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Found 40 results

  1. Hvman

    https://imgur.com/a/Lr6c932 @Gion it's been 2 days already since i've posted it.
  2. I want to report 5GSPORT of using bad language+racism without any context just because he was killed in the raid https://imgur.com/CQEX9zZ https://imgur.com/Aznu0H7 https://imgur.com/xKQQMyX PIZDA - PUSSY ebana - fuck BLYAT - fuck... ciganin mruser - dirty gypsy maika ti sha eba - T-shirt fuck you kopele ei! - bastard to her Thanks
  3. Hvman

    If it's necessary i will translate it but to be honest half of it i don't even know how to translate. There are serious words thrown. https://imgur.com/a/6bQwEDj @Gion
  4. tekolinooo

    I want to report Lulu of using bad language without any context. I am pretty sure this is Arseling's alt char. https://imgur.com/a/KwaUNjL Thanks! Best regards!
  5. sickflow

    after the golden invasion, i went to noria to drop the boxes, there was a friend of mine near noria's shop, i called him noob, but this Graveyard was close and he thought it was him and for nothing he started talking dirty. https://imgur.com/a/hHxs63k https://imgur.com/a/AQmMbr8 https://imgur.com/a/ic0O71l https://imgur.com/a/3uSL5r7 Translate : KAIDO: noob Graveyard: ? Graveyard whats ur problem kid? KAIDO: ?? KAIDO: im not talking with u, whats ur problem? Graveyard: u said noob near me KAIDO : and? Graveyard: fuck your mother Graveyard: to put free in the pussy Graveyard: to eat Grandpa's dick Graveyard: And you and your mother KAIDO: no problem i was talking in pm i just miss the chat but now i have some prints to u get muted thx. Graveyard: suck my balls Graveyard: Print this
  6. @Gion I know that hardcore is pretty helped around here, but to give Makiavelli a 2day mute then close the post? According to the server rules, acumulating a total of 3 warns, gives a player 1day Ban. Makiavelli, in this post got a 2day mute because he acumulated 2 warns. (According to your own rules you go: 1 warning = 1 day Mute 2 warnings = 2 days Mute 3 warnings = 1 day Ban I guess i should've seen it comming.
  7. Hvman

    NoSkill: "I know, i forgot you have your names written all over the spot, but i have nothing better to do than to kill you" Makiavelli:"I have something, to fuck your mother you stupid child" NoSkill:"1 day ban i think you take this time? Enjoy" Makiavelli: You are stupid.
  8. https://postimg.cc/F7b9cTgm edit after 1.5h: https://postimg.cc/nM4fDLBg you already know what peyser means thanks to that toxic players gijdillaq = http://www.youswear.com/index.asp?word=gijdillaq And he already has warn for same reason, consider this.
  9. https://ibb.co/pn2rqq8 https://ibb.co/X7W132C "peyser" means => https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Peyser
  10. Wolf

    MARC, this guy left IT after the team lost the first ball, he was mad at first for not being in the other team and after losing the first ball he said, and I quote, '' I can't play with this team, bye'' nice frustrated old guys we got here... The SS was taken after everyone went afk, what happend was exactly after they took the ball. this is not the first time it happens... https://ibb.co/1bkLpsC
  11. https://ibb.co/GPbY1h6 no conversation before, i just killed him on golden SnellySum: u mother fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk SnellySum: son of a bitch SnellySum: fuck your mother on ass
  12. https://ibb.co/C80gmh3 speaking non english and insulting moldavian ppl to die in torment
  13. flee878

    Booster5 started BL on me only because i killed him at WW pvp invasion
  14. Hvman

    Here makiavelli has a double post for BL, and he already has a warning. He gets a 2day mute, with a warn active and a double BL post (in 2 diffferent instances) Here, ZazaX have 1 warn, and with ONLY 1 BL post he gets a 1 day ban. I'd like to make an appeal on his behalf to reconsider the 1 day ban and transform it into a 2day MUTE. If the rules do not apply the same on everyone just because they are Squadron or Hardcore, at least let us know, that u can bend them on your will. In my opinion the BL of Maki and ZaZaX are as bad, but they are treated different (And Maki has 2 instances of BL in 2 different days). P.S. I don't know what "your past" is supposed to mean, but according to YOUR rules, he is not elligible for a ban and i'm trying to understand why he is banned in the first place. "personal vendettas?"
  15. Pvp invasion start, i found a box 2 on lost 3 he comes attack me, i killed him, he got mad. And dont stop to BL and spam i got some 10 screens 1 - https://ibb.co/f4s6RmF 2 - https://ibb.co/nsbq4rV 3 - https://ibb.co/DV6mGZt 4 - https://ibb.co/pwxCwkq 5 - https://ibb.co/ss3qb0X 6 - https://ibb.co/gR3KP5z 7 - https://ibb.co/0rS2y7K 8 - https://ibb.co/n1jwWPY 9 - https://ibb.co/3C65J2M 10 - https://ibb.co/YXC6m4P
  16. We are talking on post, and for no reason chukundah come and bl me translation : "kaido cracudo da cracolandia" "kaido crack user from cracolandia" and also spoke in portuguese in the post "cracolândia" is a place in são paulo where homeless people accumulate and most are crack users, a highly addictive mixture of cocaine " https://ibb.co/chFnyBF https://ibb.co/ynYxh2w
  17. https://postimg.cc/mzDBWS9R and "peyser" means => https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Peyser
  18. Darkspirit

    10.05.2020 Snook: What are you saying RedBuLL? Makiavelli: He`s saying that your mother is a whore https://postimg.cc/TL3y4TBm 11.05.2020 https://postimg.cc/v4yZKQVB Snook: this Sunday also Rusuletz: :)))) Snook: and you brought the same Rusuletz: Funny Takeshi: we got rid of snook first time i guess Snook: la creme de la creme Diablo: Why are you so full of youself? Snook: Diablo: 3 weeks with 75 people No1liver: no1liver: what arrow has to do Makiavelli: Snook fuck you mother Le-am pus pe toate ca sa nu fac 2 topicuri.
  19. Darkspirit

    Bad Language + not english on /post - Booster2 neadudule, suck my dick
  20. Darkspirit

    Bad Language Booster5 https://postimg.cc/gallery/C89gBvn
  21. https://ibb.co/Y7M0p1z https://ibb.co/Vt3ThLp
  22. https://prnt.sc/s950j7
  23. Hezer

    in turkish language they abused a lot of times. Ty. https://ibb.co/HDJtG9j https://ibb.co/RSfxYYM
  24. Flynn

    https://ibb.co/DkvNvmv https://ibb.co/SPnh5gQ
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