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  1. Iwant2Fap

    Hi * As mentioned before, jewels such as creation have less value then it should be. Credits on the other hand is starting to become more usefull since jewels can be farmed very quickly and very fast. Maybe drop rate of jewels lower and credits to buy them higher? --> BC and DS should be places to farm jewels and other valuables. * You guys are working on CS V2 and for that I thank you (only 1 guild always wins so CS can benamed to theirs). * RF is still strong considering the damage he does against Wizards and Elfs. Any nerfs for their Pvp attack rate? * Pvp quest : people tend to go kalima maps so they can't be killed (my level becomes 380 and I teleport to Kalima 7) which makes the quest irrelevant. * It's good to have 2 IP max in this game, but i'm pretty sure there are people with 3-5 accounts online in higher maps and their parties are always full and with the same people. I don't think coincidence can be that much. * Is it possible to add higher end gear from other seasons in the game? Some variation of armour would be nice to see . * OSGM events should be refreshed evry month without the players that became top 3 the previous month. They have to participate a month later or so idk. I might have forgotten something but i'll keep rewriting if I remind it. Tyvm Happy 2020 evryone ! (^_^)
  2. Iwant2Fap

    I had a lot of fun with this event Hope that people will join in the future. Thanks for letting us play admin !
  3. Iwant2Fap

    Guys join the event, it will give you rewards and is pretty fun to play especially with your friends !
  4. Iwant2Fap

    Captains mail me for ingame soccer event please -- 20.00 sv time we are available --
  5. Iwant2Fap

    Welcome to the champions club, brother!
  6. Team: 3Musketeers Captain: (Iwant2Fap) SM Player2: (21RollMG) BK Player3: (MaximusDM) MG *Back-up: (KereMG) MG
  7. Iwant2Fap

    Ty for the advice 😁😁
  8. Iwant2Fap

    Hey guys I would like to know which stats are better for SM since I didn't play MU in general for a long time. Anyone who could explain + help me out? Thanks
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