, unfortunately some players are just dishonest and there is 0 difference between play unfairly on IT and exploit a bug to dupe itens like GROM did. So Mamed is no better than those guys. This video is from last NonRR season, where there was 3 player from the opposite guild and mamed's elf in the same IT team. He was afk the whole time.
  3. Godsmack

    His guild didn't broke anything, they were all banned, all itens were removed. I've been telling this for weeks now, the server is not attractive for new players. They simple can't do anything cause all single event have pvp involved. Now imagine you and your friends found Cursed Dragon on Elb, you are all lvl 350, you have a decent party, and the boss its totally doable even though you don't have a decent gear, you are there fighting it for almost 20 minutes, just when it is about to die, some ML 50 appear, one shot every single one of you, kill the boss, stole the loot. You know what most of people will do ? Find another server to play, PERIOD. Same goes for Goldens, White Wizards, Etc. This server is potentially better than Global Muonline, but this little things discourage a lot of people to play.
  4. Hello @ADMIN Is there any parameter I should add on drop command to make 5 sockets Itens on test server ? For example: /drop 5 31 15 0 1 7 0 Should give me a +15+L+28 Imberial Staff but It always comes with 0 sockets, first I thought that the number of sockets would be random but after made like 5 staff and got 0 sockets in every single one, I guess I must be doing something wrong. Also /spawn command is not working Thank you for your time
  5. Well, you should had send the image, at least, directly to @ADMIN. I mean if the whole reason of the report was someone revealing another's phone number, you just made it worst by posting a screenshot with this number on forum.
  6. Godsmack

    Well looks like I will be the first one =). First of all I would like to take a time and thank you guys from OldSquad Staff, I've been playing the Global Mu Online since 2004 and I saw the game falling apart because hacks, dupes, bad updates, company greed, etc and I can tell you that NonRR (this is the second version I play) is one of the best mu online experience I had in years and with that said I would like to give you my humble opinion about both positives and negatives aspects of the server and make a few suggestions 1) Leveling and Drops: - There are a few areas where the mobs are completely off balance. If you take K2, for example, where Satyr hits you for 5 dmg and a Blade Runner (3 levels more) hits you for 100, something is not right. - I don't know why but there is no Berserkers on K2, if you take in consideration that Kentarus is a range mob and It makes the spot way harder to manage, I do think you should replace all Kentarus with Berserkers and this will make the player level experience in K2 way better. - Master level mobs are way too high, by default mobs 95 + should give ML exp, so players will have more options to level besides Vulcanus (Battle Zone), Relics (Battle Zone), Karutan 2 (Condras) and Swamp (a part from the spots where Medusa Spawns). This way you will encourage higher level people bring new friends to the game as they will be able to interact with those friends much sooner, even if its just for party and leveling. - We don't have a single NO-PVP place to leveling once we hit ML, there is a HUGE area in AIDA2 with no mob spawns, you should consider use that. - The drops are well distributed but I do think it could be improved. I'll talk a little bit more about that by the end. Anyway, overall you guys did a really nice work on that 😃 2) Hunts and Events: This is a perfect play to win server. So very well done in terms of activities but I think somethings could and should be better - You should consider make Devias a NO-PVP zone, we would have Lorencia FREE-PVP, Noria and Elbland NORMAL-PVP and Devias NO-PVP. This way, low gear players will be able to enjoy Invasions, without the chance of getting pked and stuff. You will also be able to put all the OSM Event NPC's in Devias for people to qualify since they won't be able to kill anyone and get to the qualifier first, I'm guessing that was the reason you moved the qualifiers from the maps to the SAFE zones. - Support chars are not well rewarded at all as they can't win credits in any events and for sure need a little bit more attention. - Quiz event is something that really need a fix, most of the times are the same random questions from a small list of known questions that people already know by heart therefore they will answer way faster then everyone else and if you take in consideration the latency due server location, It's almost impossible for me, as a Latin American player, for example, to enjoy it. - The amount of people inside Devil Square should appear right after it opens, so you can know whether or not if all member from your party will be able to join or not. 3) Website and Support: - The limited amount of jewels you get by selling a single item is either to low or impossible, at the moment, to buy, we should be able to sell the expansive itens on market as well. - There should be a way to transfer credits from one account to another, as long as you can provide the credentials for the account you are transferring the credits to, for example, say you are a very active player that wins several events and do tons of hunts, you won't be purchase VIP for your support char, for example, cause you can't transfer your credits. So eventually he won't be able to keep the pace. - I usually get a reply from the staff in less than 24h, that's an awesome response time and even if I don't always get what I asked for, you guys are doing a outstanding job, keep going ^^ 4) Final considerations and a few points for seasons to come: - I do believe we should work a little bit in the server overall Itens distribution and even though I know nobody wants to farm for months in other to get things, I still think that getting full tier 1 ancients/exc +15, Wings 3 +15, Fenrir in one month or so, is too far away from what a hard server style should be. From my perspective and for, more important, new players perspective, start playing on a low rate server that has being up for one month and see players like Vince, Mu3rTe, TOMMY, and a few others with almost full +15 is too depressing. See, I'm not saying that they didn't play enough or they donated a lot or anything like that, I just think that a few things must change. * Add Luck feature should be removed * Chaos Machine rate should be back to default. * Jewels rewards from CC/BC/OB's should be removed * Jewels drop should be significantly increased outside LOT * Ancients should be removed from DS but the exp inside it should be increased a little. * Gaion should have their difficulty buffed a lot and start dropping ancients (like it is on GMO) So after this little changes, here is what is going to happen: - The value of jewels will increase a lot - We will have a very decent economy and website market will really shine - People will start to sell Ancients for jewels cause they will need it to upgrade their gears, this will enhance the competitive in Castle Siege, as more guild will come prepared to fight and with decent gear to bring something to the table. - You won't see tons of +15 in the first 4 weeks of game. I do have a lots of suggestion but I might save it for the "6 Years Feedback Contest" cause I think we will get there and I really wish we can keep doing positive changes and getting better season by season. Thank you for the awesome experience Godsmack/Insanity/Reckless
  7. Godsmack

    I mean, what is the point to vote for no Alliances if you are just going to ally with someone else's guild in order to win Castle Siege ? If you can only have 3 guilds register and 2 of them will join forces to bring one down, Turn the Alliance on, so we can play fair and square. Ofc this is my opinion.
  8. Godsmack

    I also change the in game Effect Limitation on the client I'm running on my laptop via Wi-Fi, I'm still getting the error sometimes but way less than before.
  9. Godsmack

    I've solved the problem, fell free to delete the post.
  10. Godsmack

    I've changed my DNS settings for the Google one on my WiFi, so far didn't dc/ed.
  11. Godsmack

    I'm having the same problem here ... 'm thinking it has something to do with wireless connection. Next time you friend come over ask him to bring a network cable and plug on the router. Make sure he disable his wi-fi adpter.
  12. Godsmack

    Hello @ADMIN I'm having some issues regarding running the game on my laptop, is there a limit number of clients per IP? I play with my brother, we both run 2 clients on each one computers. I'm trying to run another client on my laptop so I can have a full 5 man PT but it keeps disconnecting me saying that "Server connections exceed". Could you pls help me out ? Thank you very much.