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    1. https://postimg.cc/XXKS8Bd9 https://postimg.cc/9wbkjTYS
    2. https://postimg.cc/6y0fj87m
    3. Hi , Related to his post BL-Makiavelli ; https://ibb.co/qptSy36 He started with insults ; Ty;
    4. https://postimg.cc/mhZjrvs7 translate : fuck you, slave
    5. BetleyKOX

      Greetings he is trying to say something wrong to me BIBLETHUMP :(((((((((((((((((((( https://imgur.com/a/0YlAolw
    6. denislp3

      www.up2me.co.il/imgs/60869979.png 14/06/21 - 15:34 (3:34 pm)
    7. hey guys, I killed him yesterday in atlans 3, sense then he's just won't stop cursing me. please take care of it. time : 02:40 am
    8. BachuS

    9. g translate :fuck/burn your ass or something like that
    10. Hello Admin. I want to report NamNguyen, guy always Fukjn me when He online then spaming on POST Channel in Game Then He said bad language with Gion by Vietnamese. (Dit Me=..... vietnamese bad language) Im very tierd with Him
    11. Hi admin, I would like to report this character who has showing repeatable violation NamNguyen As you can see in the screenshot below, he has been cursing in Vietnamese -Fuck your mother MeoMeo -You son of bitch MeoMeo He has been doing before and after the ban multiple times on post which violated the “Only English in post”. Please ban him to keep our community clean and clear as the sky of Romania https://imgur.com/O0nAS0a
    12. g translate:fuck your mother
    13. NamNguyen, he continues to violate the game rules. please punish him .... https://imgur.com/pQtaXmm
    14. kalsiur

      "kalsiur what a trash u are" (polish shittalking) : ]
    15. iowa

      Offensive language at /post https://imgur.com/a/5hfIR3u
    16. https://imgur.com/a/yVTMKR3 This is the third time this player has committed a game. Block ???
    17. https://postimg.cc/G4t1QJ1n astralStep - BK In Tarkan said "Fuck you " and "Retard" His group been Ksing me and kill me so I am fighting back and he curse me and call me retard
    18. fixit

    19. NamNguyen Bad Language continue ... https://imgur.com/a/pKVKi8D https://imgur.com/a/JfrydO0 https://imgur.com/a/yQ4VTjS Gion punish him . Thank Gion
    20. g translate: suck my dick...fuck you and others
    21. These are the pictures of the spamming NamNguyen, with the irritation of the other players, and the acknowledgment of Gion. Yesterday he was in a MUTE 500 minutes. Today he still admits many others . Translate english : Fuck your mother adias and Fuck your mother MeoMeo
    22. g translate: fuck this loosers .....etc to many to translate
    23. rolexutz

      Give him some chills please https://postimg.cc/gallery/CbhK92z
    24. KillBill

      Translate: I piss on you jeg (no google translate for that word :P)
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