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  1. Amatv

    Guys im here to announce im leaving this server soon because i cant play, im normal Argentinian guy with a family, wife, work, etc. Im 15 hours per day afk on game (work + travel), and hasnt sense stay just for check if im still alive. I can check using team viewer, but in last 48hours i was killed more than 20 times by a guy who i think just wants to play the game alone. I understand about battle map, gens, etc. But i cant lost my time moving back to spot every 10 min and if I could I dont feel like doing it. So i have to say thanks for all! Im not the only one who tought it, we are 6 friends leaving soon. So, gl with server and leave Krass to enjoy alone :D You can find me as Amatv in any other site im sure Cya this week at last one i think.
  2. Amatv

    Remember it, it isnt for me, im talking about new people who joins server.
  3. Amatv

    Hello Spoiler = I used translator. I write for the following: In these last days I meet several new characters who started recently and they tell me that the server does not finish convincing them because all low level spots have a PJ afk farming which is 300+ level and therefore can not give party with them. I was reviewing and noticed that effectively in each level of losttower there is a DL that is farming. Should I put a limit, or something like that? Or will we only be playing those that are already at a high level? From my point of view the best thing would be for the server to grow and not settle for the players we are now. Thank you
  4. Amatv

    This does not seem to be the best method to buy/sell items
  5. Amatv

    No, i dont, but i do too when i want to put an item on market so... I just said it's easy to clear pk , while we havent pkclear command... dont get mad with me
  6. Amatv

    Yes, i got pk some days ago on Kalima's Kundun pvp invasion. Just warp from web to losttower and walk to a spot. When Death Bone invasion started, again i warp from web and killed mobs = clear pk. Was easy.
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