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    1. https://ibb.co/gJTdWg2 RuSuLeTzZz: stupid moldovan
    2. Spawn

      No one obliges you to master any language perfectly, only on the forum and in the post only English should appear, but its level only affects how much you will be well understood. This is not the first manifestation of racism on the part of you and but No1Liver in particular. And the fact that you come up with all sorts of stupid excuses in his defense does not do you credit. @Gion ALOHA: GO MORE ALOHA: :D No1LivEr: you again can't write Romanian ? No1LivEr: and you wanted to be like Romanian ? ALOHA: Im not a Romanian GaaRa: Im Moldovan ALOHA: to write Romanian No1Liv
    3. Sorry for the late response, I agree that dont need touch MG/DL/RF but i noticed it earlier what huge difference is it. Why was it necessary to raise the level for the rest of the classes?? All can in atlans with 90 lvl-a and mg.dl. rf with 60, in standard gmo there was a gap but not so much big.
    4. i have a question, in Inception u add in drop rings and pendants from mobs lvl 70+(i dont remember concretely) what is the reason of that items? coz they drop only +0.
    5. Spawn

      That is a visual representation of some skills Double Damage (2hits) Combo (3hits)
    6. Spawn

      I sincerely wonder how this story will end, you don't often see a person who sincerely believes that if he is a BK he can throw stats anywhere and still kill you. )
    7. Spawn

      now i understand why u weak, u just dolbaeb
    8. Spawn

      if u have Buff build, any balanced and adjustment didn't help u, if u dont understand what ur concretly that stat build is shit in PVP, i cant help u.
    9. Spawn

      What does the screen I threw have in common with your debt, you fucker ? that screen is not proof of duty, but proof that you are a killua, since you denied this fact and invented fsiakie stories that he is your "friend", etc. And if u blame me coz im from Moldova, i too can blame u coz u are from Poland like shiti GROM and stolen ppls credits here. I didn't need your shitty credit back then, and now, I'm just trying to tell you that you're a piece of shit who pretends to be a butterfly.
    10. Spawn

      the fact is that having you tank statistics you can safely be in the center of the battle and attack, with the statistics that you have you will die in a couple of seconds without causing DMG. Is there a difference when SM-a is beaten on 500-1-2k and you on 5-8k ?
    11. Spawn

      10k ene +15k vit... who do you want to kill with these stats ?? that its full support stats. and if u say what u put 10k str...rly mate i cant add somthink more. idk how can you complain when you have just terrible statistics
    12. Spawn

      buff build without survive, vs 10k ene and full agi/vit build with hight speed and survive. Its big diference. if u put another stats with 9-10k ene u too can kill if u will focus target with someone
    13. Spawn

      9-12k ene and same str ? :D
    14. Spawn

      mate, i ask about BK coz i have frame of full last CS, and curious to see what a BK comming on CS with full DPS build and cant do nothing
    15. Spawn

      Do you return loans only to poor people or did I get something wrong ? And what does my nationality have to do with it ? old nicknames have a value in the return of the property ? or just u are pice of shit and find a million reasons not to repay credits? i glad to see a new doggie has been following my activity.
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