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    1. batanete

      This makes absolutely no sense. It's one thing to make certain characters slightly more suited for PVM and others for PVP(let's say, about 30% more suited), but the gap shouldn't be nearly as massive as that, otherwise you are basically telling everyone who likes to play a certain character that they have to choose certain portions of the game that are playable(for them), and just ignore everything else. This is made even worse by the fact that unless they change class, they are stuck with that character until the next DB. I get that a lot of the unbalance is present in Mu at its core(and therefore not the server's fault, or yours/ADMIN's), but saying it's "fine" that three BK's get out-DPS'ed by a single character because BK is better at PVP is just laughable. The goal should be to make the characters strength in all areas as close as possible, which is what all successful MMO's do.
    2. batanete

      I'm having this problem again myself, and relogging does fix it(you can vote again after relogging). There is clearly something up with voting though, because this never happened to me on Phoenix.
    3. batanete

      Yeah, but that's exactly what I was alluding to. You can't really do much about people having real life issues and leaving the game(granted, I think mu might be the single easiest game to play while having a busy RL). But you can introduce some fresh new events to keep people actually interested in playing.
    4. batanete

      I think you missed my point about high level/low level balance. I realize BK/vRF are still a bit over the top in high end pvp(you still see other classes in the top10 CS ranks, so it's certainly not as bad as you're making it sound), but how many players even play that? Both characters are basically ass at all other aspects of the game, so they kind of deserve to at least be good at that(granted, at least RF can use agi build earlier on to level up, but BK has no way to be a good pvm character). Whenever I play DS with a BK(or vRF) from my guild on my emg, or even just afk in karutan2 spots, its like he's basically a NPC and I'm the one doing the actual killing. And when it comes to the people I would even bother to try dueling with, I don't feel that much handicapped in duels against any other class. The ones which I wouldn't bother with(like HARDCORE members) would simply destroy me regardless of their class, because they are 50+ ML, and I'm not.
    5. batanete

      I don't know about that. There are certainly ways you can have fun with the game without being active 24/7 such as mirror events, hunting lower level mobs like raklion normal mobs, goldens, etc and doing pvpquests or CC(which you CAN win even without many resets and pro gear, with a bit of luck). It would just be a matter of giving us more of that stuff to do. Speaking personally, Mu to me will always be an AFK game which I leave on while working or doing other stuff, and come do the odd event here and there during breaks, so not much is needed. But staying fresh would certainly help. As for character balance, I don't think it's an issue for most people. The more unbalanced character if were talking casual level is MG(yes, I know this isn't the case in top guilds and high end pvp, but not everyone has access to +12+dd+ddi sets and lvl3 wings) who can simply own most pvm events(it's actually hilarious how much better eMG is at DS compared to other character builds), and is still quite good at pvp, but this is still not as bad as it is in other servers, where BK/RF just own the shit out of everyone else, and it's actually IMPOSSIBLE to win in late game pvp with other characters, and you can certainly overcome MG's in PvP if you know what you're doing even without high level gear(I know I win most duels I do on my SM vs SMG's with similar gear). It would certainly be an improvement if they balanced out the game more, but I think it's pretty low priority compared to actually adding new content.
    6. batanete

      I think you missed my point. It's not that people are leaving the game because somehow they feel their character is "weaker"(which btw, is a much smaller issue in this server than in every other server I played). It's just that the game feels boring and repetitive after playing it for a couple of months, and a couple of adjustments aren't going to change that(I know for a fact that's the main reason people have told me they left at the very least). The way you fix that is by introducing actual content and fresh things(which again, I have no idea how hard/easy it would be to pull off, given that they are basically reverse engineering the game without access to the source code). @Chukundah I don't know man. I think GMO only got worse and worse since season 6. In the case of a game like Mu, overcomplicating things with stuff like elemental damage etc only makes the game worse, especially for newcomers. But it would certainly be a way to shake things up and extend the "lifespan" of a DB, if nothing else.
    7. Mirror event is bugged. You can't enter as a party even if everyone has the mirror(Lugard still says everyone needs to have it). There is a way to enter(one guy must press lugar, and THEN be offered party just before he enters, and accept it) but I don't think that's intended. @ADMIN @Gion
    8. batanete

      People still believe reason others get bored of a 2001 repetitive, boring and in many ways broken videogame is something that can be helped by changing a few stats here and there in ways that only affect the 10% of the server's population that even plays CS to begin with... If you want to change something meaningful, I would suggest actually figuring out a way more guilds/players can participate in the event in some way. The current CS system only makes it so that if you don't play this game 8h a day, and happen to be a part of the 2-3 top guilds, you don't even get to experience the most fun event the game has to offer. I realize this is also true for other server, but given that you already changed quite a bit of stuff here to make the game feel more balanced and fun, I don't see why not. Maybe add the option for the participating guilds to recruit individual players for help in the event, with a jewel/credits fee involved? The number of recruits could be increased by collecting signs of lord(for instance). I have no idea how hard this would be to implement, but it would be something to shake up the game.
    9. So, there have been a few instances where my merc target happened to be in kalima1, 2, 3 etc. I think this is a bit silly, as you basically need to either carry all 7 lost maps with you to prevent the possibility, or buy one as soon as you get the quest(you certainly won't be farming a full lost map in 15 minutes). Moreover, I believe some merc players deliberately AFK there to prevent themselves being killed while they AFK. Maybe just make kalima a map where you a) don't get merc points for AFK'ing and b) if you are there, you don't pop up as a merc target?
    10. batanete

      Crucify is a very nice guy, nice interview! Small nitpick: I actually think PVP-invasions are the cancerous ones. High level players don't need BOK rewards after a while, and PVP invasions just make it harder for casuals to catch up on gear/jewels(high levels have plenty of other events to farm these from). It's also extremely frustrating to get killed just before you finish off the golden, more so that anything in the game right now IMO.
    11. batanete

      Also pretty boring, Bata is a diminutive of my last name IRL, and my friends have been calling me that since I was about 6 years old.
    12. batanete

      People who want this are either not seeing the full picture, or want the game to be p2w. Either way, you should have no say about how to run the server. The same people that scrape by with their hard earned items and take 1 week to put together 500 credits to buy the next piece of their anubis set while you rape them in events with the +12 set you bought for 30 euros(not saying everyone who has a +12 set is a heavy cash buyer, mind you) are the ones keeping the server active and fun, for you and everyone else. The game needs p2w players, and it also needs f2p to be viable. Get over it.
    13. batanete

      SM too Anyway, this should definitely be fixed. It makes cometfall broken.
    14. batanete

      LMAO, not broken at all xD
    15. batanete

      Is this actually a thing? It's not working on my eMG/SM at least
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