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  1. Fane

    Thai,the only fault it’s yours and only yours, you should never ever sell anything for real money. but we gotta take into consideration the heras of Truesquad....it’s a bit bitchy right?
  2. Fane

    For all the UK players that have internet from VirginMedia,there is nothing wrong with the server,our provider has some issues. More info: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8261941/Virgin-Media-does-Thousands-broadband-users-UK-unable-online.html
  3. Fane

    Hello,is it only me or Doppleganger event is too easy ? I`ve tried different levels, like 360+ and 390+ all the time was easy,mobs die from 4-6 hits. What do you guys think ?
  4. Fane

    IT is already 1/day...problem is that there are too many players near "Mirage",it`s so laggy... I think having a second Mirage NPC or IT every 8 hours(3/day instead of 2/day) can give opportunity for more players to get in.
  5. Hello, Was wondering if we can have IllusionTemple event every 8 hours. We are 800 on server,most of us with similar levels,unfortunately only 40/day/level can go in IT. IT5(371-400),there are 100+players that can get in IT4(331-370),must be more than 200 that can get in Thanks
  6. Fane

    Translation: "Atenea(MystHH) makes an abuse of offending,this is harassment trying to get replies in order to ban. It`s time to stop and please take the necessary measures..." I would like to add this...maybe as a suggestion that from now on warns/bans to be applied on IP/HWID as not the ingame name is the one who`s using the bad language,but the player behind the keyboard. Thanks
  7. Energy elf only works on castle siege(server 20). Don’t waste to much points on energy,especially if you have only just started now ! After you manage to make some resets you can add 5k ene (in order to use ice arrow)...but for now I would suggest you to stop adding points into energy. If you need extra infos about server can find them here:
  8. Fane

    https://imgur.com/7cKU3ah This one rly deserve to be baned.
  9. Fane

    Oh come on...it`s clear as a blue sky...we have lost CS couple hours ago...who else would he spoken to ? It`s clearly our friend "MystHH"... but hey-ho,not enough evindence.
  10. Fane

    https://ibb.co/sKws03H Thanks
  11. Fane

    Having an extra sub server won’t be a good idea,even for 1-5 or 1-20 resets. At this stage of the game ppl with 30+ rrs that have alts can get them geared up,farm the “newbie server” and actually be worse for newbies as they will probably have to pay higher prices for the items they desire. Won’t be a long time till ADMIN will open a new one(server) where you can start from the first day.
  12. Fane

    Being active is a very good thing in order to make some extra credits. You can “farm” them by : 1) Killing goldens(on gold invasion) 2) killing rabbits(on rabbits invasion) 3) Killing WW(White Wizard) 3) Getting a higher rank on weekly BloodCastle,DevilSquare,Chaod Castle, Voters. 4) Killing Selupan,Medusa,Bloody Queen,Kundun,Cursed Dragon,Balgass,DarkElves,Nightmare. etc more info here:
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