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    Found 15 results

    1. LoveLetter


      If i remember well a wee wile ago someone got 2 days ban for using this kind of words. they came pk..because the can..and all that party have such a nice education .https://imgur.com/a/AdIGk4g
    2. Chukundah

      https://ibb.co/JtPcRTF again hes using the gipsy word as an insult for the 2nd time , even if is directed to me or not, he means the whole "gipsys" , so if u didnt ban him on other post cause in ur opinion u dont consider portuguese gipsy or there are no gipsys in portugal , which i proved you wrong , hes saying " i like to donate to gypsys" , so in ur statement in PM u said that the romanians are the most targeted as gipsys ( which is not 100% at all but ok .. ) hes message hes being global using gipsy as an insult towards the ones who can be or not . And still doesnt let out the fact that hes being racist , insulting me or any other player. There is a rule to be followed and punishments to be applied to that rule , if u make rules to skip them as u did on other post then i can start to call gipsy to everyone and get 0 repercussion. Once u have banned rusuletzz for saying " stupid moldavian " and it was 2 days ban , now comparing too this case where hes globaly saying " i like to donate to gypsis" , i think we all know how many negative meanings this have. @Gion on PM basicly u said that i needed to be a gypsi in order to get banned , what about if call other player a nigger and u banned as u did before? were u sure that player was black ? this statement makes no sense , calling gipsy , nigger , and every racial slur is insulting when u type in this way , doesnt matter if u are that ethnic or not , or whatever etnic u are, racism is racism on every insult , and racism is the most ignorant thing that exists. theres are types of discrimination , and this one called - Direct Discrimination : happens when an individual openly discriminates against another individual / group / nation because of who they are / can be. let this report pass by again , instead of insulting and get muted , ill just be sure that they are not black gipsy latin chinese wtv , and be racist whitout getting ban
    3. RAM1508

      https://imgur.com/xnm2Vjw pidaras = fagg /gay something like that ( 100% homophob or racist however you want) "du-te wei in chizda mati" = "go in your mother pussy ( curses about my mother in a online game ). Despite the fact that he can't write corectly in Romanian or in English i am asking myself if is fair to have among us homophob people and ppl that don't have respect for our parents. Thanks,
    4. SugarMom

      There is guy in the server, his name is alegzander that knows we are Jewish people And we KS his ALT, He started talking racist about us ... he said some things about us and how "somone kicked our ass 60 years ago" He meant that 60 years ago we went through the Holocaust and the Germans killed 6 million Jews This is a very sensitive issue, and racism is a red line that must not be crossed I hope you take this seriously, that guy should get punished
    5. kthanhcb

      As far as I remember this isn't the first time he insulted another player https://imgur.com/Ij1TIYl
    6. Chukundah

      https://ibb.co/sHKXNKf https://ibb.co/JcYbfts https://ibb.co/TmyvbDN calling me gipsy indirectly by typing "gipsundah"
    7. it seems like they really hate Southeast Asians playing games? they call us cockroaches and rats the same humans , where are they than me ? I want equality in the game, please help Gion and Admin handle this situation https://imgur.com/tHgKe0B
    8. I think this is not the Duke I used to know, maybe someone else but his words like this are unacceptable, we didn't talk to him before. I report to Admin and Gion to resolve https://imgur.com/MXN9EEb
    9. I am a Vietnamese . I love America and have American friends, but why do some Americans hate players from Vietnam? https://imgur.com/jnWON9w
    10. I think these are racist statements. Even if my country is poor, I am still proud of my country, and those racist words should be punished. You guys can harass others but when you are harassed by us, you will bring racist words https://imgur.com/6D6Suvn
    11. Hellow , Acording to this topic : " moldovean ptrost" is racism and it's banable 48h. In return , in my discusion with GION " stupid romanian" is not racism if you're romanian . So now , GION is using 2 different opinions about this. GION , please check the flag of astralstep : and also he posted from a america upload site : SO astralstep is American. Whit what i`m racist in this case? How do we know that guy is a moldavian ? And how do you know that i`m not moldavian and i didn`t spoke abount myself? Or someone else? I write on his privite "stupid moldavian hahahaha " as a joke ; did you think about this? If i wrote" stupid american" that could be a problem.. but there is no racism in here. Please have a look and reconsider, Cheers,
    12. https://ibb.co/gJTdWg2 RuSuLeTzZz: stupid moldovan
    13. hi! admin This guy ! he always go into the Illusion Temple and etc... events with this char ( do nothing , no items , no skill ) . too many times ! we were angry about that . so lets talk to him or warning him , he did the invasions bored !
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