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  1. danixblade

    +2 more prints ADMIN! Take a look and make +1 day or 2 days. https://postimg.cc/SJbfVXkR https://postimg.cc/RNTKRXgp print 1 : how are u dog take _|_ u still bark ? zatt bad dog join discord coz u are nothing call me on discord garbage people we don`t fuck with ur mind u are strong coz u know how to swear ? other things u don`t know to do zatt garbages Print 2: and u still paly here on srv ? are u treatning me or what ? its your server and I don`t know ? no, I just looking for a rat lab and I was thinking u don`t play and u offer suck the rat labs thanks, and excuse my bad language if its bad u can read and that its important
  2. https://postimg.cc/v4gbMz6x Flame a dat post cu aripa si telovesc ala s-a bagat in seama pe post. Ar trebui sa isi ia warn si mute o perioada ca sa se invete minte. mersi!
  3. danixblade


    SUSTIN! Este o lepra si merita banat, face doar rau pe srv iar asta impacteaza activitatea player-lor
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