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    1. I wasn't going to pour shit on you in this topic, but only tried to convey to you at least my personal opinion about the community. First of all, you suggested that we try to play on other servers for at least a year so that we could see the difference. I've been playing, and I'll tell you this, you're wrong in many ways, the only significant plus of your project is relatively stable and live online, the second is your honesty, namely, you don't sell/distribute custom items to selected people. Well, if it's constructive, I'll write you what I like on this server, and what I don't like. --For the most part, I like the system with the Golden Invasion, so that I would change it in it, for a start, I would remove Budg Dragon and put drop pendants and rings in all boxes with the same % of dropout. --I like features like /invasion/wallet /pack/part jwls, although not all of them are unique, and most of them I have met on other servers, maybe with the exception of /invasion. --I like CS v2, v3 it's clearly not a system for this server, or at least part of a system with golems, statues, etc. --Accelerated imperial event is also good, without long waits and transitions between levels, and of course fights for the best time. -BC/DS. What i dont like here. ---The whole PvP system, it's set up so that if you want to play fully, you just can't kill, since most of the events are scheduled for random time, having limitations in the move, you just drop out of the game for a long enough period. --The way out of the situation that I looked at on another project is a quick Clear PK, 100PK are displayed on the spot in about 30 minutes- 1 hour. BC\DS 10-20 minutes. --Reward from Gens. Complete shit, you got a reward for killing people at a definitely random time who are just lvling, walking away or going to bed. And 15% of exp that are given in the genus maps is quite a worthy reward considering that without "punishment" and skills targeting you can be killed by any of the opposite gens. --Mercenary. Full of shit again with random kills. Where in most cases you hope that the target will be afk, you will kill him and get a fucking bounty. And vice versa, sitting at the computer all day and not seeing more than one attack, you go to the bathroom and when you return you are die. --New Arena. full of shit again. You know how hard it is to change something. You are creating a complex unknown system. I didn't have the slightest desire to sort it out and go into it, for all the time, in my opinion, I only joined in 1 time, and them because friends called me. --You could just leave the old system, and let's say every day the one who took the first place is banned from entering until next week. --World Bosses. facepalm. How many times you tried to explain to everyone how to take them, you could guess that again, such a system is not for this game. --Chars changes its another big shit. --Farm chars, pvp chars, leveling chars. And if you want to playfully, you should have everything. --DL summon restriction, SM teleport CD and spot restriction, MG cyclone, Elf IceAge, Everyone chooses their character not for the beauty of the wings, but for its features. You destroy them. ---And the cherry on the cake, with all complaints, on all projects, ignoring BK, yes, it's not easy, yes, you need scripts, straight hands, using 3rd party software (new mouse in which you can write a combination\script).it doesn't matter, I mean that it's possible to bring everyone to their knees, every season, every CS, every event where there is PVP, one character always comes and just forces you to close this game and never enter it. No matter how much effort and money you spend, you won't have a chance. That's exactly how I left this game 2 project ago, as soon as this piece of shit Zutto killed me 3 times in a row after spawn with Combo in IT, then I closed this game and don't go into it until now. Now I'm asking my friend KILLALL that happens, why u leave? . He said, Im fully dressed, that condom kills me with one combo. No one can't kill him. Only money spent. And you also accuse us that we are shit, that we are blind to your actions and take everything for granted. ___________________________________________________________________________________ P.S. Oh, I also forgot to say, the test server is full of shit, designed for all players but giving an incredible advantage to old players and really people who are concerned about the game. Close it.
    2. Dear Admin, let's talk on equal terms, there were a lot of accusations towards the community, in some you may be right, but in most you are mistaken. I've already written about it here and I won't waste my time looking for my post, but I'll say briefly, all your discontent and frustration from "us" is 99% your fault, it was you who ridiculed every idea that in your and only your opinion was terrible, you didn't give any explanations for your global changes in balance/class. You tried to make a Lineage (let's say) out of this old game MU Online. And what kind of community did you expect to get if for the most part only old players play here who know every inch of this game, who even before opening have access to the test server and know at each level where and how they will lvl-up. For this reason, new people don't stay here for long, and old people just leave. And those who stayed already know good and bad teammates. And here again what I said earlier, earlier in the same topic, you mixed 2 reviews with shit and praised the other just because their post is a "joke". People are just tired or afraid to write something to you, because this is an ADMIN, he is definitely authoritative and knows more about this game than 25-35-45-year-old uncles who played this game 5 times more than our ADMIN. As bitter as it may sound, but this is life, and since it was clear to most here and you confirmed it, it is also a commercial project. We all work not because we like it, but because we want to eat. And the better you do your job, putting up with all those responsible, the more profitable it will be. If you want to continue doing your job and for people to really appreciate it, listen to what people are telling you and not just blindly follow your ideas. Give them freedom of speech. Making a game for Zutto, who consistently spend $ 1k per project, you slowly lose another audience who first, appreciated your efforts, and then faced with the situation that they are even, and with the same money spent or less, they are zero in this "free2play" game.
