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    1. https://imgur.com/a/EFTzNNT 1 - it's the first time I post someone , the accused person still continues to be toxic... 2 - if it wasn't written on global and I didn't have a lost mother, I would skip it 3 - I want a transparent and fair decision thank you
    2. bl agresiv... https://imgur.com/a/ERHuOmE https://imgur.com/a/6NuIf6q https://imgur.com/a/yRnm1jl https://imgur.com/a/Eyiafs3 https://imgur.com/a/oPQ078e
    3. https://imgur.com/h61J0K0 https://imgur.com/OKuT1KG
    4. I made an offer to this monkey and that's the answer! Image
    5. Bad language Gravedigga. https://ibb.co/1JWWMgk
    6. https://prnt.sc/nAMUxG4bRi4x new one
    7. Traktorek calling someone (GadjDilo) gay, offensive for everyone, especially gay people. https://prnt.sc/KtFEOOBq9KcO
    8. Can we take a look at this and amuse ourselves? Good luck going forward to all of you, except some pups. https://ibb.co/d0vjshS https://ibb.co/qYJL8VY https://ibb.co/w038CVZ https://ibb.co/YXRRP0J
    9. Insulting after being pked in battle map .. https://imgur.com/K3uP8z6 https://imgur.com/8qRN368
    10. Character: Vykas Language-English-Insulting https://i.postimg.cc/bw41b6sK/Screen-11-07-07-53-0001.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/MTSR3v05/Screen-11-07-07-55-0002.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/vm9fvWnD/Screen-11-07-07-56-0003.jpg And dont stops Cheers
    11. Lang: Romanian https://imgur.com/eLMJY9S https://imgur.com/lIgH9ps https://imgur.com/QHLOFr6 https://imgur.com/yZfdFHL https://imgur.com/Skkmzvc https://imgur.com/jrHdsKz https://imgur.com/GHrCtUP
    12. https://imgur.com/a/8REZKLA I can see it on the same level as "rat", clearly he tried to offend me and say that i am not a man. Good week and good evening.
    13. https://i.postimg.cc/ZqQyrJhG/2.jpg
    14. Hellsing-BL/Insulting-English Hydro-BL/Insulting-English https://i.postimg.cc/25yZbVgd/1.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/ZqQyrJhG/2.jpg
    15. Hellsing-BL/Insulting-English Hydro-BL/Insulting-English https://i.postimg.cc/25yZbVgd/1.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/ZqQyrJhG/2.jpg https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/5035-bl-hellsing-hydro/
    16. https://postimg.cc/mt4p727w https://postimg.cc/PPM3ys4k
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