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    1. https://imgur.com/a/4dNE8X7 '' morti mati brucedildo '' - fuck your mother`s dead relatives brucedildo
    2. Images speak for themselves, not directed at me but I see this couple times a day every day from this person.
    3. https://postimg.cc/1ngNt9sg
    4. https://postimg.cc/yJ14C4s9 translate : u are handicap person
    5. https://ibb.co/NNFTpnN https://ibb.co/tZrCnJz https://ibb.co/BnRMzFn https://ibb.co/rxHs9GD https://ibb.co/C7Scffw
    6. https://postimg.cc/4HpmSkJF https://postimg.cc/JsHhhHHC
    7. https://postimg.cc/PL59YV0P translate : c'mon my slave
    8. https://postimg.cc/HVvJtch3 translate : i piss on this server
    9. https://easyupload.io/r9rvu9 there are many bad words there ... i'll point what is bothers me only ... - I put my dick in your family
    10. Hi Again... same problem with WEED/RedMg ( same pers ), just because i'm gens v and he's d and i killed him in relicks he start saying those things... I don't bother if he call me noob but my mother died 4 years ago so... and also to say f### on post... https://imgur.com/a/liz35mr https://imgur.com/a/w5SRCVB https://imgur.com/a/nX1NRxI https://imgur.com/a/pfE1KiI https://imgur.com/a/MLr10CZ
    11. Image - https://ibb.co/NYqhn2S Take care of it please. He's a really unpleasant person.
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