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    1. The third time afk in IT in last few days .. now i remembered i can film him Download 202111 093441 mp4 - 150.4 MB (filelu.com) or here https://www6.zippyshare.com/v/pEfpDfxG/file.html Please do something about this lame players P.S - Sry for bad tag there is no IT bad gameplay or something like that
    2. i don't see the point ... you mad that you get no jew in ds or what ? use a 10 years old pc ! will be better
    3. Covrig

      Done ... Thank you very much !
    4. Covrig

      don't have antivirus --> win defender is off
    5. Covrig

      i can't open the game ... i need help 😐 https://imgur.com/KabsVtF
    6. hello ... i got an error , can you help me please ?


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