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  1. Pulse

    Hi, I want to ask if you can move events like CS, Nightmare, Arena tournament and Balgass to a time slot where players like me in GMT +8 can play without sacrificing our sleep? Its hard for players like me to try and participate in these events because we have work in the morning and we need to sleep. We have players in Vietnam, Philippines and Australia who wants to participate especially in CS. I want to enjoy the game fully and it's frustrating for me not to be able to participate in these events. Hope this is something you can look at. Thanks!
  2. Pulse

    Inception is by far the greatest season for me. Thank you to all who worked hard to put up this server. It's such a pleasure playing this game from 2 decades ago. Suggestions: If you can play more with the Character skills. It would be a bit fun. I want to see a killer EMG. I really remeber him having decay. CS should have a break after a consecutive 2-3 wins of being the castle owner. It would give the opportunity for others to win. While Admin holds the castle. Let's have more Arena battle every week more than the usual OSGM events. Newbies will have more chances of winning since the event is by level or resets. Other than that keep up the good work! More power to Admin, Gion, Reporter and all other people behind Oldsquad. Happy Holidays! IGN:Pulsar
  3. Pulse

    Seller: Pulsar Bet amount: 15/15
  4. Pulse

    I saw the new patch and had an idea for the Gens battle. I saw this in the other servers. Instead of hunting AFK players during raids why don't we go to Atlans and have a FREE FOR ALL PVP. I know most of the players wants to test it out against each other. There's one raid which guarantee the time 20:45-21:00 I think. Go to Atlans, call out your enemies, rivals and friends. Let's make this server fun and Kill each other during RAID. Go like if you agree.
  5. Pulse

    Please make it 15b 15s Match 3 - team 1 Match 19 - team 1 Match 22 - team 1 Thanks
  6. Pulse

    15b 15s Match 3 - team 1 Match 19 - team 1 Match 21 - team 1 IGN:Pulsar
  7. Pulse

    Team: GOLD Captain: (Pulsar) (MG) Player2: (Luna) (Silvermoon) (AE) Player3: (BlackBeard) (BlackBeard) (RF)
  8. Pulse

  9. Pulse

    I would gamble for 200 stack mana or 200 stack life its a necessity for all and at the same time its consumable
  10. Pulse

    I'm not playing anymore but the video is freakin funny! @salam you should consider making a movie for Oldsquad! 🤣🤣🤣 peace xxx
  11. Pulse

    Seems the article is one-sided. No offense but it almost sound like you're from the Guild that didn't win. The fight for the Castle will never be "unbalanced". It's just a matter of who wants it most and who doesn't. You would not tell an athlete that he lose because the Marathon was unbalanced or any sports that someone failed to win because it was unbalanced. The Smurfs had an equal chance just like every guild who attacks or defend the castle. I'm not sure why you saw it that way. peace 😀 +++
  12. Pulse

    Just passing by... A lot of players are complaining about anti game when playing this event. Nobody can really say who's right or wrong(you all have your reasons) but if this keeps having problems and issues why not just remove it or change the reward? You can move the rewards here to events that will be less likely cheatable. I think that would solve your problem instead of making modifications. +++
  13. Thanks for taking the time to find a solution! Appreciate it. Keep up the great work! 🙂
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