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    1. Tokyo

      Wow, wow, wow, wow , wow, wow, wowowowowowow
    2. Tokyo

      Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
    3. Best video ever!!! @coco ismok zaist nevykeli
    4. Tokyo

      Yes I was Fucker.
    5. Tokyo

      I'm just gonna leave this here.
    6. Where did u get all these videos of snook? :D :D By the way us at selu right right :D the only thing you got from selu guys was absolute scepter which Snook is trying to trade for a week now :D @Snook sorry to hurt your feelings :( nobody gave a single f about you here even though you did so much for that guild, sad :(
    7. Don't worry, nothing is gonna change
    8. Tokyo

      I agree
    9. Tokyo

      I'm a DL player and I've talked to GM about this already. AE sucks big time. Buff AE or we'll be left without elf players.
    10. Tokyo

      Even if you test it on test server they will change nothing. Same happened to me while killing PVP cursed. "PVP event"
    11. Tokyo

      "Balanced" ae with +12+dd set w2+12 dies to MG with w1 doesn't matter STR or ENE.
    12. Tokyo

      Have you even tried AE? Worst character in game both in PvP & PvE
    13. Feedback : Buff DL 😆
    14. @Zutto what do you mean 3k+ hits? who hits you that much lol
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