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Found 81 results

  1. bad language Neby SS: https://imgur.com/PjvL5DI
  2. Immature abuser: MadArrows Screens: https://imgur.com/a/jkhdnqJ Please mute him/her for several days. Such a behaviour is unacceptable.
  3. Woody

    https://ibb.co/9p3RDy4 https://ibb.co/rQ6XVxq https://ibb.co/m91pV6V https://ibb.co/xMxNK9F https://ibb.co/gtNyX0z
  4. wizardry

    https://postimg.cc/VSF3vycG I have two questions, why did you mute me and is that the reason why people quit the server?
  5. wizardry

  6. https://postimg.cc/XXKS8Bd9 https://postimg.cc/9wbkjTYS
  7. https://postimg.cc/tYN86mLM translate : suck my cock you and admin
  8. Hvman

    https://imgur.com/a/CqZTeBV Since TaleSp1N is from Israel and also Jew and this retard is bringing "Hitler" as what... a joke? This is insulting, and i thought even no1liveer could be this low KAPPA
  9. Hvman

    https://imgur.com/a/BKiWlZ0 No1LiveEr:" Suck my dick you, the admin, and all your relatives"
  10. wizardry

    I'm getting cyberbullid by some angry kid https://postimg.cc/gallery/Tmk8rbH
  11. hellldrake

  12. wizardry

    https://imgur.com/CKwq9t1 https://imgur.com/PIaVkCL not the first time tbh
  13. infamous

  14. Anomaly

    Name: nostradam https://postimg.cc/WF7HMg41
  15. IllegalBoy

    Acceptable language on server?
  16. Almighty

  17. Blarrick

    https://postimg.cc/w73j0N75 Jilet: 1 chaos icin ( For 1 chaos) Jilet: Kendini bile satarsin sen ( You can sell even yourself ) Asuna: Az daha dilen olacak ( If you beg more it will happen) Jilet: annene selam ( Say hey to ur mom) Jilet: orospu cocugu ( you son of a bitch) Asuna: Iyiki vermemisim ( Glad that didnt give to you) Jilet: orospucocuklari vermez ( Son of bitches dont give) Jilet : sende onalrdansin (and ure one of them)
  18. Blarrick

    https://postimg.cc/bSjK7KTf Skrillex: aq senin ( Fuck you) Blarrick: Nede guzel oldu ama ( It has been so good waht happened) Skrillex: Ananin amina sok ( Put it into your mother's pussy) Skrillex: Orospunun dogurdugu ( Son of a bitch)
  19. Cumpa

    KillALL: pidarilor Duke: why pidari? astralStep: I understand you KillALL: your mom's a whore KillALL: thats why https://imgur.com/a/0D2kBNb
  20. Krilios

    Seems that someone is grumpy in the morning. https://postimg.cc/8jFTsGsY https://postimg.cc/0rbT0fxM https://postimg.cc/hhL96FKH https://postimg.cc/1fDYv7dt A rough translation of what he said: -and I pray, what are you going to do ? -will you take my d*** for a ride ? -shut the eF up and make that level. -after that it seems you're stupid, you have a big mouth also. I believe this kind of behavior is just not something I want to see when I play the game. Let me know if I have to add something else. Hopefully the screens would suffice.
  21. Cumpa

    Ciupanezu : Deci tie iti place sa sugi pula= so you like to suck dick https://i.postimg.cc/t4cdBSQC/Screen-11-07-22-33-0000.jpg Ciupanezu: si cand ma sugi de pula= so when will you cuck my dick
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