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    Found 20 results

    1. So, after his friend from the same guild and party gets banned for racism, killall comes to spot to ks , and Write more racism. Here you can see him writing SNICKERS trying to say the N word in a different way to try and not get banned. but he is clearly impying the N word. like for what other reason would he come and say SNICKERS? is a know fact online people say snickers when they want to reffer to the N word https://imgur.com/VOHSpn6
    2. https://imgur.com/a/QUmI383 On behalf of the black community, this is not acceptable.
    3. Hello Again Gion, **just saying in adanvce i've got all picture's in full size i just cut the chat-box to reduce image size so i can upload** So now after ALKIN is banned for RACISM his friend come over to our spot and kill us, i explain them why it was important for me to file that report ( my grandfather was killed in the holocaust by racist people mostly anti-jewish peoiple). Gion i truly think their entire party didn't learn their lesson and instead just kept trash talking us, insulting and more anti jewish ill give some example's here: Greetings from ww2 Germany - isn't that racist commnet? a direct reference to what happened to my people back then.. Another reference to anti jewish : and reference to WW2 Hitler incoming ? is that another kind of racist joke on the jewish people? i swear i tried to sort things with them after alkin got banned and told them to stop all that acting of bad behiavor and trash talking what was his response? MORE RACISM "Cant understand jew lanague" Another Polish Stuff: son of a guy in prison who is raped by others criminals. Break:brudasy pfu - "gipsy "spit" " or "brown people "spit" Break:"go and fuck goats" he meant something like a goat fucker (very offensive) for us because its another reference to Europe country Arabic,Isreali that raise goats and stuff
    4. Hello Gion, Sadly even in a video online game in 2022 people still give reference about what happened at WW2(Holocausts) Burnt Jew? cmon... , people in our server are still racist about jewish people after everything we've been through. I'm so sad that i need to face those guys in the server i lose so much, i would much appreciate if it would be solved by your hands. we are playing here everyday for hours spending our time and why i need to face racism here? AKLIN: its fucking stinks here AKLIN: Jewish ALKIN: Smooked in polish is like "Fucking smells here smoked Jews" does it make any sense to act this way? we are all here to enjoy not to be racist to each other... Thank you, Michael.
    5. racism towards israel community https://ibb.co/VxC6vPQ https://ibb.co/28ZKwd0 https://ibb.co/hFsP2Cy
    6. https://ibb.co/RcW7VZ6 insult + same terms as betley on this post calling gipsy inderectly
    7. It's really sad that it's 2022 and people still say this in the game https://imgur.com/oMduLeI
    8. https://imgur.com/a/o5Djtdj
    9. https://imgur.com/a/Jlwl2Yp
    10. it's funny how they always say we eat insects :)))) the story never ends https://imgur.com/fjsi1Z2
    11. Hi my friends, once again I'm reporting now another player called "xpl0siv". This is another one of those who persecute me and offend me because I'm Brazilian... In that screenshot he says "You Brazilians are such small heads". Once again I am being offended on account of my nationality. I still don't understand what the problem is with Brazil... all this without any motivation. I have never offended any player. I don't understand why they offend all Brazilians... the offense is never directed at me. it's always against my nationality. https://ibb.co/Dkj39Mp
    12. Hello again I come here to report another player friend of "ShadoW" who was dissatisfied with the punishment that the admin gave. I'm being stalked right now with spamming. I do not understand this. I'm being chased just because I'm from another country, that's crazy.... it's like this all day long! I don't understand why that is. I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area. https://ibb.co/Jnf2SL9 https://ibb.co/zSqCF4m https://ibb.co/16xcVTT https://ibb.co/TbMvnKg https://ibb.co/YcPV09Q
    13. Hi. My name is Rodolfo and I'm Brazilian. I recently killed a guy named "ShadoW" on a battle map and suddenly he and many of his friends started offending me and compulsively chasing me around the game offending me with xenophobic insults, chasing me killing my characters and saying that I never but I will play on this server that they will chase me forever just because I am Brazilian. What they don't understand is that PK belongs to the game, the game is pvp, it's always been like that and it always will be, whoever doesn't want to suffer the consequences of pvp must pay attention to non-pvp maps. Now I'm being chased with a barrage of insults I can't play the game I can't level up I can't even see my chat properly because I get spammed all the time! I have LOTS of SS's of these crude happenings. Remembering that suffering racism and xenophobia is not cool. And it's hampering my gameplay to the point where I can't play the game. ibb.co/0cLy1qZ ibb.co/VxWxd0v ibb.co/9Yh27RQ ibb.co/K7MtVbT ibb.co/p008qJP ibb.co/bQ9BgDG ibb.co/PQxLjW1 ibb.co/0cLy1qZ ibb.co/WBQtdLb ibb.co/nnVLtP9
    14. If i remember well a wee wile ago someone got 2 days ban for using this kind of words. they came pk..because the can..and all that party have such a nice education .https://imgur.com/a/AdIGk4g
    15. https://ibb.co/JtPcRTF again hes using the gipsy word as an insult for the 2nd time , even if is directed to me or not, he means the whole "gipsys" , so if u didnt ban him on other post cause in ur opinion u dont consider portuguese gipsy or there are no gipsys in portugal , which i proved you wrong , hes saying " i like to donate to gypsys" , so in ur statement in PM u said that the romanians are the most targeted as gipsys ( which is not 100% at all but ok .. ) hes message hes being global using gipsy as an insult towards the ones who can be or not . And still doesnt let out the fact that hes being racist , insulting me or any other player. There is a rule to be followed and punishments to be applied to that rule , if u make rules to skip them as u did on other post then i can start to call gipsy to everyone and get 0 repercussion. Once u have banned rusuletzz for saying " stupid moldavian " and it was 2 days ban , now comparing too this case where hes globaly saying " i like to donate to gypsis" , i think we all know how many negative meanings this have. @Gion on PM basicly u said that i needed to be a gypsi in order to get banned , what about if call other player a nigger and u banned as u did before? were u sure that player was black ? this statement makes no sense , calling gipsy , nigger , and every racial slur is insulting when u type in this way , doesnt matter if u are that ethnic or not , or whatever etnic u are, racism is racism on every insult , and racism is the most ignorant thing that exists. theres are types of discrimination , and this one called - Direct Discrimination : happens when an individual openly discriminates against another individual / group / nation because of who they are / can be. let this report pass by again , instead of insulting and get muted , ill just be sure that they are not black gipsy latin chinese wtv , and be racist whitout getting ban
    16. https://imgur.com/xnm2Vjw pidaras = fagg /gay something like that ( 100% homophob or racist however you want) "du-te wei in chizda mati" = "go in your mother pussy ( curses about my mother in a online game ). Despite the fact that he can't write corectly in Romanian or in English i am asking myself if is fair to have among us homophob people and ppl that don't have respect for our parents. Thanks,
    17. There is guy in the server, his name is alegzander that knows we are Jewish people And we KS his ALT, He started talking racist about us ... he said some things about us and how "somone kicked our ass 60 years ago" He meant that 60 years ago we went through the Holocaust and the Germans killed 6 million Jews This is a very sensitive issue, and racism is a red line that must not be crossed I hope you take this seriously, that guy should get punished
    18. As far as I remember this isn't the first time he insulted another player https://imgur.com/Ij1TIYl
    19. https://ibb.co/sHKXNKf https://ibb.co/JcYbfts https://ibb.co/TmyvbDN calling me gipsy indirectly by typing "gipsundah"
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