    3. It's wrong translate and u know it. But if we see better in the screen....
    4. I completely agree with you, these class changes break the whole charm of the game. Ignoring the unbalanced abilities of some classes and cutting down on the features of other classes annoys me
    5. HI, my 5 cents. I think that no restrictions will induce people to split into 3+ alliances. This community is teeming with drama, someone has offended one, someone has stolen items from another, someone is sucking all the juices out of the entire clan in favor of 3-5 characters. And this is just an event, 1 time a week, in the middle of the day, weekend ....summer....if you know what I mean. In fact, there will always be 3 guilds, hardcore, those who don't like hardcore, and Vietnamese) Having a smaller number of people in the guild also has its drawbacks, 15-20 people in the guild means 2 guilds of HC (for example) which will prevent the rest of the participants from capturing the seal. The second thing that pushes away from participating in the castle is the castle system itself, no matter what anyone said, but there was one advantage in the original system, there really was no way to predict who would become the winner, decided case, the position, and as always the strength of the characters decided. CS v2-v3 are also good to one degree or another, he made every minute important (of course I'm lying, only the last 15 minutes were important, maybe 30). As a result, as it was said earlier, both here and in the topic about the arena, the more complex the system is (specifically in this game) the less popular it is.Again, the example of Soccer and Arena. If you want a good game, take care of the balance of the characters, and not "this", which has been going on here for several editions. Peace to all in this difficult time. DIEEEEEEEE P.S. Remove finally my ban IP on forum ))
    6. Yap good idea but in that case need to remove donate, to be make All ppls including u, in similar situations, coz in another situation u and rest of ppls who can spend a lot of $ in the game will be rise without a problem but ppls who rely play with minimal donate(VIP) will make 1 rr in 1 week.
    7. Remove SD ignore options from the game. Decrease Gold Medal lvl drop from mobs, or make items with it really competitive with items that drop from the usual monsters on that lvl. Gold Medal its rly usles in all stage of the game without exceptions. Make Fenrrir more available for all or remove it from the game. IMHO its one of the most imba item from the game, and it's not fair to get it by pure luck. Need to add more OB1-2 to the game, on middle and late game its harder to obtain than OB5. And if first stage of the game u cannot drop from him rare item, that make no-sense farm that set. Arena. 1.each kill 100 points 2.each die 50 points 3.each player can kill same person just 2 times 4.for each kill after 2 kills -50 points 5.for each hit/skill in target who u already kill 2 times -10 points 6.for 4 kill of same target disband 7.max negative points from die -200 but u can get more (point 4. and 5.) 8.disband if u gave -300 points BK can't "inside in" other charter to prevent abuse All bufs just urself (Sum) Max 3 buffs, if u have more system RANDOM deleted other. All skill-s work (TP SM)
    8. Same history is with Relics, range mobs, unpopular map with best drop.
    9. The first and perhaps most important thing is the attack range of the mobs, in vulcanus it's nice that they come to you. The second is different effects such as ice, poison, the third is a drop, if you choose between swamp and raklion where the socket falls. well, the last one is the power of mobs, Iron Knignt is too strong, and the rest are not weak
    10. oh yeah, lets talk about broken classes :D
    11. 15 failures you had at the beginning of the topic under discussion, 15 now, so, number doesn't change
    12. IT join system, its rly broken now, i don't remember what is reason to change it but now for shure in last IT ppls join just with scripts or some esle programs. Earlier its sistem its be much better when u can open IT menu 5-10 minutes before the start. Alts who farm Zen & jwls. A lot of projects i see how u(Admin) try to change somthink to release low-level maps from farmers, mb better to increase jwls drop on hight mapts and decrease on low, and same make with zen. I know what drop zen is proportional of ur exp, will be good if u can divide normal exp from ML and increase drop zen for that segment(ML) if I'm not mistaken curent zen formula is ur exp*2.5, mb up that especially for ML. Exe items from Bok, i disagree from start with system where u can get higer item from lower bok, becouse its a little stupid to going and farm bok for especially one item set but a lot of time u get higer tier item but completly usles for u. A 1-2 weeks ago our guild get mb 70% of all boks+3 but we cant find a normal gear from that. While many people had items with 2 options without killing a single gold one. And i don't talk about market and trade because we too monitoring and buying items. Gold medal, i think him drop too late, and items from him is too bad if we compare stage and map where u can get it. SM Teleport, can u repair it and make him KD after her use but no just klick/misclick
    13. Sorry for the late response, I agree that dont need touch MG/DL/RF but i noticed it earlier what huge difference is it. Why was it necessary to raise the level for the rest of the classes?? All can in atlans with 90 lvl-a and mg.dl. rf with 60, in standard gmo there was a gap but not so much big.
    14. i have a question, in Inception u add in drop rings and pendants from mobs lvl 70+(i dont remember concretely) what is the reason of that items? coz they drop only +0.
    15. That is a visual representation of some skills Double Damage (2hits) Combo (3hits)
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