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    1. BachuS

      https://postimg.cc/FYgzCfCT https://postimg.cc/0zqrCGn6
    2. RushMePls

      https://imgur.com/a/JlBcEvc Don't know exatly where to put this man, he is keep bulling, provoke without any reason, then he come to blame about we are provoke him.....
    3. RushMePls

    4. RushMePls

      https://imgur.com/a/WjpGoEc https://imgur.com/a/j2IFbBM
    5. kthanhcb

    6. Sephix

      https://postimg.cc/JyVCzRVq Google translation from polish to english: fucking you in the face
    7. Sephix

      https://postimg.cc/Ny9fGWkx https://postimg.cc/dL30SkZX Makiavelli bad language in post.
    8. kthanhcb

      https://imgur.com/541n9Vq https://imgur.com/6TSeU2F
    9. Sephix

    10. Sephix

    11. Sephix

    12. Sephix

    13. Sephix

    14. RushMePls

      Bad language of sonkiMG Translate: sonkiMG :I am pee on your mother sonkiMG: Your mother will suck me https://imgur.com/a/xOR9HWT
    15. https://ibb.co/DRRByR3
    16. Tautvis

      https://imgur.com/a/19aP6KP @Gion will you also say that this is a random conversation from another map or spot?
    17. I don't know what GeorGia and AkaMe says but what Teroare sayed it's not nice
    18. Sephix

      https://postimg.cc/xNdNz8F6 Translation from romanian to english: you have free spots and you come upon me you scoundrel.
    19. BachuS

      https://postimg.cc/gxGRF0YH translate : u fking shit, fking faggot
    20. Makuto

    21. Yamato

      We were at BC7 at bonus time, I entered a random pt there, and as I saw that No1's pt was inside the castle, I said let's go 60. With that, SippyCup came to complain, saying that the 60 would not be free, that we were going to take ks, he said that I was dreaming of having the 60 free for us, that usual litany, however arriving there guess the 60 was free. After that he went to try to steal the quest from No1's pt, and I said "Am I the one dreaming?" and he started talking crap. In the end he couldn't get the quest and even said he was helping, as if a 15 pt reset needed help to do the bc7 quest... and of course I have some screens too. https://imgur.com/a/YEuOUnt
    22. BabyBoy

      Just give him a day to coll off
    23. LoveLetter


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