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    1. https://imgur.com/a/36rI0kj new day same problem. @Gion
    2. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would have to create this post for only one reason, after 5 seconds of viewing this image, I already realized that this person would be guaranteed punishment and we would get rid of him forever. To begin with, I want to say that I can understand 99% of all insults, whether directed at relatives or a specific person, because they are almost always spontaneous words associated with a specific moment, action, or dislike for someone. But what I saw here was thought out to the smallest detail, edited, specially prepared!! (this is not a random photo where the tab name with your “p*rn” appeared) I hope that @Gion simply did not notice this due to the saturation of the forum, and missed this moment between sides. Otherwise it would have been blocked instantly. https://imgur.com/a/iCh8meu original url This is pure racism, planned, executed and placed in public space.
    3. https://ibb.co/tHXmFsv Really? I think this went to far ... We get banned for far to less and he is getting away with all this? I think this needs major actions against this player As you said last time, he promised you not to be like he used to be before this DB
    4. I`m getting tired of this guy spamming non stop every day. https://imgur.com/a/kSK6ZNW
    5. https://ibb.co/wpyyCfX Tokyo (Oven )call us "Fucking Jews" on Lithuanian language, it is on same level as "Fucking Nigger".
    6. https://ibb.co/KbhN9Yy https://ibb.co/8DDb6Xg using my name in a alt whit other alt to call me brownie indirectly on global chat whit 2 alts lvl 50
    7. https://imgur.com/sceU1jk https://imgur.com/Tm9OiH0 https://imgur.com/XulwNNf https://imgur.com/a/ShQkkJl 1. Reporting 999Heat for repeated continuos Insulting and trolling players without beeing provoked first. He just starts at random night hours to spam posts from up to down with disgusting attacks and trolling insulting random chosen ppl by him in posts, which is continuous breaking the Rule number One even after not 1 or 2 but continuous warnings and decades of reports but to play with admins in party is giving him protection he says and he keeps laughing about it and boosting him to troll more without fear of perma ban. Just saying that this troll is still active and online ppl meter went down from 600 to 300 in 1 week after beeing his enemies banned and he is enjoying holy protection and he can troll and insult ban free. 2. He is again using the racist sexual harrasement Lady boy emo kids sequal abusal card which is a criminal act and punished more harder than racism, even it is racism when someone speaks about anyone by race, color, or sexual anything = LADYBOY, EMO, Lolipop which cums white luqiuids etc,... 3. Irland loser is racism and it is here again and he was banned 2 times for this and he is using it again = check screenshots for racism to me from 999Heat/post/: Irl loser again 4. He breakes all most strcict rules again as he is doing everyday, everyone see, ppl reports him and Admin said last 3 times or more that : You cant expect your enemies to be respectfull,... Well this are criminal acts + racism /Ladyboy,Emo,kids Sexual abuse, Irland losers,... and he is obviously doing this on purpose and repeatedly and this screenshots are just demo again and he is supposed to be permabaned if he is really not Admins Grand mother as rumours says and if this is not a samomasochist server which loves when 50%ˇppl leaves due to one provoking low level troll post sexual harasement attacking keyoboard warrior hidden somewhere in troll cave. 5. For telling me in public post that I should take a Scissors and Kill myself and at the same time asking in post if Pain allready did took his life by scissors and continuous offering me scissors in post to kill my self is a criminal act and according the law I should report him to National criminal agency and Administrators are suppose to cooperate and give all information to police about this criminal act, no ban can fix this because this is far behind the law line, much more than last time
    8. https://imgur.com/BLIpqh3
    9. nothing to say more. https://imgur.com/a/CUOlVog
    10. he is referring to me for dropping GM box for DL. translation "how your dead mother to drop sunligh" "your mother's race you hungry". (kinda hard to translate, but u get the point). and do be honest, since he is talking about my mothers race, isn't this racism ?
    11. Hi, I have really tried to not get involved in all these childish feuds, but this is getting out of hand: https://ibb.co/YWX50HS Psycho is making reference to Sell Oven towards Lidor, a clear Nazism reference toward him,as he is Isreali. Millions of people died because of the craziness of a madman, we don't need this nonsense on a game. If this can please be actioned accordingly.
