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    Found 7 results

    1. https://ibb.co/YNJ587h https://ibb.co/LxH8P2q again whit the gipsy slurs and insulting , the racism continues from newsquad guild players.
    2. https://ibb.co/9HMdKT9 From what you know or you do not know, this book is banned in Germany, at least. Having this kind of name means, prasing and supporting the topic we all know about. This guys, besides the fact he has the nickname, is Online - still (ex-Furai who should be in ban 2 days) and is shown public on top server ?:) Circus Nr. 2. Circus Nr.3 incoming ....
    3. https://ibb.co/vwGSFBJ So this guy can pretend that he wants to visit Auschwitz and hunt people from Israel and he gets away ?)) What does, getting away from ban means? Does the "ban" button or command has 1 time usage, and since you missclicked the button or misspelled the command, makes his evade the ban? This is actually disgusting. From your forum rules, "3. Any racism will be punished with 2 days ban." Any, means, anything related to and by context, you can see it. How is this acceptable? The fact that he is GM of the Guild excludes him?) One word - circus - not administration
    4. @gion Racism references to the holocaust all over again - Direct Racism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mein_Kampf Mein Kampf - Hitler Books, - Furai's direct references to us and holocaust, and also speaking about how my "family" cried in the past. - might come back the holocaust Dracarys says he will visit Auschwtiz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auschwitz_concentration_camp https://ibb.co/Qrt6PLt https://ibb.co/64JWgqc https://ibb.co/jfsKfsT
    5. https://ibb.co/54MFcKV Creating alt characters just to keep spamming the same type of indirect racism the same way he did whit hes main character , the same insults , so this is not a enough punishment and hiding in alts to get them banned instead of hes main , so an increased 2 days ban so teach him a lesson that racism in almost 2023 is pathetic. https://ibb.co/wNXksb1 https://ibb.co/5hzY3HS Have to edit , cause it doesnt seem he doesnt care about racism since he secure that being racist whit alts doesnt affect main char ... https://ibb.co/5Yj0hb1 https://ibb.co/DMjJKyQ its a non stop 15m spam.
    6. https://ibb.co/DDy8vms https://ibb.co/kKq1R1q https://ibb.co/hfPQCX2 consistently calling the N word + insulting indirectly on post by saying "black dog " etc https://ibb.co/nMfhwyp , still doing it
    7. Hello Gion, @Gion As you probably remember my so called "Israeli" party are always being picked up by people around this server, we truly like the project and we love playing here but racism never stops from getting to us. last database we were ambushed with anti-Jewish words on a daily basis, Betley, Haspid got banned for it but they never learn their lesson.... this database they followed their path and anger from last one because they got banned, i truly wanted to stop this "war" with them but they just follow me and keep nudging me for no good reason as we all remember last time when we were on BC ( in phoenix server) they said something like - it smells like burnt Jewish - as reference to the holocaust. and even now when we were on BC they said - i like Mael's smell real gentleman as a reference to what they previously said.... they never leaving me alone, i truly didn't do them anything wrong besides reporting for racism. even now when i was saying something about player acting weird in cc just random comment - "don't cry jew" https://imgur.com/Ep2ZNP7 like why do i need to be abused like that in a video game ? i truly don't understand. https://imgur.com/0yW7zdP also Adifek acting very weird when he ks us on spot as vendetta for last time, he is asking racist question about not trusting Israeli people that we kill Palestine which is political statement as he knows the conflict here and life is problematic on top of that they also didn't learn from last time to talk about "smell" of Jewish people and they keep making references to WW2 you can also see in the picture that I'm not even answering to them, I'm just playing for the fun and they keep picking up on me because I'm Jewish https://imgur.com/7CyhPpo polish translate line by line - Betley - taki afjnie pachnacy dzentelmen - "what a nice smelly gentelmen" Adifek - dla mnie najepszy z nich wszysktich - "for me the best of them all" Betley - fajne mydlo ma - "he has a nice soap" reference to the "soap" thing. https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/2020-02-11/ty-article/.premium/did-the-nazis-really-use-bodies-of-murdered-jews-to-make-soap/0000017f-f2cc-d497-a1ff-f2cc1aa80000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soap_made_from_human_corpses#World_War_II link for the previous thread - PhoenixDataBase which they got banned in. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:yxNNE8SEGb4J:https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4903-sadly-more-racism-from-alkins-party-bad-language/%3Fdo%3DfindComment%26comment%3D37454&cd=1&hl=iw&ct=clnk&gl=il with all due respect to the player's here i truly believe that we are being abused for our origins which shouldn't even be known to people... Sincerely, Michael.
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