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  1. @Reporter don't dramatize our dear Sparkle. No one says that they will do better, but hiding the truth for the good of their Guild is not good either
  2. I stopped playing because I'm smart enough to see that the game lacks a lot, and the best way to do this is if the admins are not listening, just leave. And you as an imbecile, can continue as your Gypsy friend to console yourself with the fact that you are strong and have achieved something here.
  3. what's wrong, my sweet puppy ?? Zutto give u her Set but forgot to give u soft for play ? )) nothing else to brag about ? give us a more Gypsy frames about our friend Snook )) I bet it took you a while to figure out what you were fuck-up with your own party-member with that Gypsy frame
  4. Waste>join conucil> kicked Conucil :D Dirty play ? are you from another planet, my degenerate friend? :D since when is it considered a dirty game if you managed to collect people on the castle and the opponent is not ? stolen items its Dirty help from second guild is dirty register a multiple guild for evade a fight its dirty. P.S. OMG you recognized me in the game.... OMG what an achievement, what a good fellow you are, take a Lollipop and suck in silence, you deserve my faithful dog
  5. is that the point of the question ? we were not talking about a stupidly configured server and unplayable CS, but about your act and steal items. just because the admins believe in their rightness, do not see the obvious and do not want to fix anything, I left the project. but you can continue to think that your non-killability is your merit and not errors in the server configuration. Keep telling yourself it further.
  6. @Waste hey retard, u already alive ? i too glad to see u and i will hope what next time u will can leart a play for BK, ^^ P.S. ppls with handicap like Waste too have access on "Conucil" ? @Florin https://ibb.co/QHSZ4W5
  7. @Florin you can use any terms and definitions on your actions, but is fact that you steal items from the character during the CS, give the /dcfriend and put /lock on Bede. and Sparkle, who knows the exact time and score of the CS, but does not say a word about this incident with the Bede, tells us that he is protecting his Guild from a dirty "victory", and on the turnover put everything as if 10 people turned the course of the game and won in an unequal battle
  8. Spawn

    1 is Sum, 2 DL 3 eMG 4 sMG idk about what single target u talk
  9. Spawn

    "Who survived to our day has good PvP impact but no best" U "reading between the lines" or do you want to add something else ? and it is better in another aspect ?
  10. Spawn

    I only ask you to balance all the stages of the game, so that there are not these incredible UPS and downs of characters. For example if we take a stand S6 balance, from start is not so bad, mb middle to late is worse but u no have so much "swing" like now we have. Whats is the problem to add some PvP DMG on Elf ? or PvE dmg to BK ? all chars have wors and good parts of they class but PvP and PvE aspect is same for all. I understand what u "burnt-out", 300 ppls all with his problems, but think logic, if u repair a main aspect of server PvP and PvE, all what u will have to resolve in future is a little bugs, mistakes and little pvp balance during game what u cant see when u make it in 2 on start, rest of time u will think about new projects or just nothing if all is fine. Example-last edition, when our entire Guild complained on aRF, u dont believe in nothing, you took the unyielding position that everything is good and everything is so planned. 99%(20-30 ppls) of our guild or take BAN(there was a reason, i see the screens :D) or leave, and after that u finally make a changes and u explain that with all our arguments but with ur words.
  11. Spawn

    For example we take sMG concept, server started, we have a lot of MG(I think about 30-40 %) who dominated everywhere, dress a good items and dont give a any chance for any in all aspects of the game. A little part of ppls leave coz theyr chars not competitive, some ppls change race(but is too late), some play in the hope that one day their characters will become better. Coming middle game, sMG who didn't have time or luck to collect the best sets becomes very bad. Again, some ppls hope that one day their characters will become better, someone again changed race. And final part, late game = remains 2-5 sMG. Elfs, all read server information, best hunter, low PvP potential but no one dont care, all make it for farm bosses, events. Real situation on server: all Elfs farm 2 weeks Multishoot and hope what when they get it they will farm all events whos say admin. After 2 weeks of play for usles in all aspects of the game Elfs take Multishoot and with him they....are too usles, just eSM and BK is a more weak than Elfs...Middle game, remain 2-5 Elfs on server>End game SM, weak in all aspects of the game except hold switch in CS(full Vit and u dont care), in PvE i think only Elf,Sum and BK is weaker than him, Pvp is same, on bosses he second after BK if we take end of list. Who survived to our day has good PvP impact but no best BK, its another world, most popular char in Mu online but the most unplayable and broken here. I try this edition to play for him, and i can say 3 golden rule to make a good char in that server. 1 Him is pay2win char. 2. Its not enough, u need 4 teammates who will farm for/with u a items what u cant buy for normal price. 3. Its not enough, if u have all of this points, u need to know a play with him(Hi RedBuLL) +/or good soft(Hi Zutto) As the admin intended it to be: everyone who wants to kill BK need to focus him, if BK wants to kill someone he need to repeat a circle Combo>Run (restore HP)>Combo>Run (restore HP). So apriori BK in this duel becomes a winner, except is 3 golden rules. We have another features for BK what permissions to bypass a circle Combo>Run, is SDBypass, unfair, unbalanced, broken options what permit him to be a God in Late game(except CS, reduced DMG for combo(x2-x3) make him useless as DMG dealer). vRF, in a normal map, Gens or events, it is well balanced, but in CS...a ton of HP with a lot of DMG make him a killing God and immortal
  12. Spawn

    yap, u true, Max lvl horse is 50
  13. Spawn

    yes, if you think it through well, make CS like Loren Ring/IT, just our class buff can apply, make a all classes playable, but no just vRF and eSum. OFK in CS will participate only 2-3 top guilds because MU already not team-play game, yah, mb at the beginning, mb whith a group of friends, but thats is 10% of ppls on server. Join the game, go to events, you will see the same people, and as many become disillusioned with their characters, they leave the project and stay less and less.
  14. Spawn

    Tell it to everyone Elf, SM and other ppls who left the game at the beginning to middle project when they see what usless charters u make for they. I was hoping for this answer, there are people who learn something over time, and there is you...
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