    12. https://ibb.co/Yf9qFgf using alts to abuse racism again
    13. Hi Admin Team, I would like to report a player. Please see the screenshots wiht language displayed by this player. I urge you to punish this player with a permanent ban, as his behaviour is not acceptable. https://imgur.com/vSVvPJq https://imgur.com/TS4FAMi
    14. https://ibb.co/tDzSpTp other racist comment just like asnni alts to run from main ban
    15. Reporting players Chukundah + Alex for repeating racism provocations, trollings, vulgarisms and repeated sexual harassement. We all can see this for many days but nobody did it yet and didnt report them we can see it in evenings hours and now when the ice moved and this server showed us allready this behaviour is unacceptable here especially in post which is adressed to hundreds people including children bellow 18 and I dont think they should read stuff Like : Get f*ked gay Emo Kids /racism, vulgarism, sexual harasement/ or Ireland los*rs =racism or zoophilia like calling people in posts as Pigs,...etc, disgusting, just watch and make opinion. I noticed that ppl here got banned for much less acts like calling someone a dirty mexican which I looked closely and asked chat gpt and google if we can talk here about racism,...just check on yourself = the answer is no but too late now, but I am sure this what I talk about is 100x harder crime. Because fc*ing gay emo kids, and racism towards Brown Skin color of our sheriff allready banned stormie for mexicans arogantly from player who reported him /chukundah/ seems to be ridiculous and if there is a justice on this world I believe balance will be kept. Very important quetion is also if Alex speaking: You are a Gay Emo is a lower crime than mexicans, I am sure its much harder and I hope a punishement for both will be a good sign that nobody is more than anybody what is clear now when even top 1 player can be banned for things like we saw yesterday. Thank you for understanding and dealing with these criminals as a warn for everyone. Try google dirty mexicans and try google F*king pig brownie skin gay emo kids and compare.... https://imgur.com/vOHdOu0https://imgur.com/vOHdOu https://imgur.com/vOHdOu0 https://imgur.com/jydYvRDhttps://imgur.com/jydYvRD https://imgur.com/9zJo2I3 https://imgur.com/undefined https://imgur.com/jydYvRD
    16. here is my second report on chukundah after a few report he got without any action. again chukundah talking about politcis / tryint to taunt players / being racist. hopefully this time this guy will get ban like the guy here did proof: https://imgur.com/a/Xwwk9C1 reported after 10 min in post opened a topic and not on private messge after the report chukundah keep taunting cuz apperntly he can't get ban. https://imgur.com/a/8zRi9lu please take action about this guy and before some guy named "jew whatvever" (chukundah) post here please don't, thanks !
    17. just thought i'd let you know that your a fucking gypsy Gion. i didn't know sucking zionist cocks was that important to you. you banned people that did literally nothing. you just listened to a couple of racist zionists complain about ovens and pizza. you fucking loser, don't worry i made sure all the transactions to your server were flagged as fraudulent with 10+ people flagging transactions on their credit cards and paypal. you fucking loser bitch, you went all the way to even ban and ask for name changes to players that were not at all racist even in the screenshots. fucking gypsy. StormiE and Lindor those 2 cocksuckers are the most racist zionistic pieces of shit on the server and you let them because they love your gypsy cock. try to keep banning these accounts, i got 10more accounts coming through, we gonna keep u working on your server 24/7. on different time zones to make sure you keep up with the /posts in game and on forum fucking gypsy.
    18. Nicknames : Jewnisher.Darknizard.gachiigais.JewBoss,Horsthief.Haciii,CrackHoe, So this is the 2nd time I am posting about Racism... and some of the players got ban already once because Of this... and they keep doing what they doing.. I dont think they are even know what about their "Joking" I let you to decide if these kind of peoples are belonging in this community.. I personally wouldnt like to play and being around racist peoples. https://imgur.com/a/YyyPUJk Cheers
    19. https://ibb.co/5h8Nzk5 quoting rules from admin : 3. Any racism will be punished with 2 days ban.
    20. As a jewish person who wanna only play and chill in this game its really disappointing to come across with such a shameful remarks on the post about jews with "adolph dream" and "ovens" this is an insult and racism about a heavy matter, on top of that, it happens on the global holocuast day which occures today, this is a new level of unhuman atitude with a lack of sensativity for such matter, i hope you guys do something about that.
    21. https://imgur.com/a/HsFOtfV
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