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Found 100 results

  1. https://ibb.co/GPbY1h6 no conversation before, i just killed him on golden SnellySum: u mother fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk SnellySum: son of a bitch SnellySum: fuck your mother on ass
  2. https://ibb.co/C80gmh3 speaking non english and insulting moldavian ppl to die in torment
  3. flee878

    Booster5 started BL on me only because i killed him at WW pvp invasion
  4. Hvman

    Here makiavelli has a double post for BL, and he already has a warning. He gets a 2day mute, with a warn active and a double BL post (in 2 diffferent instances) Here, ZazaX have 1 warn, and with ONLY 1 BL post he gets a 1 day ban. I'd like to make an appeal on his behalf to reconsider the 1 day ban and transform it into a 2day MUTE. If the rules do not apply the same on everyone just because they are Squadron or Hardcore, at least let us know, that u can bend them on your will. In my opinion the BL of Maki and ZaZaX are as bad, but they are treated different (And Maki has 2 instances of BL in 2 different days). P.S. I don't know what "your past" is supposed to mean, but according to YOUR rules, he is not elligible for a ban and i'm trying to understand why he is banned in the first place. "personal vendettas?"
  5. Pvp invasion start, i found a box 2 on lost 3 he comes attack me, i killed him, he got mad. And dont stop to BL and spam i got some 10 screens 1 - https://ibb.co/f4s6RmF 2 - https://ibb.co/nsbq4rV 3 - https://ibb.co/DV6mGZt 4 - https://ibb.co/pwxCwkq 5 - https://ibb.co/ss3qb0X 6 - https://ibb.co/gR3KP5z 7 - https://ibb.co/0rS2y7K 8 - https://ibb.co/n1jwWPY 9 - https://ibb.co/3C65J2M 10 - https://ibb.co/YXC6m4P
  6. We are talking on post, and for no reason chukundah come and bl me translation : "kaido cracudo da cracolandia" "kaido crack user from cracolandia" and also spoke in portuguese in the post "cracolândia" is a place in são paulo where homeless people accumulate and most are crack users, a highly addictive mixture of cocaine " https://ibb.co/chFnyBF https://ibb.co/ynYxh2w
  7. https://postimg.cc/mzDBWS9R and "peyser" means => https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Peyser
  8. Darkspirit

    10.05.2020 Snook: What are you saying RedBuLL? Makiavelli: He`s saying that your mother is a whore https://postimg.cc/TL3y4TBm 11.05.2020 https://postimg.cc/v4yZKQVB Snook: this Sunday also Rusuletz: :)))) Snook: and you brought the same Rusuletz: Funny Takeshi: we got rid of snook first time i guess Snook: la creme de la creme Diablo: Why are you so full of youself? Snook: Diablo: 3 weeks with 75 people No1liver: no1liver: what arrow has to do Makiavelli: Snook fuck you mother Le-am pus pe toate ca sa nu fac 2 topicuri.
  9. Darkspirit

    Bad Language + not english on /post - Booster2 neadudule, suck my dick
  10. Darkspirit

    Bad Language Booster5 https://postimg.cc/gallery/C89gBvn
  11. https://ibb.co/Y7M0p1z https://ibb.co/Vt3ThLp
  12. DarkMaster

  13. Hezer

    in turkish language they abused a lot of times. Ty. https://ibb.co/HDJtG9j https://ibb.co/RSfxYYM
  14. Flynn

    https://ibb.co/DkvNvmv https://ibb.co/SPnh5gQ
  15. My wife was cruising around in kanturu 2 trying to find a party and this happend... https://postimg.cc/gallery/XFzyPxt
  16. Luluu pizza

  17. There is no translation needed for this, NoLiver jumped into the conversation and started swearing, after they came on our stop and started KS, they started using bad language. I guess they are rednecks, what can I say. Translation: Print1: HooligaN: Darkio, we don't understand why you came here.. HooligaN: Haven't you seen us on spot or what? No1LiveEr: My friend, we were in Crywolf event DarKyO: :))))) Diablo: We stay here No1LiveEr: Where did I came? I stayed in this spot for 5 days HooligaN: So what? Print2: No1LiveEr: ? Diablo: For 3 days Diablo: We were gathering the mobs HooligaN: You should stay at Crywolf event HooligaN: If you went to Crywolf event Diablo: And you came on this spot No1LiveEr: Do you want to suck me off or what? Print3: DarKyo: Leave them No1LiveEr DarKyo: Let's stay here, over them HooligaN: brb forum Diablo: They are vegetables DarkYo: They take 6k xp anyway DarkYo: Once per 6 mobs Print4: Diablo: I take 6500xp Diablo: I was taking 7500 before DarkYo: yes man DarkYo: They take 6k when they all attack the mobs HooligaN: Wait me 10 minutes, I am going to post this on forum and we will talk after DarkYo: Go untill the morning No1LiveEr: Where is that "retard" with his forum? HooligaN: I want to see the fight DarkYo: I am taking care of this spot HooligaN: :)) There is your translation for every print, everything that we talked about. Is not that much, but it's because I stopped giving him attention and that's why he stopped swearing and flaming, imagine if I was giving him more attention, so yea, this type of kids deserve warn, mute or ban, to chill a bit and reflect on their IQ.
  18. Shadyzzka

    Nothing to add. See screenshot.
  19. danoc

    i piss on you all :google translate
  20. english translation using google translate:"I give you the blowjob"
  21. hudiny

    https://imgur.com/a/wak0uie Just gonna leave this here... *Flies away with covid19*
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