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    1. JustPlaying

      now mu hack protection says unable to connect
    2. JustPlaying

      Could not load SSL library i had the game deleted for a while from my computer and i decided to download and play again this happens windows 7 https://imgur.com/zIhHDbD
    3. JustPlaying

      i noticed that dark horse gets about 10% of the exp the player takes which seems "ok" but when you hit 400 you only get 10% of master exp which is very very low and impossible to get 70lvl horse for example 20k exp gives about 2k horse exp, 2k master exp gives 200 horse exp also horse doesnt lvl up after reset because of lvl requirements maybe increase the exp horse gets from master exp?
    4. JustPlaying

      the older the game the less compatible it is with modern driver/hardware, also a 32bit software runs twice slower on a 64bit computer
    5. JustPlaying

      im confused with how ML and resets work for example, if im 400lvl with 10ml and choose to reset, will i lose the rest of 15ml for ever? or is it possible to be 10 resets with 0ml and get all 200ml at last reset
    6. JustPlaying

      if it is possible to make raven skills count as normal skills on mu helper that would work, for example fireburst main skill and the raven auto attack skill on 2s delay
    7. JustPlaying

      I noticed dark raven stops attacking after I or another DL casts critical buff or after the buff expires. I only have 340 cmd but Im thinking about going full cmd on next reset.
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