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Found 9 results

  1. https://imgur.com/a/feYGsQi Simple the best player.. a worthy player .. 0 common sense , 0 skill , 0 at all.. this is Chukundah LE: Give me your paypal account to sent you some money to buy a salami ! ty
  2. He said alot of shiet in POST chat, that braziliams are all dumbs that only cares about soccer etc. Then he came in my private to say shits after i told him to shut up because he was beeing racist and xenophobic. "As Bolsonaro(braziliam president) got elected, i can say statisticly that 50% of the braziliams are more racist than me". What the actual fuck, he even auto declared racist.
  3. Well, the prints tells for itself. Those guys were saying alot of shit along of the servers days. MIR0 is a braziliam black guy, he felt ofended about that words.
  4. Hi all, long story short: Me and an friend were just chilling and leveling up (im introducing him to the server) but then this DL show up and start to kill the mobs. We ask him for party if he want but after that he just typed "go kys" with a smile. We decide to go but then start saying some things about train jews. Hope this kind of things gets punished. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/XgRG4W5
  5. Just because we are italian and we are in a serious situation, people do not have a minimun of respect for anything. i don't want you to just mute them, ban these kids for a few day! and these chars are just second char. you can joke with anything, but not with this!, people really die. https://ibb.co/vVHTHxL https://ibb.co/7zzs4Tb https://ibb.co/5jL09px https://ibb.co/27Vgj2j https://ibb.co/HtzHq7x
  6. Salutare Alexandru Oproiu As dori daca se poate ca tu personal sa iei niste masuri in legatura cu acceasta postare si sa imi spui daca este Racism sau Insult. Adori sa se mai ia masuri pentru ca nu inteleg unde este acest rasism si insult. Cum e posibil sa iei ban pe doua conturi fara ca tu sa jignesti ?? Si masuri in legatura cu acesti Playeri din guild ATTACK care nu lasa lumea sa faca lvl questurii....etc https://imgur.com/a/VendUC4 Multumesc Echipei OldSquad.
  7. This guy is insulting our national language 🤬🤬🤬
  8. ZaZaX

    ............. https://imgur.com/0wxOLCI
  9. trololo

    https://ibb.co/njNqfqN Someone post screen where I called Zutto a bastard or something that, would be honest. I did not have time to make this screen.
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