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    1. again talk about israel all timeeeeee שע
    2. https://ibb.co/XtC3VTp he knows really well who is , also described on post doesnt need me too specificly type here who is, and even tho is not targeted to me , its still sexually harassment in global post + disrespect towards family member
    3. inappropriate language on post again by Darknizard I think this things needs to be stopped, totally unacceptable. https://postimg.cc/WhHXq07k
    4. Stop acting like a kid man, you are over 40 years old , you should be ashamed.... So after you die 1000000 times during this night , you just cant handle like a man and you need to go discord and talk shit because afraid of ban? hahaha This LIDOR cant handle the game like a normal person, this guy , is the same guy who auto entitles himself of "boss" and cry about racism. For me a boss, is someone dangerous and Classy at same time, and not like this guy how i show in SS. I know this is discord but everyone know this is real Clidor. I know this wont ban this guy , but atleast i can show how low of a person this guy is. I show you how this Lidor(Onewar) is in reality. PS: my profile pic is sus sorry..... ps : I KNOW THIS IS A POINTLESS TOPIC BUT STILL I WANNA SHOW. .
    5. i take mute for dogs 12h https://i.postimg.cc/2S3Nx1vM/chuki.png
    6. Images speak for themselves https://imgur.com/a/XqdpBkh LaterEdit: Since the character was created on 10/05/2024, it's clearly that this is a player who has some personal issues with GION, and that the account was created solely with the purpose of insulting the staff along with spamming on /post with bad language. Therefore, I propose that for these kind of offenses, the login IP to be searched in the logs and all the accounts that were logged in from that IP to be banned at least 7 days for Staff Insults / Bad Language on /post. This way we discourage the others to adopt the same behavior online and also to think 3 times before posting bad language on /post (which can affect other's gaming experience).
    7. mahito he my friend tell me bitch?i can write bitch for ppl?i dont bitch if this can say ppl bitch this bad for me i got friends dont know what this bitch
    8. We are talking about the Holocaust again
    9. I am new player here, and this is unnaceptable calling others animals , like monkey, rats, dogs etc..... Gion please stop with this kind of behavior on server. Best regards, Thank You.
    10. https://postimg.cc/NKXMwkj3
    11. Today morning I woke up and found this on the internet https://imgur.com/30JqwgU after closer look we can see that none of those reports made by chukundah this night doesnt contains any harder or none breaking the rules and he is reporting ppl for ridiculous reasons just to ban them since himself continues insulting and now he is only trying to shaking and yelling with him self crazy after beeing banned for real criminal acts and probably can not take that frustration. I am just reminding that this person was again insulting all ppl on server in post and pm and attacking and provoking everyone, calling ppl in bad words using autopost, /see some valid reports + screenshots / atacking in PM´s ppl from alt BigBoobs but I dont see anything on those 7 false repots of his, on some of them are photoshoped screenshots but any of them doesnt contain any breaking the rules in my opinion but only Admin will decide this, however it will just consume a lot of his time only to fix chukundah´s frustration about prolonging his ban after continuos insulting even after warnings and trying to blanket it with false reports https://imgur.com/KiT64vo Question for the end: btw If someone is BANNED, shouldn´t he remain BANNED? But I see this guy on 15 accounts using AD spamming and insulting more active than usual
    12. Joking about family (mom) ... he already got ban for 4 days and looks like its not enoght /// add him few days more - we need to teach ppls normal language https://ibb.co/jfLhQjp
    13. Reporting Chukundah for repeating sexual harassement again, this time from alt since his main is banned for repeated sexual harasement, insulting, etc. so reporting again for vulgar insulting with trunctaion of my good friend Lidor´s name calling him Clydor repeatedly for weeks, before it was Clitor Clydoris etc,what thx to chukundah everyone on servers allready knows and which describes that womans button of love /Clydoris in many languages/ which chukundah is probably dreaming about and has no idea where to find it and in this way is dehonesting and attacking one of the best person on this server I know personaly by using the words weapon to do this. Lidor is very talented and creative funny MU player making this game and my life on this server much funnier and I am personaly determined to protect his honor and do my job and say something right now right here 🙂 prolonging ban on chukundah would be nice since he totaly ignores and dehonests Admins warnings and using trash talking alt without worry to ban main chars to make posts and autoposts all night as we see on screenshots to insult again https://imgur.com/KiT64vo btw Lidor is doing a perfect job atm and he is not hiding in kalima 7 because his PK level is highest I have ever seen now, peace and red wings
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