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    1. ReiDoDibre

      I was going to continue playing after transferring and taking it seriously, I'm not going anymore, I didn't even bother, I look for a game to have fun not to be arguing with people who don't understand. no more 1 level on this server, I'm tired
    2. ReiDoDibre

    3. ReiDoDibre

      already disfavor the server, look for another game, get boring, be happy, thank you everything is fine, you administrator just lost a very dedicated player, tied.
    4. ReiDoDibre

      I didn’t understand why Gaion mutated me for a long time, hours, the server is cool, there’s something to do "H", there is always a crazy person on the internet and I like to joke is that what you didn’t approve of? boy, i'm an adult live alone in my own house, pay my bills and you want to control what i say? you have to laugh, ridiculous, not that I care, I'm superior, but you can't go unnoticed, I respect myself in 10 days know if putting like gm spoils the server as a whole, in my humble opinion. Just kidding, whoever comes to talk to me the next time I start, don't expect me to
    5. ReiDoDibre

      Good night, I'm being forced to report Dark, I'm playing the server for half the days, and enjoying it a lot, but Dark is chasing me and giving me KS, I'm going to sleep he goes on my spot and leave it there, I I don’t think this is right and it can’t continue like this, it’s hindering my game, I’m going to start the game, I’m going to install some program now to record the screen and notify, can I count on your help GM/ADM? please. Thank you.
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