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  1. @Zutto what do you mean 3k+ hits? who hits you that much lol
  2. @Zutto yeah about items and wings, you kill everyone with ancient set and w2+12 on you, which is not broken lol
  3. @Solcy It's not about one shot but yeah that bug was ruining PVP. But overall compared to other classes DL seems to be weakest. In PVP maps we're complete 0 now cause Fire Scream was disabled due to bug and chaotic doesn't work as it should, GM says it's latency but should you improve it's damage or fix it somehow. If I hit it like 5 times and just 2 damages shows up it is bullshit, we tested it in PVP and Fire Scream seems to be a lot better than Chaotic. @ADMIN Chaotic works a lot different in Normal server and CW, please test it.
  4. No, SM is OP and is not okay. They don't need DD set to remain tanky as hell. As for AE I think ice rings would solve problem. DL is garbage at the moment in this server.
  5. Nerf soul barrier definitely. It's just crazy.
  6. DarkMaster

    If this looks easy to you, imagine having a PK clear command.
  7. DarkMaster

    BUYING Light Plate +DD+HP+L Items DL CAPE W3 SELLING SUMMONER WINGS 3 LEVEL Storm Crow Armor+DD+HP+L Muren's Armor+L Enis Armor+L Warrior Leather Boots+L W2 SUM +7 clean Adamantine Gloves+13+DD+L Raven Stick+12+L (NOT EXC) Damn it, forgot what else I am selling. Whatever I'll be updating this daily(maybe). My IGN : DarkMaster or BlooDyRF - PM OR MM
  8. DarkMaster

    @Amatv oh and you really enjoyed logging out and in every time to warp via web? So enjoyable wow.
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