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    1. Spawn

      Same history is with Relics, range mobs, unpopular map with best drop.
    2. Spawn

      The first and perhaps most important thing is the attack range of the mobs, in vulcanus it's nice that they come to you. The second is different effects such as ice, poison, the third is a drop, if you choose between swamp and raklion where the socket falls. well, the last one is the power of mobs, Iron Knignt is too strong, and the rest are not weak
    3. Retard, full chat, no just on pice of that
    4. Spawn

      oh yeah, lets talk about broken classes :D
    5. Spawn

      15 failures you had at the beginning of the topic under discussion, 15 now, so, number doesn't change
    6. Spawn

      IT join system, its rly broken now, i don't remember what is reason to change it but now for shure in last IT ppls join just with scripts or some esle programs. Earlier its sistem its be much better when u can open IT menu 5-10 minutes before the start. Alts who farm Zen & jwls. A lot of projects i see how u(Admin) try to change somthink to release low-level maps from farmers, mb better to increase jwls drop on hight mapts and decrease on low, and same make with zen. I know what drop zen is proportional of ur exp, will be good if u can divide normal exp from ML and increase drop zen for that segment(ML) if I'm not mistaken curent zen formula is ur exp*2.5, mb up that especially for ML. Exe items from Bok, i disagree from start with system where u can get higer item from lower bok, becouse its a little stupid to going and farm bok for especially one item set but a lot of time u get higer tier item but completly usles for u. A 1-2 weeks ago our guild get mb 70% of all boks+3 but we cant find a normal gear from that. While many people had items with 2 options without killing a single gold one. And i don't talk about market and trade because we too monitoring and buying items. Gold medal, i think him drop too late, and items from him is too bad if we compare stage and map where u can get it. SM Teleport, can u repair it and make him KD after her use but no just klick/misclick
    7. https://ibb.co/gJTdWg2 RuSuLeTzZz: stupid moldovan
    8. Spawn

      No one obliges you to master any language perfectly, only on the forum and in the post only English should appear, but its level only affects how much you will be well understood. This is not the first manifestation of racism on the part of you and but No1Liver in particular. And the fact that you come up with all sorts of stupid excuses in his defense does not do you credit. @Gion ALOHA: GO MORE ALOHA: :D No1LivEr: you again can't write Romanian ? No1LivEr: and you wanted to be like Romanian ? ALOHA: Im not a Romanian GaaRa: Im Moldovan ALOHA: to write Romanian No1LivEr: you are gypsies
    9. Sorry for the late response, I agree that dont need touch MG/DL/RF but i noticed it earlier what huge difference is it. Why was it necessary to raise the level for the rest of the classes?? All can in atlans with 90 lvl-a and mg.dl. rf with 60, in standard gmo there was a gap but not so much big.
    10. i have a question, in Inception u add in drop rings and pendants from mobs lvl 70+(i dont remember concretely) what is the reason of that items? coz they drop only +0.
    11. Spawn

      That is a visual representation of some skills Double Damage (2hits) Combo (3hits)
    12. Spawn

      I sincerely wonder how this story will end, you don't often see a person who sincerely believes that if he is a BK he can throw stats anywhere and still kill you. )
    13. Spawn

      now i understand why u weak, u just dolbaeb
    14. Spawn

      if u have Buff build, any balanced and adjustment didn't help u, if u dont understand what ur concretly that stat build is shit in PVP, i cant help u.
    15. Spawn

      What does the screen I threw have in common with your debt, you fucker ? that screen is not proof of duty, but proof that you are a killua, since you denied this fact and invented fsiakie stories that he is your "friend", etc. And if u blame me coz im from Moldova, i too can blame u coz u are from Poland like shiti GROM and stolen ppls credits here. I didn't need your shitty credit back then, and now, I'm just trying to tell you that you're a piece of shit who pretends to be a butterfly.
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