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  1. Spawn

    due to the fact that fenrir brings a large imbalance in pvp we will up horn and dino and make a little alternative for rest of ppls who cant do fenrir ?
  2. Spawn

    Services> Account Logs, try to find them yourself, you have enough resources for this
  3. Spawn

    Join Market >History, if someone steall is u will be known who but andmin don't return it.
  4. whether it was bad luck or someone under the pretext of lags trying to get the lost thing back. In my opinion, misleading the administrator threatens to ban
  5. Spawn

    U will have 90% pt in bc/ds if u join in event on last min, but only if inside is 2-4 ppl
  6. Spawn

    I don't see any obstacles from use Fenrir on IT. What is difference between DL horse and fenrir's ? Someone farm a lot for him but cant use him in some events like DL use horse. Every time i forgot to ask, why DL's horse are invulnerable ? webzen make mekanism for repair pets. Its bad for economy when u spend a lot of time for farm Horse/Raven Spirits, and after u make a pet, that lost 99% of him price.
  7. Teleport on SM was returned in arena after u add cooldown on him. SM TP is part of character work, u cant abuse it in team play work, that skill is for save urself.
  8. Spawn

    In race event, your spawn decides in 90% who will win. If you take a position from left to right>>> 2 > 3 >then 1 have the most chances to win, the rest have almost no chance to win. The entire race is decided at the first corner. I suggest to spawn all ppls in one point with "transparency" (like u eliminated from OSGM) Here I can't understand you, I always point out a specific problem and try to offer a solution to it. And PPLS calls me a cryyy just because they wanted to insult me. And lets be honest, all that situations start from u. I started discussion about ARF, alone vs all Squadrons and u i try to change something, i comming with arguments, frames, but u dont listen me, Squadron just use that situation in her favor, some ppls from my guild get BAN becouse they tired of asking you and at one point started insults u. And what is final ? u finaly make a changes but I was still left cryууу in your eyes because I tried to make the game enjoyable for everyone Yes, my English is not very good, I'm struggling to formulate a sentence that would be understandable to everyone. But since other languages are forbidden here, I try. Eu voi rămâne acelaşi CRYYY decât voi fi orb la unbalanced sau voi folosi un avantaj necinstit în favoarea mea. Dar, din moment ce nu pot schimba nimic, voi termina jocul meu în acest stadiu decât să joc mai departe știind că totul este în zadar.
  9. Spawn

    1. if the characters received "transparency" as after being eliminated from the event and everyone started the race from 1 point it would be much fair if you think pointing out problems is crying, I'd rather stay the same person than be blind, do something to my advantage or will playing without reason if nothing doesn't change .
  10. Spawn

    I don’t like exe drop mechanism from Boxes, ppls dress in 2op items in +- first stage and after goldens lost a lot of their value. IMHO better will be if all items will drop 100% with 1opt and luck and 1-5% without luck and 2opt . First set for example will give 10def, last set 200(if we talk about 30res) Bosses HP bar will be nice if he will be hide, it's more interesting when u cant prognosis when Boss fall.
  11. Spawn

    In server description cleary say what Aelf is weak in pvp, I too want all classes to be same in pvp but we have it,its admin judges. Vrf have low pvmDsr and mb he can beat u on BC or rabbits coz they don't have a lot Dsr, but on medusa/selupan and mb kundun Vrf have low DPS. MB if admin will rise dsr on Bc statues that will be resolve situation. Mate, u don't play here first day, u know de rules, descriptions and if u make Arf u understand her strong and weak parts. Rf can easy make rebuild if something going wrong and make Vrf but elf don't have same possibilities P.S. next please
  12. Spawn

    u put ene for ice arrow, vit for survive and after u say what Vrf beat u in PvM. Focus ur build in once direction and after compare classes
  13. Spawn

    That's right, this is the main feature of MuOnline that sets It apart from other MMORPG games, its own build and not just what the game offers you, think in real time what stat u need is at the moment or in future. Now there is almost one Assembly for each class. Why do you always complain about the balance or different aspects of the game ? Your balance now is how much time you devote to the game and how much money you are willing to spend here if you don't have time. And I'm being completely objective. You brought here such beautiful formulas, wrote what and how much % you need to nerf or up, and the meaning? if you have the opportunity to go through all this again on the Test server and find the Golden formula again. A weak point can always be found by having the source code for this, and you can polish it indefinitely because for some characters there are formulas that are combined with others and the result is a huge mess. I dont like to test stuff ? don't make me laugh.
  14. Spawn

    What you're right about ? the macro really helps those who can play and only them. I believe that the main problem here is in the test server and free stats change on IT and CS. This game has not old MuOnline become the game where to be at the top you had to correctly set the stats, find a good set and fight for each Boss. Now having a test server, most people just honed their stats, the other half copied them. Now it is not the mind that dominates, the understanding of the game and strategy, but the time that you devote to the game. Lets GM-s only have stats reset on CS, IT with ur owner stats, and remove test server on next edition.
  15. Spawn

    this offer is only valid for him or any person who eats it ? :D
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