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    1. Fane

      Hello, Golden invasion can start randomly on the hour when it`s due. Example: If it`s 3:30 PM and on "H" or website you see that the golden invasion start in 30 minutes it means that from 4PM to 5PM the invasion can start anytime.
    2. Fane

      [UPDATED] Mercenary Squad released Note: You need at least level 250 to join the Squad. Note2: When your target is in a higher map than your level, you can use /qwarp. Note3: Current Mercenary Bounty reward is: 90% chance for Soul / Life / Chaos 10% chance for IT Ticket, Scrolls (DEF,DMG,etc.), Antidotes. Note: You can vault it for later when the reward will be updated or use them now as they are. If your statement is right then this must've been an error which has probably been adjusted by admin. New sta
    3. Because we have such a high population in the first couple of months(750-800+) after the server starts, EE is not an option as we can only login with 2 chars/IP....basically you are forced to have EE as a 2nd character(or at lease 1 member of your party)...and you kinda lose a lot not having an ALT to farm golds/WB. And allowing 3 chars/IP would be way too much. Imagine another let`s say... 300+ chars in game. Previous editions mobs have been reworked so you can make a decent KS not being forced to have EE in party.
    4. How about average level/resets/guild...? Like...total guild members level to be "X" or total guild members reset to be "X".
    5. Fane

      Thai,the only fault it’s yours and only yours, you should never ever sell anything for real money. but we gotta take into consideration the heras of Truesquad....it’s a bit bitchy right?
    6. Fane

      For all the UK players that have internet from VirginMedia,there is nothing wrong with the server,our provider has some issues. More info: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8261941/Virgin-Media-does-Thousands-broadband-users-UK-unable-online.html
    7. Fane

      IT is already 1/day...problem is that there are too many players near "Mirage",it`s so laggy... I think having a second Mirage NPC or IT every 8 hours(3/day instead of 2/day) can give opportunity for more players to get in.
    8. Hello, Was wondering if we can have IllusionTemple event every 8 hours. We are 800 on server,most of us with similar levels,unfortunately only 40/day/level can go in IT. IT5(371-400),there are 100+players that can get in IT4(331-370),must be more than 200 that can get in Thanks
    9. After your statement regarding 380 items(not gonna be on phoenix), are we gonna have wings lvl4 ? If yes can you please tell us how are will we make them ? To be more clear,can you please tell us if 380 will not be available at all or will be but only non exe ?
    10. Or maybe none....forcing everyone(those who desire) to play on 2 accounts 1 pve and 1 cs/pvp(build).
    11. Are we gonna have Barnake Pad and Drake Vine ? Know we didn`t have them on Inception.
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